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Chosen Faces Podcast

Chosen Faces Podcast

By sheniece wallace
Join, Sheniece (founder of ChosenFaces 501c3 org. ) & Jillian- Marie (executive board member)as they take over the podcast airwaves with stories and topics that will build the faith of non-believers and believers of the Christian Community. By talking about things such as deliverance, healing, and an uncompromising Christian lifestyle. They will be including makeup tips, dating tips, business tips, and more juicier topics to get you hyped & hopeful while listening with them. "We believe faith comes by hearing" Romans 10:17. Our aim is to "walk it, talk it" all by faith
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BIBLE STUDIES SERIES: Dream Talk, Holy Spirit
We are so delighted that you took the time out to listen, subscribe, and leave a review for us on whatever platform you have listened on. This week episode is hosted by Jillian Marie, Chosen Faces co-host to this amazing podcast. Our Bible Studies series will continue with various topics. If you want to hear a specific topic please let us know by email or instagram DM. We appreciate the love and support. Be sure to follow us and leave any feedback via email or instagram DM. Thanks for listening.  Follow us on Instagram: Email us: Would you like to Donate to us? Cash app & Paypal:
April 19, 2020
BIBLE STUDIES SERIES: What does it mean to be saved?
We all may have a different perspective or story about being saved or born again. On todays podcast that is what we are talking about along with giving you some tips on How to read your Bible with some simple steps. Please read the information below! we can't wait for you to listen and share this podcast. God bless you!  Here are all the scriptures mentioned tonight: Romans 10:9-17 (receive salvation) Romans 5:12 Genesis 7:1 Book of John Matthew 24:13 John 14:6 John 15 Genesis 4 Revelation 18 Hosea, chapters 2 and 3 Hebrew 11 5 points when reading scripture ( you will need a study Bible if your serious about your journey with Christ) 1)  Look at KJV first , then a translation Bible (NLT, NIV) 2)  Look at the word that stands out to you, the find the root of it 3)  Pay attention to the main character 4)  Read the context or setting. Time and place of the story in a study Bible 5)  Apply it to your life by meditating, memorizing , and making the scripture practical to you based on stood out so to speak such as Genesis 7:1 Take a listen for further encouragement:  (this TD-jakes Link on stability and fruitfulness) Follow us on Instagram: Email us: Would you like to Donate to us? Cash app & Paypal:
April 13, 2020
God's process before the promise
Have you ever felt that the Holy Spirit has abandoned a promise he spoke into your spirit many years, days, weeks ago? Have you felt like your wilderness season and hard times has been your season for years? or have you even felt God was picking on you? Well, many feel the same. Take the time to evaluate your situation; Why is God processing you? What is He pruning? What areas of your life aren't surrendered? Where do you need discipline? Their is a reason for the process the key is to submit to it. Find a place or people you can relate to learn how they handle or have overcome your current struggles. Most of all know you have to fight through the process and make it to the end. Their is a level of obedience God is bringing us to so we can make His name GREAT in the earth and win souls. It all about Him at the end of the day.  God bless you ALL   Our Instagram pages: @_jillmariee_ @Chosenfaces @misssheniece Email:
March 08, 2020
Un-Forgivness & Canceled Culture
We believe the canceled culture is a unforgiving mindset.  The mindset of not just some millennials, a certain type of individual, social media, and more has taken on the mindset to offend and bash at all cost. When did we stop forgiving people? forgiveness has gotten so hard to do for some? Hurt people are hurting people.. we are talking about it on our podcast today. Listen in, share your thoughts and feedback with us. Much love. Please rate us on the platform you listen in on Our Instagram pages: @_jillmariee_ @Chosenfaces  @misssheniece  Email:
March 02, 2020
Celibacy, single, & courting dating TIPS!
When valentines day rolls around it springs up a bunch of emotions when your single, practicing celibacy, courting to be married, and it even raises the standard for  married folks to be romantic. Of course, this is not just around valentines day that we think of these topics, but it is a great time to reflect... Listen, to how we handle this topic as one married woman and one single woman. More than anything let this be a time that you reflect on what is more important. God's way of doing things based on your level of conviction or what is typically done to appease ourselves no matter what our relationship status is. Keep God first always! Cannot wait to hear your feedback. Much love ,  Chosen Faces squad Instagram: @chosenfaces @misssheniece  @_jillianmariee_
February 24, 2020
I can't feel God's love
How do you know that He really loves you? How do you know that He really cares? Hardships, process, pruning, and life's challenges can certainly diminish the feeling or love of God towards us. Listen to this podcast, whether you can relate or not. It will help you gain insight and a perspective to help you understand God's love. Happy Valentines day and Black history month. Please don't forget to like us, rate us, and follow us. the other podcast mentioned in this episode is "the living Gospel"  Follow us  @chosenfaces @misssheniece  @Jillianmariee_ God bless you all!
February 16, 2020
Married at first sight...would you marry the one you haven't seen 1st?
Our 4th show is based off the lifetime show "Married at first sight". Would you allow yourself to marry someone you have never met? better yet, would you let God choose your spouse for you? Listen in, share your thoughts.  Follow us  instagram Handles- @_jillmariee @Chosenfaces @misssheniece
February 03, 2020
What is idolatry?
Hey Chosen Listeners, we are still getting warmed up to this world of podcasters and thankful you have joined us. In a world filled with so much turmoil and controversy. It is all about what really matters. Are we filing our hearts with goals, material, the latest trends, celebrities, and some "sort" of spirituality to satisfy us? lets look deeper, thinker wider, and search further for more meaning in this life. What we idolize can be undetected because we sincerely just don't realize how real our obsessions really are. Listen in, give us feedback, email, DM, or leave a message on anchor, Spotify, iTunes, or google play. Thanks so much-xo Jill and Sheniece Instagram Handles- @_jillmariee @Chosenfaces @misssheniece
January 26, 2020
Lets define PURPOSE
As humans we all have one thing in common. That is purpose, what does that mean to you? We are on a quest to build, find, identify, and define what that looks like for individuals on this podcast. Listen in, give us some feedback, & your opinion. Have you figured out your purpose? Leave us a message, email, or comment on our instagram post fro this podcast. God bless you!!! Contact handles and email: @chosenfaces @_jillmariee_ @misssheniece
January 20, 2020
About Us
Hey Chosen Family. It's our first official episode "about us". Don't worry all the juicy topics are coming. First we want you to know about Chosen Faces and your hosts. Jillian and Sheniece. Get to know us!!! Please comment, leave us a voice message here on anchor, we will be playing back some of our messages from our listeners. Follow us on instgram @_jillmariee and @misssheniece  We should be on iTunes and google play soon. Thanks for listening on Anchor and Spotify for now.  We look forward to hearing from you any questions you can also email us at
January 13, 2020
Our Intro
This is our intro. Hear what we will be talking about, check back with us for our official launch 1/16/20. God bless! 
January 03, 2020