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Keeping It Green

Keeping It Green

By GreenHubAfrica
This is a podcast by GreenHubAfrica Foundation, whereby we dive into everything green. This podcast therefore keeps you updated with how we can make our earth a better place, for us, for our kids, and for fauna and flora. So, keep keeping it green with us! Let's enjoy the ride!
Fashion and the environment
This episode is about how fast fashion has impacted the environment we live in. It also states the solutions one might adopt for our fabulous fashion killers to not literally kill the environment, pun intended!
May 24, 2022
Importance of recycling
This episode is about recycling. Heard that, done that, right? Maybe. But you never know. There is guaranteed new information to be learnt on a daily basis and this episode is bursting with tips and knowledge. Have a listen. Remember, we're keeping it green this side. Let's have fun!
April 23, 2022