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Jos Boys

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By Missing in Architecture
Through this Podcast series titled Peripheral Visions we would like to provoke and promote the investigation of architecture through a wider lens.
The themes that will frame the series are:

• Gender/Orientation
• Disability/ Inclusive design
• Environment
• Politics
• Education
• Transformation and Conservation
• Future for Practice
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Jos Boys
DOING DIS/ABILITY DIFFERENTLY IN ARCHITECTURAL EDUCATION AND PRACTICE Jos Boys/The DisOrdinary Architecture Project Trained in architecture, Jos Boys' interests include learning spaces and the social aspects of architecture and design, explored through research, journalism, teaching, photography, community-based practice and consultancy. She was co-founder of Matrix feminist architects and has written extensively on relationships between gender and architecture. More recent projects have been concerned with exploring how to open up 'discursive spaces' that enable different articulations of material landscapes to intersect critically and creatively.  This is about making a difference; both by informing wider debates around the design of the built environment, and by improving the quality of experiences of architecture and space for disadvantaged and marginalised groups in society. Jos is now involved in a series of educational and community-based collaborations exploring how to re-think relationships between architecture and disability, in particular with the group Architecture-InsideOut (www.architecture-insideout.co.uk). This has included an Arts Council funded project bringing together disabled and Deaf artists as tutors with interior architecture students at the University of Brighton, entitled Discursive Spaces (www.discursivespaces.co.uk) and a CETLD-funded research project developing new kinds of resources on disability for architectural tutors and students called So What is Normal? (www.sowhatisnormal.co.uk). Also see her website at www.josboys.co.uk.
March 19, 2019
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