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The EvaWYN Podcast

The EvaWYN Podcast

Tune into the EvaWYN Podcast with Evander and Wynnikka to discuss and explore the deep and complicated world of dating, relationships, love, and sex!

We are a young couple from Toronto, ON Canada and we love to explore these different topics with each other. We love going into depth and analyzing all sides to have a better understanding or change of perspective. We thought it would be an amazing idea if we shared some of the conversations we have around these topics with the world!

We hope you enjoy...
Lots of love from EvaWYN!
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EPISODE 22 | 10 Keys To Finding The Right Man or Woman For You!

The EvaWYN Podcast

EPISODE 24 | PROS OF BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP ~ A Valentine’s Day Special Pt. 2
On Episode 24 of the EvaWYN Podcast, we discuss the pros of being in a relationship! We discuss the Love and Companionship that is built and maintained in a relationship. Being in a (healthy) relationship creates an environment where you are supported, assisted and loved, in both good times and bad. We are able to get through the difficult stages and moments of life when we have someone by our side that we trust and can depend on. We discuss why being in a relationship is the first step to build a legacy, raise children, and leave our mark here on earth. The genuine intimacy of a relationship allows us to build a deep and meaningful connection. This is important because it adds great meaning and purpose in our life, and that is what continues to drive and fuel us as humans to thrive. Relationships are risks, but a great gain when done correctly. Being in a relationship allows you to learn relationship skills that are more than important for your success in all areas of your life. These skills include compromise, selflessness, empathy, forgiveness, kindness, and the list goes on and on. We hope you enjoy another EvaWYN Episode!
February 14, 2021
EPISODE 23 | PROS OF BEING SINGLE ~ A Valentine’s Day Special Pt. 1
Tune in to this episode to hear some PROS of being single. Yes, you read that right...EvaWYN, a whole couple is giving YOU 5 pros of what it is like to be SINGLE! UNO! That self-love is so important, especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. Rather than focusing on NOT being in a relationship, show yourself some love, enjoy the single life and be genuinely happy about it! This is your chance to work on YOU. A time for you to be selfless, date and get to know yourself, treat yourself, learn about YOU and date while single, you ain’t got no one to answer to after all, you’re a free bird! Know your wants and needs, dealbreakers and all. HEAL from past hurt, forgive yourself... We are are collectively PRO SINGLE today!!! We hope you enjoy this episode. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Valentine’s Day Special where we discuss the PROS of being in a RELATIONSHIP!!!
February 14, 2021
EPISODE 22 | 10 Keys To Finding The Right Man or Woman For You!
EVAWYN IS BACK IN ACTION! This is our very first episode of the year, and we are here to drop some gems on what we believe are the major keys to finding the right partner for you! Our 21st century dating culture has left many feeling exhausted, frustrated, inadequate, and hopeless in the possibility of finding a future husband or wife. Many unfortunately end up giving up along the way or become endlessly consumed with our Western hookup culture. We believe that most people still believe in the institution of marriage, and desire to be in a long-term, monogamous relationship. However, we have not transitioned to a place in our society to openly admit that most of us feel lost and don’t have any sense of direction to achieve our goal of a long-lasting relationship and eventual marriage success. Through many discussions and conversations, we have created the 10 keys to finding the right man or woman for you. It isn’t a one size fit all, but we do hope that you can utilize these keys to help find the right partner for you. Remember that it is a journey, enjoy the ride & don’t give up on love! 1. HEAL 2. Know your history 3. Know yourself 4. Be clear on your wants and needs (and know the difference) 5. Understand the needs and wants of your future partner 6. Be REALISTIC, not idealistic 7. Become the best version of yourself 8. Put yourself on the market 9. Be intentional 10. Be patient (and proactive) We hope you enjoy this episode, stay tuned for more! Follow us on Instagram: @Evawynpodcast
January 17, 2021
EPISODE 21 | Effective Communication! What does it look like? ~ The 7 Principles by Stephan Speaks!
Did you know that many issues in relationships may be resolved by learning how to effectively communicate with your partner? On the 21st Episode of the EvaWYN Podcast, we dive into what healthy/unhealthy communication looks like and why it’s so important to communicate in positive and effective ways. Healthy communication isn’t just about speaking what’s on YOUR heart and mind, but LISTENING attentively to your partner’s concerns, wants, and needs. In addition to sharing our own knowledge and experiences, we refer to bestselling Author and Certified Relationship Coach, Stephan Speaks, and what he describes as the 7 keys to effective communication. We hope you enjoy another EvaWYN episode!
December 13, 2020
EPISODE 20 | Getting to know Niké: She is back for another round of “hot seat” questions w/ EvaWYN!
Our special guest, Niké, is back for another round of Hot Seat Q&As with EvaWYN! We get to know her on a personal level as she discusses her past relationships, current experiences in the dating world, and hopes for the future, including getting married, enjoying time with her partner, and having children! Once again, it was a pleasure having Niké as our first special guest! She dropped some serious gems on us and we really appreciate her for coming through and sticking through the HOT SEAT Q&As. We hope you enjoy this 2nd special edition of the EvaWYN Podcast!!! 🎙
November 29, 2020
EPISODE 19 | EvaWYN’s First Special Guest!
On the 19th episode of the EvaWYN Podcast, we have our first special guest - Niké! We discuss all the hotly contested topics surrounding dating, marriage, and sex! Can men and women be “just” friends? Is it okay to have friends of the opposite sex if you are in a relationship? Who should pay for the first date, men or women? When should you have sex with a person? After 90 days? Is it wrong for a man to expect sex if they invest time and money into a woman? If it’s not okay for a man to expect sex if they take a woman on a date, then why is it okay for a woman to expect a man to pay for the date? Why do some women go on dates with men they are not attracted to? We answer all of these questions and more in our Lighting Round of Q&A! It was a pleasure having Niké as our first special guest! She dropped some serious gems on us! She will also be joining us on our next episode dropping next Sunday so be sure to stay tuned! We hope you enjoy this special edition of the EvaWYN Podcast!!! 🎙
November 22, 2020
EPISODE 18 | Dating Rules & Expectations - Differences Between Men & Women
On the 18th episode of the EvaWYN Podcast, we discuss the dating rules and expectations of both men and women, and the ways they may differ. We begin by discussing if it’s possible for men and women to have a platonic relationship without any sexual intentions. Then, we get into a deep dive on how long a person should wait to have sex. We discuss the pros and cons of the 90 day rule, and if it’s unrealistic for a women to expect a man to wait to have sex after marriage. This leads to a discussion on why some men expect sex after paying for dates, and why some women go on dates with men they are not attracted to! Hope you enjoy another EvaWYN Episode!
November 16, 2020
EPISODE 17 | SACRIFICES: Will you move away with me if I was leaving tomorrow? | Was Kehlani wrong?
In relationships, life happens! How much are you willing to sacrifice to be with the love of your life, for the rest of your life? In episode 17, EvaWYN discuss the topic around trusting in your partner and why it’s important to consider the pros & cons of sacrifices. The example given is what if you were offered a job in a whole different country? Are you moving together or would you be willing to try out a long-distance relationship? Why or why not? What are the pros and cons? Perhaps a fresh experience and change of scenery? Or will it bring too much stress on your relationship resulting in a split? The ball is in the court, it’s up to you to choose which side you’re playing on! We also briefly touch on the Bryson Tiller and Kehlani situation where they were promoting their new video and Kehlani posted the most intimate photos of them from the video, though it was just acting and adds a caption that reminisces on their VERY close friendship! Social media had mixed reactions but tune in to hear how we felt about the situation. Was Kehlani out of pocket? Or was social media overreacting to her showing love to her best friend...WHO is also married and has kids? HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!
November 01, 2020
EPISODE 16 | ALL ABOUT THE 5 LOVE LANGUAGES ~ Which one(s) do you speak?
On the 16th episode of the EvaWYN Podcast, we discuss the concept of the 5 LOVE LANGUAGES!!! According to Gary Chapman, there are five love languages for individuals to give and receive love: words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, physical touch, and receiving gifts. Many of the issues experienced by romantic couples can be attributed to a misalignment in how each partner gives and/or receives love. We get into a deep dive of the five love languages, and our individual results to the love language quiz! We discuss the similar and differing ways we express and give love, and how that impacts our relationship. We found that having a clear understanding of your love language (and your partners!) can result in daily relationship success once put into practice! Let us know which Primary Live Language you speak!! We hope you enjoy another EvaWYN episode!
October 06, 2020
EPISODE 15 | To Marry or Not To Marry? CONS of Getting Married
On the 15th episode of the EvaWYN Podcast, we discuss the potential cons and downfalls of marriage and divorce. We can break down the ways in which marriage can result in additional money stress, expensive wedding costs, high divorce rates, and legal/financial implications. In the event of divorce, child support/alimony and court battles has been detrimental to many individuals and families, both finacially and relationally. We break down the ways in which the chances of commitment phobia and infidelity increases as spending the rest of your life with one person is a hard concept to grasp for many. We also discuss the ways in which marriage can result in a lack of individuality, personal freedom, increase of family conflict, and getting stuck in an unhealthy situation for a long period of time. We hope you enjoy another EvaWYN episode!
September 13, 2020
EPISODE 14 | To Marry or NOT to Marry? PROS of Getting Married VS Cohabitation
Tune in to EvaWYN in this episode to hear the gems dropped on our beliefs regarding “modern” day marriages & “traditional” marriages. This episode is all about the PROS of getting married and we discuss our views surrounding love and the spiritual connections, having companionship, raising children, building financial wealth to coverage of health and everything else. We also speak on our views on divorce as well as not being married, but cohabitating while being together. What are the pros? What about monogamy VS polygamy? Although EvaWYN is not married yet, we strongly believe in the traditional ways of marriages and that there are many CRUCIAL steps to take on the journey to “Marrying Well”. What is that anyways? What does it look like? What could marrying well do for you? Long term & Short Term? Listen in to hear our thoughts, We hope you enjoy!
September 06, 2020
EPISODE 13 | Quarantined & Dating
On the 13th episode of the EvaWYN Podcast, we discuss relationships and dating while quarantined and living through a global pandemic! We get into a discussion on the ways in which our relationship was impacted due to the coronavirus, and what we did to maintain our union. We talk about how we kept communication and contact while social distancing, and the roadblocks we overcame through the entire process! Also, we discussed the ways in which we improved, both individually and as a couple, during this time and the things we are looking forward to as the city gradually reopens! We hope you enjoy another EvaWYN Podcast!
August 16, 2020
EPISODE 12 | Unconditional Love vs. Conditional Love Pt. 2
On the 12th episode of the EvaWYN Podcast, we continue our previous conversation and episode on unconditional love! We discuss Mark Manson’s article, “Unconditional Love: Maybe You Don’t Know What Love Is,” and the problem with conditional relationships. We break down the key qualities of unconditional relationships, and the importance of acceptance and mutual respect. We share our final thoughts on unconditional love and conditional relationships, and what we believe leads to a long-lasting, healthy union. Hope you enjoy another EvaWYN Podcast!
August 02, 2020
EPISODE 11 | Unconditional Love - Does EvaWYN believe in it? Can EvaWYN agree on it?!
On the 11th episode of the EvaWYN Podcast, we discuss the pros/cons of unconditional and conditional love. We get into a passionate debate on whether or not unconditional love is possible in romantic relationships, and if conditions are required for a healthy, long lasting union. We discuss the cons of conditional relationships, and our personal conditions and dealbreakers. We break down the ways to love unconditionally in a relationship, and if it is possible to have unconditional love for a person, with conditions in place. Hope you enjoy another EvaWYN Episode!
July 26, 2020
EPISODE 10 | The Big 3 - Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith & August Alsina
On the 10th episode of the EvaWYN Podcast, we discuss the BIG 3 ‘entanglement’ between Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, and August Alsina. We break down August Alsina’s sit down interview with Angela Yee in which he revealed that he was in a romantic relationship with Jada, with the blessing of Will Smith. We also discuss and get into a deep dive of the Red Table Talk episode where Jada confirms the dating rumours, and reveals her previously unknown separation with Will Smith! I hope you enjoy yet another EvaWYN Episode!
July 12, 2020
EPISODE 9 | Why do people stay after being cheated on? ~ An EPISODE 8 Follow up
On the 9th episode of the EvaWYN Podcast, we discuss why people stay once they’ve been cheated on. We break down the various reasons why: they still have deep feelings for their partner and remain emotionally invested (1:40), don’t want to ‘start over’ (9:00), don’t believe they can find anyone better than their current partner (11:05), engage in self-blame (12:33), dont wan’t to lose the benefits of a relationship (13:55), and don’t want their partner to be with someone else (15:00). Other reasons include: they can’t afford to leave financially (16:00), believe the person can and will change their ways (17:40), are against divorce and want to work it out for their kids to maintain the family union (23:00). Hope you enjoy listening!
July 05, 2020
EPISODE 8 | Why Do People Cheat?
On the 8th Episode of the EvaWYN Podcast, we discuss the various reasons why people cheat! We break down the different ‘types’ of cheating: the “Angry/Frustrated” Cheat (2:00), the “Falling Out of Love” Cheat (11:10), the “Crime of Opportunity” Cheat (14:55), the “Commitment Issues” Cheat (23:10), the “Low Self-Esteem” Cheat (30:25), and the “Revenge” Cheat (33:50). Hope you enjoy another EvaWYN episode!
June 30, 2020
EPISODE 7 | Combining Finances Part 2. Cons
On the 7th episode of the EvaWYN Podcast, we discuss the cons of seperating finances in a marriage, and the benefits of having a joint bank account. We break down the ways in which combining finances/joint accounts simplifies finances and managing money (1:13), promotes teamwork and transparency within a marriage (6:23), builds trust and unity (10:00), decreases the likelihood of mishandling money & reckless spending (11:20), ensures you are on the same page and working towards a common goal (12:25) (e.g saving, investing, buying a house), creates a sense of oneness and selflessness (14:50), and encourages an environment of equality and communication between two people (19:00). Hope you enjoy!
June 21, 2020
EPISODE 6 | Combining Finances Pt. 1 Pros
On the 6th episode of the EvaWYN Podcast, we discuss combining finances within a marriage, and if it is more beneficial to have separate or joint bank accounts. In Part 1, EvaWYN begin by breaking down the pros of separate bank accounts and keeping finances separate in a marriage: spouses are able to maintain their personal freedom and independence (2:30), ensures that one person does not dominate the household finances with power and control (10:25), protect yourself financially from partners bad money habits (14:05), being on the same page even with separate accounts (16:25), avoid money fights (17:12), importance of budgeting (20:40), able to avoid paying their spouses debts and loans (23:53), protect individual assets in the event of a divorce (27:33), and a discussion on prenuptional agreements aka prenups! (35:15). Hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for Episode 7 (Part 2) where we break down the cons of separate bank accounts and pros of having a joint bank account with your spouse.
June 14, 2020
EPISODE 5 | Living together? Before or after marriage?
On the 5th episode of the EvaWYN Podcast, we discuss the pros and cons of premarital cohabitation (living together before marriage). EvaWYN begin by breaking down the pros of living together before marriage: a trial run in order to learn more about your partner (2:00), no surprises after marriage (4:30), learn how to share responsibilities/run a household together (5:30), discover dealbreakers (9:15), manage money together (15:40), save money/split bills while living in an expensive city (18:35), spend more time together/strengthen your bond (20:08), and less financial/legal burdens if the relationship ends (24:00). EvaWYN also break down the cons of living together before marriage: couple may never get married (26:05), ‘acting’ like you’re married (26:50), not necessarily a permanent, long term commitment/relationship (27:40), getting too comfortable/complacent while ‘shacking up’ (29:35), the ‘why’ and short-term perspective (30:52), and lack of boundaries (33:30). We also revealed a snippet of Episode 6 and EvaWYNs first disagreement? Hope you enjoy!
June 07, 2020
EPISODE 4 | All about the money: Mistakes we have made, lessons we’ve learned, views, & future goals
Its all about the money in this one! A continuation of our conversation from our previous episode. Listen to EvaWYN go back and forth about our views on money, the mistakes we’ve made, the lessons we have learned, our future financial goals and more! How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected our finances? We dive into how this has affected us and why its so important to be wise with money, especially now. Why is budgeting so important? Whether or not you like it, it’s crucial for your financial success, tune in to find out why! Going broke over an ex? Spending money, investing/saving and giving/loaning money..What do we do with our money? What do we spend our money on? Marriage and combining money? A prenup?! All this, bare jokes and much more jampacked into an hour episode! EPISODE TIME STAMPS: (3:05) How has the Covid-19 Pandemic impacted our finances? (9:20) What financial lessons did welearn growing up? (18:22) Natural Saver, Spender or Giver? (19:40) What DO you spend your money on? (24:50) What thing do we still need to work on for ourselves when it comes to Money? (26:45) Biggest financial mistakes? (30:30) You went broke over your ex?! (33:20) Is borrowing Payday loans a trap? (36:45) GOOD debt vs BAD debt debate (39:30) Loaning money to friends & family thoughts (43:25) Thoughts on get rich quick schemes (47:45) Top financial goals (52:45) Wanna be a millionaire? Is it attainable? How would we get there? (53:55) Should finances be combined? Who should make financial decisions ~ EvaWYNs first disagreement? (56:26) Do you believe in prenups? Why? (57:35) After show: WYN is in trouble! (58:35) Biggest piece(s) of advice to our children We hope you enjoy this episode and at least walk away with some lesson you’ve from us and our experiences with money, thus far. Take care & stay safe!
May 26, 2020
EPISODE 3 | $100,000 wedding and a $20,000 wedding ring? ~ Leadership & Dating / Marriage Q&A
On this episode: EvaWYN discusses a Divorce Court clip in which the man wanted to have kids before marriage, and the woman wanted a $100, 000 wedding (and $20,000 ring)! We also talk about the appropriate age to get married and have kids, our parents’ reactions if we had kids today, being a stay-at-home parent or career person, who should lead in a relationship, and much more! TOPIC TIME STAMPS: (2:24) Divorce court $100,000 Wedding & $20,000 ring reference clip: Phillips VS Freeman (3:30) Thoughts about the clip (4:40) WHY would you want a $100,000 wedding? (15:28) What’s the least/most expensive ring that you’re willing to accept? (17:45) Should you care if the people around you judge the size of your ring? (24:15) Are you ready to get married and have kids? When will you be? (28:28) Why didn’t you tell me this?! (30:35) How old should you be before having kids? (33:40) How far into the relationship is too early/late to get married? (38:10) How would your parents react if we had a child now? (39:55) Do you want to be a “Stay-At-Home” Parent? (42:38) Who should “lead” in a relationship/marriage? (47:55) Should women “submit” to their partner? How do you define submission? (52:10) Who so you believe should take care of household “duties”? (56:43) Who should make the financial decisions within the household? (58:55) A financial responsibility double standard? (59:25) Equality Mindset
May 11, 2020
EPISODE 2 | The Independent VS Dependent Man ~ Dating with a Disability
Welcome to the 2nd episode of the EvaWyn Podcast! In the last episode, we discussed the pros & cons of the Independent VS Dependent woman and in this episode we will be discussing the Independent VS Dependent man. Find out how we also ended up getting eachother the same gift for Valentines Day! Listen to EvaWyn open up and discuss our experiences dating with our disabilities (Brachial Plexus Injury & Multiple Sclerosis) from challenges to overcoming. Thank you again for tuning in & we hope you enjoy! TOPIC TIME STAMPS: (1:00) Valentine’s Day insane Story Time (3:20) “Love Book” Gift Creation and Thoughts (17:45) Independent Man | Pros & Cons (23:16) What values should a woman embody in order to be with an independent man? (38:30) Dependent Man | Pros & Cons (43:50) Dependent Man | Having the right focus & mindset (46:30) Is success truly tied to the amount of women men can get? (51:35) What is our Disability/Disease? How did we find out? | MS & BPI (1:04:00) Would you be mad if I didn’t tell you I had MS? (1:12:55) Did Carlton (Love Is Blind) have the right not to disclose his sexuality? (1:14:10) Were you ever scared to show your BPI arm while online dating? (1:19:10) How do you feel about asking for help with your disability?
May 09, 2020
Episode 1 | The Day We First Met & Beyond! ~ The Independent VS Dependent Woman
Welcome to the very first episode of the EvaWYN Podcast! In this episode we let you in on how we first met, modern day dating online, our first dates, who should pay for the first date & more... We hope you enjoy! TOPIC TIME STAMPS: (7:15) How did we first meet? Online dating platforms (19:30) Our very first date (24:15) Sitting across from or beside your date? (33:36) Socially awkward texting vs in person (41:30) Our second date (43:36) Our first kiss - Was it expected? (45:15) Deep Dark Friendship Zone? (47:15) Who pays for the first date? (55:50) The independent VS dependent woman pros & cons
April 26, 2020