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We Are Hodgeman Strong

We Are Hodgeman Strong

By Lea Ann Seiler
2020 is a rough year. REALLY rough. COVID-19 has completely upended our lives and we’re struggling...individually, and as a larger community. Never before in our lives have we experienced the fear of a pandemic like this. Social distancing is a new term. We all need a little boost of hope - we need to hear stories of others that overcame fear and circumstances - stories of strength and resiliency. Welcome to We Are Hodgeman Strong, produced by Hodgeman County Economic Development in partnership with Humanities Kansas.
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Author Crystal Bradshaw-Gonzalez
In Episode 4 I got to interview young author Crystal Bradshaw-Gonzalez as she talks about her 5x Great Grandmother Eliza and her family’s history. Equally inspirational is the fact that Crystal self-published this important piece of history while a sophomore in college and was encouraged at a young age by grade school teachers. ❤️
May 27, 2020
In this episode I interviewed Marsha Ewy and heard her account of the blizzard of March 1957.
Marsha was a little girl of 6 when the blizzard of 1957 hit and her oldest brother was in Jetmore for an FFA event. The phone lines, as well as the electricity went out just as her Father and oldest sister headed out to find him...becoming stranded themselves. Listen to how her Mother kept the household going, took care of the younger children and saved all the baby chicks while waiting to hear if the rest of her family had made it to safety. This is a story about how the community came together and supported one another, much in the same way we still do today. (However, I am thankful for modern technology and cell phone service during our current crisis.
April 17, 2020
In our first Episode I interviewed Pam Ruff of Ruff Embroidery.
Pam Ruff and her crew jumped in and started sewing face masks as soon as they knew there was a need in the spring of 2020. On the day we talked, they had just completed number 1000 and went home for the day. They will be back tomorrow to start filling another order.
April 15, 2020
Welcome to #WeAreHodgemanStrong, a podcast produced by Hodgeman County Economic Development and made possible by a grant from Humanities Kansas.
March 30, 2020