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DTRH Podcast

DTRH Podcast

By Luis Noriega
Here in Salem, Oregon and it’s surrounding areas. Broadcasting live from the heart of the city. Having conversations with locals about anything & everything. Lets have a great conversation & get lost in the rabbit holes of our weird town. What’s good in your life?
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Sam Parra of Parra Wine Co.

DTRH Podcast

Sam Parra of Parra Wine Co.

DTRH Podcast

301: 2020 Recapitation W/Luis²
With all that happened this year, I’m sorry for this time last year saying that this was going to be the best year. The whole new year new me took a turn for the worst timeline and it feels like we’re in the shitty multiverse. On a good note I’m still excited about my new mic setup. If the Shure sm7b is good enough to record thriller, its perfect for my heavy breathing. Enjoy a recap of 2020 from a Mexican dudes with decent credit scores.... do you even read these? Just making sure if you do..... like the whole thing, or do you jump into the episode? I can literally say whatever I want and you wont notice this. I’m god, I love the idea of sacrificing people to a higher power. Smear the blood of the innocent.... also happy 2021, don’t cancel me.
January 14, 2021
220: Remedial Chaos Theory With AC Meets World
I’m happy to talk to AC about his world, he gets into his show, his background and how he just like you and I, made something cool out of nothing. I’m honored to talk to a fellow podcaster and a fellow pop culture enthusiast. Check out his show AC MEETS WORLD on Spotify and all major platforms. Follow his IG @ACmeetsworld throw him 5 Meow meow beenz
December 27, 2020
219: meeting my long lost sister/sister (Ashley Noriega)
How many adventures can they go on? Plenty! Allow me to introduce to y’all my long lost sister of 23 years! I drove down to Carson city Nevada too meet my bio dad and the whole family. It was a weird week but my inner nucleus needed it. Growing up an angry teen to a self destructive young adult, this trip was much needed and it’s definitely helping me grow into the man I know I can be. Thank you to ash for sitting down with me and tell me what it’s been like having our dad in your life. Living 29 years as the “forgotten one” takes its toll. Follow her on IG @uuh_ashleey
October 28, 2020
218: The Simple Squat (Robert “Buns O’ Steel” Sorensen)
Get your lazy ass up and work out!!! I’m excited per usual to show you another great episode. Tonight we talk to Robert Sorensen, the creator of the simple squat, the swish army knife of work out equipment. From the idea phase to is conception and the legality of bringing something to life and getting it in shelves and to your home at an affordable price too! trying it out myself, I’m sold, this is the coolest thing in work out equipment since the treadmill. If i can do it, y’all can too! Check out his IG @thesimplesquat. And to order yours go to added bonus, if you contact the company, you get Robert himself, that’s definitely 100% satisfaction guaranteed
October 18, 2020
217: JADED RIOT (W/Melanie Weston of Salem on the edge)
Getting back in the groove of things, its refreshing to meet someone who took nothing and made it into something. Like every guest on my show she is no exception to that rule. Listen to be go down some rabbit holes with the lovely Melanie Weston as we discuss her roots and go into my recent break ups and truly get into what makes pain and art coincide with another. Follow her on her IG @salemontheedge and visit the gallery wed, thurs. & sat. From 11 to 6pm with Fridays being open 11-7pm and also Sundays from 11-5pm. No excused guys, check out some great local art and don’t be shy to support local artist.
October 12, 2020
216: Big Pharma, Americas scum or heroes without a cape (jason & eric)
I hope you guys have as much fun listening. To this episode as much as I had making it. Talking to Jason and Eric who represent “big Pharma” can only touch the surface. The substance and experience these men are that of what I look up too, its interesting how People have a strong stance of medication price increases, including diabetic medications. Weather you are the consumer or the face of a company were all humans and all jokes aside I’m honored to pick these mens brains and see the human side to a other wise human less (to most people) industry. I also wanna warn you, the first act is a little off due to a pesky fan that was on, but I promise, the rest is gold. With Covid being a daily obstacle, we recorded in the thick of the fires and smoke, coming out the other side with a better understanding on each other’s lives and personal demons and learning how to co exist with them to become better men, thanks guys for showing me 30 isn’t too late to be a better me and humanizing your carriers and helping me understand your stories and learning from them. Thank you.
September 30, 2020
215: being neutral about diabeetus and diet culture with Jennifer Randal
I’m having a vary human conversation with one of my favorite type 1 diabetics i know, probably the only one i know. I’m curious on her life, what do she does for a living, her dreams and inspirations. Just what makes her tick. Check out Positively_jenny on IG to see the vibe I’m talking about. She is wonderful person and a wonderful friend. Check out our conversation and forget about the world for a hour and 16 minutes.
September 21, 2020
214: Tattoos are for whores and scumbags (W/Daniel aka @yattoo_dan)
I been enjoying getting tattoos over the years and just the whole meditation of it and Vibing out while a new piece is being added to your collection. I wanted to best share my experience with up and coming tattoo rating Daniel, yattoo_dan on IG. For something thats going to be on your body forever makes the experience that much more special. Daniel is no joke man, he is about to finish school and his portfolio is looking already really impressive, I cant wait to see the new work he puts out next and I’m hyped to made a new friend in the process. My tattoo is for the most part healed and looked pretty nifty if you ask me. take the time too look at his work and support this amazing upcoming artist! Thanks for great piece Daniel!!!
August 30, 2020
213: My Mic sounds nice Check 7!!! (Juan Solo 2)
Hey analog, its me ya girl beans. I’m beyond excited for whatever ventures and interviews I got moving forward. We went from the same iPad set up but added the amazing Scarlett 2I2 audio interface By Focusrite. This thing is a game changer and I wish I knew about it when I originally started, but like crunchy said, you live and you learn. Anyone wanting to up there podcast game and go full analog with using the simple form factor of the iPad Pro (with magic keyboard). Check out the link below and use the code “DTHRPODCAST” for 20% off your first purchase. They are in fact the true definition of the bees knees.
August 23, 2020
Take A Picture, It’ll Last Longer (Sonia Granados Photography)
I’m super excited this rust is off and I got to finally talk to someone I admire. Her passion and dedication. I love seeing the process of a creative making something from nothing. Especially in a profession that has a lot of people thinking there creations are better then the next person. So its a tough job but its nice to see Sonia do it with her head held High and Love in her art. We need more people with this mind set, so thank you Sonia for taking this time to talk to me and let me in your world, SECONDS ROUNDS ON ME! CHEERS! 🍻
August 1, 2020
Sam Parra of Parra Wine Co.
It feels good to knock some rust off, who better with then some new friends. On today’s episode we touch the surface of sam Parra’s life and career and a wine maker. (Keeping social distancing rule we are outside of a beautiful winery). I hope y’all learn a thing or two like I did. Definitely sparks my interesting in wine a lot more after talking to Sam. It’s always special to see our gente out here making a difference and making something out of nothing. PEOPLE WHO LOOK LIKE US CAN DO OUT OF THIS WORLD THINGS1 pour a glass of Tempranillo and enjoy listening to this episode as much as I had making it. CHEER! 🍷
June 28, 2020
Phone Call With Richard Montgomery (Freako Rico)
Tonight I’m excited speak with freako! I’m legit star struck & breathing extra heavy in this episode. If you know him from doing work for action Bronson or his elaborate Art installations all over Atlanta, he is a force to be known. I’m humbled he gave me a great conversation (barely even touched the surface with this man) and hope for many more conversations down the line! Follow him on IG @FREAKORICO And check out his comics and merch @
May 26, 2020
98.3 La Voz Del Pueblo (Danielle Meyer, Coordinadora Administrativa De Radio Poder)
This full episode was recorded prior to these interesting times, Its almost full circle on how our meeting with Danielle goes down the rabbit holes on her life, her career, working with one of the top Spanish speaking radio stations of the willamette Valley. In conjunction with Mana a Mano & PCUN & KMUZ Visit for full details on all the wonderful programs and ways to get involved in the community.
March 30, 2020
Enchilada Casserole (Day 15 in quarantine)
Do you love costco? Do you love little samples? This is like the costco sized version of my podcast with some of the funnier bits I didnt wanna delete while learning how to do remote podcasting. Taking huge inspiration from Filipe and Lesa Esparza. Times are weird with COVID-19, here is some laughs to help a little with the world.
March 30, 2020
Josh Hjelmberg & Rody Gonzalez (Streamlab x Designmax)
It’s gonna be a long ride. On this episodes we get to learn about josh and his contribution to the stream lab in independence oregon.. I learn the whole process of screen printing my podcast t-shirts from start to finish. Rody owning his own printing business, we learn about his up bringing in the Dominican Republic to finding his way to Monmouth. It’s a long one, but definitely a fun one for me to record. Thanks again guys for the great talk. Follow them on IG @Stream_lab @designmaxrd
March 1, 2020
Neville Archambault (13 & 14 Cameras)
I’m humbled Neville gave me the time to speak to my podcast about his life, I’m sure we could have gone on and on but I learned a lot from him in our brief talk about acting, fitness and more. It’s interesting learning about higher profile person like him, you never know who is in your back yard (so to speak) it just goes to show Salem has a variety of interesting people in it & is the reason why I wanna keep doing these interviews. Thank you Neville and best of luck on your up coming movies!! Follow his IG @archambaultneville
February 21, 2020
Open Studios @ Willamette Heritage Center (My 2nd Art Show!)
4/11 isn’t that bad. On tonight’s episode I head out to the Open studios @ the Willamette Heritage Center and thankfully didnt get kicked out, I felt like I was intruding on peoples personal bubbles with my mic. Thank you so much MONA COOK, LEONARD KELLY, DAYNA COLLINS & SUSAN NAPACK. You guys made my second art, ANYTHING one for the books. I was late but I have 3 more chances to get the last 7 of you guys. Follow Dayna, @daynalovesart on IG. Everyone else , go through the Facebook page to get more info on each artist and connect with them. Again thank you for making me feel like a kid in a candy store, also thank you for the inspiration and more so the verification that SALEM ISN’T A “S*** Town” we sure do have some cool things to do and explore , & amazing people to network with. On a personal stunt, I’m glad i got to show off my new DTRH shirts. Key to the city, I’m coming for you. 😉
February 14, 2020
You Work Out Like A Girl (Shelly Yvonne)
Before you kill me, this case is a little different. I’m humbled to have such a motivational person on the podcast tonight. Fitness guru, competitive body builder & mother! There is pretty much nothing she cant do. Go to her IG for yourself! In a world that I’m not to familiar with its intriguing to get a taste of the competitive body building circuit. I’m definitely a fan now and wanna go to a show! (Shelly get me tickets 😉) For her current fans and clients, here is a taste of her life through her words & for Those who are new to her, enjoy this great interview! Follow her IG @shelly_yvonnee
February 2, 2020
86’d From Kraftworks (Zaq Osbourn)
On this episode I have the Honor of speaking A Familiar face in the Heart of the downtown Salem nightlife. If you’ve been out & about Downtown Salem, you know Zaq Osbourn from the great banter to the delicious drinks he had “krafted” for you. Listen to our conversation and follow his page if you haven’t yet on IG @zaq_the_Daiquiri_doc ALSO RIP KOBE, today has been a weird day for a lot of fans.
January 26, 2020
My First Art Show (The People)
I’m happy to present y’all with not just the artists of the evening but the people who make it come together, everyone out is a art lover or if they are like me, a beginner, everyone is welcome, definitely thankful for all who talked to me. Follow there IG’s @anasegooo @noshamejames @chuckwheat02 @Arnavsomani @ilykellan
January 20, 2020
So happy I was able to go explore the salem arts scene. Everyone I met that night was nothing but open and excepting to what I’m doing. I think this is a huge win for Salem as a whole community. I’m humbled to have great conversations with (Erin Westfall, Mathew Boulay, Eilish Gormley & Joshua Blue). Shout out to the Salem Art Association & The Gray Lab, Both great venues for all local artists to thrive and show off there creativity.
January 20, 2020
January 11, 2020
AHHHHH!!! End Of A ERA, Badass (Season ! FInale)
Here’s a quick recap on what the last decade means to me and with no one else I’d rather podcast with, my best friend. Luis #2 (crunchy) was on the first shit episode when it was body count and it’s only right we discuss our childhoods briefly and the decade highlights and low lights, here is to more podcasting and to another decade of your friendship. CHEERS to everyone! Be safe and drink responsibly! Thank you for everyone who has been here since day 1, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Here is to season 2! (Also the interlude with crunchy singing was a song I made for him while we were in high school, over 10 years ago!!!! it felt right to post since I’m feeling gross and nostalgic)
January 11, 2020
King Hookah (state St) W/Ross & Ahmed
I’m honored to be able to talk to Ross, co owner of the king hookah lounge in Salem Oregon, the best spot for anyone wanting a great social setting without the pressures of feeling rejected. I’m fortunate to interview Ross and Ahmed (the middle eastern redneck) and I’m able to call them friends, Ahmed you know I use that name with the upmost resect. I love you both, cheers to you brothers!
January 11, 2020
Juan Solo
Just an update on whats going on, no guest tonight, but let me check my audio levels.
January 11, 2020
Redemption (Re Upload)
With the fallout of a few potential interviews, we had to go back to our roots,. ( soon if you ask me) we are out here in hopes to finding someone not to shy to talk to us, so you get Luis and I once more for a redemption of our first endeavor. Thanks for the support and constructive criticism, every bit helps! #Bodycount
January 11, 2020
Meeting My Fathers Son? (Re Upload)
On this special episode, I meet my half brother of 28 years Efrain Salazar, I think its time someone bring us a tissue. Please!
January 11, 2020
Re upload of what started this all. Sorry for the ear rape before but ya boy finally discovered post.... thanks for all the love and support thus far. Here is the first couple episodes of what was body count but at a more easier to listen level.
January 11, 2020