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By Dave & Debbie
RLC Global Founders - Husband and wife team Dave Evans (author of Leadership or Leadersh%@ and founder of RLC Global) and his wife Debbie Halls-Evans (COO of RLC Global & winner of The Taste! And Founder of Mind Yourself), talk about the REAL side of business with insights, discussions, questions and most importantly how to do real business. Fun and real. Check it out now
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RLC Global Founders - Husband and wife team Dave Evans (author of Leadership or Leadersh%@ and founder of RLC Global) and his wife Debbie Halls-Evans (COO of RLC Global & winner of The Taste! And Founder of Mind Yourself), talk about the REAL side of business with insights, discussions, questions and most importantly how to do real business. Fun and real. Check it out now

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Decision and Decision
Follow us on, or on our social media Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook  JOIN US ON THE PODCAST - Click here @ minutes to fill out and let's get talking. As Double D Do Business build up-to the end Season One and moving into an exciting Season Two Dave & Debbie share their thoughts and some reflections on what has been and what's coming up. Great snippets and some real things to do today to help you make great decisions.  Starting with how to "Get off the Need Seat". A great listen and sharing how to coach, consult, create for yourself, teams and business. Plus Dave & Debbie unique chat show style and spousal connection shines in this episode. They share their personal email address to get in touch too! Follow us on, or on our social media Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook 
November 15, 2019
Divorce or Destiny
This week is coupledom, we share the secrets, the how to's, what's and what not's to do. How to be successful and how to overcome the challenges of married life, parenting and working together. Dave & Debbie share their experiences with veteran experts of married working relationships with over 22 years Kurt & Mindi Rickhoff from Rickoff Associates, Business in Balance and Payroll Central. Discussing balanced approaches or not? Do you need to compromise,  and how to work in a multi-generational business. A  laughter-filled episode covering what really happens.  Follow us on, or on our social media Twitter , Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook 
November 8, 2019
Different or Daily
Dave & Debbie explore the actions and activities that we have done a do differently and the ones we do daily to benefit us or hinder us. We share our thoughts with guest Diana Tetherow Marketing Director from Cox Holsted in Oklahoma USA, covering topics from travelling, remote working, generational family business and much more. Diana views are enlightening and interesting and delighted this podcast captured them from her. Follow us on, or on our social media Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook 
November 1, 2019
Delimit or Disband
Using our Double D's of Delimit and Disband to discuss boundaries and dissolving them or creating them. When the quote of the podcast is "I didn't want to have a jerk boss, so I became the "jerk" boss" you know it's a fabulous episode. Our guest is not a 'jerk" at all; the tongue in cheek comment was about how we create boundaries for ourselves and how to remove them. Setting the humour and fun content our guest, the self-named "Bad Employee"  George Powers, from Liverpool, in New York State joins Debbie and Dave, and the podcast covers many subjects. We include Shakespeare, people management, engagement and satisfaction and even inclusivity and Debbie's article in Forbes. Go to our website to and find out more about RLC Global Episode performance All time Plays Monthly Not enough data yet We'll surface total plays over time and total plays per episode as soon as you have enough plays for the chosen date range Export current view as CSV Episode segments Edit audio Podcast Delimit or Disband ( 36:28 36:28 App Store Google Play 2019 © Anchor FM Inc. All rights reserved. ABOUTJOBSLEGALHELP This website uses cookies to understand your use of our website and give you a better experience. By continuing to use the site or clo
October 25, 2019
Deploy or Desist
This episode is enlightening as we share the discussion with the incredible Bert Doerhoff of Jefferson City, Missouri. If you don't know him you will now refer to his fabulous insights as Bonus Bert Features. Bert delights as he shares his many years of successful business and how he deploys in very specific areas of his world and life and how he desists and why. he also gives us some amazing quotes to carry with us as we go our merry way. A must-listen episode. Go to for more about Dave and Debbie and how they can help your business or you.
October 18, 2019
Deplete or Develop
This episode is all about how we can deplete ourselves and how to develop techniques and self through our thought life. Dave and Debbie share the Fuel Gauges and how you can use them to build yourself and deal with any situation, working from within is your focus on this episode. ~Their unique approach to being the best version self is entertaining and the meandering to give real techniques. Want more info get in touch or follow RLC Global, Dave & Debbie on their social media  Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
October 4, 2019
Disconnect & Discovery
A delayed podcast release, Monday instead of Friday,  as Double D- Dave & Debbie disconnected and took a break from the business. The episode covers the importance of disconnecting, how to, what happens when we do. Shatter a few paradigms and also discover a few new things along the way. Managing time more effectively (Parkinson Time law, Pomodoro effect), the impact of personal disconnection and how we can support each other, business and others. Connect with Dave & Debbie directly and get yourself on the podcast  Check out their social media on Instagram Facebook Linkedin or go to the website and learn more RLC Global
September 30, 2019
Daily Do's & Dont's
The RLC 7 Daily Leadership Principle are discussed in detail, all 7 daily principles are discussed by Dave & Debbie with what to do and what to don't do,(bad grammar making it for the Double D's!). This week is about how you can maximize your impact each day and how to do is specifically and how NOT to do it. the simplified focus Dave & Debbie apply makes it a great 30 mins listen. As always everything they can do is applicable to your business and life.  You can download the 7 Daily Leadership Principles here for free. Want to join our monthly eMagazine and get free stuff - course you do, kits full of good free stuff, info and most of all its Dave & Debbie sharing lots of free stuff - no gimmicks, no big sell ups- we might occasionally share some good stuff we sell, hey that's good right?.   Click here and drop us your email.  
September 20, 2019
Discern or Duplicity
This episode we share the mic with Cameron Martinez from LVRG, the #1 membership for entrepreneurs. LVRG has a real mission to feed a billion people as part of its membership ensuring they have a focus on others as well as the discounts and benefits, perfect discussion for discerning or duplicitous behaviors in our lives. The Double D this week is discern or duplicity allowing us to explore the internet, social media, entrepreneurial life and being "real", candid and dealing with likes vs profit and so much more. Debbie takes over having fun and she challenges both Cameron and Dave on their reality and duplicity in their life. A must listen. Click here and drop us your email.  
September 13, 2019
Daring or Deliberate
You can watch the podcast too! Click here This week we focus on the perceived  "dreaded" networking and how to make it beneficial and also how to overcome any concerns or worries about. it. We talk with Networking expert Marilyn Manning and she shares all her top tips. A great listen and learning how to make it work with a human connection that can be used in professional and personal life. Marilyn is Director of Franchise Development at Payroll Vault one of the fastest-growing franchises in the USA  You can watch the podcast too! Click here Click here and drop us your email.  
September 6, 2019
Dare or Devil
This week's podcast is crammed full of great conversation around how do we dare in business (and life), and how does the Devil appear on your work life? We have some big disclosures too. The daring side of Debbie is exposed and our guest Barb Gay of Watson Accounting in Denver is clear abut what Dare means in business and for her. We share Squeegee technique (click here) Switch technique (click here) Click here and drop us your email.  
August 30, 2019
Dependence or Detatched
You can watch this one too This week we talk with Captain Ian Willoboughy and his dependence on old beliefs, detaching himself and  being so focused on at the age of 40 becoming a commercial airline pilot from being a Financial Business owner for 20 years. Its a fascinating insight into how we can really do what we believe we can, if the desire and drive is enough. Also a tad longer than normal worth it for the insights and learnings Ian shares with us.  You can watch this podcast too Click here and drop us your email.  
August 23, 2019
Design or Desire
Watch this podcast! This week we talk Design or Desire, intentional living, gratitude, manifestation, being an RLC consult and Debbie being supportive of Dave controversially! Joined by CEO and founder of 212 Creative Media, Matt Aponte talks us through his daily routine, intention and how he delivers success through a desire by design! Check out 212 Creatives YouTube Channel too. We also have you able to watch weeks with Dave in Mallorca, Debbie in the UK, Matt in Denver making true technological global magic!. Watch this Podcast  Click here and drop us your email.  
August 15, 2019
Define or Dream
Define or Dream. This weeks episode is about how do you define yourself internally and how you present yourself in a perceived dream Version Of self rather than actual you? Dave shares 5 questions for you to use to really define you. It’s the launch of the podcast on Apple iTunes so 10 prizes are given away too for shares. Subscribing and rating one includes a rubber chicken a must-listen episode. FREE :DOWNLOAD THE 5 Q's Click here and drop us your email.  
August 9, 2019
Deviation And Disruption
Deviation and Disruption have been ever present at RLC Global this week and this weeks podcast (delayed through disruption and with a deviation, published on a Sunday instead of a Friday). Dave and Debbie talk about real life in business and home life how it affects and disrupts us, and how to manage and deviate to get the best result we can. A fabulous how to move on from the glorification of being busy too. With insights and laughter and lots of disagreements this weeks podcast delayed or not will give you lots to think about. Click here and drop us your email.  
August 4, 2019
Direction or Disillusioned
This episode is Double D focus is on Direction or Disillusioned - Dave and Debbie talk with Tina Tomlinson (@TCTinaT) self employed Travel Counsellor on how her career has seen both direction and disillusion shape it and her professional choices. We get insight to a 4 step tool to create direction ourselves and avoid disillusionment. ( For travel panning, deals , help and all things travel with Tina please go to her social media @TCTinaT or email her on Click here and drop us your email.  
July 26, 2019
Delete and Distort
Delete & Distort this week we talk about how we impact ourselves and others by deleting and distorting facts or even emotions in the business, leadership and our personal lives. Our guest this week is Andrew Stewart Senior Marketing Manager for ARM gives us his insights from his years of experience. Techniques on how to improve and deletions or distortions you may make and how they can not only be negative actions they can also be positive too. Click here and drop us your email.  
July 19, 2019
Determination and Discipline
Determination & Discipline a double d with guest Kevin Turnbull RLC LA talk about how we each interpret determination and discipline in our own careers and lives. We also get an update (finally ), on the outcome of dream or dreicht challenge! Click here and drop us your email.  
July 12, 2019
Declaration - Double D’ing with Dave & Debbie
Declaration - what does it mean? As this was made as the week closed of 4th July we question how does a declaration matter in the 21st century, Debbie loses her words and Dave has his own musical interlude and all this talking about declarations. Click here and drop us your email.  
July 4, 2019
Definition or Drama
Definition or Drama • We look at how definition and drama impact us on a daily basis, how it can influence the business, employee and yourself. We have a couple of guests Davies and Davies (aka Kevan & Pauline ) who give us their experience on life through definition and drama. Click here and drop us your email.  
June 27, 2019
Daily Do's & Daily Don'ts
Click here and drop us your email.   This Double D episode is all about Daily Dos' and Don'ts , what can we do to enhance, and improve our daily life. How does our language and phrases impact us daily? What and how can we do things differently to get a different result. A fun episode built around clichés and getting real answers to how we can create a positive daily routine. BONUS element of Dave coaching Debbie- a must listen too on how self coaching and guided supportive coaching is always interesting to hear it from the side of the coach too.
June 20, 2019
Definition or Drama
Looking at the DD's in business of Definition or Drama, this intriguing episode has us interview Kurt Rickhoff who talks to us about Best version Business and how defining with debbie'gation and what you need to do and ensuring that dealing with the drama is the lesser of the activity on your day to day life. Drama in acquisition of another business and how it gets Defined through Best Version Business framework, planning making daily routines to manage business life and life balance.
June 13, 2019
The Squeegee Technique
As part of dealing with Disappointment or Distraction use this technique. The story behind this was for our son Maximillien who was aged 7 years at the time, he had an operation having a plate in his arm after breaking it badly in three places. He was in pain and Dave wanted home to be able to distract himself  and have the ability to be self aware and self manage. It's a powerful tool and can be used in many situations. Try it and let us know your thoughts  Or follow us on social media  Instagram Facebook  LinkedIn
June 7, 2019
Disappointment or Distraction
Distraction or Disappointment is in our everyday it is normally seen as negative- we challenge that and talk about how to crate a more positive outcome and accept the negative too! We talked about techniques here are two extras- just click and go S+C-(i)=O Squeegie technique 
June 7, 2019
RLC Switch Technique
Click here and drop us your email.   This is your Bonus track for Episode 2  Managing your state allows you to manage your thoughts. Listen to Dave talk you through Why this technique works, What it is and what it does, How to apply to your daily routine and what of you did this for a minimum of 30 days the impact it has on your daily life.
May 31, 2019
Dream or Dreicht
Click here and drop us your email.   The second podcast by Dave & Debbie, the theme is Dream or Dreicht This episode is all about how do we manage our thoughts? The impact they have on us professionally and personally. What to do and what techniques can help. Plus some added fun of Dave & Debbie's real-life examples. Bonus option of the Switch Technique on how to state manage and apply to your daily morning routine to create more Dream days. Finally join in on their30 day challenge to create as many Dream days vs those pesky Dreicht days, everyone is starting a different place so listen on and find out more  DOWNLOAD THE 30 DAY STAR CHART The Star chart- a favourite of Debbie's is a quick way to create you How to measure, focus and achieve your Dream days, it also allows you to note your Dreicht days and start to look into what the triggers are that create them. Add the bonus Switch technique in and create more Dream Days. The calendar is created so you can start any day any month, it's a 30-day challenge however like Debbie can you keep going. remember it's about STARTING. DOWNLOAD THE SWITCH TECHNIQUE Get your bonus track for the Switch technique and let Dave's dulcet Scottish tones talk you through why you're using it, what to do, how it will help and what if you did it starting for 30 days?
May 31, 2019
DD do Business - introduction #1
We talk about what DD stands for, about us as a husband and wife team and our 5 DD themes to explore, discuss, challenge and have fun with that impact us daily in business. Click here and drop us your email.  
May 25, 2019
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