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Independent Mother

Independent Mother

By Independent Mother Podcast
The Independent Mother Podcast is a series initially recorded live at the events held at Duo in London.
The panel of Independent Mothers discuss relatable topics such as Stigma, dating, health, legal and other day to day issues that comes with the role.
By discussing these topics openly with a varied group of Mothers we hope to help those in similar situations feel supported and empowered while hopefully easing the pressure of the stigmatised perception.
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Independent Mother Podcast - Fight the Stigma pt 2
This is the 2nd part of the live recording from the Independent Mother Fight The Stigma Event. In this section we discuss being a Solo Mum by Choice with Ruth, being a Single Mother in an affluent area with Jude and becoming a Single Mother after a strict religious upbringing with Naomi. It was a complete honour to have all of these inspirational Mothers on a panel at the event which enabled us to have such open and honest conversations with them all. If you’d like further information about any of the topics discussed or would like to get involved please head to the website or contact us. Happy listening, Zoë x
September 18, 2019
Independent Mother Podcast - Fighting Stigma Pt 1
This is a live recording from the 2nd Independent Mother Event in Duo London where the topic was stigma. I was honoured to be joined by 6 incredible Independent Mothers who helped shed light on the where’s, why’s and realities of living as a Single Parent from very different perspectives. In the first part I talk facts and figures with Chloe who had recently finished researching the affects of society on Single Parent Stigma for her latest university assignment. I then talk to Journalist Rebecca who has also written about the topic of Stigma in relation to the media portrayal. Finally I talk to editor and scriptwriter Sally about what we can do to change the perceptions of Single Mothers in order to break the stigma. For further information or to contact us please head to the website or instagram page. Happy listening, Zoë x
September 18, 2019