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When Money stopped working I started recording! Big Boy Balli here with Updates & descriptions of how this Filthy Broken World is coping with the lose of its precious moneys, especially in the Grease Valley! Filled with Questing! Loot! Mysteries! Cryptozoology! Festivals! True Crime! TTRPGS! Supply Drops! A Sci-fi Audiodrama jampacked with about everything a podcaster could be looking for!
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26 (S2,E6) Welcome to MudChem Festival!
Oh Boy, an ep featuring The Adventures of Cassidy “Shootout” Oakley, the Filthy States Favorite Cyborg Centaur Cowboy! He has finally found the Legendary MudChem Festival, Home to Mauraders, Drug Alchemist, Food Trucks, Dumpster Bandits, Hyper-PopStars, Broken World Celebrities & so much more! But just why our intrepid adventure is there Is for you to find out, TODAY! Featuring Recon Reports on Cryptids, Wrestle Updates & a New Fuel Farm Robot Prince Eern is up to?!?That’s some GVR TO YOU! Find more GVR content on Twitter @GreaseRadio, show updates, live Quest Board & art of your fav characters! Checkout Bullet Teeth’s latest project, 4 lofi singles this month & a few instrumental EPS to checkout on Bandcamp & SoundCloud Under Bullet Teeth!
March 2, 2021
Ep 25 (S2/E5) Exposing the Cult of Greasy Greg
Last week was a disaster, so in an effort to be more accountable Ballie is clearing his closet, starting with the Cult of Greasy Greg! Their patron saint Gregopolese, the Gregonian Dreadnaught? Learn about their secretive ways & other Secret Societies that plague the Filthy States! & grab Ballies new Recipe for his Experimental SludgeShroom Blob Chowder Today!! Find more GVR on twitter @GreaseRadio for show updates & additional Content! Find Bullet Teeth’s Horded beats & Rap EP on Bandcamp or SoundCloud Under Bullet Teeth!
February 16, 2021
Ep 24 (S2 E4) RAP DUNGEON!!!
(CW, Violence) The Hottest Quest of the Year is Here, QuestMaster Ballie Brings you RAP DUNGEON, Live! Hear the Grease Valley Party of 5 dungeoneer their way through Marauders, Traps, Bosses of the mini or raid variety, Puzzles, even Opposing Questers, there’s no telling what Rap Dungeon holds! However the Loot is Guaranteed! Listen in TODAY! Find more Grease Valley Radio @GreaseRadio on Twitter Created & produced by Sabastian Buterbaugh!
February 2, 2021
Ep 23 (S2 E3) Trial of the Robot Prince
Season 2 Episode 3! Live Reports straight from the Halls of Grime, where Grease Law is dealt!! Ballie brings you news from the highly controversial Trail of the POW Robot Prince Eern! Zanye Falos has stirred up unrest in the Grease Valley, will the Trail tear the Valley apart?!? Plus Quest Updates & A HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT in the wrap up!! It’s that Grease Valley Radio, TO YOU! Find updates on twitter @Greaseradio Created, Written & Produced by Sabastian Buterbaugh. Performed & edited by Sabastian Buterbaugh
January 19, 2021
Ep 22 (S2,E2) Cryptids & Elder Entities!
S2 Ep 2. CRYPTIDS BBY!!! One of Ballies favorite subject, listen in on some of the most recent reports from Snallygasters to Squonks & Wiredactyls?! Not to mention the Frequent Elder Entity reports across the Broken World from the bottom of the Oceans to the Clouds above us!! Plus a SairnStone Conspiracy?! All this with Quests straight from the Grease Valley Quest Board & more! TODAY! Find updates & tell us your favorite Cryptid on Twitter @GreaseRadio !
January 6, 2021
EP 21 (S2 Ep1) The Return of the Grease
The Premiere of Season 2!!! It’s been a few months since you last heard from Ballie & lots have changed!! The Filthy States are in constant war with the power vacuum formed in the defeat of the Swamp Kingdom. We got a Golden War, The Grease Valley defending from the Wax Legion & the Gemstone Hoard Invasions. & More Quests straight from the Quest Board that you can set out on to help the Denizens of Grease Valley! Plus a surprise transmission from Cassidy “Shootout” Oakley questing on the Colorado Trail! All the Chaos & Grease is back, TODAY!! Go Checkout the Awesome Cryptozoologist team Zelda & Emma on “Across the Veil” found anywhere you listen to Podcasts!! Checkout my Second Podcast, Shady Sands Adventures for fringe entertainment like Wrestling & K-Hop with some insight on the creator of Grease Valley Radio! Find updates on Grease Valley Radio @GreaseRadio on Twitter!
December 22, 2020
Season 2 TRAILER +
YAYA!! We back with an extended Trailer for the Second Season of GREASE VALLEY RADIO!! Absolutely so hyped to bring this immersive world building project back into the Audio Sphere. 12 Episodes, Old Friends, Returning Nemesis, a New Cast & soooo many WARS!! In the Power Vacuum creates in the fall of the Swamp Kingdoms, Mauraders, False God’s, Gemstone Cults & A Wax Legion run rampart amongst the Filthy States & Big Bumble Bali is here to bring it all TO YOU! Support our Crowdfunding on Paetreon @GreaseValleyRadio or FOR FREE leave an Apple Review!! Love you all & cant wait to return on December 22!
December 6, 2020
EP 20!: Battle for the Grease Valley!!! (Season 1 Finale)
The Season 1 Finale! Ballie must defend his Valley from two lingering forces fighting to tear apart The Grease Valley! Ballie must call upon all of the friends and allies to defeat a GodQueen & A SairnStone Lich?? Featuring old friends, your fav characters from across the Broken World, Ballie pulls it all out for the Final Episode of Season 1, TO YOU! Season 1 Credits Scummy: Bubby Quickness, Ep 9 &13, Also did COVER ART! Find more Scummy ART @Scummy_Tummy on Twitter & on Shady Sands Adventures Podcast cohosted by BBB Walter/Zerkseas: played Zerkseas, Ep 12, 14 & 20!!! Find Zerkseas rapping on Bullet Mountain EP & his podcast GUMMIN IT!  Dakota Wallace: Fennis McFuttBuck, Ep 11 & 14! Find more at Pulse of the Arts Podcast, anywhere you find pods! Kelsey M: DrugWitch SharkBone, Ep 13 Jamilla Tamera: Theatre Prophet & Toxic Thoughts, ep 10 Jake F: Toxic Thoughts, ep 10 Susan S: Toxic Thoughts, ep 10 Ballie & all other untitled voices done by: BBB, Sabastian Buterbaugh Sound Design & engineering by BBB, Sabastian Buterbaugh Intro Music & Original Tracks by BBB, BulletTeeth Written by Sabastian Buterbaugh, BBB Show Creator: Sabastian Buterbaugh, BBB OTHER BBB PROJECTS PODCAST- SHADY SANDS ADVENTURES, A fringe entertainment conversational pod Wrestling, korean hiphop survival show & KNIFE?? Scummy & BBB Cohost, found anywhere you find podcasts! MUSIC- Bullet Mountain EP, Spacy Summer Nights on SOUNDCLOUD & BANDCAMP by BULLETTEETH/BBB Patreon Grease Valley Radio. Please Leave a rate & review on APPLE PODCASTS GREASE VALLEY RADIO SEASON 2 will return in DECEMBER 2020
September 30, 2020
Ep 19: Enertron Tower HEIST!
A Heist!! Beach City, Home to Enertron Tower & Ballies ticket home!!! Infiltrating an experimental play, avoiding an escaped experiment, will everyone in the crew survive?? Will Ballie make it back to Grease Valley?? The set up to GVRs Season Finale!! TO YOU! Theatre song-Alleyway Ritual prod by BBB, Creator- BBB Basti, Sound designer/engineer-BBB, Written by BBB, performed by BBB, Contact & Find BBB on Twitter @Greaseradio. Check my 2nd podcast, Shady Sands Adventures, 2 desert goons talk fringe entertainment like wrestling & KHop, on twitter @AdventuresSands & cohost @Scummy_Tummy New Instrumental 10 Track Pop EP from BBB on SoundCloud & Bandcamp (Spacy Summer Nights). GVR Season FINALE SEPT 30th!!!!
September 14, 2020
Balli In the BIG CITY!! Well the BEACH CITY! Get your first taste of a giant civilization, the GOLDEN COAST! Travel the sandy streets & meet its citizens! A Circus, a Bar & so much more today!! Creator- BBB Basti. Sound Designer-BBB Basti. Find me on twitter @Grease Radio or @AdventuresSands BBB Basti Creator of Shady Sands Adventures, a fringe culture podcast w Co-creator/Co-Host Scummy found @Scummy_Tummy on twitter. Find Bullet Mountain EP (7-track Experimental Hiphop project produced & performed by BBB)
August 30, 2020
Ep 17: Stone Prison & Glass Towers
Prison Ballie. How will he survive, Who will he meet, How will he get out?!? Explore Stone Prison Sports, Holy Marcus’ Militia & all the friendly Faces around the Salt Flat Yard! Follow Ballies Adventures through the Filthy States, TODAY!
August 13, 2020
Ep: 16 Desert Drifting
Big Bumble Ballie in a DESERT?? Hear about the shrubs, the desert critters & a cyborg centaur cowboy?? Listen in as the quest for the legendary lair of the Shmeggotaur!!! GVR TO YOU!
July 29, 2020
It's been 6 months of pure nonsense & Shmegg induced Chaos. Get updates on the future of the show, extra content coming out very soon! A HipHop Ep? A single thats already out? Featuring on other podcasts like GUMMIN IT EP3. A NEW POD FROM THE CREATOR OF GVR????? Listen in today! Support us with a FREE apple Pod Rate or Review. OR on Paetreon featuring a sister project to GVR, Tales of the Broken World! 3 tiers starting at 2$ to get access to all that and have me say your name at the end of the show in the THANKS section!
July 13, 2020
Ep 15: Raid of the Grease Valley!
The moment we all knew was coming, & theirs too many of them. How will Ballie & the Grease Valley defend against this new Militant Threat? Listen in to the Carnage today, GVR TO YOU
July 13, 2020
Ep 14: Questisode: Loot!!!
WE QUESTIN! HELLA LOOT, Sentient Knives, SairnStone Rifles, A Live Quest called Rap Dungeon??? Interview w/ the notorious Magic Salesman Fennis McFuttBuck! Cryptid Report & More! Thanks for making this show possible Fennis McFuttBuck voiced by Dakota Wallace. Zerkseas Voiced by Walter via Gummin It!
June 29, 2020
Ep 13: Gang Shit & Drug Culture
GANG GANG GANG!! Itsa Boy Ballie Talking everything Gang and Drug related in the Filthy States w/ special guest Bubby Quickness! Listen in on how to Avoid your local Marauders while also getting the best Shmegg in Town! New Recipe & Everything, GVR TO YOU!     Bubby Quickness Played by the artist Scummy Tummy Drug Witch Sharkbone Played by Kelsey M.  Thanks to everyone who Helps make the show, Ballie Played by the Show Creator, BBB, Basti B!
June 22, 2020
Ep 12: People of the Filthy States!
GVR IS BACK!! & Ballie’s talking Societies & Communes in the Filthy States including the sorta domesticated Animals (Rhinos, Giant Bats & More!) & the herbs & ritual components they harvest! Interview With Zerkseas (Walter of Gummin It)! Zerkseas Voiced by Walter, found on Gummin it! Fennis McFuttBuck Voiced by Dakota Wallace!
June 15, 2020
Ep 11 Critter & Cryptids! Zoology of the Rotted States!
Ballie here with the Broken Worlds most interesting Fauna & Zoological Discovers! Interview with Reknown Traveling Zoologist Tonk Koseman, Famous Field Guides, Ritual Quests, & more Cryptids!! Mythozoology, Speculative Zoology & Cryptozoology! All that & more on Grease Valley Radio, TO YOU!
April 21, 2020
Ep 10: Pt2 Quest for the Rainbow Grease Finale
PT 2!?! The finale to the epic quest ya’ll been waiting for! Monsters! Treasure! Dungeon crawlin-esk! Listen to Big Bumble Ballie find his way through a psychedelic trip ending in a Cosmic Battle with an Elder Entity? Not everyone may make it?!? Check it today, for you!
April 14, 2020
Ep 9: PT 1 Quest for the Rainbow Grease
A Live Quest! TOYOU! Big Bumble Bali taking his first steps into the broken world & taking you with him! The Quest for the Rainbow Grease! Adventure with questing through the Grimy Foothills, the Caverns of Decadence, & the Rainbow Grease Falls! Pt 2 out this weekend! Bubbly Quickness performed by Linda Hale
April 14, 2020
Ep: 8 QuestMasters HandBook!
MORE QUESTS!! Big ol Bramble Ballie here after finding a QuestMasters Handbook! Explore new Mysteries! Classes! Heroes! Quest Spots & Guilds! Also catch the latest Recipe & Supply drop from Saint Vegas! Grease Valley Radio, TO YOU
April 14, 2020
Ep 7: Grease Valley Most Wanted!
True Crime in the Grease Valley?? REVAMPED! Big Bumble Ballie brings the Broken Worlds Most Wanted, Most notorious criminals of the past like Alex Jones & LV-13, Cults, Money Popes & More! New Recipe, Golden State Lockdown, listen in today, FOR YOU
April 14, 2020
Ep 6: BlargBall Season!
In the Wake of The Blargbowl, Ballie is still trying to get ready for the sports season! We got Famous Players, Clans, Official Rules, New Quest from a renown Swamp Lord & More Fantasy Sports like racing across the Pacific Highway or City wide Liberate the Flag! Fantasy Sports, Blargball Season, TO YOU!
April 14, 2020
Ep 5: Great Grease Lantern Gathering!
An Annual Festival, Ballie’s favorite! Explore the Cryptid Circus, the Grease Chili competition, all the folk dressing up & the fun fun! Spend some time with Big Bumble Ballie as he talks about the festivals origin, famous questers visiting & More! Festivals for YOU
April 1, 2020
Ep 4: Myths & Cryptids!
What’s Lurking Under the Grease? Was that Million Foot outside?? Learn about the Broken Worlds famous Cryptids from the Northern River Walrus, Snake Folk grown in Barrels of Krank Juice, Doggy Forests & more! A lil longer for some extra great content, Big Bumble Ballie is a huge Cryptoozlogist & is excited to share with ya. Cryptids TO YOU!
February 24, 2020
Ep 3: Post-Money Era Explained!
Whatcha mean Money Stopped Working? Big Bumble Ballie here to take ya the myths & legends behind the day it all started & why money could just stop! Loot Cults, Money Popes & Internet Oracles! & A classic recipe to bring in that cute boy or gal for a steamy night! It’s GVR TO YOU
February 23, 2020
Big Bumble Bali here to bring ya some QUESTING!! Replace the stress of getting money with the joy of earning Loot!! Bali explains how questing in the Broken World works, the tier system & legendary quests near you!
February 16, 2020
Ep 1: Grease Valley to You!
It’s Big Bumble Ballie to you! Grease Valley Radio Revamped, when the money stopped working Ballie started Recording! Today we’ve got supply drops from the Golden States, Reports of Coordinated Raids on the Bloodstone Hwy, & a Prozark Pilgrimage coming through your town?? Listen in, GVR TO YOU
February 16, 2020