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Chin Chin

Chin Chin

By Matt & Sophie
Join Matt & Sophie for Chin Chin, a fortnightly podcast where we chat, drink and share some insight! To life, love and everything in between.
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Pandemic Perks
We're talking the GLOBAL PANDEMIC! From being locked-up Down Under, heading to a health retreat and reflecting on what we’ve learnt, how we’ve adapted and how we’re moving forward……… Chin Chin!
November 25, 2021
Fling or Flung?
We're talking FLINGS! From one-night stands, to a summer romance.. we're chatting about the triumphs, the feels and all of the learnings from our occasional boy toys. Grab a drink (or two) and join us for a catch-up.. Chin Chin! 
November 11, 2021
Screw Your Timeline
We're Back... and we're talking TIMELINES! From big career changes, updating our relationship status and challenging the status quo. Grab a glass (or two) and join us for a chat.. Chin Chin!
October 28, 2021
Happily Never After
We’re talking BREAK-UPS, MOVING ON and LOVE! From kissing the wrong boys, saying goodbye to a toxic relationship or walking away from the love of your life… grab a wine and join us for our Season 1 FINALE!! 
October 21, 2020
What the F**k?
We're talking all things SEX, INTIMACY & COMMUNICATION! From personal boundaries, open relationships, kinks & fetishes, to having those difficult conversations. Grab a drink & let's chat! 
October 07, 2020
The New Me
We’re talking SELF-REINVENTION! From a change in perspective, a new city to a career switch that changes EVERYTHING! Grab a champagne, let's chat.. Chin Chin! 
September 23, 2020
Friends of Chin Chin | Ali
We're talking to FRIENDS OF CHIN CHIN! Ali shares her experience about dating someone leading a double life... they say three's a crowd (especially when you're least expecting it). Grab a wine and join the conversation! 
September 09, 2020
Left Unread
We're talking GHOSTING! Whether you’re being ignored by your latest squeeze, your bestie has gone MIA or you’re mastering the art of ghosting yourself. Grab a wine.. let's chat! 
August 26, 2020
Sweet, But Psycho
We're talking NARCISSISTS, RED FLAGS and SOCIOPATHS! We’ve all met one, heard a horror story or been unsure if it’s time to run in the opposite direction. Grab a red, and let’s chat.. Chin Chin!
August 12, 2020
Speaking Your Language
We’re talking LOVE LANGUAGES! We look at the ways we give and receive love to our nearest and dearest humans. Grab a rosé, join us and let's get self aware. Chin Chin!
July 29, 2020
Lost in Translation
We're talking TRAVEL! From finding our feet travelling solo, discovering our favourite new cities to being robbed in a Portuguese sex club - we've seen it all. Join us for a prosecco, let's chat!
July 15, 2020
The (Friend) Break-Up
We're talking FRIENDSHIP! From making new friends, breaking up with a toxic companion to learning from our inner circle, we discuss what friendship looks like in 2020.  What do we accept, expect and learn from the people around us? Grab a wine, let’s chat... Chin Chin! 
July 01, 2020
Crazy Naked Noodle Dude
Dating Horror Stories? We’ve all had one, heard one or been one. Whether your Tinder date doesn’t know personal boundaries, your latest squeeze doesn’t know when to leave or you’ve been face-grabbed on more than one occasion, we’ve got you covered. 
June 17, 2020
To love, life and everything in between
June 14, 2020