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Like A Butterfly

Like A Butterfly

By Angelica Ross
Change is the only constant and is something we all have to deal with. As a trans person I am doing this podcast as a lead up to my forthcoming book “Like A Butterfly: Leaving the Cocoon”. I'm writing this book in hopes that my story will help guide trans folks as well as our family members, friends, lovers and anyone else who recognizes that our society has changed and that we too must change with it. If you are a Cis person (not trans), this book Will help you let go of rigid rules for performing gender and discover a more authentic expression of yourself and allow others to do the same.
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Confessions of a Butterfly
"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty."  - Maya Angelou  I believe we all can be transformed by the unique challenges that Life wants us to face.  And when we overcome them we discover we're so much stronger than we thought.  In this week's episode I introduce a new segment called, "Confessions of a Butterfly" where I speak to everyday people some famous, some whose stories have yet to be told about the profound challenges they have gone through and how those challenges transformed them.  If this sounds like you, text "I'm a Butterfly" to 404-737-1450.  You can share a short message like the ones you hear in this episode or I just might invite you on the show so we an go a little deeper.  Join our community of Butterflies making something beautiful out of their challenges.    IL8wKAqZby3u2CwXuMav
May 17, 2020
It's About Damn Time with Arlan Hamilton
Today I talk with Arlan Hamilton, founder and managing partner of Backstage Capital and author of the book "It's About Damn Time!" available for pre-order on Amazon and   Arlan built a multimillion dollar fund while homeless.  We talk about how her spirit made it through such challenging times to become the success she is today.  
May 03, 2020
Creating A Cocoon
Every caterpillar needs a cocoon, a place to break down and rebuild, to rest and restore, to be reborn into a Butterfly.  A place to shut out everything that is not essentially vital for this intensely personal process, that is what your cocoon is for.  An inner transformation takes place inside the cocoon. The walls of the cocoon converge to create a prism of spiritual reflection and the light of our lives begins performing a Holi festival of colors. Shoutout to Beautiful Butterflies:  Raquel Willis, Shar Jossell, Serena Sonoma, and Janet Mock. The Spread - I discuss Mayor Pete's statement on the Ellen Show  "The strongest people are not the loudest people" and introducing him to Sylvia Rivera a trans woman of color who had to yell through a sea of white gays to get them to "quiet down" and listen to the needs of trans and gender nonconforming folks.
February 23, 2020
An Inner Transformation
This episode of Like A Butterfly focuses on the inner transformation.  A profoundly radical and intense transformation is required for a caterpillar to become a Butterfly.   We too are able to undergo such profound change.  In Nichiren Buddhism we refer to this process as "Human Revolution" a term to describe a fundamental process of inner transformation whereby we break through the shackles of our “lesser self,” bound by self-concern and the ego, growing in altruism toward a “greater self” capable of caring and taking action for the sake of others—ultimately all humanity.  It is a process of “casting away the transient and revealing the true”. Shoutout to Beautiful Butterflies Ayanna Pressley and Zaya Wade.
February 16, 2020
Live at Tulane University
Saturday February 8th, Angelica Ross is LIVE as the Keynote speaker at the Tulane University Leadership Summit.
February 09, 2020
Love Like This.
Let's start the new decade off right.  We learned a lot in the last decade about self love, self care, self confidence and now it's time to put it into practice.  To love yourself and others more radically.  Specifically, let's talk about what it takes to love trans people and for trans people what it take to love ourselves, unconditionally.   (Version with Closed Captions Available on Youtube.)
February 02, 2020
Living in Glass Jars - Privilege
"Living in Glass Jars" is the title to one of the chapters in my forthcoming memoir "Like A Butterfly".  This chapter focuses on the days during my transition where I was sort of living in a glass jar of privilege.  A handsome man found me crawling towards my destiny and took me home, put me in a glass jar and allowed me to spin my cocoon and transition in a safe environment.  Because of this I experienced a lot of privileges that my trans brothers and sisters do not typically experience.  I learned a lot of hard lessons, but I learned them through one man over the course of several years instead of playing the game of Russian Roulette that is dating while trans. The Spread - Illinois Medicaid to cover gender reassignment surgery and a 22 black trans woman named Muhlaysia Booker is attacked "mob-style" in Dallas Texas. Support black trans author Dane Figueroa Edidi by buying her book, "FOR BLACK TRANS GIRLS WHO GOTTA CUSS A MOTHERFUCKER OUT WHEN SNATCHING AN EDGE AIN'T ENOUGH".  
April 21, 2019
The Process of Becoming a Butterfly
In an increasingly on-demand environment, we see in almost every lane, in every industry people wanting to get in the game and go after their dreams, but not willing to take the time that is necessary to go through the process of becoming that which they wish to become.  In this episode Angelica Ross uses her transition as a trans woman to connect to ways we all can make peace with the process of becoming the highest best form of ourselves.   Full Party Foul Radio Interview: 
February 19, 2019
Intro to Like A Butterfly Q&A
Welcome to Episode 2, The Q&A followup to Episode 1 “Introducing Like A Butterfly” a prequel to my forthcoming memoir “Like A Butterfly: Leaving the Cocoon” 🦋. In this episode we hear from my mother, a trans woman who is stealth and trying to find a balance to support the community, as well as questions about how to deal with unaccepting parents. Get your tissue for this issue girl!
December 31, 2018
Introducing “Like A Butterfly” the podcast a podcast to prepare you for my forthcoming memoir.
Introducing my brand new podcast “Like A Butterfly”. In this episode I explain why I started this podcast as a prequel to my forthcoming book “Like A Butterfly: Leaving the Cocoon”, why I’m writing this book, as well as tell you why I changed the titled from “Stilettos”. I also read from a small section of the book after which listeners will be able to submit their questions and hear my answers in a follow up Q&A episode for each episode that is release.
December 22, 2018