By Ujjwal Aditya
If you are reading this then you are curious about #Cryptocurrency and want to know what happens in #Cryptoworld.

Welcome you guys On "CoinMantra" a podcast station where you learn about Cryptocurencies, news and many more things related to Crypto.

We are from India and we are on a mission where we teach about crypto in simple language so everyone understands What is Cryptocurencies?

So we upload Podcast in two languages
1- our native language #Hindi

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Earn Cryptocurrency (The new ways To Earn Cryptocurrency)
This is our new series on earn crypto so you should join us to learn crypto and also the way to earn crypto. This is our first episode of Earn crypto series. And in this episode I am talking about How to earn #BAT (Basic attention token) . You will learn how to earn BAT very easily just by listening to this podcast here are some important links  Brave Browser --  Uphold--  Brave Publisher Signup--  CoinMantra ---
August 4, 2019