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What to Charge & Pricing Issues

An episode of Personal Training Mentor - Kate Martin

By Kate Martin
Welcome to the Personal Training Mentor channel. We discuss fitness and health business tips, and all things to help raise the conciousness of the world, while building a business with a difference.
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Clients Leaving = Feels Like Breaking Up?!
When a client cancels their training, do you find yourself upset? (Even if they are leaving town so it's legitimate...). Well most female coaches care a lot so this IS how it feels, even if the break up is for real reasons. Here are some ways to handle it and know that you are doing a great job regardless of a few people dissapearing. (Note; there must not be more people leaving than staying, or pretty soon you'll have no business. So here we discuss the stats you DO need to make sure your business improves, regardless of if people leave). For more info like this see Kate's blog;
June 21, 2019
What to Charge & Pricing Issues
Do you question your prices when you are launching a new product or service? You may be experienced and it may simply be a new product or service but even that makes you question your worth, and/or it's value. Or you may be new to the industry so you might want to 'ask (lots of) people' or compare yourself with other similar people in the industry. Here I discuss common mistakes and ideas of how to price yourself and launch anything (from scratch), no matter your industry experience. To contact Kate or see more content of hers go to or email her at to ask her a question. Thanks for listening please share this with someone who will get something from it and lets empower more females in business.
June 18, 2019
Talking retreats, outsourcing, online programs, posting and sales - Content from inside the coaching
People often ask what happens while working with me, well here's some of what we discussed on todays coaching call. We discuss launching and marketing retreats, outsourcing using admin and hiring other coaches, running online and face to face low end and VIP programs, posting and what works best to sell and why the consumers results come first - Content from inside the coaching call with Kate Martin, the Personal Training Mentor and business coach for Fitpro's wanting to leave a legacy.
June 4, 2019
Marketing Secrets around Money and Value for Fitpro's
Many quality fitness professionals are missing the mark with their marketing and therefore ability to attract and convert more clients. Here I discuss the missing link to understanding their value and actually communicating that with the client
May 6, 2019
Insights from inside todays coaching conversations - Sales prices, stress, marketing & implementaion
Here I've given you some of the insights gained from the conversations with clients in todays coaching call. We discussed many things from; increasing your prices and the comfort zone, stress and it's impact on your sleep (even as a health coach). Overseas events, marketing in detail with mailing lists and social media, then all the way back to mediation, meditation moving house, business and single mum life. Whoaa, looking forward to hearing the outcomes of all of this. For more info from Kate make sure you are in the free facebook group for coaches, that's here; or to apply to speak to Kate go to
May 1, 2019
Fear in Business and Using Feminine Power to Overcome it
Fear in business and using feminine power to overcome it. For more info and tips on growing your personal training or coaching business see
April 30, 2019
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