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 Unbelievable Truths

Unbelievable Truths

By TheVoice
A podcast dedicated to what all my blogs are. The Truth. This is Not only an attempt to get my story out but document what has happened to millions in this country whose voice was successfully snuffed out. But not mine. And it was by some grace . I take little credit in making it through occasions I was told I had a 3% chance of having made it throughZ except ona half dozen occasions. This was coincidental Z neither was a decision that was not one as to not make it would be to make my fate as secret as they wanted their operative to be: I wasn’t going to make it that easy. Not a choice. Need
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Shut up Julie! No DX HERE.Into the Gas Chamber we go”
I can’t start from anywhere but here and will keep it consistent and real
September 19, 2021
KC Armstrong interviewS (five part series)
Please expect more continuity from here on our. This interview was Cathartic. To tell and have the truth acknowledged. Each week I have another interview and hopefully an official link. I recorded this with my other phone today as it was happening... I’ll punish the next four episodes. Once a week as they come out as well as the links;)
March 31, 2021
In progress and REDUNDANT. I’ll have new material asap
Gimme some time here
February 06, 2021
Documentations of what happened from recordings I made in 2016 . Also a few random Readings from writings before my accident, Brain damage and loss of the computer which held five years worth of writing and research. But then again we don’t forget what happened to us. Not what truly matters so the only thing lost.. IS WORDS. And they will mean nothing to those seeking to crack some code... I say what I mean and mean what u way and. Every single word that I say happened as I state it. Because I have nothing to hide
January 19, 2021
Suspected of Domestic Terrorism; Now a Liability to the federal government
I in part do this pod case and other means of social media and have, as a means of self protection. I’m text when this whole mess began in 2011 I knew I needed to document it at the expense of my reputation in order to survive it. That’s how deep it went. And calling attention to the fact I’d documented what had been going on, led to my being set free from a gate my attorney 95% of people INVARIABLY, do not escape. Because when you’re a liability to the government? They will pay state employee big bucks to white wash me/ and they have done EVERYTHING short of having those jeans be effective. If they had been I would’ve long ago been falsely incarcerated or dead. As evidenced fact. What happened to me happens and is happening to millions of Americans who are termed as liabilities to the federal government and state. When there is an unwarranted investigation when all your rights are violated, they will do anything not to assume liability by way of entrapment. But when the first second third four do not work out AMD more officials become involved over the past nine years, the more of a liability I became and am. It’s just what IS
August 30, 2020
Second to last before this podcast goes to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Please do join me for season IIz I know you won’t want to miss truths you won’t hear in the news €’ unless they’ve begun indictment for solicited attempted murder and I do not believe that will be the case even though were justice servedX it certainly would be. By all facts of evidence, motive, eye witnesses, direct police statement and essentially all else That directly contradicted the FALSE ACCIDENT REPORT. That is to which the STATE POLICE are referring
May 13, 2020
As far as six I know. Please see my main blog at
May 11, 2020
A glimpse of the past; ex husband sees me now as all his own faults of which led to ton of damage
Or maybe we can call this EPISODE DOUGLAS DALKE. he played an Instrumental part in putting me directly INTO hells path to not have me walk away unscathed. If he hadn’t entered my life I would have become MLADC as planned as opposed to defamed and disabled while the state pays his way for soliciting
May 10, 2020
Bring it
May 10, 2020
Finally figured out how to do the episode thing. That will make things a lot easier to figure out!’
May 10, 2020
Unbelievable Truths; EPISODE I; 3 hours have been broken down Into 7 segments.
Compilation of many things and I’m hoping it will accumulate into a relatively cohesive character study. One as intimate as The story that I will tail that went on for over a decade and is truth stranger than fiction. And unfortunately I could not change it even if I wanted to
April 22, 2020