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Be It Unto You: Finding God Beyond Religion

Be It Unto You: Finding God Beyond Religion

By Sephida Artis
This is my personal journey of faith in my desire to know God on a deeper spiritual level. This is about transparency, imperfection, discovery, and honesty in what it truly is to chase after God. Seeking relationship above religion, here is what I’ve experienced, and the lessons I’ve learned from what God has shown me. May every ear and heart be blessed by these words and may you all find God in a way that resonates with your spirit and soul.
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The Faith To Walk Away
In order to go after everything God has for you, and walk in His purpose for your life, you must let go of toxic people. Your destiny depends on it. It takes Faith to walk away and trust God to align you with the right people and relationships. If they are broken, you cannot fix them. This is when you leave them in the Hands of the only One who can make them whole. Trust God and Walk Away. ‘‘Tis the season to be free!”
October 30, 2020
Faith......It’s Personal!
I’m so excited to share my ongoing journey of faith, and in my relationship with God, getting to know Him in ways I never knew were possible. This is my very first episode, so there’s no hiding the fact that I have no idea what I’m doing! At least not yet! Lol. But we here now, so get comfy wherever you are, and lend me your ears. I got a story to tell....
October 28, 2020