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Elevated Thought$

Elevated Thought$

By Sam “The ARCHer” Webber.
Welcome 2 the Arena, 👁 Decided 2 Elevate 🖤 of Sports 2 the next level so 👁 kreated Channel 22 News w/ me 🏹rcher 🏹lmighty as the Anchor that keeps you up 2 date w/ what’s happenin’ in the current. Just a stay at home dad/husband/coach/trainer/meteorologist with a lot of free time on his hands. Come get Elevated. 🧠



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Buddy Jane👌🏾
Welcome to the Arena, in this episode the Arena is The Executive Suites @ VIP. Today’s $train of the Day is Girl Scout Cookies🍪. Huge shoutout to Sunni Pouncil & Big Rome of TNT Cannabis Group for sponsoring today’s episode. It’s Friday November The 13th aka Freaky Fridaze so why not have CEO’s Paul & Loni on to help education. The masses about Social Media’s New High from the creators themselves. I was going to edit the beginning but was like nah, wanted y’all to see the organic conversation we just had. I’m super excited for the partnership and Brand Ambassador Status! 👌🏾. Stay tuned, big things in the works. Live video coming soon. Go follow Buddy Jane on all platforms. Thank you for coming to get Elevated🧠 w/ me Sam “The ARCHer” Webber aka Archer Almighty on twitter/twitch/OnlyFans and now BUDDY JANE.🤙🏾💚
November 14, 2020
Trū Tuesdaze
In today’s episode I was just being a blessing.
November 11, 2020
Thankful Thursdaze
Welcome to the Arena, which happens to be HOME. In today’s episode my father Big Sam “1” gives us some wisdom and also shows us we have a lot to be thankful for. My mother $LunaireWebber from Peachez Place podcast won’t be going on today due to not having power. For those not knowing what’s going on in the 🌍. In my neck of the woods (OKLAHOMA aka Smoklahoma)there was a thing called #IceStorm2020 that happened a few days ago and over 300,000 people are still without power. My family lost power but it came back on. So I see it as my duty to provide the REAL NEWS & most Elevated experience possible. Get a quick #Message from my father. Y’all be safe and stay warm. All the homeless out there you’re forever in me and my families prayers. Thank you Gerald Smiley for asking Ryan Christian if we could play his music. If y’all haven’t heart his music, now you have. Thank you all for listening. We just reached 11,000 plays. You are appreciated in my Tupac voice.
October 29, 2020
Wisdom Wednesdaze
In this episode Big Sam #1 & #2 aka ACE & Duce, decided to get back to basics and record a quick Wisdom Wednesdaze episode before Queen Latasha Featherstone aka MOTHA MABEL LEAN. If you don’t know now you know tap all the way in and go follow. $train of the Day was Wedding Cake 🍰 from TNT 💢💥🔥Cannabis Group LLC. 11102 N. Stratford Dr. OKC, OK. Huge shoutout to Big Rome & Sunni Pouncil for sponsoring today’s episode. We had some quick #QTNA (Questions That Need Answering).
September 30, 2020
Ride w/ Dan USA
In this episode we have Lt. Dan Hurd from & OPAAT movement telling us a little bit about what he’s been up to since our last visit. He’s been riding a bicycle for suicide awareness for sometime now. He has added to his bicycle and now have a mini camper attached that he built. I’m helping him give away 5 Free Suicide Awareness Training Classes. If you are interested & want to participate please contact either Dan himself or me.
September 27, 2020
New Mic🎤 Vibes
New mic, new me.
September 17, 2020
Channel 22 News
It’s currently pouring down like a MF’er in Norman aka Nompton, Smoklahoma. The kids and 👁 were sitting in the house until all HAIL broke loose!!!
August 31, 2020
Motivational Mondaze
It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
July 20, 2020
Freestyle Fridaze
In today’s episode we showcase the #NXTup📈 artists. You know the underdawgs who are slept on kinda like our podcasts. We had IX BLVCK join us on Podbean for the 1st time & he definitely showed out. As well as Fox Da Cypher join in & show cased his talent. Not to mention Taz & Logan stepped us as my co-hosts in Yana Kaii’s absence. . Yazzi Yaz stepped up to the mic also and held it down for the ladies with some spoken work.
July 18, 2020
Wisdom Wednesdaze
Hit up my friend Brand Ray Harris a week ago and asked him if he’d like to be on this weeks Episode just bringing the word as usual seeing he’s a motivational speaker along with many more titles including dad, and businessman & soon you can add author to that list.
July 15, 2020
Motivational Mondaze
On today’s episode, its episode one of SZN 4 & it’s Motivational Mondaze, so why not start the week off right w/ positive vibes & Elevated Thought$. We had multiple artist jump in the Arena, huge shoutout to Logan for the connects($MGM Trevo & Young D Mitch). New Musiq alert thank you Young D Mitch for pulling up & spitting bars. Go follow his YouTube page. As well as all the others who showed up to our live podcast of $LA & Chill, we are entering into our 4th SZN of Elevated Thought$ we had Woymn, Weed & Wellness in the building teaching Health. Talking about crystals & energy being the $LA Networks herbalist. Go to we also had a Pod Decks, “What the Heck Deck?!!” Segment.
July 13, 2020
The Hood Teacher
Welcome 🏹 Anthony_CrawfordJr on IG to the Arena. We went live from the Elevated_Thoughts2018 IG as well as ArcherAlmighty Twitch & YouTube #QuarantineEdition Was excited to finally share this Kings story. We’ve been speaking this into existence for awhile now. So finally he’s the Artist of the Day! The Oklahoma School teacher has been a voice for the people here for sometime now. Being a school teach in the HOOD is Ground Zero! But being raised In Los Angeles, California prepares him spread Positive Vibes & Elevated Thought$ in the hood of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 👁 for one just want to Salute HIM👆🏾 for doing what nobody else wanna do @ damn near minimum wage. Regardless we had a great time, no energy wasted. Hope you enjoy our Quarantine Edition. Leave a voice message if you have any #QTNA🤔🧠 (Questions That Needs Answering). #Message
April 25, 2020
Happy 420
Hope everyone out there is having a great day! Today is April 20th, 2020 in the great state of Smoklahoma so you know the $train of the Day is lit!!! Gave my sister Raquel Rogers from & Woymn, Weed, & Wellness on early with the herb of the day!
April 20, 2020
OK to LA x Rod Marley
In this episode 👁 Woke up this morning for starters so I’m blessed but my son Kal-El eye was a little pink so instead of rushing to the hospital thinking. He had pink eye 👁📲called my Herbalist Raquel Rogers aka Chocolate Honee and she hooked me up with a natural remedy to get my son Kal-El back 💯. Go to & see for yourself. Fast forward a few hours and I was live from the Elevated_Thoughts2018 Instagram page as well as the Elevated Thought$ Facebook page at the same damn time! And engaged with the viewers who were live. If you want to experience Elevated Thought$ Live go subscribe/Follow/Like those because you’ve been missing out! We had Rod Marley himself in the Arena asking #QTNA🤔🧠(Questions That Need Answering* for you slow pokes). His music is streaming on all platforms. We ran o it of time during the episode seeing we only had 30 minute segment. If you want to hear the rest of this episode please leave a voice message or slide in the dm. Here’s the video to his latest song OK to LA. 🏹
April 10, 2020
Weed Wednesdaze
Green L💚VE Dispensary owner James Spake took time out of his busy schedule to help bring Elevated Thought$ to light. For those that missed out we went live from Instagram & Facebook. Shout out to everyone that tuned in to our live podcast. Stay tuned for future episodes.
April 8, 2020
Take A L👀K w/ J.R.O
Had up and coming Oklahoma Artist JROmusicOfficial on the podcast with a quick check in. We’ve been talking about a collaboration but haven’t had an opportunity to line up a date. Now that we are all sitting at home anyways there is no better time than NOW...the current. So we got it in. Shoutout to & the Contractor Robin Selig for sponsoring this episode. If you need their services please leave a voice message or contact them directly. Tell them your heard about their services on Elevated Thought$ podcast and you’re entered in a giveaway. Stay tuned for details. Come get Elevated🧠.
April 7, 2020
Code 3 w/ Dray Day
This episode is dedicated to my $LA Network brother, host of $ports Way w/ Dray Day podcast which could be found on all platforms by the way, but He works in a hospital in Brooklyn, New York. Instead of giving you fake news we decided to give you the REAL when it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic that’s currently affecting the 🌍. Dray breaks down the appropriate PPE they are wearing in the hospitals in the state of New York. Double Up on the PPE. Anyone who’s complaining about being at home with your family. Dray Day dares you to trade places with him as he watches the bodies being rolled out of these hospitals. Turns his face when they roll out the bodies. 🙏🏾Prayers and blessings to anyone who is working in the medical fields. “Don’t be afraid people.” Strap up, be wise & sanitize.” Be safe people & enjoy Wrestle Mania 36 part 2.
April 6, 2020
How’s everyone handling the lockdown?!!! I
April 5, 2020
Guess Who’s Bizz’Zac?!!
After a nice vacation had the opportunity of having Rob Spann on the podcast. It’s been a minute but we picked up right where we left off. But started out talking about the Corona Virus and how it’s impacted he & his community.
March 27, 2020
$tay @ Home Order
Per the City of Norman, Oklahoma has been ordered to $tay @ Home🏡🏘🏚🏔🗻🏕⛺️🏭🏠.....🏹. Here’s the link. 😷.
March 24, 2020
Corona Check In
Sorry for the wait. This Covid-19 got MF’ers tripping! People out here testing the limits when it comes to what we can and ain’t supposed to do when it comes to the Quarantine. We’ve been bunkered down & staying to ourselves in my household. Only really going out to get food/supplies just “in case”. Made a post on Elevated Thoughts Facebook Page go follow that real quick but the post was on parenting. “Raising teenagers have you like...🤬🤯” and had a few people chime in. Shout out to Miles Lewis, Edward “BJ” Taylor, Ivory Cunningham, To Ri, Charise Frazier, Jarrett Rogers, Angela York, & Lacy Wilson for the energy! Stopped by D’s Nuggs to re-up since I know he’s always open 365/366 on a leap year 6am-midnight! Family owned/ran business that happens to sponsor this episodes $train of the Day which happens to be a mix of Jack Herer(Sativa) & Fluff Head(indica) that has me feeling GREAT & MEDICATED! Stay safe, be wise sanitize. Take this time to relax & Chill before $hit gets real!. 🏹
March 23, 2020
Tröö Thursdaze
This episode starts out with my little sister Sanaire aka @InspirationalNewnew1 on IG helping bring Elevated Thought$. She answered a couple of #QTNA🤔🧠 while shopping for her kids and niece & nephew.
March 6, 2020
Wisdom Wednesdaze
Just another day bringing Elevated Thought$ shoutout to Pastor Coleman for the positive vibes & breaking down the Bible for us once again. Stay Tuned for another sit down one on one with the Pastor.
March 5, 2020
Mocha Mondaze
In this episode 👁 have the opportunity to introduce the 🌍 2 our newest members to the $LA Network the Mochatea Podcast☕️ ( Was able to get 1/3 of the group on the phone shout out to Don Tae for making time out of her busy schedule to make help bring Elevated Thought$ on Friday to have it for you on Mocha Mondaze. Asked her 2 #QTNA🤔🧠(Question That Needs Answering** for you slowpokes) 1) Lil Boosie vs DWade parenting skills; 2) How soon is 2 soon to $hoot your $hot @LaurenLondon if you were feeling here?!!! Yo...Ms. London we would love to have you on the podcasts to give your feelings on this topic & that goes to Dwayne Wade & his Gabrielle Union & Lil Boosie as well. Thank the Breakfast Club for the snippet on YouTube. 🧠 Elevated Thought$ Musiq was being played thank you Anchor for merging with Spotify!!!🙌🏾
March 2, 2020
Dungeons & Doobies
Sitting down @ UWD-Norman’s Club Med learning the game Dungeon’s & Dragons w/ Uncle Chuck.
February 27, 2020
Marcus J Graphics
Well my brother didn’t know what athletic pants were but he sure knows a thing a two about fire fighting & graphic design. The father of Cy Cosby our #NXTup athlete on $LA & Chill podcast go grab a listen to that after this episode that is.
February 21, 2020
Wisdom Wednesdaze
Just another day in the neighborhood, Eastside , OKC that is. Pastor Coleman brings Elevated Thought$ as we talk about the traumatic past of slavery manifests itself in African Americans today through low self esteem, anger, repression, poor habits & anxiety. Grab a listen as we a community have a discussion that no one wants to talk about .
February 20, 2020
Athletic Pants?!! #QTNA🤔
Picked up right where we left off in the prior episode laughing @ Aaron B. attempt to explain his word selection. We working on his word play y’all bear with him. Charles & 👁 promise to help bring this brother up to speed. Lost connections with them but definitely asked a few people immediately afterwards. Go listen to the #QTNA🤔 of the day. What the fuk is an athletic pants?!!! A’ja Wilson please ask your WNBA teammates and ask them what Athletic Pants are?!! Wife called in with Marleigh & she don’t know what Athletic Pants are either. Finally got U. S. Air Force Fighter Marcus Cosby on the phone & talked a bit & he don’t know what athletic pants are either. 🤷🏾‍♂️
February 19, 2020
Tröö Tuesdaze
Great episode w/ the $LA Network Anchors Charles “Texasmade 3115” Smith & Aaron “Texas Pantydroppa” Ball, we just bring The Weather from Oklahoma, Georgia & Texas @ the same damn time. This episodes #QTNA🤔 1) Tax Virus 2) Dating Advice 4 Aaron B. Great episode Aaron B ended the episode with a jewel💎 what are athletic pants?! #QTNA🤔
February 18, 2020
Musique Mondaze
This episode was a tribute to Elevated Thought$ Musiq which can be found on Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, IHeartRadio & Google. Some of the songs that are usually pregame before the episode. But it’s Mondaze(Monday for you slow pokes). Here’s some cool music to play/listen to while you’re at work, at the crib cooking, on your phone during classes, etc. Evolving when it comes to this podcasting life. 👁 want to be the ONE podcast you think of when you decide you want 2 listen to a podcast. Shoutout 2 Wale & Jeremiah for the intro. Ludacris or TI?!! #QTNA🤔
February 17, 2020
Dr. Dad👨🏽‍⚕️
With Kal-El & Marleigh home sick with the flu, Dr. Mom provides Dr. Dad w/ EVERYTHING(Food, Lights, Water, Cable, WiFi, etc) 2 step in as Dr. Dad 2 save the day with Musique. Shoutout to Amazon Music. Let’s set something up. Let the 🌍 hear the $LA network & other podcasts starting with US. As we sipped Triple H Immunity Blend Tea w/ Peppermint help kick this flu. We sat around like some “The Cat in the Hat”, Thing 1 & 2 dancing around. But don’t tell their mother.
February 12, 2020
In the Cut💈
In this episode I’m giving props to the Barber of the week 🏹Marsharie Williams aka Queen of Fades OKC owner of “In The Cut” 💈barber shop. 👁 first seen her on Facebook live cutting hair so I sent her a message & she replied quickly and now we are here. She told me she was shy so we didn’t go live on Facebook & We kept the #QTNA🤔 to a minimum Was supposed to ask her a couple but ended up vibing out to the slow jams she had playing in the background as I was pampered in her barber chair. She’s nice with the clippers you need to hit her up and book your appointment today. Tell her ARCHer Almighty sent you for a shoutout on the podcast & get your name entered into our random giveaways here on the podcast. Pick up your ELEV8D Thought$ hoodie at
February 6, 2020
#QTNA w/ Pastor Byron Coleman
Had the honor of having Sr. Pastor Bryon Coleman from 5th St. Missionary Baptist Church on the podcast. We met up for Coffee & bagels @ Old School Bagel Cafe in Norman, Oklahoma. Pastor was in between classes & made time to bring Elevated Thought$. The #QTNA🤔 of the day are...1) Spirituality vs. Religion 2) Cannabis in the Church. Stay tuned for more Wisdom Wednesdaze in the near future & feel free to leave a voice message if you have a #QTNA (Question That Needs Answering)
February 5, 2020
Thought Thursdãzę
Had my kinfolk phone in from Virginia Beach, VA. His birthday just passed & we’ve been planning on recording, life happened, Kobe died, etc. The #QTNA🤔 of the episode was, “Are you afraid to die?!!”
January 30, 2020
Remembering Kobe the Black🐍
Prayers & condolences to everyones families who lost their lives on the helicopter crash that happened on Sunday. Among the deceased happened to be Kobe & Gianna Bryant. This episode is about Remembering the soon to be NBA Hall of Fame. Stay tuned, a 2 part episode about coach John Altobelli will drop @ high noon tomorrow on Wisdom Wednesdaze. You can google Kobe Bryant and it will day a lot but what it doesn’t say is how his life impacted Texasmade 3115 out in Georgia, or $LA & Chill w/ Aaron B. From Seguin, Texas, Dray Day all the way in Brooklyn, NY. Even me, a kid from Oklahoma City, Ok. 2221 N. E. 23rd & Kelham Ave. to be exact. But even I was impacted my Kobe. Was actually looking forward to our daughters meeting up in an AAU tournament & coaching against him. Gone too soon.
January 28, 2020
The Dream w/ NB
Had Norris “NB” Bennett, the actor, singer, rapper felt the spirit & speak on “The Dream”, he got emotional & didn’t mind me sharing his visit on Elevated Thought$ Podcast. The Atlanta native Free$tyles on this episode & is this weeks Artist of the Week making this his what 4th time on the podcast. Rest in Heaven Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr & more importantly his kids and family. Everyday we wake up & have a lot of our liberties, freedoms came from this Dr. King protesting and bring awareness to what everyone else was speaking on. Yes they sprayed us with water hoses and broke the dawgs out on us. #QTNA🤔 what are we going to do about it? I’m going to continue to use my platform to #SpeakUp when the NXT won’t. Which is why we get up & $LA the day. No excuses, no edits to this one. Raw. But the actor didn’t care because we knew people would love how authentic we are. Shout out 2 Anchor for blessing me w/ the 🔌. Come get Elevated🧠
January 24, 2020
Wisdom Wednesday’s @ the 5th
Don’t usually record in Bible study but felt moved & this #Message needed to be heard by the masses. Tosha invited me to Bible study this evening @ the 5th(5th Street Mission Baptist Church, OKC, Oklahoma) Pastor Bryon Coleman definitely brought that 🔥. Shoutout to God on this Wednesday because Justin Broiles of the Oklahoma Sooners Football team tell us his personally testimony about getting his 1st opportunity to start at his position & his man did a lot of the scoring. “Grow Through What U Go Through.” He’s definitely going to be prepared next time. Also the young woman named Ashley who’s fired up about how God been working in her life. She was turned down once then was blessed due to her faith, not senses. Just go listen & learn something. Talked to Pastor Coleman(Oklahoma City Thunder Chaplain; The University Of Oklahoma Professor) afterwards so be on the 👀 out for a sit down One-on-One with the man of the church. Welcome 2 the Arena. 🏹
January 23, 2020
Motivational Mondaze
This episode Zack “Zideshow” & Daniel Knowles, Sr. From Knowles Family Farms from Oregon pulled up and recorded and smoked a little Mary Jane, $train of the Day was See No Evil X with...just go listen. Get your Fish $h!t & Next Light were the topic of conversation on this brief Cultivation & Compliance episode. Then my brother Texasmade 3115 talked a little $ports yesterday during the Chiefs/Texans NFL GAME. Team Fatherhood As Kal-El talked $hit as we played a little NBA 2K20 & Madden 2020 on PSN. Gosh 👁 love my job, raising these damn kids that it!
January 13, 2020
REP w/ TRIPLE H🌱Botanicals
Finally recorded from the Studio @ Makers Lab. Shoutout to Renardo Rhone & Raquel Rogers for being patient w/ me as I learned to use the new technology I was blessed to learn about. Took advantage of having two independent business owners on the podcast.
January 10, 2020
Ride w/ Dan USA Pt. 2
The wait is over part two of the sit down with Navy Veteran Daniel Hurd of here’s a link to follow his journey as he rides he bicycle 🚴‍♂️across the country for suicide awareness. He currently in Corsicana, Tx. One Pedal at a time is his non-profit organization. He’s a Navy veteran who has a story to tell. Pay attention as you hear Marleigh add her 2 cents in. Lol.
January 9, 2020
Sit down w/ Uncle C. Featuring “2Penz”
Decided to kill 2 birds w/ one $tone & introduce Cannabis Oklahoma Magazine writer Charles Duncan to author Drüė “2Penz” Bröwn seeing they have writing in common even though different demographics. We all have cannabis in common so 👁 was like fuk it. 🤷🏾‍♂️ We met up @ UWD-Norman/Club Med & went Facebook live from The Mother Plant. We engaged the listeners & helped bring Elevated Thought$. Shout out to Bud tender “Blake” for the $train of the Day🎯 #GrandDaddyPurp🤙🏾💚 for merch: Code is LIVE ELEVATED but spelled LIVELEV8D for a 10% OFF discount.
January 7, 2020
$LA Award $how pt. 2
Sorry for the wait. Got kinda busy recording new episodes for the 2020 and almost forgot to publish the 2nd part to our end of decade award show. Hope you enjoy this episode it’s our mission to be the best podcast network in the galaxy so grab a listen to my guys from all over the country(Sports Way w/ Dray Day reppin’ Brooklyn, NY; $LA & Chill in Seguin, TX; Texasmade 3115 in Hinesville, GA; & Kendrick Sports Talk in Arizona).
January 6, 2020
Triple H w/ Raquel
Decided to get back to basics so it was only right that I have “The Herb Goddess” Raquel Rogers from Hattie’s Holistic Healing as she promotes her business & Lust Herbals teas. She dropped me off some of her Immunity blend. We went live from Elevated Thought$ Facebook page and engaged with the listeners to help bring Elevated Thought$. Don’t forget to get to go to to get your merch. Code is LIVE ELEVATED but spelled LIVELEV8D for a 10% OFF discount.
January 4, 2020
While on a $LA network business call with Aaron B. from $LA & Chill Podcast & Charles Smith from Texasmade 3115 podcast I receive a call from the women of the Speak Up w/ JV podcast. Today’s episode is about connections & network marketing. Welcome the them to the arena & the $LA Network.
January 1, 2020
$LA Awards $how
The $LA Network had its 1st Annual Awards $how and gave awards for the following categories(Male/Female Athlete of the Decade, Team/Coach of the Decade, Best Game Changing Play, Boxer/Fighter of the decade, Best Moment, Biggest Loser, and ICON of the Decade). Enjoy the laughs from the Squad (Elevated Thought$, Sports Way w/ Dray Day, $LA & Chill, Texasmade 3115, & Kendrick Sports Talk) the rest of the $LAnetwork had prior engagements. This is part 1 of the 2 part series dropping for the 2020. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did recording. Thank you for rocking with us all year & stay tuned for big things manifesting heading into a new decade with 2020 vision.
January 1, 2020
Cards & Cannabis
Had the opportunity to podcast & smoke Wedding Cake with Uncle Chuck a cannabis consultant but I would say connoisseur, in the great state of Oklahoma. Cannabis Writer for “Cannabis Oklahoma Magazine” means he’s very knowledgeable of the plant we call Mary Jane, Weed, ganja, etc. being a user of the plant for over 35 yrs & now having his medical marijuana card he’s helping bring Elevated Thoughts to multiple people starting with his foundation the Sr. Director of “The Calming Winds” . Being a podcast host “Uncle Chuck’s Conversations on Cannabis” he showed me ways I could improve on my podcast and talked about board games & sports cards both being collectors. Stay tuned for future projects & enjoy the episode .
December 30, 2019
The Night Before ARCHer Grinchmas
My family stopped to to help me get the last minute touches on the kiddos gifts seeing the grandparents made sure to get plenty of things for me to put together for the kids. Enjoy this episode of just fun times and comedy. This is episode one of many to come.
December 28, 2019
Trōō Tuesday’s
In this episode my guy Darrell Thomas helped me put together Kal-El’s trampoline for Christmas and we talked a little College Football Playoffs. His picks and mine. Then my brother from another mother Micah G. Phoned in and chatted with me live on Facebook all the way from Alabama! He’s a truck driver with a lot to say. Hope you enjoy this episode. ‘Tis the season.
December 24, 2019
Trōō Tuesday’s
Had the honor of having the owner of Elev8d Thoughts Clothing Brand Cesar on the pod. He phoned in from Las Vegas, Nevada and we just chopped it up about the brand and how we actually met as well as our collaboration on future ventures. It was my brother Aaron B’s birthday so we recorded a bit. It’s only right.
December 17, 2019
Trōōp Thursday’s
Had the honor & privilege of recording with Navy Vet Daniel Hurd who’s representing & his non-profit he’s been on a 21 month journey of riding his bicycle across the country for Suicide Awareness being a survivor of 3 suicide attempts himself. He’s journeyed over 14,000 miles currently. The Massachusetts native just so happened to be in Norman, Oklahoma getting a massage @ Beyond Massage by Tosha aka My Anchor/wife. And she set it up for me. So thank Tosha for the lob no city. But Lt. Dan tells his journey as we talked live from Elevated Thought$ Facebook page answering #QTNA🤔 from whoever chimes in. This is part 1/3 segments. Go over to to get your merch. Code is LIVE ELEVATED but spelled LIVELEV8D for a 10% OFF discount to help support the movement. Also you can leave a voice message to get some of Daniel Hurd’s shirts to help support his movement. #VelocityUSA🚴‍♂️#BodyArmor #TMP🌱
December 12, 2019
Trōōth Tuesday’s
Got a late start from Binge watching MG Netflix Mike Epps has a new stand up so I checked that
December 11, 2019
Motivational Mondaze
Just another day in the neighborhood. Decided to give credit when credit is due. With that being said i want to shout our the $LA Network. $LA & Chill🏹🤑, Matty Matt talks, Sports Way with Dray Day, The Thought Proce$$, Texasmade 3115, ST weight-loss, and Being and Becoming. Played a little Duolingo working on my French.
December 10, 2019
Trū Tuesdaze
Part 2 of Drüė “2Penz” Bröwn featuring Gerald Smiley former Texas Ranger live from UWD-Norman’s Club Med. We were live on The Mother Plant (TMP) Facebook page then switched to Elevated Thought$ We were talking about using the “N-Word” & just educating the masses. Talking about his book Slave Minds. Also talked about small businesses and non-profits along with building generational wealth in our communities.
December 3, 2019
Family Feud on Cyber Monday
This is technically part 2 of Thanksgiving Shenanigans so instead of trying to Sale you something on this Cyber Monday I dropped an episode so grab a free and 👁 repeat its FREE to listen. No Payments required unless you hear something you like & want to sponsor the podcast. We played Our version of Family Feud & the laughs don’t stop.
December 2, 2019
Thanksgiving Shenanigans on Noir Friday
Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the great state of Oklahoma, Norman to be exact. My mother-in-law Renee came into town from Pine Bluff, AR-Kansas and helped prepare the meal with 🔑. So why not play some family games and laugh. I’m thankful & grateful for my family....🏹Big Sam, Peaches, Renee, Kiara, SaNaire, Samoné, and my anchor Tosha). Decided to just press play & give the 🌎 a listen 2 of how my family celebrates Thanksgiving (watching 🏈, eating 🍽good, sippin’ wine🍷 & enjoying each other’s energy. Nothing too serious about this episode besides our love for one another. Hope you enjoy this episode regardless we did! Please go 2 for merchandise. Stay tuned to part 2 of those episode.
November 29, 2019
Happy Life Day/Nov. 27th
Well yesterday was my birthday so I went live from The Mother Plant aka TMP🌱 on Facebook, huge shoutout to Billy Dunn & the Canna Fam🤙🏾💚. Aaron B. From $LA & Chill podcast & the $LA Network phoned in & talked with me briefly. Thank you for the KC Chiefs socks brodie! Then I just interacted with everyone who tuned in. Shout out to Tosha for all my gifts(clothes, new podcast microphone, breakfast @ Boomerang Diner, massage at Beyond Massage in Norman, and a pedicure from AAA Nails & Spa in Norman, OK. Talked briefly about some of my sponsors for the podcast the $train of the Day was Marathon OG courtesy of UWD-Norman.
November 28, 2019
The #NXTup segment is highlighting a scholar athlete male or female who has aspirations of playing $ports at the next level. My guy Larry McDonald is always talking, posting videos of his son on Facebook reppin’ #TeamFatherhood So I hit him up getting his permission to promote his son Mykel McDonald a 3 sport athlete(RB, CB, Etc on the football field, Wrestler, and track & field stud) has a 3.4 GPA who plans on attending either 1) The University of Oklahoma 2) Oregon 3) Clemson. The 8th grader swept all awards his 8th grade season(offense & defense). Looking forward to his first wrestling match Dec. 3rd. Stay tuned as we will periodically check up on the athlete. #ArcherAcademy 🏹❤️🏈🤼‍♂️🥇
November 22, 2019
Trōōth Thursday’s
Spending quality time watching a Disney+ & Netflix with my mother this past weekend. She tried the Truly hard seltzer and couldn’t lie about the taste🤢. She loves venting about how bad these kids are nowadays being a school teacher for 10+ years. The kiddos decided to watch Dumbo. My Herb Goddess Raquel of HHH(Hattie’s Holistic Healing LLC.) with the $train of the Day which was Amnesia & the Herb of the day is Rose Hip hit up google to learn more about both of those. And for all of your Health Care needs please give her a call @ (405)292-4230. Also there will be a patient drive this Saturday Nov. 23rd @ Kush Konnexions dispensary w/ $45 Dr. recommendations so please pull up & tell them you heard about it on Elevated Thought$. She will be @ Will Rogers Gardens November 30th at the Whole Body Healing event where local vendors promote their products.
November 21, 2019
Free$tyle Friday
In this episode👁 made my return to The Mother Plant aka TMP🌱 a cannabis network on Facebook shout out to Billy Dunn and the Canna Fam🤙🏾💚 for your patience. I haven’t recorded with them for over a month due to personal reasons and felt the time was right to get back at it especially since I had a baby sitter to watch my kids. So I went on a Råndüm Tangent as I waited on My guy Drüė “2Penz” Bröwñ author of “5LAVE M1ND5” or Slave Minds to pull up on me. He got caught up in OU(The University of Oklahoma Football) game day traffic. As soon as I heard he wrote a book 👁 knew I had to get him on the podcast so I messaged him & we set this up ASAP’age. We met at UWD-Norman(Urban Wellness Dispensary) Club Med and for it in. Shout out 2 Jerry Flowers for making this possible. We talked about his book and where he got the inspiration for writing it and future ventures the young artist has in the works. We were live on Facebook so we interacted with the people and Gerald Smiley chimes in all the way from Seattle, Washington to help bring Elevated Thought$ and positive vibes. I’m really excited about this episode and I know you guys will 💚 it. I’m dropping part 1 of his mini series. The author has another book about to drop in a stay tuned until then go cop this book! 🏹🎯 #Message #Achievement👌🏾💎
November 15, 2019
Trōōth Thursday
Decided to live podcast on Facebook from the Elevated Thought$ Facebook page go like and follow that please and thank you. Pretty much talking with whoever jumped in the arena and wanted to share their thoughts. Shout out to Nicholas Briggs my childhood brodie from T.P.(Trōō Playa) for the Elevated Thought of the day. Touched on the random guy walking around the Eastside of OKC w/ an AR-15 around his neck messing with the IUIC (Israel United in Christ) off of NE 23rd st. Talked about my new business “Valentus” here’s the link to my website go check it out and pick up you some coffee/cocoa, etc. health is wealth. all while managing to be Super Dad w/ Marleigh in the back making all kinda noise. Daniel Knowles of KFF from Oregon chimed in so I had to shout him out. Part of Cultivation and Compliance podcast which is part of the $LA network. Talked briefly about my weight loss journey and shared a little bit of my life experiences waiting on guests to jump in the arena. Seems like I’m all over the place but it is what it is. Also Raymond Storm my friend from The Mother Plant (TMP) who’s show is Wake Up & Grow w/ Raymond Storm. My doctor phoned in and gives me a clean bill of health & Elevated Thought$ I was stressing!!! get some merchandise. Talked about parenting then my guy Robin Selig Aka the Contractor from The Mother Plant(TMP) jumps in the arena and spreads positive vibes and talks about his contracting business (405)404-1636, he’s always a phone call away. The jack of all trades does everything besides HVAC. Talks about the New breathalyzer testing for marijuana in the state of Oklahoma. #FullAccess2020. Part 2 I leak Raymond Storms Top 5 Super Hero’s, we ran out of time but Robin jumped back in & gave his Top 5 Super Hero’s. As I leak feelings. Just go listen.
November 14, 2019
Wisdom Wednesday
Had the opportunity to interview former Texas Ranger Gerald Smiley & talk a little baseball but also about life. The Seattle native answered questions from fans as we recorded live from the $LA_and_Chill Facebook page. He dropped major jewels in this one people. This is part 1 of the 3 part interview. Hit him with some #QTNA’s (Questions That Need Answering) for those that are new to the podcast. Don’t want to leak 2 much about the episode because I want you to go listen. But we talked abo it BLP Academy aka Big League Prep Academy for those wanting to pursue a baseball career and things the youth could do to better their game. Talked about professionalism in the game of baseball, as well as things players could do in the offseason to be better prepared for spring ball. Shoutout to Dray Day from Sports Way with Dray Day podcast for joining us live on Facebook. The $LA network is making major moves. Stay tuned for part 2. And feel free to leave me a voicemail on the anchor app if you have any #QTNA for Gerald Smiley.
November 13, 2019
Trōō Tuesday’s
In this episode 👁had the creator of Sport Formula99 Jimmy ( ) phone in and give Aaron B of the $LA & Chill podcast/co-creator of the $LA network the rundown on the business seeing we are both Brand Ambassadors of the product as of last week🙌🏾. So he helps bring Elevated Thought$ on the brand so we can better educate you on the product. He names drops other professionals that use the product shout-out to future HOF’ers Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant & LeBron James to name a few & the entire Miami Heat organization. So being an ambassador of a product w/ heavy hitters like that is a blessing/honor 2 say the least. Use codes : Archer15 & AaronBFit to get a discount. #Message🎯 Also, my brother, $LAnetwork representer from Brooklyn, NY phones in & we go live on Facebook on the $LA_and_Chill page If you want to see the live version of the podcast. Go check that out! The Brooklyn podcaster ( go follow/subscribe/review but more importantly go listen to his podcast. He has been grind’n for a year in the podcast 🌎. Now we actually have some dope Sponsors 2 🗣 about because that’s how we get paid by you all 👂🏾. Grind’n to get this man & our team out of their 9-5 gigs and podcasting full time is my personal goal. He’s a NE Patriot fan for starters and he addresses the Tom Brady dropping the “N-Word” video that nobody is talking about seeing that’s his teams QB in this weeks Losers Circle episode. Stay tuned people we are the Hoods ESPN we are doing/saying everything they can’t say on ESPN so welcome 2 the Mufuk’n Arena!!! 🏹 Shoutout 2 NB for the dope Beat!
November 12, 2019
Motivational Monday’s
Decided to introduce the Elevated Thought$ crew by starting with my sister Sanaire Webber aka (Inspirationalnewnew1 & Mz_doublen27 on IG) just so happens to share the same birthday(November 27th) as me. We are trying to decide where we want to celebrate our birthday this year seeing we haven’t had a joint birthday since our youth. We have a couple of places in mind the VR Warehouse in Norman, Oklahoma & The Escape OKC. Talked about Stoned Supreme Relaxation ( or StonedSupreme365 on IG) & (elev8dthoughts on IG) the podcast official merch and how we have to go 2 Las Vegas for a photo shoot. After 👁 got home my guy Charles Smith(Realtexan3115 on IG) phones in from Georgia 2 make his ET debut. The former U.S. Army specialist happens to be a former teammate from college and has the of gab and will be joining the $LAnetwork and help out on $LA & Chill podcast talking Sports, Life & Acting a Damn fool! This is his introduction episode so we talked about a little bit of everything (Sports 2 Mental Health Awareness) while going live on Facebook on the $LA_And_Chill (@SLACHILL1 on Twitter) page go follow that. Shout out to my Georgia fam Norris “NB” Bennett (actor, singer, etc.) also my bro Frank White aka Evolving Frank (EvolvingFrank on IG 🏹 who trains Big K.R.I.T. ( )Praying he asked him could 👁 use his Kreation intro🤞🏾. And as usual Marleigh is in the background making sure her presence was heard.
November 11, 2019
Wisdom Wednesday’s
My brother George Potts-Young phones in all the way from Los Angeles, California to to help bring the Elevated Thought$. Pretty much turned into a sermon. Talked briefly about the two books he has written(Yeah God, and Two Sides to Every Christmas Story). Also about a couple of his future endeavors which happen to be a couple of films he’s writing that he’s currently pitching to Netflix. Said he will be back on when he’s ready to drop the names of the projects so please stay tuned....he’s a very humble man who is helping bring the Elevated Thought$. #Message
November 6, 2019
Truth Tuesday’s
My big bro Norris “NB” Bennett called in with a lot on his chest, so why not talk that talk....grown folk talk that is. Men’s emotions get pushed to the side 99% of the time when it comes to life. So here on Elevated Thought$ 👁 decided to step outside my box and talk about men’s feelings/emotional health. NB went in y’all. Go grab a listen. Had to have a Stoned Supreme Relaxation CBD infused tea for this episode to get my mind right. Feel free to leave me a voice message and chime in on the convo if you’d like or hit us with a #QTNA & you might hear your voice on an upcoming episode.
October 30, 2019
Free$tyle Friday
Sorry for the wait I’ve had a lot going on in my life these past few months. But when my guy Mood3 freestyle’d on his IG (Mood3) last week I banged his line & scheduled 2 have him on the podcast. The Compton native made time to record with me this morning. I asked him 7 questions and then he killed 3 instrumentals. The unsigned artist loves 🏀 & is pretty damn good at it being a national champion as a coach. Stay tuned for future updates with the artist.
October 18, 2019
Motivational Monday’s
Decided to start the week off right & in this episode the $train of the Day was NYC Diesel sponsored by Tree Kings Dispensarys (405treekings on SOCIAL MEDIA) of OKlahoma City if you are in the area go check them out here’s the address closest 2 me: 7221 S. Western, Suite 7221, OKC. OK 73139 And you know after that cotton mouth kicks in you need something to sip on🍾🍹🍸🥃🍷🥂🍻🍺🥤☕️ well we sip Stoned Supreme Relaxation on the set of Elevated Thought$ & the $LA Network. Being the Brand Ambassador for the STATE OF OKLAHOMA comes with responsibilities of spreading awareness of the product. If there isn’t any in your area HMU. I’m grateful that Anchor made it real simple for you to get in contact with me by leaving me a #VoiceMessage it could be a simple “Hey Archer Almighty, there isn’t any $toned Supreme Relaxation teas in my area. How can we get your product in a store near me?! #QTNA🤔” . Last but not least the $LA network has been busy recruiting podcasters, bloggers, go getters looking to help bring Elevated Thought$ & change the 🌍one LYFE at a time....starting with OUR OWN. With that being said welcome our newest addition to the family @ST_WEIGHTLOSS on twitter no caps. The Jersey native currently living in Virginia brings a totally different 👀 2 the team. She always brings Elevated Thought$ with her random questions on twitter & her podcast ST Weightloss on anchor now she has like minded individuals 2 help spread awareness for her movement. Merch on the way. Hope you enjoy this episode. Shoutout 2 Tosha for paying that AT&T 📲bill 2 make all this possible.
September 30, 2019
Wi$dom Wednesday
My dad works a half a day on Wednesday’s so we have been working on being consistent and Elevating your Thought$ been going through a lot with the family here lately. Lost 3 relatives in two weeks ill just leave that at that. In other news Happy Lyfe Day to Mr. Will Throw it himself....Eugene “NB” Bennett the big bro turner 40 yrs old today. So it’s only right that 👁 dropped Part 2 of his 3 part mini series. The actor turned singer is currently working on a project for Starz network called “P-Valley” so be on the look out for that. Go grab a 👂🏾Pops was spitting knowledge again.
September 18, 2019
Troo Thursday’s
Had to show some 💚 to today’s Troop of the Day Joshua C. Moore of the US Army thank you very much for the positive energy & supporting your fellow troop. We are Mixing Army & Air Force for Troop Thursday’s at Club Med we sipped Peet’s Coffee this Sunday morning & toked Star Dawg as we shared stories & talked about our families and our opportunity to both have shows on The Mother Plant on Facebook a cannabis network. Check out Green Releaf on TMP. Stay tuned for a full episode. We ($uzi, Beth & 👁) wanted to share a #Message moment and define what 4:20 actually means for all my canna fam out there. Raquel pulled up & entered “The Arena” and brought positive vibes and the ”Herb of the Day” from Hattie’s Holistic Healing. Connecting with like minded individuals is always dope. Hope you enjoy this episode. 🖖🏾
September 12, 2019
Motivation Monday’s 🌱
Sorry 4 the wait. Billy Dunn founder of The Mother Plant took time out of his busy schedule to join the podcast in “The Arena”. He actually interviewed me on the spot to have my own $how on his cannabis network #TMP🌱 so now I’ve brought Elevated Thought$ and the $LA Network 2 Lyfe or more like LIVE on Facebook. Bringing record numbers in the state of Oklahoma. Well more viewers tuning to Facebook 2 watch me smoke my $train of the Day. Thank you canna fam for tuning in and actually giving feedback which helps me Elevated Thought$. Had 2 start the week off right and got grounded 👣 this episode and went to church. Shout out to Rev. Bryon Coleman & the 5th Street Missionary Baptist Church on the Eastside of Oklahoma City for the #Message 🏹
September 9, 2019
Wi$dom Wednesdaze
Started the day off like clock work thanking the man up stairs for the opportunity 2 👀 another day. Kissed the 2 beautiful women next two me. Brushed my teeth, washed my face, got dressed, and met up w/ $uzi & Zide$how & sipped our Peet’s coffee & smoked a $train of the Day which happened to be 66 Cookies this day. Zide$how told the 🌎 about 🐟💩. In Part 2 $uzi calls the White House which shocks the hell out of me and leaves a voice message for Donald Trump. Part 3 we had a convo with actor/singer/musician N.B. The Atlanta native gave us that southern hospitality & blessing in the industry. This is part one of his 3 part mini series. Stay tuned to Channel 22 News we bring you a little bit of everything from Sports, Life, Music, Politics and definitely cannabis in the great state of Oklahoma. We Don’t discriminate we Eliminate All Troubles it’s an UGLY 🌎out there. Started this here podcast to help change that & bring Elevated Thought$ 🧠. #Message🏹
August 28, 2019
Wisdom Wednesday’s
For starters I want to thank Chris Christos for teaching me the guitar and the dope lessons today. This was my first time attempting to sing while play the guitar I had a blast can’t wait for my next session. Also Got to sit down with my mom, Suzi & company & talked about life as usual in this weeks Wisdom Wednesday’s.
August 22, 2019
Birth of a Nation
The wait is over...Everyone meet $uzi fresh off her 72nd birthday weekend. The internet sensation who currently has over 1 million views (People’s Magazine on IG, SLAM online) for getting her first dunk s/o to Kwintin Williams for the assist. we talked about changing the world One Day at a time. From ERA (Equal Rights Act) prime Minister of England, Steven Colbert, your President, John Oliver a regular on the Daily Show, She missed her favorite show “Mid Summer Murders” to be on this episode. We proudly support the OETA & PBS. Brent Goff, she was excited being her first time on the podcast as you can tell by our Elevated Thought$. Stay tuned for future episodes if you have any #QTNA🤔 for $uzi please leave us a message and you may hear your voice on the podcast. #Power2ThePeople✊🏾
July 26, 2019
Fry Day 🌞
So It’s been a week or so since I dropped the last episode & I do apologize for that. Been working on things to provide you with the truth & nothing but the truth. This is a short but sweet’s Friday & hot as hell in Norman, Oklahoma so the kids & I went to the splash pad early this morning so we can get back home and relax. Today’s Strain of the Day was done by Beth & 👁. Purple OG Kush. Added a couple of Jewelz 💎 from $uzi & the Guru Warrior just want to thank both of these women. 2 Get your own ElevatedThoughts merchandise/gear head on over 2 🏹 tell em ARCHer sent you.
July 19, 2019
Troop Tuesday
Finally got a hold of Brandon Carrington. He’s been living his best life since touching down to his new duty station....Korea. The Army SSGT. Tells us his journey abroad and talks about he LA Lakers.
July 2, 2019
Troop/Truth Tuesday
For starters my brother from Black $kulls 💀🏍MC Maveriq pulled up on me literally on his GXR-1300 to give me the news which is a P$A to all motor vehicle drivers who are driving vehicle and in their phones. I’ll start with me and make sure it can wait. We have 2 Get it together. Innocent people lost their lives Marine JarHeads a New England motorcycle club that includes the Marine Troops and their spouces. Prayers going up to their families.🙏🏾 Channel 22 News brought the story 2 you first. Smh. Sad story there. On a brighter note. Also Got the opportunity to sit down with USAF vet Michael Wilmot aka Chaotic_Cannabis on Instagram. The vet told us how growing medical marijuana has honestly saved his life. Strain of the Day was Blue Cheese! Be on the look out for more collaborations with this cool family. ARCHer Almighty reporting from Channel 22 News.
June 25, 2019
Northeast Academy Alumni Frank White took time out of his busy schedule to join me in the Arena & talk about Evolving Frank. We talk about Him and his journey, Motivation🏹 American Ninja Warrior, Entrepreneurs, along with Big Krit who he currently trains. His business Evolving Fitness had a Krave Smoothie grand opening @ the gym so he had a lot to talk about and catch up on. A$PIRE 2 IN$PIRE💪🏾
June 19, 2019
$unday Funday
Fathers Day 2019 started off great, breakfast at IHOP shout out to bae for that. Got gas at Checkers Gas Station the cashier suggested I try Stoned Supreme Relaxation, Channel 22 News Check in. Tokelahoma’s Finest commercial, $train of the Day is Gorilla Glue, Weedmaps/Leafly #QTNA🤔 also had the opportunity of having YMan Podcast on the show podcaster from Florida, Stay tuned for future Collab’s as the team is growing.
June 17, 2019
Thought Thursdaze
Just a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Did the daily affirmation. Honestly, had fun with this episode, just shouted out a few sponsors. And gave you guys the latest up to date news in Norman and the state of Oklahoma. Channel 22 News is on a quest to be the next big news station.
June 14, 2019
Channel 22 News
Today was a good day. Today was kinda like a fresh start, new look, new me. The show changes like this Oklahoma weather. Just watched “The Bee Movie” so it’s only right to spread positives with my guy Skyler the CEO/Founder of Bee Delightful and Canna Bees #SaveTheBees .He gives you a breakdown of THC/CBD/terpenes/ etc. the Seattle Native just touched down in Norman, Oklahoma and made time to join me in the Arena. Hope you enjoy the show.
June 11, 2019
🌎Meet 🏹 Matty Matt Talks
The team is expanding everyday. Quick intro episode letting the 🌎know who Matthias Wicks, Jr. is and what he brings to the table. He’s a former University of Oklahoma student athlete. After attaining his Masters degree in human relations and entering into the work force. Matty Matt told me he would love help out the network with being the Cleveland Browns Ambassador! His weekly show will drop on Tuesday’s at noon..stay tuned for that.
June 9, 2019
Family Ties
So I knew my younger half brother Samuel Carolina was in jail awaiting sentencing but I didn’t know the specifics of the case but after this SaturnDay Sitdown with my parents they quickly bring me up 2 speed with $neak. Things aren’t looking too good with 6 Life Sentences! Wow. Go listen.
June 8, 2019
$aturnday $itdown
Got the opportunity 2 report live from Tree 🌳👑Kings dispensary in south Oklahoma City. Great staff, the owner gave me his blessing 2 give you the real “$train of the Day” & boy they got them flavors when it comes 2 Oklahoma medical marijuana. Tell them ARCHer sent you when you paying. My boy Du’Vonta Lampkin agreed 2 be on our next episode of $LA & Chill so stay tuned. Then had some technical difficulties w/ PTR fitness’ own Rome $mith👌🏾💪🏾 & talked about the closing of our own alumni Northeast Academy & black entrepreneurs. This Oklahoma weather switched up so fast a tornado touched down right around the corner so Channel 22 had 2 go get the scoop.
June 1, 2019
Elevated Thought$ Level ⬆️ Up
With mental health awareness at an all time high it’s great 2 have a Metaphysical Therapist on your team. #ArcherAcademy. We have to all make sure we have someone we can talk 2 about....LYFE. And that’s where soon to be Dr. Ashley Morgan-Wells comes in. Being a NE Academy alumni, Oklahoma State University in social services, Langston University Masters degree in Rehab Counseling, Licensed professional counselor, mental health therapist not to mention wife, mother of 3, part time vegan, etc. Channel 22 News reports live. Just want 2 send a big shoutout Guru Warrior for the #QTNA 💙.
May 30, 2019
RIP The Green Dot?!!! #QTNA🧠
Sat down with the own of the Green Dot Dispensary in Norman, Oklahoma. They are going out of business this weekend due to some “Technical Difficulties”, we had $train of the Day. Along with them telling their story as to why they are going out of business. Wait for it....”the SMELL!!!” Landlord forced them to leave the premises by Friday due to the smell of marijuana. They wanted to share their story on the podcast to bring awareness to other dispensary’s who have may might have been or being bullied by landlords on what you can and cannot do when it comes to cannabis on their property. Prayers to their families & 2 their great staff best of wishes & the bounce back will be real. $tay Tuned. 🏹
May 29, 2019
Wisdom Wednesdaze
Hump day at its finest....just another day at the job “Daddy Duty”. Running errands & paying bills with the kiddos, then Nap Time.
May 22, 2019
Oklahoma Weather🌪🌤
Schools canceled because of hazardous weather so why not Storm Chase?!!!🌪I’ve always wanted to be a meteorologist just don’t want to pay for the classes. So leave it up 2 me to self proclaim Meteorologist Archer reporting live for Channel 22 News.
May 20, 2019
Voice Message #QTNA
Had a voice message with a #QTNA so I did my best 2 answer the question.
May 18, 2019
Tree 👑’s
Welcome 2 the f’n Arena! Well you ask and you sure as hell receive so make sure it’s positive vibes only. With that being said...we are now sponsored by Tree 👑’s dispensarys. New location soft grand Opening June 1st! Stay tuned, new content, guest, cohosts, had 2 do a complete rebuild tbh. Fasten your seat belts. New $hit on the way!
May 14, 2019
Oklahoma Connections
I got the opportunity to sit down with the Owner of Oklahoma Vape & Glass Gallery in Norman, Oklahoma Kyle Showed me around the store & some real cool art. Also had Alexander Taylor a local podcaster in the studio talking about his podcasts, medical marijuana in Oklahoma & the Strain of the Day was Pineapple Express s/o 2 Fire Leaf Norman 4 the 💐
May 3, 2019
Thunder Up ⚡️in a Loss
Wisdom Wednesday’s w/ Big $am where pretty much pops & I discuss our opinions on what happened 2 the OKC Thunder in game 5 or period. #Coaching along with KAM giving her insight on why Steven Adams only played 29mins. It hurts but we still ride with our guys! #ThunderUp
April 26, 2019
Easter Sunday
Brunch w/ the fam bam. Talking about the society we live in today. What’s excepted and what’s not accepted? Evolving.
April 22, 2019
Get Bak’d w/ KD
Caught KD running late 2 work on 4/20 of all days.
April 20, 2019
Woke up early had a sit down w/ G $cott, then headed 2 Dispensary 4 a meeting. Went & talked 2 my Pops for a bit. #LovingLife
April 19, 2019
Back Like 👁Never Left #TMC 🏁
Sorry I’ve been AWOL here lately been going through some changes in my life aka starting a new job and hating it, kicking myself in the a$$ for switching up but making it do what it do. Finally catching up with Bobby Dollaz & talking about the late great Nipsey Hu$$le, the Okc Thunder & life. Introducing #QTNA & #MESSAGE segments. Then went & watched Little @ AMC w/ K.A.M. Had 2 update my podcastIng style like the latest iOS update. Archer 2.0
April 13, 2019
You think you know me?!🤔
KaM 💆🏽‍♀️& 👁played 10 Questions on how well we know each other. No pressure. 🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️
April 5, 2019
Long Live 👑NIP$EY HU$$LE
Can’t believe you’re gone. My sister texted me with the article talking about his death. I was like you taking this April Fools Day stuff 2 far but it was true. So I leaked feelings over his track “4am in the Morning” & his other songs. Switched up the intro 2 pay homage 2 the late King Ermias Asghedom. NB phones in from Atlanta, GA to express his feelings of how Nip motivated him along with Aaron B.
April 2, 2019
Truth Tuesdaze
Woke up feeling amazing gave my usual morning motivation before walking into the slave trade. S/O #TheGuruWarrior for the positive vibes this morning. Checked back in on my lunch break 2 let y’all know one of my Truths (Sex Addict, Former porn addict) ❌❌❌. Listened 2 a few podcasts while at work today. Go listen 2 hear which ones. Finished work out strong and Now I’m headed home 2 clock into “Daddy Duty”. #TeamFatherhood
March 26, 2019
A Day in the Life of 🏹
Giving a recap of a day in my life. Starts with my usual Morning Motivation before I walk into the slave trade. Then Daddy Duty after I got home we were big chilling watching The Cat & the Hat on Netflix. Then I decide 2 shoutout a few of the podcasts I listen 2 at work on Podcoin.. (Woke & Petty, Anji Ray, the Love Hour, $LA & Chill, Problem Solvers, Jalen & Jacoby, the Woke AF pod, just 2 name a few.
March 21, 2019
Ride Along w/ 🔑
Quick Pizza Shop run with 🔑, she puts me on game on some of the newest female MC’s in the game right now.
March 19, 2019
$aturday $itdown
Pulled up on my guy TyLoo (The University of Oklahoma Track & Field All-American) it’s been a min since we’ve linked up with both of our busy schedules, but we Talked about college life, OKC Thunder & Life. How I had the opportunity 2 shoot the half court shot @ the OKC Thunder game & choked. 😂
March 16, 2019
Truth Tuesday’s
Just another Tuesday (work & the fam bam). Shout out 2 my sponsors(anchor, The Black Tux & Podcoin).
March 13, 2019
Another Day Another Dolla💸
Just another day headed into work with my Monday Motivation; catching up with Aaron B as he is on vacation, along with previews of what’s coming up this week w/ $LA & Chill & NFL & Chill
March 11, 2019
Wi$dom Wednesday’s
Just another Wisdom Wednesday or is it? New segment Artist of the Week (Ice Black aka Icebackflyguy on IG).
March 6, 2019
Truth Tuesday’s
Just another day in the neighborhood on this Tuesday. Goes from running late 2 work even though I was on time. Bobby Dollaz & Thunder Thought$⚡️. Logan been AWOL here lately so I called 2 yell at him about being MIA. Turns out he’s been sick.😷
March 6, 2019
New Year New Me
New Intro, Wi$dom Wednesdays, Fresh off work vibes, NFL predictions & catching up with AB.
March 1, 2019
Tröö Tuesdaze
Sgt. 1st Class Brandon Carrington of the U.S. Army responded to my IG post on topics for today’s podcast which was, ”What age do we start teaching our kids about finances?” And the convo just grew from there. Bobby Dollaz chimed in as well & we talked about our life experiences as 3 WOKE DAD’s trying to prepare our kids for the future in today’s society.
February 27, 2019
Motivational Mondaze
Fresh of the slave trade clocking in on daddy duty teaching my son how 2 ride his bike. It was a beautiful day outside in Oklahoma just taking advantage of the free Vitamin D. S/O Podcoin 🤑#TeamFatherhood
February 25, 2019
$unday Funday
Sitting outside reflecting on Life after meditating in the sun on this beautiful Sunday afternoon; Shouting out sponsors (Anchor⚓️ & Podcoin🤑, and Stationhead).
February 25, 2019
Tröö Tuesdaze
On my lunch break, Bobby Dollaz hit me up and we got a quick episode in talking about the narratives these sports shows/media like to put on the NBA players along with Thunder Talk. Now available on Podcoin.
February 19, 2019
Thunder ⚡️Talk w/ Kal-El, Aaron Ball & Bobby Dollaz
Running Errands w/ Kal-El and podcasting at the same damn time!!! Markeef Morris signing w/ OKC Thunder and NBA All-Star Weekend
February 17, 2019
Chopping it up w/ Bobby Dollaz
Finally got the chance to talk 2 Bobby Dollaz about the Enes Kanter grade, OKC THUNDER going forward all while dealing with technical difficulties. 😂
February 14, 2019
Sunday Funday
Chilling w/ my Pops talking Thunder ⚡️basketball🏀.
February 10, 2019
Dell Demps $kit
NO Pelicans gm receiving trades for Anthony David before the NBA trade deadline.
February 7, 2019
Anthony Davis “Trades” 😂
Me as Dell Demps New Orleans Pelicans GM); sitting enjoying my evening when I get a couple of trade offers from Aaron of the Sneaky Chicago Bulls & Logan of the Milwaukee Bucks offering everything besides Giannis.
February 7, 2019
$ports Talk w/ Logan, Aaron & Jake
NBA ALL-$TAR Weekend; All-$TAR snubs; OKC THUNDER/Spurs, etc.
February 7, 2019
Running Errand$ w/ Kal-El
Making moves with my youngest son(Kal-El). Returning/exchanging mommy’s socks 2 Target while daddy(ME) talk sports (Porzingis grade, Anthony Davis possibly a Laker needs 2 be Blocked by Adam Silver, and Shoutout Paul George & Russell Westbrook for making the NBA All $tar team.
February 1, 2019
Question of the Day
Decided to start Question of the Day. #QTNA
January 23, 2019
Chopping It up w/ Jabee
Got the opportunity 2 talk with Jabee @ the historic Tower Theater in Oklahoma City. 🏹’s Top 9 Questions, Black Future, Tower Theater, Jabee likes Food.
January 21, 2019
Welcome the Canadian 🇨🇦 Connection Jerm 2 the Arena
Had the opportunity 2 have Jerm of NBA Daily Recap Pod on the show. A quick welcome/intro of who he is & what he does....$pit NBA FACT$ on a daily. We talked about the Nova Scotian🇨🇦 and his Top 5 NBA Players of All Time and we selected our NBA ALL $TAR$. Sorry D. Rose & D. Wade you can coach or have a jersey on either squads. 👁🖤🏀.
January 17, 2019
Wi$dom 🔥Wedne$daze w/ the Webbkanda Klan Part 1
My Pops gets a half a day from work on Wednesday’s. So we get together as a family and chill, talk sports, and talk about life.
January 16, 2019
$ports talk Tuesday w/ Logan & Aaron.
We went over Kyler Murray declaring for the NFL Draft and potential landing spaces for him. Also went over LeBron in LA, Luka Doncic as ROTY front runner, etc.
January 16, 2019
FRYDAY Free$tyle
World meet Logan & Aaron cohosts of $LA & Chill. Talking briefly about OKC/Spurs double overtime thriller; how we turned in our letter of resignation with PPN Day 2 into the contract. R. Kelly once again; Independent
January 12, 2019
Ketch’n Up w/ ZIE 🍽
Between our busy schedules, finally made time 2 Ketch Up w/ Zie. Talked #TeamEAT 🍽 the NORMAN rapper recently relocated to Las Vega$. Made time between $tudio $e$$ion$ 2 get on the $how.
January 9, 2019
Archer 101
Letting u all know who I am and why I do this.
September 10, 2018