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Kal & Pal

Kal & Pal

By Zach Kalis
Zach Kalis and Cody Palovich talk shop about everything you don't want to hear. Tune in weekly to hear the two of us sling some jokes and complain about everything. We will cover everything from food ratings to sports. We will also include a plethora of different and unique guests from week to week.
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The Tager Brothers Settle Their Differences. - Kal&Pal Ep.4
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Zach and Cody are joined by the dynamic soccer duo of Nathan and Sammy Tager. The brothers answer questions about their athletics and relationship. Sammy and Nathan must settle their beef by saying three nice things about one another. FRAUD OF THE WEEK is up next as the boys toss out there complaints and praises. Tune in next week for Brinley Szalay and Adam Jackson. Check out the twitter page for some daily laughs and updates @Kal_n_Pal.
October 20, 2021
Sean Carr Takes The Driving Temps Test. - Kal&Pal Ep.3
Zach and Cody are joined by good friend and 3 year starter of the football team, Sean Carr. Sean starts the episode off answering all the questions about football and the homecoming court experience. The boys then discuss Sean’s history of traffic violations and have him answer questions from the Ohio DMV temps test. THIS OR THAT is back with some ESPN 8 sports. FRAUD OF THE WEEK concludes this weeks episode as the boys give their final shot outs. Check out the Twitter Kal_n_Pal to vote for next weeks guest.
October 13, 2021
Could Nathanael Beat Up A Penguin? - Kal&Pal Ep.2
On this weeks episode of the podcast Zach and Cody are joined by good buddy and football captain, Nathanael Sulka.  New Segment GOAT OF debuts answering questions of all of our favorite cities, theater arts, and Monster energy drink flavors. Zach and Cody then interview their beloved guest asking him questions about penguins, both Youngstown and emperor. FRAUD OF THE WEEK ends the episode as the boys get their complaints and praises off their chests.  Thank you for tuning in to episode number two of Kal&Pal. Brought to you by Pepsi Max© 
October 6, 2021
The Not So Sweet Life of Zach and Cody - Kal&Pal Ep.1
Zach and Cody discuss miscounted homecoming court votes, snubs, and a rigged system. Reoccurring segment THAT OR THIS! (Coke Zero Addition). Where Zach asks Cody the most gut wrenching questions. FRAUD OF THE WEEK debuts as the boys hands out complaints and praises. Lastly Zach and Cody learn a little bit about each other. Thank you for tuning in to episode one as we work out the technical kinks. Sponsored by CokeZero©.
September 29, 2021