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Faith Radio - Latter Rain Chronicles

Faith Radio - Latter Rain Chronicles

By Rev. Cpt. Daniel W Merrick, PhD
Dan Merrick PhD talks and teaches about the world of Religion and Politics in light of Bible prophesy foretold and the one true FAITH of Yahshua Messiah. Dr. Merrick has appeared on TV, FM and AM Radio and as a guest on bible based talk shows like "His Place" , "I'm Just Saying" and Torah Roundtable. Dan is a pastor and song writer with a CCM hit in 1993 with his song "Like Stephen" (ASCAP) that was featured on CCM countdown with Bob Sour. Dan is a Amazon Best selling author (over 25,000 sold) of scripture translations and books on history, genealogy and topics of the Messianic Jewish Faith.
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Three Times A Lady
Dr. Dan gives scriptures about the prophecy unfolding today and brings the truth about 3 confirmations of the IsraYah Bride of Messiah Yahshua.
January 23, 2021
Three motives for 4 sins
We see that lawlessness is everywhere calling good evil and evil good. So do you think the cop that uncovered his own crimes would arrest themselves? Dr Dan has the insight into Truth this episode you won't want to miss.
January 16, 2021
What Just Happened
What Just happened to the USA and the world is explained by the Bible prophesy foretold as Dr. Dan outlines and share Yahshuah Messiah and Truth you need to hear ...
January 9, 2021
New Year Or Abib
Mankind has come up with many different dates for New Year celebrations. Are we to keep days of idols and drunkenness or Yah's sacred calendar and Jubilees ?
December 31, 2020
Why Are You Dismayed ?
Many are dismayed at the signs of the heavens, the governments of men and religions of the world. Are You dismayed ? What if I told you there is only one way, one FAITH, and One truth that leads to eternal life ?
December 22, 2020
Feasts of Yah or Man
Dr. Dan talks about Hannakah and Christmas and the Original Seven Feasts of Yah in Leviticus 23.
December 17, 2020