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Communication Strategist Podcast

Communication Strategist Podcast

By Mike Nicholson
The Communication Strategist podcast covers the strategies and tactics of organizational communication. This is the place for a quick, weekly download of news, tips, and information to help you plan, prepare, execute, and assess your organization's communication strategy. These short, weekly episodes include topics on strategic communication, digital marketing, public relations, technology, and more. Hosted by Mike Nicholson.
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Episode #15: The Metaverse, Influencing Behavior, and Facebook Ray-Bans
This week's three topics: The Metaverse is here. What is it and why every brand needs to care. Is the British government influencing Behavior by using sensitive data? And Facebook on your Face. Ray-Bans and Facebook partner together to bring the first pair of smart sunglasses.
January 16, 2022
Episode #014: The Rule of Writing, Great Storytelling, and Get Learnin'
This week's three topics: Why intelligent minds embrace the rule of writing, how great storytelling can make your business stand out, and it's time for me to get some learnin' dun.
August 30, 2021
Episode #013: Fighting the Misinfodemic, Employee Surveillance, and AI for Content Production
This week’s three topics are (1) Content Management in the Age of Misinformation, (2) Has employee surveillance gone too far?, and (3) And AI is coming for your job PR-people, it’s now crunching copy for brands.
August 23, 2021
Episode #012: Radical Media, Using Influencers In Marketing, and Social Media Trust
This week's three topics are: (1) Noam Chomsky, the author of Manufacturing Consent, talks about today's radical media. (2) How to Incorporate Influencers into Your Social Media Marketing Plan, and (3) Why do most of us stick with Social Media sites when we don't trust them?
August 16, 2021
Episode #011: Believing Outrageous Lies, Facebook Stops Political Ad Research, and Social Media at the Olympics
Summary: • "A terrifying new theory: Fake news and conspiracy theories as an evolutionary strategy" by Paul Rosenberg • "Facebook shut down political ad research, daring authorities to pursue regulation" by Christianna Silva • "Sharing videos on social media from Tokyo Games is not allowed -IOC" by Karolos Grohmann --------  Hosted by Mike Nicholson.  Communicate For Effect covers the strategies and tactics of digital communication.  This is the place for a quick, weekly download of news, tips, and information to help you become a more effective digital communicator.  These short, snackable episodes include topics on digital marketing, public relations, and technology.    Find the show notes and more at
August 09, 2021
Episode #010: Targeted Ads, Retargeting, and Mapping Disinformation Networks
Summary: • "Targeted ads aren't just annoying, they can be harmful. Here's how to fight back" by Silvia Milano • "Retargeting: What Is It, Why You Need It, and How To Do It" on 46ALPHA • "Hate "Clusters" Spread Disinformation Across Social Media. Mapping Their Networks Could Disrupt Their Reach" by Jigsaw
August 02, 2021
Episode #009: Strategic Language, Topic Clusters, and Google Search Results Exposed
Summary: • "Languaging: The Strategic Use of Language to Change Thinking" by Nicolas Cole • "Topic Clusters, Pillar Pages, and 10X Content For Your Inbound Website" • "Now Google will display why it's showing you its search results" by Rachel Kraus of Mashable
July 26, 2021
Episode #008: Brand and Content Quality; Social Listening vs Monitoring; VetBro Beverage Wars
Summary: • "Why Your Brand Credibility Depends On A High-Quality Content Strategy" by John Hall • "Social Media Listening and Monitoring: What Is It and How To Do It" • "Behind Black Rifle coffee, the 'anti-hipster' answer to Starbucks' 'latte liberals' says sales are surging"
July 19, 2021
Episode #007: Building Trust on Your Website, CSR, and Changes For Instagram Influencers
Summary: • "4 Simple Ways To Build Trust and Improve Website Conversions in 2021" • Why Companies Should Consider Starting a Corporate Responsibility Program • Changes Coming to Instagram and How it Impacts Influencers
July 12, 2021
Episode #006: Marketing's Holy Grail; Preparing For Your Next Crisis; Anti-Twitter Social Media Site
Summary: • "Social Media Seems Like the 'Holy Grail,' But This Marketing Strategy Is Even More Important" by Laura Perkes • Crisis Communication: How to Plan, Prepare, Execute and Assess Your Next Crisis • The new anti-Twitter "free speech" Social Media site
July 04, 2021
Episode #005: Managing Your Online Reputation, Choosing the Best Media Database, & the Non-Profit Newspaper
Summary: • "10 Steps for Managing and Repairing Your Businesses Online Reputation" by Martin Zwilling • Choosing the Best Media Database for Digital PR • Shrinking local paper sparks startup news operation
June 28, 2021
Episode #004: Marketing Complacency, Optimizing your Content, and Progressive Profiling
Summary: • "Lessons About Marketing Complacency I Had to Learn the Hard Way" by Alexander Valencia • What is SEO? A starting point for learning how to optimize your content • Progressive Profiling: A Marketers Answer to the Death of Cookies by Masooma Memon
June 13, 2021
Episode #003: Brand Credibility, Email Marketing Campaigns, and MS Teams updates
Summary: • "If You're Using These Marketing Tactics, You're Hurting Your Brands Credibility" by Lisa Collum • Email Marketing Campaigns: Deliverability, Automation, and More • Microsoft Teams updated, now for personal use
June 07, 2021
Episode #002: PR or Marketing, Getting Started in PPC, and Microsoft Digital Marketing Center
Summary: • Should you put your money into PR or Marketing? by Zack Teperman • Getting Started in PPC • Microsoft's Digital Marketing Center
May 28, 2021
Episode #001: Digital PR, Hub and Spoke Strategy, and Google I/O 2021
Summary: • Why DigitalPR is an important part of your communication strategy • Building a Hub and Spoke Content Strategy by Adam Steele • Google I/O 2021 – what did they announce?
May 19, 2021
Episode#000: Podcast Promo
Thanks for checking out Communicate For Effect, a 46ALPHA Podcast. This podcast looks at how to plan, prepare, execute, and assess your digital communication strategy I’m Mike Nicholson, a former U.S. Army officer, and professional communicator. Join me as I pivot from a career spent in government communications and transition into the private sector, sharing insights and lessons learned along the way. These are short, snackable episodes that are both fun and informative and I’ll cover a wide range of topics – some that I know a lot about and some…not so much. Please subscribe, it would mean the world to me. You can find these episodes and much more at
May 19, 2021