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The Elisabeth Experience

The Elisabeth Experience

By Elisabeth Donaldson
The life, times and conversations of a creative woman determined to do it all.
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Apocalypse Bitches: Real Talk on Being an Actor/Entertainer during the Covid 19 Crisis
On this episode I sat down with my good friend and actress/ multi hyphenate creative: Sally Harvey Anderson to talk about how we have been navigating the crisis while our industry is shut down and how it's okay if you don't feel creative or if you are doing things you never thought you would do. 
May 08, 2020
Oh Shit- It's a Pandemic
A few weeks back I had some very REAL  (and sleep deprived) talk with my sister about just exactly how I was handling myself during this COVID 19 crisis after my entire livelihood was shut down.  EXPLICIT LANGUAGE- hide your kids
April 28, 2020
Discussing the Creative Process with Singer-Songwriter Katie Garibaldi
I really enjoyed chatting with Musician Katie Garibaldi about the creative process.  We talked about capturing your ideas while they are hot and finding your authentic voice in a sea of external influence.   Check out her website here:
October 01, 2019
Weekly Update with Elisabeth: Episode 11
This week, I worked with some pretty awesome people, learned some life lessons at a gas station, and had a major fashion win. This episode is full of reflections on lessons that I’m learning, and I think you may find something in here that helps you on your journey!
September 28, 2019
How tracking my statistics helps me to achieve success in the Arts and in Life.
Major corporations track their statistics- so why don’t you? Believe it or not- I have been tracking statistics on important areas of my life (such as income and promotion) for over 15 years! This is an important tool that I have used to understand and expand my success (or failure) and it can help you too! DM me on if your interested in the free online course that taught me all about it ♥️
September 19, 2019
Weekly Update with Elisabeth: Episode 10
We back, peeps! In this episode, I’m gushing over my amazing experience meeting Dolly Pardon while on set styling the newest music video of the amazing For King and Country. Plus some hilarious details on the life of a stylist (and a heap of gratefulness for the career I have!) and some fun stories about getting hit on by kiosk guys (you know the ones), how I’m still holding out for Elon Musk and my small army of sequin gowns. (This is for when I win an Emmy.) These past few weeks have been BANANAS- join me as I tell you all about it.
September 13, 2019
Weekly Update With Elisabeth: Episode 9
In this episode, I share allllll the updates- from the random men in my room to the awesome video I’m directing this week. I also share a few tips and tricks on how to be #glamorous and why you should be carrying matches in your purse. As always, there’s plenty of laughs in store and even a little singing from yours truly. Enjoy!
August 30, 2019
Music Monday with Sean C Kennedy
Sean C Kennedy is a lovely and talented Scottish human who just dropped a dreamy new single that is killing it on "The Big Wide Web" (those are Sean's words) Join us as we have tea on my couch and talk about everything from chickens to past lives.  Find Sean on the Gram @seankennedy77 and check out his newest single "I Won't Let Go" on all the places you find music.
August 27, 2019
Weekly Update Episode 8
This week I quit sugar, had a nonstop steam of strange men in my bedroom and had a really awkward-but-hilarious conversation with my Dad at the movies- all while singing Disney tunes and schooling boys on DM etiquette (per usual) Join us for another exciting week with Elisabeth!
August 23, 2019
Weekly Update: Episode 7
Your girl is back with updates from one of my best weeks yet! I’ve truly been killing the game this week, and I’m hype to tell you all about it. Plus, stick around until the end for one of my most helpful tips for running a successful life and a song from a cool pop artist you should know about!
August 16, 2019
Why Aren’t You Posting on Social?
Artists have more access to fans, inspiration, and promotion than ever, yet so many aren’t taking advantage? Why? Because they’re scared. Or frustrated. Or have too much negativity in their lives. Cut that shit out! In this episode, taken from an Instagram Live from a couple months back, I share some of my thoughts on how you can get over whatever mental barriers are keeping you from sharing your art with the world in the digital age.
August 15, 2019
My Wild Journey to a Professional Creative Life: An Interview with My Sister
On my last Weekly Update- some of you had questions about how I arrived where I am today and I thought this little Throwback interview with my sister for her podcast: The Road Less Traveled would be the best way to answer.  My Journey was unique to say the least.  Hear about my thrift store designing days- and that time when my only ride was a Honda Metro Scooter.   Listen to The Road Less Traveled Here: and anywhere else you listen to your podcasts.
August 08, 2019
Weekly Update With Elisabeth: Episode 6
After a month away filming- I back to tell you all about it! Join me for another update where I manage to be superficial and profound all at the same time- all while continuing to make awkward jokes about being single!
August 05, 2019
Weekly Update With Elisabeth: Episode 5
Did you miss me? I missed a week of the update, but this one is worth the wait.  In this episode I discuss my thoughts on method acting,  share a little insight into all the hats I wear on set, and continue the story of the wild world of dating as a hot, single millennial with mega-high standards.  We get real in this one, folks.  Tune in for some laughs, some deep thoughts, and a whole lot of Elisabeth. 
July 05, 2019
Weekly Update with Elisabeth: Episode 4
We’re back with another weekly update! I’ve got some Yoda wisdom, some Bonarroo stories, and a whole lot of laughter in this episode. Hope you enjoy another peek into my beautiful, crazy, artistic life!
June 21, 2019
Weekly Update with Elisabeth: Episode 3
Welcome to another weekly update! This week we chat about owls, exciting new work, and hundred-legged home intruders. I hope you enjoy this goofy episode!
June 15, 2019
Weekly Update with Elisabeth: Episode 2
Check out this week's episode for updates on all things Elisabeth! This week, I share some stories from behind the scenes and some practical tips to maximize creativity and productivity!
June 11, 2019
Weekly Update with Elisabeth : Episode 1
Hello, world! Starting TODAY, I will be sharing weekly updates with you all about my life, my favorite things, and the funny details that happen along the way.  My lovely producer Savannah will ask me a few questions every week, and then I'll take questions from all of you! I hope you enjoy this little piece of the journey and walk away feeling entertained, and inspired!
May 28, 2019
The Importance of Arts Education with Jeff Smith
How can art education change the world? In this episode with Jeff Smith, director of visual and performing arts for Nashville Metro Public Schools, we discuss the profound and long-term effects of the arts, and we learn how we can help create a thriving artistic culture in our communities.
April 30, 2019
How to Overcome Artistic Barriers and Create a Lasting Career in the Arts
This Episode was taken from a Facebook Live Chat with my longtime friend: Actress, Writer, Producer and Director- Ryan London.  Ryan is the Writer, Director and Co-Lead of the Feature Film I'll be staring in this Summer: "Mags and Jules Go on a Road Trip" a buddy comedy about two women who get into more than they were looking for on a weekend cabin getaway.  In this Podcast Episode we discuss how to overcome artistic and career barriers as well as the ingredients and environments that foster sustainable success.   Follow along with the films journey at
February 21, 2019
Nice Girls on the Internet: Dating Adventures in the Digital Age
On todays Episode I sat down with my Gal Pal/Lady Boss: Morgan Fisher to discuss the trials and tribulations of being a conservative girl in a wild and crazy modern digital world.  We discuss DM surprises, confusing dating expectations, and that one time a guy from Tinder helped her fix her bike...  Find Morgan on the interwebs at 
February 14, 2019
Stephen Ridley: How Walking Away From the Illusion of a Perfect Life Unleashed His Wildest Dreams
Loved chatting with the inspiring, passionate and brilliant musician: Stephen Ridley about his decision to leave a life as a high powered banker to play piano on the street. Now he travels around the world performing and inspiring at prestigious events and is just about to launch a revolutionary course in piano. Enjoy this fascinating conversation- I hope encourages you to pursue your own greatness. Find Stephen on Instagram at on YouTube at
February 10, 2019
What Do You Do When Everything Sucks?
My good friend Chris Daniels and I have some real talk about what happens to an artist when life gets tough and how you come back from self doubt, loss and failure.
October 16, 2018
Episode 6: Should I Kill My Blog? Real Talk
This is the first installment of “Real Talk” - a real conversation with a real friend - as we discuss a creative problem I’m working through. In this episode I chat with my good friend Sally- about the consequences of ending my style blog and the importance of lining up your life for your big picture goals.
July 25, 2018
Episode 5: Soundbite- Love the Way You Look
‪My first soundbite installment on Self Love and Beauty standards. For a more in depth convo on the subject- check out my guest appearance on the Pretty Please Podcast with Taylor Nick. Episode 1.3: Find it everywhere you can find podcasts and on Spotify at:‬
July 09, 2018
Episode 4: A Talk on Eco Fashion and Sustainable Living
I held a Sustainable Living Conference in June for World Environment Day and gave a keynote on Eco Fashion and Responsible Living followed by a Panel discussion on Sustainable Living with Janelle Hillman of @januaryfarms, David Latimer of New Frontier Tiny Homes and Audrey Rhodes of ✌🏼♥️🌏
July 05, 2018
Episode 3: A Deep Dive into the Elisabeth Experience
An extremely candid and personally conversation with entrepreneur and photographer Kanishka Biddanda about my goals and purposes in life and this podcast experience 🙏🏻
July 04, 2018
Episode 2: The “Freelance Freakout”
Real talk about the ups and downs of the freelance creative lifestyle with Miss Tennessee 2017 Allee-Sutton Hethcoat
July 04, 2018
Episode 1: Experience? Experiment? What is this thing?
Hello World. I am a Creative Professional who passionately wants you to follow your dreams... so what am I trying to do here anyway? Let me tell you....
July 04, 2018