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Miracle Workers: A Podcast for Meeting Planners by Meeting Planners.

Miracle Workers: A Podcast for Meeting Planners by Meeting Planners.

By Amanda and Darryl
Hi, I'm Amanda and I'm a Meeting Planner. Hi, I'm Darryl and I'm also a meeting planner. We created this pod to talk about the world of meetings and events from the planner's perspective. Join us as we talk about everything from Wi-Fi pricing to last-minute requests for kosher, vegetarian, gluten-free, low-salt meals.
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EP 08: Let's Get Virtual

Miracle Workers: A Podcast for Meeting Planners by Meeting Planners.

EP 08: Let's Get Virtual

Miracle Workers: A Podcast for Meeting Planners by Meeting Planners.

EP 27: Who are You and Why are You at My Table?
Darryl and Amanda are back. But not just on the podcasting machine...they are back in person. No Zoom window here. Join them as they discuss what their ideal virtual meeting component looks like, talk baseball, business travel, plumbing, and even egg rolls. This is the episode you’ve been waiting for (if you’re really bored). Links Mentioned on the Show PCMA Foundation: Meeting Industry Fund: Our guests are sponsored by Bright Box Bakery (
June 20, 2021
EP26: But How Am I Going to Budget for Hybrid??
Everybody is talking about hybrid meetings but where do you begin? Most of us start with the budget, but if you’ve never produced a hybrid meeting what do you need? Our special guest, Shayna Moskowitz, the  Director of Meetings and Event Technology with Part 2 Events (, breaks down the items that every planner should consider and some of the things she’d have on her “unlimited budget” event. Amanda bails out partway through to make Darryl feel more paranoid and our guests from MPI-Potomac’s ReConEx conference ask some great questions. TAKEAWAYS 1: Set your event goals up before anything else and stick to them with every decision 2: When budgeting for hybrid, think about both audiences and each unique experience. 3: Budget not only for the content but consider the exhibits and networking as well 4: Think about how to work additional sponsorship opportunities into your budget (interview desk, mobile app/event platform) 5: Can you expand your typical audience with the virtual side or use their in-person experience to sell memberships/upgrades? Links Mentioned on the Show PCMA Foundation: Meeting Industry Fund: Our guests are sponsored by Bright Box Bakery (
April 18, 2021
EP25: Well That Was a Year
We’re a year into what we never thought could ever happen. When will we return to face-to-face meetings?  What will “Normal” look like?  Why are you asking us? Do you think we just sit around our offices with a crystal ball?  What are we some sort of Miracle Workers? Well, yes, we are but even with those credentials, we can’t predict the future. What we can do is do our best to predict what might happen when we go back to in-person meetings. That includes liability protection, should we require vaccinations, what about the other groups in the venue. And we have barely even touched on our awesome new coffee cups... Takeaways: 1:  There’s no right answer about WHEN we are safe to return to in-person 2:  Insert yourself as a part of the discussion about returning in person 3: Have an honest conversation with your venue about room 2 space, health practices, and financials BEFORE you make a decision 4:  Just because you’re meeting safely, there’s no guarantee about those around you . You almost need to be doubly safe 5. Derrick Johnson, because we haven’t mentioned him yet today, and I don’t want his feelings to get hurt. Links Mentioned on the Show PCMA Foundation: Meeting Industry Fund: Our guests are sponsored by Bright Box Bakery (
March 24, 2021
EP24: You're a Meeting Planner. Now What?
Are you an accidental meeting planner (like Darryl and Amanda), or did you plan...get it…” plan” be a planner all along?  Well no matter how you got here, you’re here now and it’s time to own it. But what happens when you want to move up or are forced to move out and onto a new position or even a new career entirely?  Our guest GiGi Blair is a professional career coach and she will walk us through some powerful first steps into making our professional visions a reality. This special “live-ish” episode was recorded in front of a virtual-studio audience from the MPI Virginia Chapter! Takeaways: Accept the fact that work has changed/is changing, sit with reality, and live in that truth. Take time to grieve if you need. Think like an entrepreneur, "If it is to be, it is up to me!" Create a vision board. Start thinking about what your core values/needs are. Also, consider joining a group of like-minded folks (a mastermind group). Build your personal brand: A=appearance, B=behavior, C=Communication If you are looking to make a change don’t forget about your hobbies or interests. There may be something of value that you can pull from to launch a new career. Links Mentioned on the Show PCMA Foundation: Meeting Industry Fund: Gigi Blair, Career Coach:    Email: Our guests are sponsored by Bright Box Bakery ( Thank you to the #MPIVirginia Chapter for their questions and patience to sit through this taping!
March 7, 2021
Ep 23: Take Stock Of Your Health (Part 1: Physical Health)
Our focus is laser-locked on making sure our attendees have a great time at our events. Do they have enough to eat? Are they comfortable in those chairs? What can I do to make their lives better? But what about us? When did you take time out to look at your own health? In this episode, we explore just that. Our special guest, Patty Stern (, tells the story of how she finally took stock of her physical well-being (hint: it took a heart attack to get there). Meeting planning must be a stressful job. This is the second straight episode we’re talking about it (and not the last either). Takeaways: Find time to exercise, even a walk around the block can make a difference. Be that CEO that’s in the gym early. You are just as important. If you have to put it on your calendar to do it, fine! Take responsibility for yourself, colleagues, and others on site. Make sure to give some thought about what you and your team will be eating on site. Advocate for your health and never feel embarrassed about going to the emergency room multiple times if you don’t “feel right”. Proactively build your medical team and take full responsibility to stay on top of your medical records. Links Mentioned on the Show PCMA Foundation: Meeting Industry Fund: Most Stressful Jobs In America: Our guests are sponsored by Bright Box Bakery (
February 23, 2021
EP22: React vs. Respond
Did you know meeting planning is one of the top 5 most “high-stress jobs”?  Of course, you have, it’s one of 12 reasons that I have very little hair left!  Have you ever been ankle-deep in planning and that board member, or your boss, comes to you with yet another change?  What do you do? Do you rip them a new one and say that you hope they get hit by a bus and then a steamroller and then the USC marching band...oh wait that was the end of The Naked Gun. A better move is to take a deep breath and not just react but carefully respond.  Today’s guest Molly Marsh from AMR Management Services walks us through this process and leaves us with some tips on how to keep our cool when all we want to do is rip someone’s head off! Takeaways: Reaction is the first thing we feel.(fight or flight). The trick is to stop your internal voice from coming out and taking the pause to think through a proper response. This can apply to almost any interaction. It’s particularly good with professional environments where you’re being judged instantaneously. Be careful of body language for video conferences. Turn off your camera for a moment if you need. PLACE (Pause, Label, Ask, Choose, Empower) Links Mentioned on the Show PCMA Foundation: Meeting Industry Fund:
February 8, 2021
EP21: DIVE Right In: Event Design Mapping
Welcome to 2021!  It’s a new year but Darryl is still taking things too literally. Amanda talks him off the diving board and back into pants as they welcome Shawn Cheng of the MCI Group to talk about Event Mapping and the D.I.V.E methodology. Takeaways: Event Mapping is a great way to design your event so it follows a specific path resulting in higher attendee engagement and satisfaction Even if you have the same meeting every year, design thinking and event mapping can help. Go back and look at your objectives. For example, has your target audience changed? How are you designing your event for them? Which Platform is the 3rd question. If you don’t have a strategy you need to create one. Then the journey then the platform. Shawns Best Engagement Idea: Give people more choice in how they engage: some like to say hello and then go back to checking email. Event planners have to use multiple options: chat, 1-1 meetings, verbal feedback, polls DIVE System ( Define: agenda, target audience, success factors (KPI) Ideate: experience touchpoints, look at the bigger picture to find the best solution (virtual, hybrid, face to face) Visualize: plan the user experience journey and tailor the way your events will connect with the audiences Engage: How do you create the “WOW!” and how do you expect the audience to respond. To connect directly with Shawn, visit him at: Links Mentioned on the Show Mental Health Screening: PCMA Foundation:  Meeting Industry Fund: Opening Theme: The Universe and my so-called life by Hans Atom (c) copyright 2014 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: Fireproof Babies
January 25, 2021
EP20: It's a Clip Show
2020 has FINALLY come to an end. Amanda and Darryl would have liked to provide a full fresh episode to send you out on but instead, they mailed it in and gave you a clip show. You should be grateful you got anything other than a lump of coal!   Listen as they look back on 2020, share some behind-the-scenes clips and talk bout their news year's resolutions.  Stay for the end where the US Marine Corps Band takes us out with their version of "Auld Lang Syne". Coronavirus and Financial Support Resources: Discount for MPI-Potomac Chapter members to either renew or sign up for new MPI Memberships: "GIFT20" ($75 of renewals or $125 off new memberships) good until 12/31/20 PCMA Foundation: Meeting Industry Fund:
December 21, 2020
EP 19: We're Thank-Full
In this episode we give thanks to all of you out there listening, our awesome guests (yes, Derrick Johnson), and for the great community of #meetingplanners who have allowed us to do this for this first year! We wish you a happy, healthy, and especially, safe Thanksgiving this year! A special thanks to Sheli, Jan, Shameka, Terry, and Linda for calling in with your messages of thanks!
November 24, 2020
EP 18: Pandemic Compliance Advisors
This week Amanda and Darryl learn all about the new Pandemic Compliance Advisor course being offered by the team over at Health Education Services ( They interview the creators/facilitators: Heather Seasholtz, CMP, DES, Mary-Ann Urbanovich, MS, CMP-HC and Shannon Majewski, CMP, CMM, HMCC. Sure there's lots of talk of duty (not doody) of care but so much more goes into this new role. Listen to learn more and for information on upcoming courses. Takeaways: 1) Pandemic Compliance Advisor is not the same as the meeting planner. You have to allocate somebody to this position. 2) Duty of care is the most important thing. Remember back to the Due Diligence section of your CMP training. 3) To get the latest guidance, look to your CVB partners, look to local health officials and take into consideration what may change between now when you’re planning and then when you show up on site. 4) Think about things that may never change. We will most likely always keep hand sanitizer on the registration desk and perhaps buffets will turn into action stations If you need help during these tough times or if you are fortunate enough to help others, please consider these organizations for the meetings and events industry: MPI Foundation: PCMA Foundation: Meeting Industry Fund:
November 16, 2020
EP 17: Using Events to Change the World (Part III - All The Colors: Supporting the LGBT Community)
We round out our 3-part series on "Using Events to Change the World" by taking a look into discrimination based on sexual identity and orientation.  Our guests for this rather long (but ultra-important) conversation: David Jefferys, Executive Director/CEO of the LGBT Meeting Professionals  Association (LGBTMPA) Alex Carvalho-Lukachova, CMP; Sr. Meeting Planner with Kasier Permanente Together we explore both overt and subverted biases against the LGBT community as well as ways to combat them using our wallets, our brains, and our collective power.  We also talk about the merits of dog pee and realize that recording this episode so late in the evening on a workday has made Darryl a little more loopy than usual.   Takeaways: Respect everybody and let them present themselves the way they want Be direct and ask questions, but then sit back and listen so you can learn As with other areas of inclusion and diversity, money carries a lot of weight we should make sure to be spending our event dollars with groups and cities that promote equality Conversations are uncomfortable but we have to push to have those discussions. The more you see something the more normal it becomes. And the more normal and regular we can make our guests and teammates feel. We can take the lead! Customer Service is everything Some groups you join and others you are born into. Embrace it! Connect with the LGBTMPA: If you need help during these tough times or if you are fortunate enough to help others, please consider these organizations for the meetings and events industry: MPI Foundation: PCMA Foundation: Meeting Industry Fund:
November 4, 2020
EP 16: Using Events to Change the World (Part II - Girl Talk)
Darryl shuts up for (almost) an entire episode and Amanda gets to interview two of her best industry friends.  Join us for a "girl talk" episode covering what it's like to be a woman in this business and all the pitfalls they have to navigate, and the celebrations they get to enjoy!  We're joined by Iby Seltzer ( and Andrias White ( ).  Takeaways: 1) Know the value of your time. It’s not about just being fair. You have to make sure you are meeting your costs and goals 2) Set Boundaries. We all want to be responsive but if our clients know they can call us anytime, then we are not getting that downtime/recharge time needed for good mental and physical health. 3) Seek Out a Mentor. Look for somebody different from you (gender, race, ethnicity, geographic location, even in a different industry) 4) Be Aware of Your Language (both audible and physical). Many of us don’t intend to hurt others but our words are not perceived the way we think they will be. Also, think of your audience and how they react. Links Mentioned In Today's Show: MPI Foundation: PCMA Foundation: Meeting Industry Fund:
October 5, 2020
EP 15: What We Did On Summer Vacation
Summer is over and Amanda and Darryl are back at it. Come hear how they spent their summers and what meeting-related lessons they learned.  No  take-aways this week, just good clean recapping fun! Links Mentioned In Today's Show: MPI Foundation: PCMA Foundation: Meeting Industry Fund:
September 14, 2020
We're On a Break!
Dear Meeting Planners, We haven't forgotten about you. We haven't left you hanging. We will be back!   We are taking a little break and will be back with new episodes in September.  Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Planning and we love all of you, Amanda and Darryl
August 19, 2020
EP 14: Using Events to Change The World (Part 1)
We are launching a 3-part series on how, as planners, we can use our meetings and events to call out inequalities and help change the world. We don't always think of our events in the larger community and can easily get comfortable and pigeon-holed into doing things just one way. In these episodes, we want all planners to think in terms of race, sexual identity, and gender identity to find ways to not only hold the great events we're known for but to also be agents for change! In our first segment, we interview Derrick Johnson, CMP, DES (Director of Event Strategy & Chief Diversity Officer with the Talley Management Group, Inc.) and Emee Pumarega, CMP (Owner, EJP Events) to get their take on how we can call out racism and work towards more equitable and caring practices.  Take-Aways: Diverse voices can change and elevate. Is your team diverse and representative of your community? When did “YOU” get involved? Is it a couple of months or many years?  It doesn’t really matter as long as you’re committed to positive change. Come into all situations with an open heart and mind. It’s not enough to be against racism. You have to strive to be anti-racist. Check that your content (speakers and material) applies equally across all audiences.  Your diverse audience will leave if you are not representing them or they don’t see themselves on stage. Do business with people who are trying to do good and elevate others. The power of our pocketbooks/wallets is one of the most powerful tools we have. Impact ourselves, our communities and our professional world. It takes just one person to start that conversation. Links Discussed: Human Rights Campaign's Equality Index: Masks R Cool Custom Face Masks: PCMA Foundation Relief Fund:  Meetings Industry Relief Fund:
July 2, 2020
EP 13: Think Inside the Box. F&B after Covid-19
Are you hungry for F&B news?  Are buffets dead? Can we make boxed-meals fun? This week Amanda and Darryl talk with food allergy expert and certified meeting manager, Tracy Stuckrath, CSEP, CMM, CHC, CFPM of Thrive Meetings and Events ( about what we can expect in Food and Beverage when our in-person meetings come back.  As she says, “I’m passionate in helping you not offend or kill people with the food you serve.” Take-aways:  1. F&B will look different as we return to in-person meetings 2. Boxed meals don’t have to be boring. 3. It will be more difficult to accommodate last-minute requests 4. Communicate your plans & preparation to attendees - knowledge is key  5. Ask to renegotiate F&B minimums 6. Consider alternatives to big group meals - gift cards for coffee, vouchers for meals at local places 7. Determine if your F&B is really necessary - can you start later or end earlier and have people get their own meals? Coronavirus and Financial Support Resources: MPI Coronavirus Resources: EIC Coronavirus Resources: MPI Foundation: PCMA Foundation: Meeting Industry Fund:
June 14, 2020
EP 12: More Virtual Platforms (Less High Dives!)
We were going to just give you an extra segment on virtual platforms but got so many messages from planners who wanted to share that we turned this into a bonus episode!   This week we interview Nancy and Amanda (another one) who tell us about their experiences with vFairs, Facebook Live, Zoom, and Remo.   Do you have an experience with a virtual event platform that you'd like to share with your fellow meeting planners?  Drop us a line at: and let us know about your search for a platform and how your event went and we'll get you on a future episode! 1
June 1, 2020
EP 11: Virtual Platforms High Dive
Amanda and Darryl talk with several meeting professionals who have pivoted their in-person meeting to a virtual one and we discuss the platforms they used and how they made their selection. Take-aways: 1. Determine your needs before you start looking; 2. Check out a variety of offerings; 3. Don’t buy more then you need – there are plenty of options out there; 4. Know that there are different ways to accomplish the same goal – one-stop-shop or putting together a few products; 5. Check references & actually speak to people who have used the platform; 6. Don’t be afraid to negotiate Platforms mentioned in the show: Innovia ( Freeman: ( Coronavirus and Financial Support Resources: MPI Coronavirus Resources: EIC Coronavirus Resources: MPI Foundation: PCMA Foundation: Meeting Industry Fund:
May 26, 2020
EP 10-HIGHLIGHT: Annette Gregg, MPI Senior Vice President of Experience Interview
We have gotten some great feedback on the latest episode of the podcast. Many people writing in wanted to see if we could post the interview with Annette Gregg, MPI’s Senior VP of Experience as it’s own highlight. We’re nothing if not receptive to our listeners, so here you go. Take a listen as Annette discusses her perspective on what in-person events will look like when we return.
May 7, 2020
EP 10: Where Do We Go From Here? The Immediate Future of In-Person Meetings
Amanda and Darryl continue the discussion of getting back to in-person meetings and what they will look like when it’s safe to meet again. They interview Lindsay Gold, CMP Director of Meetings and Events at Associated Builders and Contractors on her group’s move of their annual meeting to September in Nashville and Meeting Professionals International (MPI), Senior Vice President for Experiences, Annette Gregg, CMM, MBA to get an industry view of our soon to be reality. Take-Aways: Meetings will come back but it will take time and it will look different based on location, industry, and format Venues will need to be more flexible when it comes to contracting (cancellation and room-to-space ratios), spacing, sanitizing, pricing (wifi/bandwidth) and being empathetic to guest needs Planners need to think about their whole audience and plan for less people in the same space and for a virtual audience. Our professional groups can continue to support us by sharing best practices and guidelines for planners dealing with concerned audiences, increased liability, and in some cases loss of work. RESOURCES/LINKS Mike Dominguez, ALHI, on meetings starting up this summer (via The Eventful Podcast): What do conferences look like post Covid-19 (via MPI Coronavirus Resources: EIC Coronavirus Resources: MPI Foundation: PCMA Foundation: Meeting Industry Fund:
May 5, 2020
EP 09: Are You Certifiable?
Amanda and Darryl start Zooming for this week’s episode. Now that they can see each other they begin to discuss the benefits, cost, and time of getting professionally certified. Then they welcome Anne to talk about her experiences getting her CMP and another certification. Get ready for some extra letters after your name and some new business cards! Take-Aways: Understand the different types of certifications and who offers them Is the certification needed? Is it worth the money? What about the time? What about the digital/virtual certifications especially in light of our current times.
April 20, 2020
EP 08: Let's Get Virtual
Amanda starts off by explaining to Darryl that the show is being recorded virtually, which he eventually comes to understand. Then they go on to talk about how the industry is pivoting to virtual meetings. What are the differences and how should planners take on virtual events? Plus an interview with Heather S. on how she took her client’s event virtual and what she’s learned from the process.  NOTE: We apologize for the audio quality during this show as we work out some of the technical challenges in recording remotely.  Take-Aways: Understand what works well in a virtual setting and what doesn’t but don’t be afraid to disrupt. Come prepared with a full list of questions for any vendor you speak with. Including how you can keep sponsorships and create new opportunities to feature your partners. Make sure your speakers are comfortable with the format. Test. test. test. Quality is key. Save everything Links: How to Create Engaging Virtual Meetings (via BCD Events): Engagement Strategies for Virtual and Hybrid Events (via The Expo Group):
April 13, 2020
EP 07: You Are What You Read
Amanda and Darryl talk books, books, and more books as they try to fill their time not planning meetings during this crazy period. They interview Jillian Cardinal of the Eventprofs Book Club to hear how she created an online community of event professionals reading and sharing insights on books for the industry. Take-aways:  1) Use this time for some great reading and professional development. 2) Use book clubs to have discussions and further your understanding of the material. 3) Keep track of what you’re reading so you can share with others. 4) Don’t feel like you just have to read about your industry. Great information comes from everywhere. The Eventprofs Book Club: Books Mentioned on the Show: Designing Your Life: The Art of Gathering: Dare to Lead: This is Marketing: Out of the Shadows: Start with Why: Let the Story Do the Work: Heads in Beds: Cruise Confidential: The 48 Hour Relationship Retreat:
March 29, 2020
EP 06: Cancellations...The C-Word!
In this episode, Amanda and Darryl practice social distancing while talking about all the cancellations in the meetings industry. They each share stories of their recent cancellations and Stacey joins to tell the story of canceling her association’s meeting.  During the discussion, we learn some tips for having difficult conversations with your venue and vendors, as well as with your attendees, speakers and industry partners. Plus some lessons learned that can make our contracts stronger going forward. Amanda and Darryl also share some resources for planners who need financial help in these tough times and places where we can donate money to help. Take-Aways: 1 Canceling doesn’t mean you failed. 2 Venues/Vendors: Use Force Majeure if you can; if you can’t try to reschedule and reapply funds. If there is no flexibility… 3 Use the money for something good: donate food to food banks or volunteer groups. 4 Communicate with your attendees. Be honest and remind them their health and safety comes first. 5 Strengthen your contracts for the future. 6 Take a deep breath and do something for you. Resources: PCMA Foundation Relief Fund: Meetings Industry Relief Fund: Independent Meeting Planners, if you need help (or can help others), please email us so we can help organize: World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 Guidance: Centers for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 Guidance:
March 17, 2020
EP 05: CVB -Y
Amanda and Darryl head down to Destinations Showcase in Washington, DC to talk CVBs. They sit down with the heads of PCMA and Destinations International as well as several planners to hear about what CVBs can do and how planners like to work with them. Plus there's an update on the great work being done by the PCMA Foundation Industry Fund and a new Win of the Week. Take-Aways: CVBs offer a lot of services for free They represent all the venues in an area and are not playing favorites or financial interests. They Can play a big role in setting up site visits as well as offering marketing assistance for your meetings. PCMA Industry Relief Fund Remember to donate to the PCMA Industry Relief Fund and help those professionals in need:
February 26, 2020
EP 04: RFP (Really Frustrating Process)
Meeting venue RFPs and the bids that they elicit are one of the things that we, as planners, hate the most. Amanda and Darryl provide some tips that planners can use to make the RFP process better focused and get more detailed bids back. We also launch the “win of the week” feature. This episode’s takeaways are: 1. Be realistic about timing/deadline and concessions 2. Provide as much detail as possible and ask important questions 3. Know the value of your business 4. Involve the local's free!!! 5. Make your asks now (sustainability, discounts, terms) 6. Make sure you can actually materialize the business. This is a 2-way street! 7. Respond to all hotels
February 10, 2020
EP 03: You Get a Panel. Everybody Gets a Panel
Darryl starts by man-splaining diversity until Amand reminds him this is not a “Man-al” We all want to diversify but how do you do it and why is it so important to your event?  Also, are you just looking at the stage or do you consider the audience too? This episode’s takeaways are: Actively try to diversify your speakers Set a good example by diversifying your staff, board, leadership structure Set the stage for inclusion early on. Email your attendees and encourage them to come ready to share Coach your speakers and moderators so they are ready to embrace the diversity you’re setting up. Also, think about the staging Diversify your audience too. Can your sponsors set up scholarships to help those who can’t afford to get there?
January 27, 2020
EP 02: It's Not Easy Going Green
It’s not easy going green...or is it?  In this episode, Amanda and Darryl discuss some low and no-cost options for greening your meeting and tips for highlighting your sustainability impact. This episode’s takeaways are: Get buy-in from the stakeholders in your organization/team. Start early in the RFP/site/contracting process Try some or all of our low/no-cost suggestions Think about how to celebrate your successes. Can you get more buy-in with a good track record? Bonus: From Natalie Lowe, "The Sustainable Planner", a simple checklist of the 5 R’s to audit and determine how to improve the sustainability of your event. They are: Refuse to use, Replace, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. You can download the 5 R template in Excel and customize it for your needs. Small properties are having difficulty going green via Skift:
January 13, 2020
EP 01: An Audio Visual Primer for Meeting Planners (What is that thing on my bill?)
Have you ever read a quote from an A/V vendor and said, “Huh?” Yeah, we get it. Not many of us like to deal with A/V but it’s a necessary part of many meetings and events. In this episode, Amanda and Darryl break down the world of audiovisual equipment and give you some practical tips for how to better understand your bill and get that final number more in line with your budget. Session Take-Aways: Think about what you want to accomplish at your event. What A/V do you need?  What don’t you really need? Always consult with an expert when planning your A/V. Establish a relationship with an outside A/V vendor. They can help even if you don’t use their services. Think about how can you do more with less. Think about lighting and audience size instead of just the latest and greatest technology. Always push back when you get a quote. Make sure you know what you’re paying for/try to negotiate A/V bill at the same time as the hotel contract. Article, “An AV Crash Course for Meeting Planners” Song: Fredji - Happy Life (Vlog No Copyright Music)  Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.  Video Link:
December 30, 2019
Trailer-Miracle Workers
This is the trailer. This is only a trailer. Had this been a real episode it would have been longer. But stay tuned as we drop the first two episodes before Christmas. Listen for "An A/V Primer for Planners" and "It's Not Easy Going Green".
December 8, 2019