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MARD Life Podcast

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Providing family friendly and positive content covering entertainment and lifestyle.
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Just Do It - MARD Poetry.

MARD Life Podcast

A Note To All Anti-#Endsars
Nigeria has a thousand and one problems calling for our attention. This generation has decided that police reforms, beginning with the disbandment of the now dreaded Special Anti Robbery Squad. Join us to spread this message until the government hear us; #EndSARS #EndSARSNow #StopPoliceBrutality #WeDemandPoliceReform Visit for more. 
October 10, 2020
One Minute Divorce
Should the reason for a previous divorce be put into consideration before considering getting into a new marriage? Visit for more. 
June 02, 2020
To The One That Almost Was (Sincerely Yours)
This is a letter from a young man to the woman he loves, with whom there was "something", but not a relationship. Visit for more.
September 04, 2019
Stock Taking (Word For The Week)
Stock Taking (Word For The Week) Stock Taking means to go through ones wares, finding out what you have surplus of, enough of and what is lacking. As we get into the ’ember months, which marks the beginning of the end of the year, it is time for you to begin stock taking of your life. Take time to look at every aspect of your life. What have you done this year? What is left to be done this year? What have you gained so far? What have you lost? There is the end of the year to look forward to and there is the rest of our lives ahead of us. It’s time to not just exist, it’s time to start living. It is time to start living our best life. Read the full piece at Visit for more.
September 04, 2019
I like you. No, I love you. But I can't marry you. Don't get me wrong, you are perfect. Perfect in every way but one. I love English, you do too. I hate mathematics, you do too. How will our children survive? We can't both be fighting To tutor them in English and Literature, While abandoning them in Mathematics. For the sake of the future, I have to leave you for the Maths lover. I am not ready to start studying maths now, And I can't afford a tutor for our kids. What a family we would have been, It's a pity how mathematics is destroying love. #Poetry #SpokenWord #Maths #Mathematics #English #Literature #Love #Lover #Romance #Marriage #BreakUp #Relationship #Parenting #ChildRaising #MARDPoetry #ML #MARDLife
August 22, 2019
Pipeline Talk (MARD Poetry)
We told them we wanted infrastructural development, They came and build a pipeline. We asked for human capital development, They said it was in the pipeline. We asked for financial empowerment, Again, they told us it was in the pipeline. We waited for the pipeline to start dripping development, But how long can we wait on this pipeline? Finally, we took our saws and gallons, Cut and pump we did, Liquid gold we got, But no one told us that the pipeline also ferries tears and blood. Our farmland and rivers are now oil-stained. Who shall save us from these pipelines? #Poetry #Oil #Pipeline #NigerDelta #Nigeria #Africa #CrudeOil #BlackGold #Eco #Nature #Green #Environment #Unemployment #Pollution #MARDPoetry #ML #MARDLife
August 16, 2019
Just Do It - MARD Poetry.
 Just do it. Seriously, As a joke, With all your heart, Non-committal, One off, Again and again, Somewhere, Somehow, After this, There might be no other chance; Just do it. @ijoswil #ML #MARDLife #MARDPoetry #Poetry #Literature #Motivation #Inspiration #JustDoIt 
August 09, 2019