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Perfectly Imperfect: A Podcast on Mental Health for Folx of Color

Perfectly Imperfect: A Podcast on Mental Health for Folx of Color

By Johnzelle Anderson, LPC
This podcast will provide information about mental health issues impacting communities of color, pointing listeners to resources available such as psychotherapy and psychiatry. The podcast will make information about mental health easily accessible and digestible to all listeners, with a specific focus on mental health issues as they pertain to POCs.
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Season One Trailer: Introducing Perfectly Imperfect!
My name is Johnzelle Anderson and I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor serving Richmond Virginia and beyond through online counseling. I’m excited to introduce you to a new podcast. It’s called, Perfectly Imperfect: A Podcast on Mental Health for Folx of Color. I’ve worked in mental health for over five years and I’ve noticed that communities of color face more stigma than their majority counterparts and tend to use mental health services the least often. The aim of this podcast is to break the stigma surrounding mental health issues and treatment for people of color. I have an exciting lineup for the first season of Perfectly Imperfect: A few of the topics we’ll tackle will include: Grief Black Feminism Self-Esteem and Self-awareness Minimalism Racism Relationships and boundaries In addition to conversations about mental health services available to support our communities. This podcast will provide insights for everyone, but there will be a special focus on how mental health is experienced and treated in minority communities. This podcast will premiere in Spring 2021, so be sure to follow this show on Spotify, Google or Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Do you know someone who could benefit from these conversations? Then be sure to spread the word about this podcast. Have an idea for a future episode or want to share your story? Reach out by leaving a voice message at Also follow @Counselor4RVA on Instagram so that you don’t miss an update… or a cute baby picture. If you’d like to support this podcast, you can do so by going to I’m excited to join you in this journey of enhancing the quality of life in communities of color. Stay tuned! Theme Music By Jimmy Held
February 22, 2021