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Map Pim-Pey Ou Ayiti: The Haitian Diaspora Back-In-Haiti Podcast

Map Pim-Pey Ou Ayiti: The Haitian Diaspora Back-In-Haiti Podcast

By SeeJeanty & Marc Antoine
Many Haitian Americans are interested in moving back to Haiti. Our account is to provide information on that experience, from A to Z from our specific relatable experiences. There is a lot we wish we knew when we were looking to make the move back. The true aim of the show is to provide that resource. And to provide insight for young Haitian nationals here who are also intrigued by the return of the diaspora. They are important stakeholders because these young Haitian nationals tend to have incorrect ideas about diaspora returning, this show can enlighten them and help bridge the gap betwe
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E17: Season Recap, Behind the Scenes Anecdotes, and the Future of the Podcast  
In this final episode of our first season, Marc and I will be reminiscing on our first foreway into the realm of podcasts. We'll be reviewing little unknown things about each episode, some behind the scenes anecdotes, and how exactly we see this  space for returning Haitians to highlight their experience re-engaging in  + transition to Haiti will develop for future seasons.  Do tune in
July 09, 2020
E16:  Keys to the Success of Serial Entrepreneurship in Haiti Ft. Duquesne Fednard
Our last guest of the season is the protype Haitian who has returned back to Haiti and has launched a series of businesses in the country that has not only lead to his own personal success, but 450 jobs and counting.  Duequesne Fednard is gracing us with what really is a lecture on entrepreneurship in Haiti, and it is with great pleasure to share the countless nuggets of info with everyone listening to the Podcast. A bit more on our guest: Duquesne is a serial entrepreneur whose experience encompasses finance, management, operations and engineering in both start-ups and established enterprises in developed and developing countries. Present and past positions include CEO of D&E Green Enterprises, CEO of B2D S.A, Director of Cetemoh Digital Center, the sole Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) center in Haiti, Director of NYC Business Solutions at Wildcat Service Corporation, and Vice President at Perfection, one of the largest machine shops in Haiti. He is an Ashden award winner, an Ashoka fellow and past Digicel Haiti Entrepreneur of the Year, and he is a member of Clinton Foundation and the European Environmental Foundation. He holds a master’s degree from Columbia University in International Affairs and bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) from State University of New York. As the CEO of D&E, he successfully managed several donor grants and loan programs from USAID, UKAid, IADB, World Bank and United Nations.
July 02, 2020
E15:  The Deportee Story; Fighting Stigma and Changing Haiti for the Better. Ft. Marie Sainviluste  
The deported story is an important yet often neglected story of the Haitian diaspora experience. Being deportee is almost kept hush-hush due to the stigma associated with it, despite that, not all Haitians get deported because of a criminal offense. Our guest Marie Sainviluste, of LifeinHaiti Youtube, is here to deep into the issue with sharing her own story.  The story is dark, and often unforgiving, but the outcome is one of incredible hope and impact.  She is now in Haiti changing changing lives, educating youth, and building homes in Haiti.  Please listen alongside us, in this very special podcast. Where to Find Her and How to Help: YouTube: Fb/IG: Life_inhaiti Cashapp:$Danny0529
June 25, 2020
E14: Talking Police Brutality, BLM, and Activism Impact in America + Colorism in Haiti
In this episode, we are talking about current events.  Police brutality, BLM as a movement vs as an organization, and whether Activism has long term impact in America.  We bring the conversation back to Haiti with our discussion on how we've seen colorism just dominate the socio-economic landscape in Haiti and what the possible solutions be in this case.
June 18, 2020
E13 : Amazon Prime Documentary "La Belle Vie" Talks Identity, Film, & Reconnecting with Haiti
After watching the Amazon Prime documentary "La Belle Vie" - The Good Life, that documentary that follows a Haitian American going through the story of her roots, her family history, and reconnecting with an estranged homeland while desperate to impact a change for the better for her country and the people that reside there.  A story I instantly connected with.  It's with great pleasure that we welcome Rachelle Salnave to the Podcast today. Video Description  After watching the Amazon Prime documentary "La Belle Vie" - The Good Life, that documentary that follows a Haitian American going through the story of her roots, her family history, and reconnecting with an estranged homeland while desperate to impact a change for the better for her country and the people that reside there.  A story I instantly connected with.  It's with great pleasure that we welcome Rachelle Salnave to the Podcast today.   Amazon Prime: La Belle Vie - The Good Life More about Rachelle Salnave: Rachelle Salnave has balanced an extensive range of professional experiences. In a 10-year span, her documentary “Harlem’s Mart 125: The American Dream” won “Best Documentary” at the 2010 African World Documentary Film Festival in St. Louis, Missouri and was featured in the 2011 National Urban League Conference focusing on gentrification. Salnave’s short documentary “The Haitian Guantanamo Bay Experience: The Legal Journey” was selected for the online exhibit, “Guantanamo Public Memory Project” spearheaded by Columbia University. After completing a Master’s degree in Motion Pictures at the University of Miami in May of 2014, she developed Ayiti Images, which is a film series showcasing Haitian films and its directors, traveling throughout South Florida creating forums to better explore the Haitian experience. In March 2015, The General Consulate of the Republic of Haiti in Miami nominated Salnave with the “Beacon of Hope and Achievement” award. Sundance Institute has selected Salnave as the 2015 Screenwriters Intensive Fellow.   Salnave traveled to Guatemala and created a short documentary, The Heavenly Nut Story, which looks at one family’s mission to save the environment by planting macadamia nut trees. In 2016, her feature documentary, “La Belle Vie: The Good Life,” which examines her Haitian identity was nominated for an EMMY award. Salnave is a 2x Knight Foundation recipient and was named the 2017 “Knight Champion” for her leadership in the film community in Miami. In February 2018, Salnave and her partner Jean H. Marcelin launched Black Lounge Film Series, which brings global black films to Historic Overtown. Amazon Prime: La Belle Vie - The Good Life
June 11, 2020
E12: A Haitian American's return; Bringing Data Science to Haiti & A Detailed Startup Guide
For those who do not know, in addition to my media creation and business ventures in Haiti, I also consult for American companies in the capacity as a Data Analytics Professional while living in Haiti.  So this is going to be a very special (and definitely not last time) where I invite Castlline Tilus, a Stanford Education Haitian who has returned to teach a generation of Haitians on the Avant Garde Industry of Data Analysis and Data Science.  Please listen to this extra personal episode of the Podcast. A bit more about our guest:   Castelline Tilus is the founder of Ayiti Analytics, a data science lab focused on increasing analytical capacity in Haiti through education, consulting and public research. To tackle the problem of unemployment in Haiti, Ayiti Analytics provides structured education programs in partnership with local institutions of higher education, and subsequently place graduates in jobs with local employers. It's a flagship education program, the Port-au-Prince Data Science Bootcamp, is organized in partnership with the telecommunications giant, Digicel. The range of educational services provided by Ayiti Analytics extends beyond the Bootcamp to include free interactive meetups for the public. Ayiti Analytics educates, builds, and uses the tools at it's disposal to solve the most pressing problems in Haiti.  
June 04, 2020
E11: One Man's Mission to Revitalize His Home Town of Mirebalais Haiti
It's with great pleasure that we have Jacky Poteau to the Podcast.  He represents his hometown of Mirebalais like no one I've ever met and will inspire you to impact change in your ancestral city of Haiti as well.  Listen to our conversation and learn about strategies you can leverage in your own efforts. Jacky Poteau is Co-Founder and PDG of Innovative Learning Concepts (ILC) and Coordinator of SNEI-PC (Salon du Numérique, de l’Entrepreneuriat, et de l’Innovation du Plateau Central), a citizen-led initiative to expose young people to the benefits of Information Technology (IT) and the inevitable overlap between IT, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He firmly believes that online education can play a major role in training the workforce of the 21st century and in providing young professionals in Haiti with much-needed access to the skills necessary to compete on a global level. He is a fervent advocate for networking and collaboration among various groups working towards the betterment of the Motherland – both in the diaspora and in Haiti. Innovative Learning Concepts - Mirebalais Haiti
May 28, 2020
E10: From Boston to Haiti; A Haitian American Woman's story of Entrepreneurship (Agri-Industry...)
It brings great pleasure for me today to bring on the Podcast long time friend of SeeJeanty media, Regine Theodat to discuss her experience moving and living to Haiti.  This is a must listen. Regine Theodat is a Haitian-American lawyer who left a complex criminal and civil legal practice in Boston, Massachusetts and relocated to Haiti in 2010.  Regine is the former CEO of MyaBèl S. A., a comprehensive gastronomy brand. The concept is simple, Authentically Haitian ingredients brought to you directly from farm-to-bottle.  Keeping with the season of transition, Regine is currently transitioning out of her role as national coordinator of Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative, where she facilitated the growth of a full-scale fish farm, a farmers network, and robust education program.  Regine is incoming country manager for Viamo, a tech solutions social business providing unique information-sharing platforms that work well in low literacy countries. Regine is a passionate advocate for Haitian business, particularly agri-business. She's the mother of a fiercely independent spitfire toddler and enjoys talking through Haiti solutions, so feel free to reach out. Social Media: @regine.theodat   Email: Isse Reiden Abellard (said fiercely independent spitfire toddler): @itissewhatitsse MyaBel: @myabelHT (the @myabelcocktail one is going to be cancelled) Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative: @FAMVINHAITI Viamo:
May 21, 2020
E09: COVID-19 In Haiti and a Discussion of the Impact NGOs in Haiti
In this episode, Marc and I are just kicked back chopping it up man-to-man.  Our discussion begins with COVID-19 in Haiti and what've seen, our perspectives on the response, and where is this going.  We then have a discussion of Marc Antoine's Tearfund before shifting our discussion to NGOs in Haiti in general.  You want to listen to this episode. We get candid.
May 14, 2020
E08 Construction Maven (& Former Miss Dominican Repub.) Exp Living, Employing, & Doing biz in Haiti
This week we get the incredible opportunity to speak with Ana Contreras.  She is a  born and raised Dominican who has won Miss Dominican Republic - Universe and Ms. Dominican Republic - World.  She has been in Haiti for over ten years and runs her construction company that been apart of countless residential and commercial construction projects all across Haiti.  She is a  born and raised Dominican who has won Miss Dominican Republic - Universe and Ms. Dominican Republic - World.   Let's learn more about what it took to transition and be successful in Haiti directly from here. Contact her for your next construction or architectural needs:
May 11, 2020
E07: African American Experience Living, Investing, Employing, doing Business in Haiti
We are speaking with Tarik Muhammad on this episode.  An African American, who grew up in the Nation of Islam household, he has made the transition to living and doing business in Haiti. He is our first non-Haitian on our Podcast and a testament that anyone who can find a niche and be successful in Haiti.  He's done it by building an enterprise that is internationally facing, and provide good well paying jobs for employees.  He has an exceptional story that requires much listen.
May 07, 2020
E06: Haiti Lifestyles Changes: Home Help, Drivers, Showers, & the Realities of Life in Haiti
In this episode, Marc and I are chopping it up, discussing our specific experiences related to the lifestyle of Haiti from our experience.  On the docket: Driving by oneself, using a driver, gasoline pumps, home help, food, market vs grocery store, getting water, and a bunch of other things.  More open discussions like this on the podcast to come. Come on in and listen.
May 01, 2020
E05: Anseye Pou Ayiti & how one Yale / Harvard Haitian returned to lead an education reform movement
Originally from Haiti and Co-Founder/CEO of Anseye Pou Ayiti, Nedgine has experience in the non-profit sector with a particular focus on instructional excellence, youth empowerment, curriculum implementation, and leadership development. In addition to past roles as an education professional, she has conducted extensive research about the historical, cultural, and socioeconomic factors contributing to Haiti's education system. Nedgine earned a B.A. in History from Yale College and an Ed.M. in International Education Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She was named among the top global social innovators by Echoing Green in 2014, among the Forbes Magazine "30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs" in 2016, and among the inaugural Obama Foundation Fellowship in 2018 for her work leading Anseye Pou Ayiti. Anseye Pou Ayiti (APA) is a movement to equip a new generation of Haitian civic leaders for educational justice in Haiti. APA equips its program participants and graduates – including teacher-leaders, students, parents, and school leaders – to transform classrooms and communities. Since 2015, 215 Haitian teacher-leaders have been recruited and reached more than 9,000 students across 84 partner schools – tripling community outcomes, including an 85% pass rates; encouraging collaborative community development projects; and equipping students, parents, and neighbors as civic leaders. The classroom is the unit of execution, and the community is the unit of change. APA is rooted in appreciating the assets of culture, customs, and community, and redefining leadership as being rooted in collective action.
April 28, 2020
E04 A Haitian American Women's perspective from Philadelphia to Haiti & Operating a Rural Hospital
It's with the most up most pleasure that we welcome to Jessica Laguerre to the podcast.  She will forever hold the distinction of being our first women guest. And given her important work of running a hospital in Artibonite that services over 350,000 Haitians.  We are very happy to have her provide her prospective on this 4th epsiode of our podcast. Jessica Laguerre is the 6th child of a large family of 8, Jessica moved to Philadelphia in her early teenage years. With a vision and intent to return home and a passion for advocacy, Jessica remained closely connected to her country of birth by completing internships, research projects/thesis, on subject matters prevalent to Haiti’s development.  Currently, based out of Deschapelles, Jessica is the Administrative Chief of Staff at Hôpital Albert Schweitzer (HAS) where she works as a strategic advisor to the CEO while providing day-to-day operational support for the success of the institution.  Jessica comes to HAS with Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Sociology from California University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Science in Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University. While pursuing her master degree at Case Western Reserve, Jessica was selected as a Leadership Fellow. As a fellow, she received two years of training emphasized on evidence-based practices and leadership development for social change. Upon completion of her master’s degree Jessica returned to Haiti in August of 2018. In many ways, Jessica views her return to Haiti as inevitable due to her passion, her connection to Haiti, and her already existing support system to facilitate such transition.  When not in Deschapelles, Jessica spends her time visiting family in Port-au-Prince and in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  to donate and support the development and medical efforts of Albert Schweitzer Hospital. In country job boards discussed:;;
April 23, 2020
E03: Moving to Haiti after the earthquake and the opportunities in media
Today we are having a chance with an original OG of the Haitian Diaspora who have returned to be physically in Haiti.  And his experience after moving fulltime to Haiti in 2016, he talks about the capacity to live the dual life in Haiti and America and the opportunities that exist in media in Haiti. A bit more on Pascal.  Pascal Antoine is a media entrepreneur, video editor, producer, and voice-over actor. A graduate of  The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he was born in Paris, France and raised in Brooklyn New York by Haitian parents. After a life-changing trip to Haiti in January 2010, right after the devastating earthquake which crippled the country and took the lives of thousands, he founded HaitiXchange Digital Media ( to concentrate on the production of various media and video projects. Today, Pascal spends most of his time between the U.S. and Haiti, following a lifelong desire to contribute to the Haiti’s advancement from the source itself. More of his work can be found at You're in-store to a great episode.
April 16, 2020
E2:  Living in Cap Haitien and being a Digital Nomad in Haiti"
This episode we are being joined by Junior JB. He holds a degree in psychology and philosophy. Initially interested in primary and secondary education, and worked as a teacher for a few years before returning to Haiti. He took advantage of summers off to go back-and-forth between Haiti and the US, but soon realized summers were not enough as he wanted out of the so-called rat race. After challenges finding steady work in the local job market, and not keen on starting my own business,he started aggressively pursuing the idea of working remotely. Family is from PAP originally but he decided to relocate to Cap-Haitien for many reasons, mostly because it is the one other area of the country he had visited most often and where he felt most comfortable being long-term. He is actively pursuing initiatives at the local level in Haiti, but striking the right balance has proven challenging. He has joined us to discuss digital nomad and his experience with the transition to Haiti.
April 09, 2020
E01: Who We Are And Our Haitian American Experience Living in Haiti
Many Haitian Americans are interested in moving back to Haiti.  Our account is to provide information on that experience, from A to Z from our specific relatable experiences.  There is a lot we wish we knew when we were looking to make the move back. The true aim of the show is to provide that resource.   And to provide insight for young Haitian nationals here who are also intrigued by the return of the diaspora. This episode is about an introduction about us the hosts, me SeeJeanty and Marc Antoine and a discussion on our past and what's next.
April 02, 2020