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Embodying Your Higher Self: Episode One

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Welcome to the Galactic Goddess Podcast! This a place where you can really engage your intuition and imagination. On this show, we discuss far out and taboo topics. Join your Galactic Host, Radhaa on a majestic adventure through time and space.
How to Release with the Eclipse Energy
Use this powerful energy to Release what no longer serves you and harness to manifest what you are ready to create.
July 13, 2018
Unraveling Patterns: How Deep Can You Go?
With special Guest & Evolutionary Astrologer Sarah Paasch http://sarahpaasch.com/intuitive-astrology/ To connect with Radhaa & find out more about the Academy - www.GoddessCodeAcademy.com
July 11, 2018
Yoni Health Tips for Summer
July 10, 2018
The Power of Purging: How letting go can set you FREE
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July 9, 2018
Eclipse Season with Evolutionary Astrologer Sarah Paasch
Integration: Falling apart in order to come together, holy. July will test our inner stability, identity structures, the integrity of our choices and our psychological grit as we step bravely into our transformative fires. This month we will be supported most by our acts of compassion, full surrender to the flow and appreciative connection to others. There will be opportunities to integrate more of our light and shadow aspects of self through our willingness to release duality and stories of separation-both within and without. Two Eclipses initiate us all into the changes that we are ready (or not) to embrace and will once again highlight the themes of self-expression and authenticity. This month offers multiple paradigm shattering opportunities to the extent that we are willing to stay calm and love ourselves through the transformative storms. We have the chance to walk directly into the fires and reemerge purified, refined, stronger than once before; this is the call of the Pheonix.
July 3, 2018
Deprogrammed pt 5
June 19, 2018
Indomitable Soul: I shall not be moved
Gemini New Moon Podcast up with Evolutionary Astrologer Sarah Paasch as we discuss the energy of the New Moon, how to create affirmations, what to release and how to navigate these energies to empower you. “A little less conversation, a little more action”: Don’t conform or hold back what is true for you. We can be mindful of others without hiding from their potential reactions. Freedom comes at a cost of surface-level belonging. Are we ready to sacrifice belonging to the ideas and images of our fear-driven society in order to step into the power of authenticity and true belonging? The first step to any true belonging in the world is true belonging to your whole, unique self. This energy is about having the courage to live out loud. Find out more about Sarah's work @ www.SarahPaasch.com Find out about Radhaa and Goddess Code Academy @ www.GoddessCodeAcademy.com
June 13, 2018
Deprogrammed Part 4
In this episode we discuss liberating ourselves from illusion and mind control. How media can change our perception of the truth of our whole being through predictive, suggestive and projective programming. Joining me at the Galactic roundtable is clinical hypnotherapist Alanna Star Shimel. Find her @ www.AlannaStarr.com - To connect with Radhaa or find out about Goddess Code Academy: www.GoddessCodeAcademy.com
June 11, 2018
If You Want to Change the World - Love a Woman
Poem by Lisa Citore
June 8, 2018
Wisdom with Maya The Shaman
June 7, 2018
Breakdowm to Breakthrough
Breakdown to Breakthrough
June 7, 2018
June Astrology Forecast
Your truths are your own; own them. This month is all about tuning into the authentic voice of our soul and setting ourselves free from any limitations to self-expression. Mars and Neptune both station retrograde, calling us inward before we make our moves out in the world. It is all about energy alignment, focus and a willingness to stay open to the ways our visions seek to manifest into reality. Tune in with Evolutionary Astrology Sarah Paasch! www.SarahPaasch.com To connect with Radhaa: www.GoddessCodeAcademy.com
June 5, 2018
Deprogrammed: Part Three: The Mother Wound
A discussion on the Mother Wound, How it affects Relationships, Gender Wars, Consciousness Distortions, Healing Cosmic Womb. With special Guest Alanna Star Shimel: A Clinical Hypnotherapist and Researcher and a Mystic. Hosted by Radhaa Nilia: www.GoddessCodeAcademy.com
May 30, 2018
Do Ghost Exist ?
May 28, 2018
Ascension and Relationships
As we move through these shifting energies or ascension waves, we can see and feel how and feel they affect our personal relationships. Learn how to navigate I have a special guest: Susan Hassen, a Quantum Sphere Healer. You can find her at www.CosmicArcheress.com
May 23, 2018
Sacred Relationships: Divine Union
I have been channeling for years with my Higher Self and also with guidance of my great, great, great grandfather Don Pedro. This channel go over Sacred Relationship and Divine Union.
May 20, 2018
Deprogrammed: Episode Two
Today's episode with special guest: Alanna Starr is a clinical hypnotherapist, collective consciousness advocate. In this episode, we discuss and go over: Heart Connection + Humanity Programming + Deprogramming Artifical vs Organic Remember, you the listener can take what you want and release the rest. If you'd like to reach out to me, have a personal session, clearing or activation or get trained and certified you can visit: www.GoddessCodeAcademy.com
May 16, 2018
Embodying Your Higher Self: Episode One
Emboding Your Higher Self. How to connect with yourr higher self and listeb to your intuition and dollow yoir joy and enthusiasm in order to embody your highest self. With special Guest: Susan Hassen www.CosmicArcheress.com
May 11, 2018
Ascension Lullaby
My fist ascension experience through an activating Lullaby.
May 9, 2018
So excited about this new Galactic Goddess Podcast! Today's show is called: Deprogrammed - as we dive deep down the rabbit hole to explore this controversial topic. I have a very special Guest @starrlanna a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Writer, Teacher, Researcher and Intuitive who joins me at the Galactic roundtable.✨
May 7, 2018
Soul Contracts
April 29, 2018
"Breaking out of the archaic paradigm of toxic masculinity to step into Divinity" - Radhaa
April 10, 2018
Are You a Starseed
In this episode we explore the idea and concept of what a Starseed is. We discuss certain aspects of how to discern if you are one. What patterns are exhibited and embedded in a Starseed and how to overcome early trauma that Starseeds usually encounter. We go into the purge that Starseeds go through. If you could use some support or would like to book a Starseed Clearing session, Email: @ GoddessCodeAcademy@gmail.com
April 6, 2018
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