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Everyday Black History: Afro Appreciation

Everyday Black History: Afro Appreciation

By Everyday Black History: Afro A
Welcome to Everyday Black History! Where we highlight the contributions of Black Men and Women both Past and present. Here we celebrate Afro Appreciation, where Black American, Africans and Latinos of African descent are honored. We also highlight Institutions that have help the advancement of people in the African Diaspora, such as historically Black University and many others. Enjoy
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Alonzo Herndon - Businessman and Entrepreneur
This episode is about Alonzo Herndon who was a successful businessman and Atlanta’s first Black millionaire. He also started one of the largest Black owned businesses in the US. Check out the rest of the episode for more info
May 26, 2022
Roy Clay Sr and Emmitt McHenry- two pioneers fro Black men and women in Tech
Roy Clay Sr and Emmitt McHenry are two pioneers in the field of tech. Roy is considered the “godfather of Black Silicon Valley” and Emmitt started the company that helped usher in the internet boom of the 90’s. Check out the episodes more more info
May 09, 2022
Lisa Gelobter and Iddris Sandu- two innovators in Tech. Keep an eye on both of them
Lisa Gelobter is a computer scientist who has invented many things with which we take advantage of everyday, such as the animated GIF. Iddris Sandu is a digital architect who has consulted with some of the biggest tech companies in the world. He created Uber Autonomous Collision Detection Interface, which is a safety software program that detects drivers hand motion and position. Check out the episode for more info
April 20, 2022
Kenneth and Mamie Clark
Kenneth and Mamie Clark were social psychologist who’s work with children became the basis for decades of child psychology methodology. There studies show how early Children, Black or White become aware of who they are. It’s a interest episode. Enjoy
April 03, 2022
Stephanie St Clair
This episode is about Stephanie St Clair . She was a successful business woman, who was also a racketeer. She faced police brutality head on and stood up to the Italian Mafia while protecting her businesses. Check out the episode for more info
March 27, 2022
Anna Murray Douglass/Rosetta Douglass - abolitionist and social reformers
This episode is about Anna Murray Douglass and Rosetta Douglass. Two women who were abolitionist and social reformers. They fought for freedoms for Black men and Women and just happened to be the wife and daughter of Frederick Douglass. But they were important women on their ow merit. Check out the episode for more info
March 14, 2022
Rebecca Lee Crumpler- the first Black woman physician in the US. She received her degree in 1864!
Rebecca Lee Crumpler is the first Black woman to officially practice medicine in the US. She was also an author and educator who wrote a book in medicine designed for nurses. She helped poor women and children in both Boston and Virginia. Check out the episode for more info. Enjoy
March 10, 2022
India - Changing the mindset
I had the privilege of interviewing India and what it means to change ones mindset. We had a great conversation going over examples on how the Black community can change our mindset when dealing with prejudice and oppression. Her views are sure to get you all talking in agreement or disagreement. I hope you enjoy 
February 14, 2022
Caroline Devoe - Director of documentary film: Crawford - The Man The South Forgot
I had the privilege of interviewing Caroline Devoe, who is a multimedia filmmaker. She worked on a documentary film entitled Crawford - The Man The South Forgot. We've done an episode on this podcast talking about him and his life and also the injustice brought down on him and his family by a hateful and evil town. This documentary follows a distinct relative who goes to the town in present day to uncover truths. Enjoy this episode, its a gem.  
February 11, 2022
Charles Chuck Harrison- industrial designer, speaker and educator.
Chuck Harrison was a designer and was the first Black man to lead the design dept of a major corporation. He was involved in the design of over 750 consumer products many of which are still largely in use today. Check out the episode for more info.
February 07, 2022
Thomas Elkins, Richard Spikes, Kenneth Dunkley - 3 inventors who’s inventions changed changed lives
Thomas Elkins, Richard Spikes and Kenneth Dunkley are 3 inventors who’s inventions have changed the lives. They are prolific inventors who have pushed industries forward and the technology is still in use today. Enjoy
February 01, 2022
Dudley Randall- poet and founder of Broadside Press, a Black owned publishing company
Dudley Randall was a poet and founder of the Broadside Press which is a Black owned publishing company that published over 400 Black writers and poets. Check out the episode for more information. Enjoy
January 25, 2022
Nikki Giovanni- poet, educator, activist, legend
Nikki Giovanni is a poet and educator who has written many notable works of literature. She has influenced countless African American poets and activist over the last 50 years through her poems and activism. Check out this episode of Everyday Black History and learn more about this incredible woman
January 17, 2022
Sonia Sanchez - Poet, Professor, Legend
Sonia Sanchez is a poet and professor who has written many poems plays, essays and books about the Black experience in America. Check out today’s episode for more information on her and her work.
January 10, 2022
Sarah E. Goode- inventor and entrepreneur
Sarah Goode was being a slave but went on to become and entrepreneur and inventor. She invented the folding bed and received a patent in 1885. Check out the episode for more details. Enjoy
October 18, 2021
Sarah Boone: Inventor and entrepreneur. This episode is a Reissue from earlier seasons.
Sarah Boone was an inventor and entrepreneur who made dresses in the 19th century. She was born a slave and went on to receive a patent for a device still In wide use today. Check out the episode for more info. Enjoy
October 06, 2021
Lyda Newman/Mary Kenner- inventor of the hairbrush and sanitary pads. Changing lives for millions
Lyda Newman was an entrepreneur and inventor who invented a hairbrush and received a patent for it. Mary Kenner was an inventor with 5 patents and invented the sanitary pad. She was also a business woman who ran multiple flower shops in DC. Check out the rest of the episode for more info.
September 15, 2021
Tiffany Jackman- Producer of the Anthony Crawford Documentary, found on Kweli TV streaming service.
I had the privilege of interviewing the producer of a documentary about a man that many don't really know about. His name was Anthony Crawford. Anthony Crawford was wealthy land owner in South Carolina. He had over 400 acres of land that he used to plant cotton and a variety of fruit. Unfortunately he was sadly murdered, his land taken and his family ran out of town. So sad to imagine that happening to anyone, let alone a Black man who achieved the dream of buying that much land, despite slavery. Check out the episode for more info. Enjoy
August 23, 2021
Robert P. Moses- civil rights activist and educator. Founder of the Algebra Project.
Robert P. Moses work has permeated throughout Black History for almost 60 years before his passing. He was directly involved with getting people to vote. He educated many people through his Algebra Project and helped prepare countless people for college and the workforce. Check out the rest of this episode for more info. Enjoy
July 26, 2021
George Washington Carver
Many of us know George Washington Carver and his accomplishments for Black History. His work is renowned throughout the world but during his lifetime and many generations after. Today we celebrate him and his work on Everyday Black History
April 19, 2021
Sarah Rector- the richest Black Girl in America in 1913
Sarah Rector was a young Black Girl who came from Oklahoma and made a fortune when her land began to produce oil. She soon built an empire of land and real estate holding, a bakery a much more. Check out the episode for more
April 12, 2021
Guion Bluford/Mea Jemison- the first African American man and woman in space.
Guion Bluford is the first African American man who flew into space and Mae Jamison is the first African American woman to fly into space. Their examples have influenced generations of Black youth in the scientific and tech fields. And today we salute them
February 23, 2021
Charles Patterson/Fredrick Patterson- they started the first Black owned car manufacturing company
This episode highlights the father and son duo who started the first Black owned car manufacturing company. Check out the episode for more info.
February 13, 2021
Jake Simmons/Lee W. Thomas- two men who made millions during the oil boom of the 20th century
Jake Simmons and L.W. Thomas are two men who made money in the oil business. The also established real estate and insurance companies, as well as a oil and mineral rights company. Check out the episode for more info
February 06, 2021
Anthony Crawford- successful entrepreneur and farmer who was murdered for his success
Anthony Crawford was a proud Black man who was successful and amassed considerable land holdings. He was about the uplifting of Black people and put his money into that cause. He was unfortunately killed for his success by a lynch mob in South Carolina. Check out the episode for more info.
January 18, 2021
Dr Dorothy Spikes- Mathematician. Richard Spikes- Inventor with over 12 patents
Dr Dorothy Spikes was a mathematician and university administrator who’s work no doubt influenced many college age men and women. Richard Spikes was an inventor who had over 12 patents to his name and invented things from a variety of industries. Check out the episode for more info
January 04, 2021
Robert Flemming Jr/Otis Blackwell- An inventor and a songwriting genius.
This episode covers two men who aren’t household names. Robert Flemming was an inventor who invented a type of guitar in 1886 and Otis Blackwell was a songwriter who wrote hits for some of the biggest names in music and sold hundreds of millions of albums. Check out the episode for more info.
December 17, 2020
Dr Alexa Canady/ John Love-the first Black female neurosurgeon in the US and an innovative inventor
Dr Canady was the first Black female neurosurgeon in the US. She has positively influenced and accomplished so much in the field of pediatric neurology. John Lee Love was an inventor who’s inventions are still in wide use today. We celebrate their drive, determination and ingenuity in Everyday Black History
December 10, 2020
Chicago Defender/Pittsburgh Courier- two of the largest Black owned newspapers in the US
These two newspapers are two of the largest and most influential Black owned newspapers in the country. They were able to influence huge movements in the Black community as well as show Black excellence during a time of disenfranchisement in the Black community. Check out the episode for more info. Enjoy
December 01, 2020
Sam Cornish/John Russwurm- two of the founders of the first Black newspaper, Freedoms Journal
This episode cover two men who were the first editors and founders of the first Black newspaper, The Freedoms Journal. They opened the door for many Black owned newspapers to follow. Check out the episode for more info.
November 23, 2020
Zelda Valdes/Dr Sarah Loguen Fraser- stylist/entrepreneur and physician/pediatrician.
This episode covers two amazing women from different walks of life but historic contributions to Black culture. Check out the episode for more info
November 12, 2020
Black Suffragist and the right to vote.
This episode covers 5 Black women go have their time and resources fighting for the right as well as other issues that effect Black Americans. Check out the episode for more info.
November 03, 2020
Annie Lee- Artist and philanthropist
Annie Lee was an artist and philanthropist who dedicated her time, money, home etc to help and inspire both men and women to art and to attend HBCU’s. Her art accurately depicts Black American life in the US. Check out the episode to find out more.
October 25, 2020
The Black History of Greenwich Village and Chicken Bone Beach
Greenwich Village and Chicken Bone Beach are two areas with a historical Black connection. Check out the episode for more information. Enjoy
October 10, 2020
Weeksville Brooklyn- one of the first free Black communities in New York.
Weeksville Brooklyn was one of the first free Black communities in New York. Many Black professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs came from Weeksville and it was a beacon of racial pride. Check out the episode for more info. Enjoy
September 28, 2020
Seneca Village- New York’s first free Black settlement, which is now Central Park
Seneca Village is New York’s first free Black settlement. It was a community largely forgotten throughout history as it stood in the land that is now Central Park. Check out the episode or more information. Enjoy
September 21, 2020
Mary Church Terrell- Civil and Women’s Rights activist.
Mary Church Terrell was a activist who fought for the rights of all Black men and women. She was an educator as well and fought for inclusion for Black Women during the women’s Suffrage movement. So much more can be said about her work, but check out the episode and find out more of her amazing work
September 06, 2020
Three Men who fought and died for freedom- Shields Green, John Anthony Copeland, Lewis Leary
Shields Green, John Anthony Copeland and Lewis Sheridan Leary are three men who fought and died for freedom. Their activities might’ve cost them their lives but it inspired generations of freedom fighters, especially those involved in the Civil Rights Movement. Check out the episode for more info. Enjoy
August 24, 2020
Josiah Henson- abolitionist, author, minister and the inspiration behind a hated novel
Josiah Henson was an author, abolitionist and minister who was the basis of the book Uncle Toms Cabin. There’s is so much more to him than what that novel portrayed. Check out the episode to find out who he really was.
August 18, 2020
C.T. Vivian/Congressmen John Lewis- two icons of the civil rights movement
Today’s episode we highlight two icons of the civil rights movement. Their work as well as the work of their peers has gotten us to where we are today. We have so much further to go but their work has gotten us this far. We owe a great debt to these two men as well as many others. Check out the episode for more info
July 20, 2020
Dr Lisa Cook/William Councill- A leading authority in Economics and a former slave turned educator
Dr Lisa Cook is a leading authority in worldwide economics. She has mentored and advocated for more Black women to enter and advance in the field. William Hooper Councill was a slave who became and educator and started an HBCU which is now known as Alabama A&M University. To find out more, check out the episode. Enjoy
July 13, 2020
Dr Powtawche Valerino- Mechanical Engineer. Dr Arthur Walker Jr- solar and astrophysicist
Today’s episode covers two people in the STEM field. Dr Powtawche Valerino is a mechanical engineer in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. And Dr Arthur Walker Jr was a Astro and solar physicist who helped developed and pioneer X-Ray Ultraviolet optics to view the Sun and other optics in Space. Check out the episode to find out more. Enjoy
July 06, 2020
Dr Gloria Gilmer/ Dr Rediet Abebe - pioneering women in the field of STEM
Dr Gloria Gilmer is a mathematician and the first women to publish research findings in the field of mathematics. She’s also a pioneer in ethnomathematics, the study between math and culture. Dr Rediet Abebe is a computer scientist who studies Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms. She’s also help many people from underrepresented communities to learn more in the field of Computer Science. Check out the episode to learn more. Enjoy
June 27, 2020
Juneteenth and it’s historic importance to the Black Community
Check out this episode as we talk about the importance of Juneteenth to the Black community and it’s earliest celebrations that date back to the 19th century. Enjoy
June 19, 2020
Lewis Temple, Lyda Newman, San Juan Hill- two inventors and an area where art and culture thrived
Lewis Temple was an inventor and entrepreneur. Lyda Newman was an inventor and activist for women suffrage. And San Juan Hill was an area where art and culture thrived. Unfortunately through gentrification and “urban renewal” the memory of the area has been lost and forgotten. Check out the episode for more info. Enjoy
June 12, 2020
Bessie Coleman- pioneering aviator and first Black/Native woman to receive her pilots license.
Bessie a Coleman was an inspiration to all people of color who wanted to fly the friendly skies. She was the first Black and Native Indigenous women to receive her pilots license. She was a daredevil of the skies with her daring aerial stunts. Check out the episode for more information. Enjoy
June 06, 2020
Granville Woods- inventor, entrepreneur and electrical engineer who held over 50 patents
Granville Woods was an inventor and entrepreneur who was pioneering electrical engineer. He innovations in the field led to the advancement of railway systems around the world still in use today. Check out the episode for more information. Enjoy
May 29, 2020
Jesse Russell- inventor and innovator in high speed Wireless and Broadband Technology.
Jesse Russell is an inventor and innovator in digital cell phone industries as well as high speed wireless and broadband Technology. He has several patents (nearly 100) and continues to innovate in the field. Check out the episode for more info
May 19, 2020
Mary Lou Williams- Jazz pianist, composer, arranger and mentor Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and more
Mary Lou Williams was a influential Jazz pianist and composer who composed for Duke Ellington and mentored many great Jazz musicians during her day. She had composed over 100 records and was the first woman to be successful in Jazz. Check out the episode for more
May 11, 2020
Moses Fleetwood Walker- 1st Black man to play in the MLB also a entrepreneur and inventor
Moses Fleetwood Walker was a officially the first Black man to play in the MLB, some 6 decades before Jackie Robinson. He was an inventor and entrepreneur that owned theaters and opera houses as well as a newspaper. Check out the episode for more info
May 04, 2020
Phillip Downing/Bernard Garrett- an inventor, receiving 5 patents. And a real estate entrepreneur
Phillip Downing received 5 patents one of which is still in wide use today. Bernard Garrett was a successful real estate and banking entrepreneur who used white men as the “faces” for his companies while being the true owner. Check out the episode for more info.
April 29, 2020
Samuel Ballton- born a slave then became an entrepreneur and land owner known as the “Pickle King”
Samuel Ballton was a former slave who became a landowner and entrepreneur who built and sold houses, farmed in Pickles and was involved in a variety of businesses. He was the living embodiment of the “American Dream” check out the episode for more info
April 27, 2020
Dr James West- inventor who holds 250 patents and invented the foil electret microphone and more
Dr James West is an inventor who invented the foil electret microphone and holds over 250 foreign and US patents. He’s an educator and helped many people of color to advance at the workplace as well as receive scholarships for careers in the sciences. Enjoy
April 21, 2020
Robert Smith/Folorunso Alakija- two billionaire moguls . One from the motherland, one from the US.
Today’s episode highlight two billionaire business magnates. Folorunso has a variety of different businesses that she involved with making her Niageria’s richest woman. Robert F.Smith is a billionaire investor who has one of the largest and most successful private equity firms. Check out the episode for more info
April 01, 2020
Mary Mahoney, Adah Thoms and Martha Franklin- three women who achieved equality for Black nurses
These three women are phenomenal women who made huge strides for equality, equal pay and education for African American nurses. Heck out the episode to learn so much more about their journeys
March 24, 2020
Dorothy Vaughan- Mathematician, Educator, brilliant mind of science and real life superwoman
Dorothy Vaughan was a brilliant Mathematician who worked at NACA and NASA for 28 years and contributed majorly to space travel and exploration , flight research and so much more. She was also a teacher for many years before joining NASA. There is so much she has accomplished, but check out the episode for more info
March 13, 2020
Cathy Hughes- entrepreneur, radio and media mogul
Cathy Hughes is a radio and media mogul who founded UrbanOne, which operate over 55 radio stations nationwide. It’s one of the largest Black owned conglomerates in the country. Check out the episode for more information
March 09, 2020
Fawn Weaver- Best selling author and Whiskey Connoisseur begins the Uncle Nearest brand
Fawn Weaver is a New York Times best selling author who is also a Whiskey Connoisseur behind the Uncle Nearest Brand of Whiskey. She found out about Nathan “Nearest” Green from a NY times article and mage it her work to bring his legacy alive and put out a Whiskey bearing his name. Check out the episode for more info
March 06, 2020
Two Black Women changing the culture of NASCAR through ownership of teams and promoting diversity.
Dr. Jennifer Satterfield Siegel and Mellisa Harville-Lebron are two women who own NASCAR racing teams and has experienced great success in such a short period of time. Many “first” have been accomplished through their work and people of color are making an entrance into the racing world of NASCAR. Check out the episode for more information
March 02, 2020
Bayer Mack- writer,director, journalist, documentarian. So many hats are worn by this brotha!
Bayer Mack wears so many hat in entertainment. He’s a writer, director, filmmaker, documentarian, record producer and so much more. Through out his life he’s had his hand in many pies and continues to highlight our history in his work. Check out the episode and enjoy
March 01, 2020
Making moves in Tech, Finance & Wellness Industries, these individuals created their own paths
Keisha Manning creates Nursesbnb, a platform for lodging for traveling nurses. BLK Capital Management Corp is a hedge fund run by students to help serve minority’s entrepreneurs and add a Black presence to the industry. Dr Kristian Henderson created BLK+GRN which an online marketplace of all natural, non toxic products by Black artisans for all people.
February 29, 2020
Diondre Lewis/Roy Allela- two Brothas making strides in tech. From ride sharing to helping the deaf
This episode highlights two men who are making huge strides in the tech industry. Diondre Lewis has started his own ride sharing company to rival the likes of Uber, Lyft and Grubhub. Roy Allela has created a device to aid hearing impaired and deaf people to communicate better. Their inventions are both groundbreaking and will change the game as know it. Check out the episode.
February 26, 2020
African Americans making strides in the Liquor business. Making, promoting and selling their own
On this episode we talk about a few individuals who are making big strides in the liquor business. They are creating jobs and potentially inspiring generations of young Black men and women. As well as getting rid of negative stereotypes about Blacks and Liquor. Check out the episode to find out more. Enjoy
February 24, 2020
Three people who are creating opportunities. From champagne to timepieces to cancer research.
Marvin’s Robinson has started her own line of champagne. Randy Williams has started his own line of timepieces and Dr Hadiyah Green is on a breakthrough for the cure of cancer. Check out this episode to find out more about them.
February 21, 2020
Angela Benton/Tristan Walker- two entrepreneurs and innovators. Doing big in tech and hair care.
Angela Benton and Tristan Walker are two people who have accomplished much in their fields. Angela has brought attention to the lack of diversity in the tech field which allowed many Black men and women to gain funding and recognition for their works. Tristan Walker has created and sold a product that’s helpful to Black men when it comes to shaving and hair care. Listen to the epic to find out more on these two amazing individuals.
February 18, 2020
Dr Jewel Plummer Cobb and Dr. Vivien Thomas were pioneers in the medical fields as well as edu
Dr Jewel Plummer Cobb and Dr Vivien Thomas were both medical pioneers. Dr Cobb was a pioneer of cancer research involving skin cancers and leukemia. Dr Vivien Thomas was a pioneer of cardiovascular surgery, without any medical degree. Their accomplishments are mind boggling. Enjoy
February 12, 2020
Anna Dupree and Dr Jane Wright- the Entrepreneur and the Doctor
These two women are examples of Black History and an inspiration. Anna Dupree built a small empire with her husband in Houston and Dr Jane Wright made groundbreaking achievements in cancer research, saving millions of lives. Check out the episode for more information
February 11, 2020
Walter Sammons/Dr Ernest Just- the inventor and the scientist
Walter Sammons was an inventor who received a patent for the hot comb. A device that’s still in high use by women all over the world. Dr Ernest Just was a scientist,biologist who’s work was groundbreaking. He has influenced many generations of Black youth with his work.
February 07, 2020
John Roger and Jeremiah Hamilton are two successful Black financiers from different eras
John Roger and Jeremiah Hamilton are two successful financiers from different eras. One from the 1800’s, the other from the 1980’s. They both succeeded in business and became big names in their prospective fields of finance.
February 06, 2020
Vertner, George & William- Black men in a field where there aren’t many Black people- architecture
This episode talks about three black men who work in a field where there isn’t much representation of Black people, the field of architecture. These 3 men designed many buildings that are landmarks today. Check out the episode and enjoy
February 03, 2020
60th Anniversary of the Greensboro Sit-ins
This episode commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Greensboro sit in that led to the desegregation practices across the nation. The movement started in North Carolina but spread to many other states and help sparked the Civi Rights movement. Enjoy the episode
February 02, 2020
Top 21 Black Owned Banks in the US
In this episode we cover the top 21 Black owned financial institutions that are still in existence in the US. We also talk about the importance of these financial institutions to our community and the need to “Bank Black”
January 31, 2020
Liberty Bank and Trust/Harbor Bank of MA are two of the top 5 Black owned financial institutions.
Liberty Bank and Trust and the Harbor Bank of Maryland are two of the top 5 Black owned financial institutions. Check out the episode to find out more info on both
January 22, 2020
Industrial Bank of Washington DC is one of the top 5 Black owned bank in the US.
Industrial Bank is one of the top 5 Black owned banks in the country. With hundreds of millions in assets and total deposits they were able to save other black owned banks from insolvency. Check out the episode for more info.
January 17, 2020
One United Bank- the largest Black owned bank in the US.
One United Bank is the largest Black owned bank in the US based in Boston Massachusetts. It has over $661 million in assets and 6 branches through out the country. Check out the episode for more info.
January 14, 2020
Citizens Trust Bank- one of the oldest Black owned banks in the US still in existence.
Citizens Trust Bank is one of the oldest Black owned banks in the country. Founded in Atlanta GA, it helped spearhead the growth of Atlanta as a cultural hub for Black business and home ownership helping to establish some of the most affluent areas for Black men and women in the country. Check out the rest of the episode for more info.
January 14, 2020
Banking Black- the importance of supporting Black owned financial institutions.
Black owned financial institutions are slowly dying. Over the years many have closed down or went into bankruptcy. But with our spending power we can put our money into more of these institutions and help them thrive. Check out the episode to find out more.
January 10, 2020
St Clair Jules- Dear Khloe Interview
This episode of EveryDay Black History we had the pleasure of interviewing St Clair who wrote a book about the beauty of natural hair and helping her sister to appreciate her own natural hair. Check out the interview to find out more about the book and where you can find it.
December 22, 2019
Madam CJ Walker/Sarah Spencer Washington are both Entrepreneurs who built cosmetic empires
These two women are an example and inspiration to us all. They both built cosmetic empires from the ground up. Even when the rest of the world was going through hard economic times, they were able to succeed and expand and inspire thousand of Black Women world wide to financial independence. Check out the episode for more info. You won’t be disappointed.
December 21, 2019
Annie Malone and Majorie Joyner are two pioneers in the hair care industry. Both wildly successful.
Annie Malone was one of the first Black Women to be a millionaire in the Us, even before Madam CJ Walker who was one of her protégés. She developed schools and employed thousands of women worldwide. Majorie Joyner was also a successful pioneer in the hair care industry and inventor of the Permanent wave design on which she made improvements to what was the current design at that time. She worked with Madam CJ Walker and taught thousands of women.
December 20, 2019
George Johnson/Joe Dudley- Hair and Skin care entrepreneurs who revolutionized the business.
Today we highlight two pioneers in the hair and skin care industries. These men along with their wives Joan Johnson and Eunich Dudley revolutionized the those industries and directly marketed their products to the Black Community. Their products have been mainstays for decades and are an inspiration to entrepreneurs and power couples everywhere.
December 18, 2019
Samuel Fuller- Entrepreneur. Founder of Fuller Products. Inspiration to countless Black businesses.
Samuel B Fuller is an inspiration to many Black Business Men and Women I’m the hair care business. No doubt inspired himself by Madam C.J. Walker, he started his. Gained during the Great Depression and became one of the richest Black American businessmen in the country. Check out the episode to find out more.
December 16, 2019
Vanessa Braxton- CEO and President of Black Momma Brand
Vanessa Braxton is the CEO and President of Black Momma Brands and looking to expand all over the country by taking her company public and being the first Black woman to have a company on the New York Stock Exchange. Enjoy
December 05, 2019
Harry Pace- the first Black American to own a record label. Also started two other successful firms
Harry Pace was a successful entrepreneur who started multiple successful business despite many setbacks. He started a record label an Insurance company and a Law firm in his lifetime. Check out the episode for more info
November 29, 2019
Shop Black Week Nov 22-29
Shop Black Week is a campaign where everyone is encouraged to support a Black owned business between Nov 22-27. Check out this episode where you find out more details
November 21, 2019
Henry Sampson- Inventor, Engineer and first African American to get a PH.D in nuclear engineerin
Henry Sampson was an inventor and nuclear engineer who received a few patents and was the first Black American to receive his PH in the field. He was all a film historian on Black filmmakers. Check out the Podcast episode for more
November 05, 2019
Maggie Walker-businesswoman and the first woman to be Founder and President of a banking insti
Maggie Walker, born of a former slave who became a teacher and later a successful business woman. Turning a nearly bankrupt institution into a successful and effective one. Spawning stores, banks and even newspapers. Check it out
October 28, 2019
Bass Reeves- former slave, first Black deputy US Marshal and Inspiration for The Lone Ranger.
Bass Reeves was a former slave who became the first Black Deputy US Marshal and inspiration for the popular radio and TV program The Lone Ranger. Check out this episode for more info.
October 21, 2019
Celia Cruz- was a Cuban singer who was dubbed the Queen Of Latin Music for her many accomplishments
Celia Cruz is a legendary singer of Latin and Salsa music. With a career spanning over 5 decades she has been hailed as the Queen of Salsa. Check out the episode to find out more.
October 15, 2019
Juan Gualberto Gomez was a leader in Cuban War of Independence against Spain. And much more
Juan Gualberto Gomez was a Afro Cuban revolutionary leader in the Cuban War of Independence. He fought for racial equality, justice and progression of Black Cubans. Check out the episode to find out more
October 07, 2019
Dr Raul Cuero- Scientist, Professor and Inventor. Pedro Campos- leader of Puerto Rico Independence
As we continue in Hispanic Heritage Month we honor two men today. Dr Raul Cuero a Professor and Scientist of micro biology and inventor. And Pedro Albizu Campos, leader of the Puerto Rico Independence movements. Enjoy
September 30, 2019
Vicente Guerrero- revolutionary who fought for Mexican Independence
Vicente Guerrero was a Mexican man of African descent who fought for the independence of Mexico and was the 2nd President of Mexico. Check out the episode for more.
September 23, 2019
Felipe Luciano is a Puerto Rican if African descent who is activist, poet , journalist.
Felipe Luciano didn’t have it easy in the world but despite hardships he still managed to become the main he is today through grit and determination. Receiving an education and culturally impacting a generation. Enjoy
September 16, 2019
Soaring to Glory: Interview with Tuskegee Airman Lt Col Harry Stewart
Today we have a treat for our listeners. We have the honor and privilege of talking to one of the last remaining members of the vaunted and groundbreaking Tuskegee Airman. We talk about his autobiography, Soaring to Glory and some of his experiences before and after WW II and how he was able to overcome obstacles to become a living legend. Check it out. You will definitely enjoy  listening to it as much as i did interviewing him :)
August 14, 2019
Arlie Petters is a mathematician and physicist who created his own theories on par with Einstein
Arlie Petters is a mathematician and physicist who has created and pioneered the Mathematical Theory of gravitational lensing. His research has been expanded over the years to include many other aspects and he continues to expand in his theory. He is very active in the Black Community.
August 07, 2019
Archia Ross- Inventor and Entrepreneur who received 5 Patents in the US and Canada
Archia Ross was an entrepreneur and inventor who received 5 patents in the US and Canada. He was a successful entrepreneur in NYC where he sold his some of his inventions as well as wardrobe fixtures etc. check out this episode. Enjoy
July 29, 2019
Thomas Peters- former slave, Black Loyalist, who became the founding father of Sierra Leone
Thomas Peters was a former slave who became a war hero during the American Revolutionary War. He became one of the founding fathers of Sierra Leone. Check out the episode. Enjoy 😉
July 22, 2019
Dr Jeanette Epps- Aerospace Engineer and NASA Astronaut
Dr Jeanette Epps is an accomplished Aerospace Engineer and NASA Astronaut. She work years at the CIA before becoming an astronaut and nearly becoming the first Black American to live in a space station. Check out the episode for more
July 16, 2019
Soni Oyekan is a chemical engineer, entrepreneur and inventor in the petroleum/oil industry
Soni Oyekan is a chemical engineer and entrepreneur who is a PH, D recipient and inventor who’s focus is on the oil refining and petroleum business. He’s mentored many individuals and made major breakthroughs in the industry
July 08, 2019
Ursula Burns- Engineer, businesswoman, President and CEO of a Fortune 500 company
Ursula Burns is a Engineer and successful businesswoman who was the President and CEO of Fortune 500 companies and gives back by funding and starting non profits and educational opportunities for minorities and woman. Enjoy!
July 05, 2019
Kunle Olukotun is an inventor, entrepreneur and Professor at Stanford University
He’s an inventor, entrepreneur and Professor at Stanford who holds 12 patents and has made many breakthroughs in the world of computer science. Check out the episode for more information. Enjoy 😉
July 02, 2019
Dr James McLurkin is a Engineer and Professor who specializes in Swarm Robotics.
Dr James McLurkin is a Engineer and Professor who specializes in Swarm Robotics. He came upon his break throughs by studying insects and nature and building robots that can mimic the Swarm behavior of Ants and Bees. Check out this episode and enjoy 😊
June 24, 2019
Alexander Miles- entrepreneur and inventor who received a patent for electric elevator doors
Alexander Mikes was an entrepreneur and inventor who established several businesses and received a patent for his improvements of the elevator door, which is a standard feature on elevators today. Check out and enjoy!
June 17, 2019
David Steward is a Billionaire businessman who runs one of the largest African American companies.
David Steward is one of 5 African American billionaires and founded and runs one of the largest owned African American companies in the US. He is involved in his community and example to generations of young men and women. Enjoy
June 10, 2019
August Agboola O’Brown- was the only Black fighter in the Warsaw Uprising of World War 2
August Agbola O’Brown was a Nigerian musician who fought bravely during the Warsaw Uprising of World War 2. He was the only Black participant in that battle. Check out this episode. Enjoy!
June 06, 2019
Dr Thomas Mensah- Engineer,entrepreneur, inventor who holds 14 patents in the fiber optics field.
Thomas Mensah is an entrepreneur, engineer and inventor who holds 14 patents related to the fiber optics field. He is the president and CEO of his own company is also behind the development of laser guided missile systems that travel at the doors of sound. Check out this episode. Enjoy
June 03, 2019
Clark Atlanta University is a combo of two HBCU and one of the largest institutions in Georgia.
Clark Atlanta University is a combination of two HBCU and is one of the largest institutions in the Atlanta University Center Consortium. It has produced more Black PH.D’s than any HBCU in the nation. Check out the episode. Enjoy 😊
May 31, 2019
Pat Chappelle- entrepreneur, theater owner, who established a traveling show of African Americans.
Pat Chappelle was a entrepreneur and theater owner who established a successful traveling show of mostly African American performers. He owned several businesses such as theater and saloons. And helped many of the performers find work in a comfortable environment, where they were able to thrive. Check out the episode to find out more
May 28, 2019
Ben Montgomery- an slave who became a free inventor, landowner and entrepreneur.
Ben Montgomery was a slave who was freed and went on to invent a device that allows small boats to propel through shallow water. He became a landowner and an entrepreneur. A true example of Black History.
May 21, 2019
Henry Cecil McBay- a chemist and professor and inventor.
Henry Cecil McBay was a chemist who’s research allowed for the inexpensive creation of peroxide compounds. He has influenced many minds to enter the chemistry field with his love of it. Enjoy
May 12, 2019
Elijah McCoy- inventor and engineer who held 57 patents related to lubricating steam engines
Elijah McCoy was an inventor and engineer who held 57 patents. Most of which was related to the lubrication of steam engines in locomotives. He was a pioneer in this industry and made major improvements to designs that already existed. His inventions were so popular that the phrase “The Real McCoy” was coined to separate his inventions from the rest. Check out the episode. Enjoy
May 09, 2019
Dorothy Hughes- entrepreneur, activist, feminist and pioneer in child welfare.
Dorothy Hughes is an entrepreneur, a trans public speaker who has pioneered child welfare and fought on the front lines for civil right for African Americans, Women and children of multiracial backgrounds. She’s accomplished so much. Check out this episode. Enjoy
May 06, 2019
Jan Matzliger- inventor of the shoe assembly machine. He held 6 patents based on the show industry
Jan Matzliger was a Dutchman of African descent who invented a shoe assembly machine which revolutionize the shoe industry and made it possible that rich and poor alike can enjoy a comfortable pair of shoes. Enjoy
April 23, 2019
Cathy Hughes- entrepreneur and 1st African American woman to run a publicly traded company
Cathy Hughes is an entrepreneur, business executive and owner of a publicly traded company making her the first African American woman to do so. She has accomplished much in her life. Check out this episode to find out more.
April 18, 2019
John Dabiri- biophysicist, bioengineer, Professor and inventor. His research is groundbreaking.
John Dabiri is a biophysicist, bioengineer, Professor and inventor. He has taught at both CalTech and Stanford as well as researching jellyfish and applying that research to different fields that’s groundbreaking. Check out the audio and enjoy!
April 15, 2019
MoreHouse College- One of the top Black Universities in the US
MoreHouse College established in 1867 is one of the most storied Institutions of higher learning. Some of the most well known leaders, entrepreneurs and entertainers have attended there. Check out this episode for more. Enjoy
April 13, 2019
Dr Raphael Carl Lee- Biomedical surgeon, engineer and entrepreneur
Dr Raphael Carl Lee is a Biomedical surgeon, engineer and entrepreneur. He founded two companies and is a pioneer in the biomedical field. He is credited with helping expand the understanding of electrical injuries on the human body. Check out the episode to learn more. Enjoy
April 09, 2019
Dr Claudia Alexander was a Engineer and Scientist who specialized in Planetary Science and space.
Dr Claudia Alexander was a Engineer and Scientist who specialized in Planetary Science, space plasma and tectonic plates. She was an advocate of minority girls and women to join the STEM Fields. And started a scholarship to realize that dream. Enjoy!
April 03, 2019
Jerry Lawson was a electrical engineer and video game developer who was ways ahead of his time.
Jerry Lawson was a electrical engineer who was a pioneer in the gaming industry in the 1970’s and 80’s. He is responsible for development of the interchangeable video game cartridge. Check out the podcast for more info. Enjoy!
March 31, 2019
Dr Treena Arinzeh- Biomedical Engineer and pioneer in STEM CELL research.
Dr Treena Arinzeh is a Biomedical Engineer and Professor who is a pioneer in STEM CELL research and made many breakthroughs in the field. She's also involved in the community and an example for young people of color.
March 25, 2019
Gloria Long Anderson- scientist, chemist, inventor and acedemic
Gloria Long Anderson is an inventor and holder of 2 patents, a chemist who’s worked has been applied in different fields and an academic who held President positions at Morris Brown University more than once. Enjoy
March 21, 2019
Isabel Dos Santos- business magnate and Africa’s first female billionaire.
Isabel Dos Santos is a businesswoman and Africa’s first female billionaire. She’s involved in a variety of businesses from telecommunications to the energy industry. Enjoy!
March 18, 2019
June Bacon Bercey- meteorologist and international expert on weather and aviation.
This episode is about June Bacon Bercey who is believed to be the first African American women to receive a degree in meteorology in the US. She started scholarships to get more African American people (especially women and young girls of color) in the atmospheric sciences and meteorology. Enjoy
March 13, 2019
Donna Auguste- a successful businesswoman, electrical engineer and philanthropist.
Donna Auguste is a successful businesswoman, Engineer and philanthropist who founded her own software company which she sold for $147 million in 2001. She also worked for Apple and other tech companies. Enjoy
March 11, 2019
Tom Mboya- founding father of Kenya’s independence, Trade Unionist and independence activist.
Tom Mboya was a independence activist, Trade Unionist and the one of the Founding Fathers of Kenya’a Independence. He also spearheaded programs beneficial to several African countries including Airlift African which allowed Africans to study in the US. Enjoy!
March 06, 2019
Dr Jose Celso Barbosa- the Puerto Rican of African descent to obtain a medical degree in the US
Dr Jose Celso Barbosa was the first Puerto Rican of African descent who obtained a medical degree in the US. He was a political leader as well and known as the father of the Statehood For Puerto Rico movement. Enjoy
February 26, 2019
Dr Wanda Austin is an engineer, consultant and former President and CEO of Aerospace Corp.
Dr Wanda Austin is an engineer and former President and CEO of Aerospace Corp which is the leading architect for the US national security space programs. She still consults for them. She is extremely accomplished and respected in the Science and Tech fields, where she even advised the President. Check out this episode.
February 24, 2019
Kimberly Bryant- electrical engineer and technologist who founded Black Girls Code.
Kimberly Bryant is an electrical engineer and technologist who worked at several companies in the biotech and pharmaceutical fields. She is known for establishing Black Girls Code which teaches basic computer programming to young girls to increase the percentage of Black women in the tech fields. Enjoy
February 21, 2019
Dr Raphael Carl Lee- Afro American surgeon, entrepreneur and biomedical engineer
Dr Raphael Lee is an African American surgeon, entrepreneur and biomedical engineer. He started his career in engineering and moved to the medical field making great advancement in both fields. Enjoy
February 17, 2019
Dr Dorothy Brown- first African American woman to be a surgeon from the Southeastern United States.
Dr Dorothy Brown was the first African American woman into be a surgeon from the Southeastern U.S. She was also a legislator who worked for woman’s rights and those of people of color. Enjoy
February 11, 2019
Lewis Latimer- African American inventor and draftsman.
Lewis Latimer was an African American inventor and draftsman. He invented several inventions including the carbon filament for the light bulb among others. Enjoy the video!
February 08, 2019
Dr Samuel Kountz- an African American surgeon and inventor who specialized in kidney transplants
Dr Samuel Kountz was an African American kidney transplant surgeon and inventor who performed over 500 kidney transplants and helped develop a machine which keeps the kidney fresh for up to 50 hours for transplant patients all over the world. Enjoy
February 05, 2019
Dr Rick Kittles- biologist specializing in human genetics and tracing African American ancestry.
Dr Rick Kittles is a African American biologist who specializes in tracing African American ancestry through human genetics. He has helped many African American learn there ancestry because of his breakthrough research on human genetics. Enjoy
February 01, 2019
Isaac Johnson- invented a bike that can be folded and taken part for easy traveling.
Isaac Johnson was an African American inventor who invented the folding bike, which made it easy to store in small spaces as well as carry with you while traveling. Enjoy!
February 01, 2019
Dr Shirley Jackson- physicist and The first African American woman to get a PH.D from M.I.T
Dr Shirley Jackson is an African American physicist and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute President. She is the first African American to receive a Ph.D from MIT and her research allowed for the improvements in portable faxes, touch tone telephone, fiber optics and call waiting and caller I.d. She is a pioneer and extremely accomplished and an important highlight for Everyday Black History. Enjoy
January 28, 2019
Dr Betty Harris is a chemist and inventor that invented a device for detecting explosive material
Dr Betty Wright Harris is a chemist, inventor and educator who received a patent for a device that detects explosives. She is a pioneer as well in the field of chemistry and one of the few African American women in the field. Enjoy
January 23, 2019
Kerrie Holley- inventor and software architect at IBM computers. He holds several patents.
Kerrie Holley is an African American inventor and software architect who worked at IBM and received their highest honor, the IBM Fellow. He holds several patents in the software field and continues to make advancement in AI and SOA based infrastructure. Enjoy
January 19, 2019
Bennett College- the first HBCU specifically for African American woman
Bennett College is a HBCU that specifically caters to African American women. Many alumni went in to become first in their fields and pioneers for generations of Black Women. Enjoy
January 16, 2019
John E. Hodge- African American chemist and professor, who created the Hodge Scheme in chemistry
John E. Hodge was an African American professor and chemist who developed the Hodge Scheme in chemistry and also taught and shaped the minds of countless individuals as he taught in several universities throughout his career. Enjoy!
January 13, 2019
Walter Lincoln Hawkins- inventor and engineer who developed durable plastic and ways to recycle it.
Walter Lincoln Hawkins was an Engineer and inventor who helped to develop durable plastics used for different purposes and also helped to develop ways to properly discard of it so it doesn’t damage the environment
January 10, 2019
Mama Tingo- activist and defender of the rural farming community in Dominican Republic.
Mama Tingo was an activist and defender of the rural farming community in Dominican Republic. She lead the fight against corrupt land owners who tried to take her land. Enjoy
January 04, 2019
James Derham was an entrepreneur and the first Afro American to practice medicine in the US
James Derham was the first African American to practice medicine in the US. He was also a successful entrepreneur. Enjoy
January 03, 2019
Francisco Menendez was an escaped slave who became a military leader during the 18th century
Francisco Menendez was an escaped slave who became a military leader, protecting the first free Black settlement in Spanish Florida. He was hailed for his leadership, military prowess and his loyalty. Enjoy!
January 02, 2019
Lilia Ann Abron- is the first African American woman to earn a PH.D in chemical engineering.
Lilia Ann Abron is the first African American woman to earn a PH.D in chemical engineering and the first African American to start an environmental engineering firm. Enjoy this episode.
December 26, 2018
Fort Mose- the first free settlement for African Americans and escaped slaves in the 1700’s.
This episode talks about Fort Nose which was the first free settlement for African Americans and escaped slaves. It was the precursor to the Underground Railroad and housed thousands of escaped slaves marking them free once they entered the settlement. Enjoy!!
December 18, 2018
Zipporah Potter Atkins-first Afro American to own land in colonial Boston, Mass before US was formed
Zipporah Potter Atkins was the child of slaves. Born free, she was the first to own land in colonial Boston Massachusetts before the United States were formed. Enjoy!
December 16, 2018
Sinah Estelle Kelley- was a chemist who worked on mass production of penicillin and nuclear science.
Sinah Estelle Kelley worked on the team that mass produced penicillin. An antibiotic that is still used by hospitals today all around the world. She also worked in the nuclear sciences field as well. Enjoy
December 13, 2018
Valerie Thomas is an African American scientist and inventor of the illusion transmitter.
Valerie Thomas invented the illusion transmitter, an invention that NASA still uses today. She also took part and led in many of NASA’s endeavors, including Haileys Comet, ozone exploration and much more. Enjoy
December 10, 2018
James Andrew Harris- nuclear chemist and involved in the discovery of two chemical elements
James Harris was involved in discovering chemical elements 104 and 105 and was the first African American to contribute in the discovery of new chemical elements, adding to chemical element table. Enjoy
December 09, 2018
Lloyd Augustus Hall - inventor, scientist and chemist
Lloyd Hall was an inventor and chemist. He held over 59 US patents for the science of food preservation. Many of his inventions were also patented in other countries as well. He was well respected and his work is still in use today. Enjoy
December 05, 2018
Bessie Blount Griffen - She was an inventor, entrepreneur, physical therapist and forensic scientist in her 95 years.
Bessie Blount Griffen was a writer, inventor, entrepreneur and so much more. She invented three things for amputees, that are still being used today in hospitals around the world. There’s so much that can be said about her but I’ll let the recording do that for me. Enjoy
December 04, 2018
Thomas L. Jennings- inventor, civil rights leader who received a patent for dry cleaning.
Thomas L. Jennings was an inventor who created a process for dry cleaning and was an abolitionist and civil rights leader. He was also a successful entrepreneur and leader in the African American community. Enjoy
December 01, 2018
Dr Kevin Greenaugh- Nuclear Engineer and Scientist.
Dr Greenaugh is an African American nuclear Scientist and Engineer. He manages a multi Billion dollar nuclear deterrent program in Washington DC. He was the first African American to receive a PH.D from the University of Maryland. Enjoy!
November 26, 2018
Viola Desmond - Businesswoman and activist who took on racial discrimination in Nova Scotia Canada
Viola Desmond was a businesswoman who started her own hair care and skin products company as well as a school to train other black woman to do the same. She fought racial discrimination which helped to galvanize the Civil Rights movement in Canada. Enjoy!!
November 23, 2018
Dr Joseph Graves- Evolutionary Biologist who studied the process of aging and science related to race
This episode is about Dr Graves who is an Evolution Biologist, studying the process of aging and also the history and philosophy of science as it relates to race and racism in this county. He’s also an advocate of the importance of science being taught properly in the High school and college curriculum. Enjoy
November 20, 2018
Dr Juan Gilbert- computer scientist, inventor, educator and researcher.
Dr Juan Gilbert is a computer scientist and inventor who has increased the interest of the computing disciplines to many young men and women of color. Through his work at a variety of Universities, more people of color are studying and getting into the field than ever before. Truly adding to and influencing Black culture and young Black minds. Enjoy
November 15, 2018
Sylvester James Gates- theoretical physicist who works on super symmetry and super string theory.
Sylvester James Gates, a PH.D graduate of MIT, has and continues to do scientific research on super string theory and super symmetry, appearing in many documentaries on the subject and positively influencing the minds of young black men and women who may follow his example. Enjoy
November 09, 2018
Bisi Ezerioha- Engineer, Drag Racer and all around badass
This episode is about Bisi Ezerioha who’s an Engineer, entrepreneur and engine builder who drag races and modifies engines. He’s known for his unique designs which has been featured on various TV shows as well as magazines. Enjoy
November 08, 2018
George Franklin Grant- African American Dentist, Harvard Professor and Inventor.
George Franklin Grant was an African American professor at Harvard, the first by the way. He was also an inventor, who invented the wooden golf tee as well as owning his own Dental practice in Boston. Enjoy!
November 01, 2018
Lloyd N. Ferguson- African American chemist
Lloyd N. Ferguson was an African American chemist who's career spanned many decades. His work has taken him to different Universities and countries, allowing him to influence many minds in the sciences and chemistry fields. Enjoy
October 29, 2018
Clarence Ellis- computer scientist and first A.A. to receive PH.D in the field
Clarence Ellis was the first African American to receive a PH.D in computer science. He also pioneered many aspects in the computer field that are still in high use today. He has influenced many minds and contributed greatly to history. Enjoy
October 25, 2018
Annie Easley- one of the first Black Americans at NASA
Annie Easley was a computer scientist and rocket scientist who helped in space programs and developed software that guided rockets to space
October 22, 2018
Dr Charles Drew- medical researcher, surgeon and physician.
He started the first blood mobiles during WW2 that allowed for blood storage and donation from all over the county. He revolutionized the way blood was administered and allowed for lives to be saved during the war and after.
October 18, 2018
Albany State University
Here we highlight an HBCU. HBCU’s are important because they came about during a time when education was limited or non existent for Black Americans. Here we highlight one of the biggest and well known in the country. Enjoy
October 16, 2018
Dr Mark Dean- co creator of the IBM personal computer.
Here we’re highlighting his contribution to making the IBM personal computer, ISA bus and computer chips that allow for almost infinite storage. Enjoy
October 16, 2018
Marie Maynard Daly- earned a PH.D in chemistry
Marie Maynard Daly was the first Black Woman to earn a PH.D in chemistry during a time when most woman weren’t in the field. She made major breakthroughs.Check out the episode for more info. Enjoy
October 12, 2018
John Albert Burr- inventor of the rotary blade for lawn care
John Albert Burr was a former slave who invented the rotary lawn mower blade and holder of over 30 patents related to lawn care. Enjoy
October 10, 2018
Phillip Brooks- inventor of the disposable syringe.
Not much is known about Phillip Brooks. But his invention found use all across the board. Mostly in the medical field, but also in other areas as well. He received a patent for it in 1974. Enjoy
October 05, 2018
Charles B. Brooks- invented an improved street sweeper
Charles B. Brooks invented and modified the city street sweeper as well as a paper punch. He saw an easier way to clean large city streets and designed the street sweepers that we still see today. He also received a patent for the ticket punch. His inventions changed history as we know it. Enjoy
October 05, 2018
Gladys West- contributed largely to the creation of GPS
Gladys Mae West is one of the Hidden Figures of the GPS system. Her mathematics made the creation of the GPS system possible. Enjoy
October 03, 2018
Fisk University- one of the premier Black Universities today
Fisk University has nurtured many of the scientific minds that contributed so largely to Black History and Black Culture. Many of the people we highlight on this podcast has either attended there or taught there. Enjoy this episode
September 27, 2018
Contraband Camps during the Civil War
These camps housed escaped spaces during the Civil War looking to get away from the Confederacy and slavery. These camps led the way to the start of many HBCU’s many of which still exist today. Enjoy
September 26, 2018
Dr James Bowman- specialist/physician of pathology
He made major breakthroughs in his studies of Pathology, Hematology and Genetics and the effects of certain diseases and how they are passed down from one generation to the next. Enjoy
September 25, 2018
Albert Turner Reid- A Black Mathematician and Theorist
He worked extensively on suck topics as probability theory amd statistics amongst other things, shaping the minds of countless peole through his work. Enjoy
September 21, 2018
Kwabena Boahen
A pioneer in Neuromorphic Engineering and A.I. He designs computer chips that emulate human brain function. Enjoy
September 19, 2018
Alabama State University
On Everyday Black History we highlight institutions as well. Especially HBCU as they were created during a time when Black Americans were denied higher education. Enjoy
September 19, 2018
David Crosthwait- revolutionized HVAC
He revolutionized Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. He also designed the HVAC systems of places such as Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center. Enjoy
September 18, 2018
Emmett Chappelle- scientist and inventor
Emmett Chappelle has made a lot of discoveries that made living in space more tolerable on the human body as well as inventing devices that makes the study of life in other planets possible. Enjoy
September 17, 2018
Mike Adenuga- billionaire businessman from Nigeria.
He is a billionaire businessman from Nigeria who has interest in the oil and telecommunications industries. Enjoy
September 10, 2018
Aliko Dangote- the richest man of African descent
He is the richest man of African descent with a net worth of over $14 billion. His company has interest in sugar, cement, flour and other commodities. Enjoy
September 08, 2018
Percy Lavon Julian Part 2
This episode talks about the breakthroughs that Percy Julian made with regards to steroids and infertility using soybean products as a base. Check it out
September 06, 2018
Percy Lavon Julian Part 1
A pioneer in for his breakthroughs in chemical synthesis of medicinal drugs from plants
September 05, 2018
Jose Acosta- Afro Puerto Rican abolitionist and journalist
Jose Acosta was an Afro Puerto Rican who advocated for the abolishment of slavery and was a journalist on the island of Puerto Rico
June 07, 2018
Jose Campeche- the first Afro Latino artist
Jose Campeche was the first and one of the most popular visual artist of his time, his work and legacy can still be seen on the island of Puerto Rico
June 07, 2018
Rafael Cordero- the father of education on PR
Rafael Cordero was a self educated Puerto Rican of African descent who educated people of any race or social background. He is known as the Father of Public Education in Puerto Rico
June 05, 2018
Puerto Rico and it’s African Roots
This episode explore how slavery was started on the island of Puerto Rico
June 05, 2018
Hampton University
One Of the oldest HBCU’s still in existence, Continuing to educate black men and woman
June 05, 2018
Charles Chappelle- engineer, aviation pioneer, business man
Charles Chappelle was an entrepreneur, aviation pioneer and engineer.
May 31, 2018
George Carruthers- inventor, physicist, space scientist
George Carruthers invented the ultraviolet camera for space discovery as well as mentoring young minds interested in the sciences.
May 30, 2018
Kwabena Adu Boahen
Bioengineer and Inventor
May 27, 2018
Edward Bouchet
The first African American to earn a PH.D from any American University
May 27, 2018
American Missionary Association
The American Missionary Association founded more than 500 schools and HBCU’s for the education of Afro Americans. Also championed racial equality and the abolishment of slavery
May 02, 2018
Mary Smith Peake- educated slaves when it was illegal
Mary Smith Peake- taught enslaved men and women when it was illegal. And she became the first teacher of what’s known as Hampton University
May 02, 2018
Albert Richardson/Thomas J. Martin
Albert Richardson invented the casket lowering device as well as the butter churn and many other inventions. Thomas J. Martin made improvements to the fire extinguisher.
April 30, 2018
William Washington Browne- built economic empire
William Washington Browne- a slave who built an economic empire.
April 30, 2018
Marie Van Brittan Brown- invented home security system
Marie Van Brittan Brown- invented along with her husband the Home security system that's in common use today.
April 26, 2018
Alice H. Parker- invented the first central heating system
Alice H. Parker invented the central heating system using natural gas. Thus making her an early proponent of conserving energy
April 26, 2018
Herman Branson- chemist and physicist
Made major contributions to the Alpha Helix protein structure. Real complex studies.
April 24, 2018
Augustin Banyaga- Mathematician from Rwanda
He specializes in complex mathematics and science and currently teaches at Penn State
April 24, 2018
Lonnie Johnson- the man who created the Super Soaker
Lonnie Johnson is an inventor who holds over 80 patents, including the Super Soaker
April 24, 2018
Garret Morgan’s Inventions
This episode is about Garret Morgan’s inventions. The traffic light, hair care products, self extinguishing cigarette, gas mask/safety hood. Enjoy!
April 18, 2018
Fredrick McKinley Jones
The man who innovated the refrigeration of perishable goods. And holder or 61 patents for a variety of industires
April 18, 2018
Garrett A. Morgan- inventor and entrepreneur
Inventor of the Traffic Light, Hair care products and gas mask. He also was a successful entrepreneur 
April 18, 2018
Thomas W. Talley
Chemist, Professor and collector of African American Folk music that tells the story the Black American experience.
April 17, 2018
St Elmo Brady
First black man to receive his PH.D in chemistry in the US.
April 17, 2018
Jennie Dean
The founder of the Manassas Industrial School for Colored Youth
April 11, 2018
The Freedman’s Bureau
An organization established after the Civil War to assist newly freed slaves and their families.
April 11, 2018
First Black Owned Bank
Capital Saving of Washington DC was the first black owned bank in the US
April 10, 2018
Otis Boykin- the man who invented the Pacemaker
Otis Boykin was a Black American inventor and engineer. One of his inventions was the Pacemaker. He received over 26 patents for his inventions.
April 10, 2018
Wilberforce University
The first HBCU owned by African Americans. The earliest Historically Black colleges was started with the help Quakers and abolitionists. But Wilberforce University has the distinction of being the first to be owned by Black Americans.
April 09, 2018
The Two Henry’s
This episode highlights Henry Blair and Henry Brown who invented the corn and cotton seed planter and the Strong box respectively.
April 09, 2018
Dr Patricia Bath
She was the first African American women to have a patented invention for a medical purpose
March 30, 2018
Lincoln University
One of the oldest HBCU’s established in 1854.
March 29, 2018
Leonidas Berry
Leonidas Berry was a leading gastroenterologist in Chicago, Illinois
March 29, 2018
Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
The first historically black University (HBCU)
March 28, 2018
Keith Black
Keith Black is a ground breaking NeuroSurgeon who continues to make new discoveries in the field. 
March 28, 2018
Freedman’s Hospital
The first hospital to provide treatment for former slaves in the 1800’s, post Civil War.
March 27, 2018
Janet Emerson Bashen
The first African American women to hold a patent for a software invention (Linkline). Building a business empire in the process.
March 27, 2018
Manassas Industrial School for Colored Youth
It was a school for African American youth of both sexes. Founded by ex slave Jennie Dean, the school taught students vocational skills needed for success. Check it out
March 26, 2018
Andrew Beard
Andrew Beard was an inventor who designed Railroad Couplings and invested in real estate. 
March 26, 2018
George Alcorn JR
George Alcorn Jr was a leader and pioneer of the NASA space program and inventor of over 25 patents. 
March 20, 2018
Archie Alexander
This episode is about Archie Alexander who was a businessman and engineer. He developed modern roadways and even entered politics. Check out this episode for more info on his amazing life.
March 19, 2018
James J. Andrews
James J. Andrews was a mathematician who specialized in knot theory, topology and group theory. Learn more about his amazing life and accomplishments.
March 10, 2018
Leonard C. Bailey
Leonard C. Bailey was a businessman and inventor who received patents for a series of devices. Check out the episode for more info on his amazing life.
March 10, 2018
Ellen Eglin
Ellen Eglin was an African American inventor who invented a clothes wringer for the washing machine in the 1800’s. She was one of the first Black American women to receive a patent. 
March 08, 2018
Sarah Boone
Sarah Boone created and patented improvements to the ironing board In 1892. One of the first African American women to receive a patent. 
March 08, 2018
Alice Ball’s Research
This episode talks about Alice Ball’s research in discovering an effective cure for Hansen’s Disease (Leprosy)
March 08, 2018
Alice Augusta Ball
Alice Augusta Ball was a chemist who pioneered a new treatment for leprosy. This episode gets into her life and research
March 07, 2018
Sarah Goode and Miriam Benjamin
This episode is about two brilliant women inventors who invented things that were new technology at the time. Miriam Benjamin who invented the Gong and Signal chair used in Hotels. And Sarah Goode who invented the cabinet bed which was the presursor to the Murphy Bed.
March 07, 2018