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The ObamaCast

The ObamaCast

By The ObamaCast
(Used to be The Quack Podcast) We are now the ObamaCast. The staff, members, and friends of The 1.15.2 Java Minecraft server, , sit and talk about life, news, and what ever else is going on in the world today. We hope you enjoy and leave us suggestions!
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The ObamaCast: Episode 3- Some New Faces!
In this Episode, Michael, Ben, Kinlee, Dalton, and Mateo sit down with some new faces known as Soup (Omar), Kyle, and Kayleigh. They talk about future plans for the Minecraft Server, As well as their pets, favorite snacks, most embarrassing moments and more!
May 19, 2020
The ObamaCast: Episode 2-Quackistan? More like WACKistan
Einstein, Bolivia, Serbia, Stalin, Falklands, The Real Iceland, Greenland, and Special Guest Mao sit down and talk about why Quackistan is Wack.
March 1, 2020
Episode One: The Beginning of Something Beniful
Hi guys! Welcome to the first episode of the Quack! Follow us on Twitter @TheQuackPodcast!!
February 26, 2020