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The Queen’s Throne

The Queen’s Throne

By Gina
The Queen’s Throne is about life and how to navigate through it. We’re talking all things anxiety, fashion, and career advice covering all of the bases. We’ll be covering a wide array of topics- light and heavy. My relationship and life advice will help motivate you to be strong and make the right choices for your development. Cheers to ambition and confidence!
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The Male Relationship With Mental Health ft. John & Matt from The Irregular Hour
Gina is joined by her two childhood buddies, John and Matt, for a podcast collaboration. John and Matt host “The Irregular Hour” (available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify). In this episode, the group discuss why men are less likely to ask for help with mental illness. Society’s standards for men in terms of dealing with their feelings are very harsh and not compassionate whatsoever. This stems from the overall negative connotation around mental illness as a whole. Why is it seen as a negative to get help? The media and entertainment are certainly partially to blame. Matt brings up an interesting point about how men tend to bottle up their problems to avoid them because talking about them brings negative feelings to the forefront. How can we encourage men to ask for help? In addition, Gina, John and Matt discuss how to set boundaries with friends to protect your space and mental health. A tough thing to recognize is when enough is enough. It’s crucial to cut the negativity out of your life. If you or a friend need help- please reach out. Therapy is a great option if it is affordable for you. The Hear Me app and Better Help are two free resources. You can follow Gina at @Queengina_4 on Instagram, Matt at @ _mattthomas and John at @johnbro69. Please check out John and Matt’s podcast to listen to another episode from this collaborative trio! Enjoy.
April 14, 2021
2020 in Hindsight: Critical Lessons & Human Rights ft. Gutty
This episode was recorded on January 2, 2021. This is a jam packed episode filled with advice! The host, Gina, is joined by her sister, Nicole, AKA Gutty, to discuss their 2020 hindsight. The topics in this episode are credited to Grace! Thank you Grace for submitting your questions! Within this episode, Gina & Gutty reflect and share the meaningful lessons they’ve learned in 2020 and how the year lead to their personal growth and development. The 2 sisters opened up about what it’s been like to have a parent with differing political views. Finally, they share advice on how to hold onto hope in 2021. Inevitably there are vulnerable stories shared and tons of banter. The discussions are heavy but there is also lighthearted chitchat! You can find them at @queengina_4 & @missnicolelaur on Instagram. Also you can follow Gina’s small business @9.lives.thrift on Instagram! Thank you for listening.
April 05, 2021
Black Lives Matter - Featuring Yuri
*Explicit language used* We are at the beginning of a revolution here in America. The Black Lives Matter movement is gaining more and more momentum everyday. I invited a very strong and inspiring woman onto my show. Her name is Yuri and we’ve been friends for a long time. Yuri is fighting for the rights and equality of her black community by using her influential voice and sharing her experiences. We debrief the audience on what’s been going on and what lead to the riots and protests- the murders of George Floyd, Breona Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery are at the forefront of everyone’s minds BUT there have been many more innocent black people murdered at the hands of white people for the pure fact that these people are black. I also asked Yuri how white people can be allies to the black community. Yuri shares her raw experiences of racial injustice and racism she’s experienced. I am so honored to be friends with Yuri- a brave, courageous queen. I feel truly special that she accepted my invitation to come onto my podcast. I am fighting for black lives and equality for the black community. Justice. The statement “All lives matter” won’t hold true until Black lives matter.
June 04, 2020
My First Solo Trip
Hi all! As a woman with anxiety, it’s not easy for me to step outside of my comfort zone. I decided that it’s 2020, a new decade, and it’s time for me to spice things up. I booked a trip to LA, Cali on a whim. Quickly regretted my decision because some pretty heartbreaking news shook me. In this episode I discuss the benefits of taking a solo trip, overcoming anxiety when you’re on this trip & why I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy this short episode :)
February 02, 2020
Career Advice for College Students & Assistant Level Employees
Hi all! I have been working full time post grad for a year and a month now and it’s the perfect time to discuss tricks and tips to starting your career. In this podcast I will advise college students on how to land their dream job, what the transition feels like, and then how to stay sane at your full time job post grad. I hope you all enjoy this podcast and feel inspired to stay hungry and eager to learn and keep growing in your career!
November 25, 2019
Hello! Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about ghosting and how horrible it feels to get ghosted. Many of my friends have been sharing their experiences with me so I figured this was the perfect podcast topic to have some special guests! Two of my inspirational and strong coworkers join me to talk all things ghosting and share cringeworthy stories. Can we end ghosting? Why is everyone so ticked off about ghosting, but it still exists?! Let’s put a stop to this blasphemy.
November 04, 2019
Can Breakups Really Benefit You?
Hello all! In this episode I talk about relationships, breakups, and what happens after a breakup. I speak passionately about what to avoid in a relationship and discuss signs of unhealthy relationships. I touch on how badly breakups suck but how you can turn them into a learning experience to push your development to be even stronger and wiser. I even share my own personal experiences dealing with relationships and how I now have a “Queen mentality”. I hope you enjoy!
October 18, 2019
Anxiety: How to Get Through An Attack
Hello! In this episode you will hear me go through an anxiety attack LIVE. I talk about what I was feeling in the moment in real time. In hindsight, I discuss how I pushed through and coped. You can learn a lot from this episode if you’re suffering with anxiety on a daily basis.
October 18, 2019
Anxiety: Tips to Conquering Your Anxiety
Hi everyone! On my 2nd full episode, I share tips on how to deal and push through anxiety. I get deep into how anxiety has effected me for the past 18ish years and how I’m fighting through it. Dealing with anxiety is tough but with these tips and tricks, you will feel relief and accomplished. Thank you for listening!
September 20, 2019
Getting Deep With A Special Guest: GUTTY!
For my first episode, it’s only fitting to stick to what I know: Gitty & Gutty. We have our YouTube channel, but now she needs to be featured on my Podcast. In this sode we cover self-centered people, when to end a friendship, finding yourself, and touch upon anxiety. I hope you all enjoy :) Next episode we will talk all things anxiety.
August 18, 2019
The Queen’s Throne Episode 1: Introduction
Hi everyone! My name is Gina. This is my first podcast episode so go easy on me. I am starting a podcast because a lot of people ask me for advice on all things fashion, anxiety & work/career. I hope to share my “knowledge” and just shed some light on topics that aren’t discussed that often. I hope you enjoy!
August 11, 2019