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Ras Tafari: On The Brink

Ras Tafari: On The Brink

By On The Brink
Welcome to "On The Brink," where we retract the lessons past, apply what was gained to the present & prepare for the certainty of the future. Our main intent is to bring to the forefront the "Renaissance Rasta," to traverse this new world!!!
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* 2021 Summer Updates *
Gearing up for our “Ras Tafari: On the Brink” podcast SEASON #3 ; updates in the revamp of RasTafariSabbathical channel on YouTube;;; *NEW* publications ; videos; lectures ; world news & views etc. ; music ; featured artisans, authors, projects ; collective works ; and so much more‼️
May 27, 2021
Pre-4th Qtr Expectations, Hopeful Health Industry-Easing, & Fiscal Year Reckonings
The current pandemic seemingly continues to subside in the Western world but, makes other appearances in various places, while the West still attends to its shaky socio-economic, and geo-political instability.  Financial woes, lurk in the balance, while the world, for the most part, shakes off the dust of many crumbling institutions.  Join us, for.... (S.2 : Ep.34)
October 13, 2020
Light at the End of the Tunnel; But, Uncertainty Clouds Projections on the What on the Other Side...
As we seriously contemplate the reality of the calming, of the pandemic...virologists continue to analyze, economists continue to read into the numbers, policymakers continue to access the landscapes...but, our uncertainty still lingers. It’s becoming more clear that the changes that have taken place and those pending will push us, more to the side of a new atmosphere globally. Join us for (S.2 : Ep.33)
August 29, 2020
Qtr3 - Economic Signs of Life, Mitigating the Effects of the Financial Downturn
As the world continues on the road to recovery; we take account of the issues that still linger.  Taking in the lessons learned, there's no questioning the obvious adjustments that need to be addressed in a societal sense and we also notice/monitor the behavior of peoples in certain particular circumstances.  Beirut suffers an unexpected added pressure in these uncertain times, while the U.S., sees sign of economic life that haven't flashed signals in months.  Join us for,... (S.2 : Ep.32)
August 14, 2020
3rdQtr’s (Jul-Sept) Opening; Outbreak updates; & more international finance analysis
As the third quarter (July-Sept) of 2020, comes in, we see a rise in numbers of outbreak cases in the U.S., and only a few others places but, the projected second wave seemingly has started to surface already in select locations. To add-in, more dark speculation financial analysts insinuate that more international contraction of global economics will have to come to its head during these uncertain times. Moving into to the Summer-Fall/Autumn time of year, schools have halted resuming conventional study operations, corporations and business have taken higher precaution measures, and the medical field is still overly strained in most places around the world. Join us, as we try to make sense of what will come...(S.2 : Ep.31)
July 28, 2020
Half-Way Through Year 2020; & No One Knows What's Next???....
Standing at the midpoint, of year 2020, and ALL of the nuances and old-saying's ringing in our heads; LOUD & CLEAR!!!....How are we supposed to move forward now?  Some say, just press on...others exclaim, yield and retreat for sensibilities of assessing where are in time.  We now, see things in ways that we've might've never contemplated; whether that be, economically, socially, spiritually etc. etc.  This is time is our world has now clearly defined itself as another turning point, another crux, another pivotal moment...& yet, we're faced with a plethora of decisions to make about ourselves and regarding those we occupy space with.  Join us for, (S.2 : Ep. 30)
July 17, 2020
Pre-3rd Qtr., events & analysis
With so many wild happenings, in the first half of 2020 from certain predictions and patterns we’re all but, sure that the second half will be just as bleak. Old rivalries still fester, a changing world is still coming into view. The world we once knew is now transforming into something that’s been expected but, in content, blurred visions have been the results. But, we’ll explore the notions that have moved the needle forward in giving us a clear outlook into what may come down the line. Join us for (S.2 : Ep.29)
June 30, 2020
Re-Opening Seems To Have More Meaning Than One; In These Times...
As the world begins it’s reopening period, slowly but, surely; certain surges in biohazard outbreaks, though most numbers seem to turning the downside. But, health concerns are not only the issues that have festered up to this point. Join us for (S.2 : Ep.28)
June 19, 2020
End of 2nd Qtr., Updates & Results. [2020]
While the stains, of the outbreak, begin to shade away slightly, we still see surges in particular places of the U.S., along with others that initiated reopening; some say prematurely...?! Also, though, seemingly some states, counties and/or municipalities, began to get initiate reopening of economies to stabilize activity other states incidents sparked what clearly could become extended quarantine periods. Socioeconomics now, plunge into the forefront standing side-by-side with the current biohazard ☣️ issue. There’s an upheaval of changes arising inside the armed forces, although, their presence has been felt throughout the entirety of events taken place. Join us for,... (S.2 : Ep.27)
June 14, 2020
Restructuring of the World Over, is Now the Scheme-at-Large for Salvage
Now, we're seeing the slow re-opening of the nations most effected by this current outbreak situation; & the setting of a new world is seemingly settling in.  Has the entire population of the planet finally came to truly except things such as incremental plant-based diets, lessening the pollution of all elements (air, water, food supply etc.), and so on...? Only time will tell, but for now, we're entering very rapidly into the world anew with uncharted waters, undiscovered predictable outcomes, and only speculative social norms.  Join us for (S.2 : Ep.26)
May 30, 2020
We've at-the-least, Begun to see the Beginning Stages of the Restructuring of the "New Normal"
So, curves vary in fluctuation from the current situation that swept across the entire planet.  This scale of things hasn't been as prevalent since before the "Roaring 20s;"  according to credible analysts & formidable economists.  But, even in all its grandeur, this current pandemic has set standards that will from hence forth, has changed a considerable amount of adjacent sectors of the greater society.  We're clearly witnessing the greatest transfer of wealth, in our time, we're also experiencing probably the most prolific story of the 21st century, not to mention we've come to what should be known as the most pivotal moment of the technological age.  Join us, for (S.2 : Ep. 25) 
May 25, 2020
Rabbis Translating for Rastas???... & Cannabis Becoming a Medicine???...What Is the World Coming to? [pt.1]
So, while the current 'biohazard,' situation begins to subside (*somewhat*); some mentioning it could only be a first wave; there were quite a number of issues that came to the surface unbeknownst to the greater public.  While Cannabis/Marijuana, for years, generations even, had been classified by methods in order to marginalized it, as a product and those who partook in it, in anyway, speculators calculated that changes were overdue. We now, are experiencing not only, the end of a sort of, “Cannabis prohibition,” but, a turn of the century technological age, along with a slew of other social, and economic change. We’ve also attempted our best at sharing how within the Ras Tafari movement and collective, that things haven’t always been as they’ve seemed to be and many have ran with misinterpretations as factual but, in this information and technological age, this period quickly is coming to a close. So, join us for (S.2 : Ep.24)
May 03, 2020
* Interview: (Series) COMING FULL Interview w/ Ras Haile Yesus *
PLEASE, excuse our absence if you’re unaware that we usually take the time to observe the celebration 🎉 of the Judeo-Christian holyday of 🕎Passover🕎...but, this peculiar time begs the question, if ones of our ilk, have evermore pondered lately...What's Really Going with the Repatriated Ras Tafari in Ethiopia 🇪🇹 Haile Yesus comes in to answer a few of our questions in the reasoning & interview (snippets); COMING FULL Interview!!! Before the spread of the worldwide pandemic that is now known as "COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus)," we caught up with twelve year, repatriated Ras Haile Yesus. Though, ones know of the community in Shashamane, in the Oromiya [Oromo] region, in Ethiopia 🇪🇹, by way, of the “Shashamane Land Grant” of the Imperial Ethiopian establishment of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated (1937) in Harlem; Manhattan, New York. In just a few snippets we’ll explore the truths, falsehoods, and middle grey areas that ones have yet to verify or disregard. (S.2 : EP.23)  
April 21, 2020
Pre-Passover Message During a Pestilence [Apr.2020]
In so many ways, the explanations of the current pandemic has "muddied" the waters on an international scale.  We noticed how much the entire world is not fully prepared to handle such situations that could potentially effect so many, in such a short period of time.  Even, with our own personal convictions on what we're seeing and how it could be connected to so many other things, from so many perspectives,...we give time for reflection, critical analysis, and assessment...Especially, coming so close to such a memorable time in the year Easter (or truly known as Passover [ፋሲካ/פסח]...So, join us for (S.2 : Ep. 22)
April 05, 2020
Even, In This Quarantine-Period, the World to Continues to Spin...
After, seeing the current pandemic (COVID-19) stretch across the world even after, the discovery of quite a few premonitions from past observations and assessments, we've come to a crux.  Decisions by heads of state, shall and are being being made; the hearts and minds of people are being tested; but, most of all,...we're witnessing that preparation for the worst of times, even in the best of times, should be the M.O.(modus operandi), of the day, moving forward.   For those, who witnessed the 2008-09 Housing (Financial) Market Crash-Recession, there were great "take-home lessons," that were long-standing in ones minds.  Seeing such a monumental moment in time, leaving lasting impressions on how to properly monitor, manage, and assess certain operations in financial circles, many became very vigilant in increasing their knowledge, as a whole. Lessons are learned better in times where mistakes are made, but, prevention is the best option, in any case. Also, to be noted, while this immense crisis continues on; Life is still moving right along, and those more adept and prepared to deal with particular situations adequately are finding themselves very useful.  Those who've prepared themselves adequately, seem to be from what is available to them in these times of crisis, providing an example for those who haven't prepared in such ways. To, hear more of ehat we're speaking of,...Join us (S.2 : Ep. 21) 
March 29, 2020
What's Happening Under the Radar of the (Covid-19) Coronavirus Pandemic pt.2
While the (Covid-19) Coronavirus has reached a pandemic worldwide effect that's taking hold across the planet; they're things that still unresolved loosing conscious space in most people's attention.  We'll touch on a few things in the international space, to give ear to while wishing, hoping and praying that you ALL take care of yourselves and those around during this trying time...Continuing from our last podcast  Join us for (S.2 : Ep20)
March 22, 2020
What's Happening Under the Radar of the (Covid-19) Coronavirus Potential
While the (Covid-19) Coronavirus has a potential epidemic worldwide effect that's taking hold across the planet; they're things that are still unresolved that are loosing the conscious space in most people's attention.  We'll touch on a few things in the international space, to give ear to while wishing, hoping and praying that you ALL take care of yourselves and those around during this trying time.  Join us for (S.2: Ep19)
March 17, 2020
Rasta; Cannabis & Crypto Are Still the Avenues You Should Adapt to...2020 & Beyond
As I've mentioned before to many Ras Tafari, on many other platforms; where we find ourselves today in this technological age and seeing the geopolitical shifts across the world two progressive paths open up opportunities.  In the new legislation not only being spurred and has come to pass across the United States of America, but also in select places around the Earth we see the infrastructure needed for a legal and subsidized business model.  Given the social stigma that has slowly but, surely loss it prevalence in the USA, clearly has influenced other nations to follow suit and create markets where there were none.  Not enough, can be said about how Blockchain Technology has rapidly made impact around the world also, giving way to new innovations in healthcare, logistics, and of course, finance and economics.  But, as these proveribial wheels keep on turning and things change in major ways quickly, we are still yet in just the beginning stages of the birthing pangs of this brave new world we're seeing come to light.  (S.2 : Ep.18)
March 13, 2020
& the Plot Thickens...
Wars that were started for various reasons now, have lost their resonance and steam.  The greatest transfer of wealth in human history continues to roll on. The world we ALL knew, is most certainly NOT shaping up to find space in the world to come; Economically, Socially, Spiritually etc etc. Join us for (S.2 : Ep 17)
March 06, 2020
A Year of Transitions ???...
What a year?...2020 Continues to roll on and presents the coming tides that are turning the wheels in rapid fashion in all aspects of life around the world.  On the continent of Africa, Rwanda has not only emerged as a bustling and ambitious Tech-Hub of sorts, but makes strides in reversing the image of devastation from only a generation in the past.  In the U.S., while the mass of the population continues to 'split hairs,' along party lines, social morality, racial/ethnic lines, etc.; all amidst a push for impeachment of the incumbent executive officer of the wealthiest nation of the "free world."  Latin America, feel the effects of the geopolitical shifts of the centers of power, creating an entirely new dynamic in the region.  There's so much more to share here, but, for now... Join us for (S.1 : Ep.16)
February 24, 2020
2020 Assessments, Pojections & Social/Eco/Political Climate
As the first month of the new year rolls on, we watch as the politicial climate continues to shift and change in front us, from all ends.  Europe fights and scatches to find some leveling to the many issues surrounding its position in an evolving world; meanwhile Asia jockies for position under a  highentened pace of world advnacement; America faces-down its character, in a greater encompassing metaphorical sense; & Africa still slowly but, surely makes strides while still mitigating the best way to move forward in all aspects. Join us for (S.1 : Ep15) 
February 07, 2020
2020’s First Health Scare & the Shifting of Geopolitical Space Gears Up through an Estranged Winter.
As the newly categorized Coronavirus threatens the mechanics of travel, we watch the U.S. continues to struggle for ideological reasons in ways to wrestle with its commander-in-chief. Europe still scrambles to find stability in a demographic decline, international reshuffling, and uncertainty; not to mention the not-so-subtle, “Tabloidmania...” while the Central and South America battle the elements (Nature) along with piecing together continuity of government. Join us again for (S.2 : Ep.14)
February 04, 2020
1st Updates in 2020
As the new decade begins, we look to the encompassing vantage points of where our world maybe going overall. As we suspected, many more talks of U.S., recession loom over its economy. U.S-Iran and China tensions still linger, along with Brexit negotiations with some added issues around the Royals and their Commonwealth initiative. Whilst, automation projects and testing slowly come to the surface, many developing nations are still confronting troubles centered around continuity of government, immigration, sustainable development, etc etc., so join us for (S.2 : Ep.13)
January 23, 2020
2020 Outlooks & Perspectives
2020 Opens up and we look to keep you informed of pending policy, potential financial issues that could turn an economy into turmoil, and also  technological advancement that could leveraged into your favor.  All-in-All, we're happy ot see that you've been able to make through another year!!! Let's both take advatage of the opportunities we have to steer our own lives into places we'd find adequate.  Join us for... (S.2 : Ep.12)
January 11, 2020
Ras Tafari: On The Brink's Chanukkah (Segment) 2019'
Chanukkah, sometimes more than not gets associated with the western Christendom's traditional version of Christmas.  Though, "Christmas," itself has been and is still interpreted in many different ways around the world also, in the adjunct sects of Christianity; Chanukkah still gets lumped in.  Chanukkah from a historical perspective had nothing to do with what we know as Christmas today!  That is a historical and accurate fact.  Though, both happened to occur by calculations during the winter months of the year, both had two significantly different inceptions and outcomes.  So, while we've come to this particular time of year, we explore and seek to share with our audience the truw meaning of this significant observance and dispel the fantasy of our times.  Join us here for (S.2 : Ep.11)
December 26, 2019
What’s In Store For 2020 on ROTB?
As the 2019 year quickly comes to a close; we look to revamp our initiative here in “Ras Tafari: On The Brink” podcast. ‘Taking Ras Tafari into the next Millennium,’ won’t be an easy task. Though, many individuals have shown the capacity to engage and disengage when needed for successful progression, much more is needed and expected. We explore our own efforts and experiences and examine where we not only as individuals can coalesce some obstacle dismantling....but, when it comes to the collective we seek appropriate aggregate actions. Join us for (S.2 : Ep.10)
December 03, 2019
Protests Rev Up Worldwide; LOJS.RTG Gearing Up For the 2020s
As we spectate the coming end of the 2019 year, seeing an explosion of social change internationally everything gets-all-the-more interesting.  Worldwide economic shifts from technological advancement, to viewpoint changes of large blocks of many populous nations our world has clearly changed.  Whether we'll experience if has changed for the better or otherwise, is yet to be seen.  In other updates, our Lion of Judah Society, Inc, and Ras Tafari Groundation affiliates are gearing up for the 2020 year to expand into other avenues of engagement with the public.  Stay tuned to find out more....? (S.2 : Ep.9)
November 28, 2019
China's Played It Cool, with the West; But Does Russia Forsee A Different World Coming Into View In 2020?....
While this year draws nearer to a tumultuous close, protests are being held around many countries in various places.  International Policy shake-ups bring questions of more intuitive inquiry.   Technology, continues to rush for 5G, and expansion of automation, while potential benefits are accounted for, very specific concerns are all that's left to slow the expediting of utilization.   China, finally seems to be quelling the flames set off by the Tariff Tantrems they shared with the U.S. over the past few years. Latin America, is becoming quite a hotbed for unpreditability as more unrest turns over the administrations of governance in the region.  Russia seems quite content with how the international spectrum of influence, economic shifting, & apparently, rebelancing of the scales in trust and cooperation or lack thereof, presents new circumstances. So, again feel free to join us for (S.2 : Ep.8)
November 15, 2019
2019, "Year of Protests" & R.I.P.s for John "Pops" Witherspoon & Vaughn "Akae Beka" Benjamin, of Midnite
This year has marked a critical time in change, and we;ve seen the effects of that with the numbers of protests around the world.  We're watching the turn of events shape the new parts of the world we'll live side-by-side with in the coming years.  Having this technological age, advance in ways we couldn't have conceived (well, only within the learned and talented few of extreme echelons...) fathomed just a short couple of years ago; its claerly possible that our entire well-being will be molded into different outcomes...alot different than we expected.  Also, condoloences to actor/comedian extroadinaire, John "Pops" Witherspoon and the illustrious reggae artist, Vaughn "Akae Beka" Benjamin.  Join us again for, (S.2 : Ep.7) 
November 08, 2019
Supporting Adjacent Priorites (*Sabbath & Coronation Day* podcast)
This evening we explore in a shrouded sense, what creates a nucleus, in terms of advancement. You hear these things all the time but, how much do you act on them surgically? For example,... “your network is your net-worth,”... “familiarity breeds contempt,”... “you cannot change the people around you but, you can change the people you choose to be around,”... "association is perception & perception is reality,” ...“guilt by association,”... we could go on & on. But, with this world is continuously shaping up in ways different but, not so differently than before. What are we doing to avoid detrimental realities to achieve monumental success?... Join us; for (S:2 : Ep.6)
November 03, 2019
Africa: Is It on the Progressive or Regressive Path, in the Technological Age?...
As the African continent has been a hub for destabilization by extension of the colonization and enslavement periods.  More and more, have either come to the realization of the continent potential and actual power and influence.  given the circumstances have brought about the knowledge of what many have known for millennia; has the leadership on the continent prepared fertile grounds for a continual path to sustainable progression.  The rest of the world is clearly on a path to levleing out the playing field, of sorts...whereas now the western world and/or modernized world isn't the sole provider of modernity.  At least in the sense of capabilities or potential capabilities.  Let's explore recent events? Join us for (S.2: Ep.5) 
October 25, 2019
Succoth 2019' & Economic Shifts
We continue to live in a time of great upheaval and change internationally.  We see the decisions of yesterday coming full circle into results we are experiencing now.  As the unfolding of this new status quo, or so to speak; brings in a different aparatus we explore where things are breaking apart. Join us, for [S.2 : Ep.4]
October 18, 2019
Intermit Updates 2019'
As we watch on, and document where the shitfs in policy, social issues, technology, and a host of other importnant toics swing we hope you're able to adequately prepare yourself to circumnavigate the muddy waters ahead...? Given the treacherous roads we have in front us, there's still so much opportunity to change your standard of living, along with many supplementary amenities. So, allow ius to keep watch, alert you of pending dangers, and as we move forward into this new 'fiscal year,' we'll begin to unravel the scope of the lamndscape, in which ones should be able to manuever throughout. So, Join us for [S.2: Ep.3]
October 10, 2019
Charting the Course of the World & Events, in the Years' End
Watching the unfolding of this new era we've seen coming into focus, is now no longer beyond the scope of our perspective.  Actually seeing how things are shaping up politically, socially and economically, around the world, now should alert ones of the potential dangers they could find themselves in, if not cautious.   We find ourselves now, spectators in a great shift in thinking, innovation, technological advancement, & influence.  Join us, for [S.2 : Ep.2]
October 03, 2019
Rehashing Our Ancient Traditions
We begin again, coming in slightly after our recognition of the Ethiopian New Year 🇪🇹; and looking forward the Hebrew/Jewish New Year 🇮🇱; we share a few thoughts on how things have progressed moving into the 4th quarter of the year from the Western World’s Gregorian Calendar 🗓. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed us so far, but, please know of a surety that are far from done beginning you information from a Ras Tafari prospective that you can’t get anywhere else. Stay tuned and enjoy more as we add new topics, deliver new guests for interviews, and continue to bring you new outlooks that are sure to bring you a new way of thinking 🤔?! (S.2 : Ep.1)
September 18, 2019
U.S.-China Set to Resume Talks, Brexit Lingers Longer, SA Xenophobia Erupts Again, & more...
In this update of our relay of current events. We see the effects of past legislation, and lack thereof, begin to shape the reality we experience today. Whether it’s international policy, immigration, technological advancement or even mere social interaction between the sexes...The decisions we’ve made, along with those imposed by assumed and elected officials of governance; we find ourselves struggling to remember what we were placed here on this rock for. Stay tuned and find out more on (S.1 : Ep.34)
September 06, 2019
G7, Amazon & Africa Fires, Along w/ More Geopolitical Updates
We explore the worldly scene from timely events, to economic restructuring. As our ever changing world, shifts here and gets completely overturned there; we strive to keep ourselves informed in the issues that effect us in policy, geopolitical infrastructure, socioeconomics, trade, technology and so much more. Join us for (S.1 : Ep.33)
August 30, 2019
Ras Tafari: Are You Supporting Your Organizations?...
In many times past we’ve seen the rise & falls of pivotal organizations throughout Ras Tafari. What made them tick, strive, persevere, and also what dismantled their nuclear gel, so to speak. Why haven’t their been more contingencies that would ultimately get over the proverbial jump of nostalgia? Though seemingly, the undying love and fortitude appears present in Ras Tafari circles; the innovation and collaborative works still wanes. The monumental episodes of triumph look as if they’re too far in between. The unbreakable spirit is clearly still present but, it’s material manifestation appears bleak. We explore the nuances & caveats here. So, join us for (S.1 : Ep.32)
August 28, 2019
The Western World Readjusts & Prepares for Worst Case Scenarios Amidst Unconventional Circumstances.
As it pertains to our podcast here on Anchor.FM; some might ask why do we this? Have segments where we read reports, share news, update people/listeners on the technology, economic shifts, proxy wars, social issues etc., etc., on what we see today? It’s rather simple, actually.....solely so you may not say with absolute certainty that no one warned you of all the potential pitfalls you’re affronted with. We are no heroes, superhuman beings, well,...only in our own minds. But we’re flesh and blood, same working parts as you all and only seek to do our part in contributing the betterment of our society as best we can. Join us again for (S1 : Ep.31)
August 22, 2019
Rasta; What's Next For Your Movement?
As the world continues to spiral into the next generation, and overall landscape of what we're seeing come to fruition....We explore the past, and present of experiences, critical events that took form to shape and mold the good, bad, and the ugly of what Ras Tafari, as a movement.  Knowing what should be, is not an 'end-all-be-all,' to achievement within or without the Ras Tafari movement,  Having information that facilitates measureable accountings of faith, practical application, education, training in specialized occupations, so on & so forth.  This is parentthetically where we are in space & time.  Listen in for more on (S.1 : Ep. 30) 
August 13, 2019
We’re Alerting You; But, Are You Preparing Yourselves?...
Moving throughout the beginning of the 3rd Quarter of the Fiscal Year. What are you witnessing, experiencing and/or gathering as this pivotal year continues to pass. Are you preparing for the possibility of economic catastrophe? Or are you continuing to maintain the routine of you current situation?...Are you observing policy worldwide? Or are you continuing to allow your present and future to be dictated to you?...Is there a shift in influence, rhetoric, or actions you’re seeing develop? Or do things seem to be the exactly same. It’s only what you can envision and understand is what can propel you forward, keep you stagnant, or reverse your own personal growth. Take the initiative and sure up your chances, not only for survival but, your chances to thrive in years to come. Join us for (S.1 : Ep.29)
July 30, 2019
H.I.M.'s EarthStrong pt.2 (the Man-Child)
Further exploring the signs of the times in this prophetic year, we see more & more nuances that drive our curiosity.  Seeing Haile Sellassie I go from being 'persona non-grata' in most academic, and geopolitcal circles, we've only now begun to those tides slightly starting to turn.  The African Union finally acknowledges Sellassie's accomplishments and sought to honour him with a statue some years after giving credit due to Kwame Nkrumah, whom had wonderful a wonderful and prosperous relationship with Sellassie.  But, now are we finally starting to see those Ethiopian/Eritrean & other African for that matter loyalists begin to speak with a much clearer and concise voice in the public square?  As His Majesty's birthday comes in the 2019 year, a very pivotal year indeed, we see many who've either been silanced and kept quiet on the accomplishments og Sellassie step forward to give their due respects to the King of Kings of Ethiopia.  Join us and hear more on (S.! : Ep. 28)
July 26, 2019
In Lieu of Haile Sellassie I’s Earthday (2019’)
In Lieu of, H.I.M.(His Imperial Majesty); Emperor Haile Sellassie I’s Earthday, we reflect on the trials & tribulations, the triumphs & accomplishments, also everything in between on the rise and reign of Sellassie in the 20th century. In this reflection we acknowledge also, the inception of the Ras Tafari movement but, most importantly the juxtaposition of the country and realm of Ethiopia. Where Ethiopia and the world, as pertaining to its overall direction, was, is now and will be going; given the geopolitical and socio-economic wave we see now. Join us, again for (S.1 : Ep.27)
July 23, 2019
Are You Aware of This Global Shift, Yet?...
While on the periphery we see international influence being shifted, and a new emergence of possibilities in changing world. Geopolitical touts, global trade slows, others readjust for preparatory reasoning. But, we will explore what’s going on in the interim, or between the creases that gets less attention from mass media. Join us for (S.1 : Ep. 26)
July 06, 2019
H.R. 40, Ghana’s President Promotes the “Year of Return” 2019 & Where We Are, In All Of This.
In a matter of suddenness, we are now faced with the world at a moment in time, where clearly sound decisions made today will immediately effect the future. While governments struggle with succinctly forming a direct path in which nations will move forward with; we also see ghosts of the past spurring conversations long overdue. In a sense, this world is now on its course and it seems there’s nothing that will deter its path. Whether you look to witness brighter days or vow to be prepared for dark ones; the answer still stands that change is inevitable. Join us for our latest episode here on the “Ras Tafari: On The Brink” podcast as we explore more on these themes...? • also be sure to Visit our platform sites and stores, if you’re looking to Duport is here and elsewhere @ • !! • • & • (S.1: Ep. 25)
July 02, 2019
Sports & Entertainment: The Only Roads To Success For Blacks???...
It’s been clearly stated so many times before all over western society and pronounced even more through much of the reality that a vast majority of the world’s black population will only thrive through two avenues...Sports & Entertainment. But, is it true? Also, if that may be the case then, why isn’t more complete and utter sovereignty in these said, industries. Economic parity has become quite the conversation between most upwardly blacks from the Americas-to-Africa, & from Europe-to-Asia;, why hasn’t t been seized? We explore the layers of these questions and much more in our latest segment here on “Ras Tafari: On The Brink” podcast. Join us, for...(S.1 : Ep.24)
June 18, 2019
* Liberation Weekend * : OAU Founding & EWF, Inc. Summit
* Liberation Week * : for this segment of our podcast we announce upcoming events, & interviews to be aired here on “Ras Tafari: On The Brink” podcast along with the acknowledgment of “Liberation Day” (also known as African Freedom/Liberation Day) as per, the creation of the Organisation of African Unity [which is now known as the African Union]; which brought in the era of the decolonization on the African continent. In conjunction, we give way to commemorate another historic organization, though it has survived many tumultuous periods has remained in operation whether widely recognized or flying under the radar in the Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. (NY;USA;1937est.) founded by Dr. Melaku E. Bayen; known as the first Ethiopian to receive an American collegiate degree, a physician and activist whom later helped to firmly established not only a foothold for Ethiopians in America but, social, historic and economic ties between the Afro-American and Ethiopian community also to the greater extent the African continental aggregate society during the periods liberation and decolonization. To round out our special podcast here we couldn’t go without giving memorable recognition to El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (aka “Malcolm X”) for the contributions of rhetorical logic to morality, socio-economics, and geo-politics he have to not only his next of kin in Afro-Americans (and to a greater extent Continental Africans) but the world-at-large. Join us, once more for (S.1 : Ep. 23)
May 22, 2019
Millennial Socio-Economic Directional Latitude
As the “Millennial Generation” is coming of age, & their directional latitude is a point that’s more interesting than meets the eye for demographers, economists, and societal analysts. We explore the “Millennial Generation’s,” migratory, financial, social, and educational patterns in recent years. Join us for more commentary on (S.1: Ep.22)
May 18, 2019
Learning the Valuable Lessons: Continuity of Government
“Lessons From the Abdication of the Japanese Imperial Throne.” At one point in time, just before & during the Second World War; there existed only two Imperial Empires/Thrones... the Imperial Japanese & Ethiopian Empires. At present, Japan was able to rebuild its country and restore its Monarchy (even, though only In symbology); Ethiopia, was plunged into rebellion, revolution, civil war, succession, and many other catastrophes. Though holding onto the country’s existence new forms of government were utilized leaving the Monarchy to exile and observer status while in the diaspora. Examining the present state of the Japanese Monarchy, still in operation & for the most part, accepted but heavily reduced in influence and resolve. Ethiopia, by in large looks to other established forms of governance while stagnation looms as the over-arching worry of the citizenry. Even, while having growth spurts for the past little over a decade and being said to be one of, not only the fastest growing nations in Africa but, the world also...sustainability still holds its position as the desire of the population is at-home & abroad. Join us as we touch on the subject matter in (S.1: Ep.21)
May 14, 2019
Passover Season 2019’: Reflection & Renewal
Observing Passover; it’s been clear to many that Ras Tafari are close to the Bible & Biblical principles; though many within Ras Tafari suspiciously differ. We examine small pockets of gaining a grasp on one of the more important Observances within the said, faith of, the namesake of the movement. (S.1 : Ep. 20)
April 24, 2019
Infrastructure & Its Needs Within Ras Tafari
Infrastructure & Its Needs Within Ras Tafari Moving Forward. Today, within a matter of minutes we were moved to speak on the internationally famed Roman Catholic Cathedral of Notre Dame, while seemingly being renovated catches a flame and is severely damaged. While much political upheaval has taken place over the past year; we delve into what Ras Tafari could learn from this very peculiar situational event. (S.1 : Ep. 19)
April 16, 2019
Ras Tafari Still Has To Be “Organized & Centralized.” (pt. 3) Where Are We In CannaBusiness?
It’s not a secret that Ras Tafari have been enterprising, just as their predecessor. But, in the present coming years there’s been clear signs of a need to re-evaluate the overarching position of Ras Tafari in upward mobility with regards to commercial activities. Seeing noticeable subversive actions taken by institutions, groups and individuals who wouldn’t so much as even agree with Ras Tafari on the majority of ideological points, prompts new analysis. Tune-In to (S.1 : Ep.18)
April 11, 2019
Where Do Things Go From Here? {Nipsey Hussle Special}
Nipsey: Activist, Philanthropist, Serial Entrepreneur...? The mountains to climb are treacherous and the paths aren’t navigable. Few make due and others find their own way. This segment gives all due to credit to the Redemptive story of Ermias Asghedom aka “Nipsey Hussle” (S.1 : Ep. 17)
April 03, 2019
Our Changing World: Assessments & Analysis
(Our Changing World: Assessments & Analysis.) We speak of prophecy, the Rise & Fall of Kingdoms and Governments; but, it’s less seen or less promoted in modern times that ones make the connection or draw conclusions to support these points. In this segment we not only visit the tenants of these hypotheses but, link pinpoints in recent history’s real time to give some credence to these assessments. (S.1 : Ep.16)
March 28, 2019
Post-FLT#302 Thoughts & Reflections
Post-FLT#302 Thoughts & Reflections • Apologies, for our inaction during these developments last week? But, haven’t gone anywhere. We simply took a short hiatus to assure our loved ones, acquaintances and friends were safe and secure after this incident. As all things seem clear on the home front we strike our convos up again. Listen in & enjoy ?! (S.1 : Ep.15)
March 20, 2019
Ras Tafari Still Has To Be “Organized & Centralized.” (pt.2)
We continue our conversation, with the present’s coming years of there being clear signs of a need to re-evaluate the overarching position of Ras Tafari in upward mobility with regards to commercial activities. Knowing that the road will be ruddy and treacherous, this should invigorate and ignite the blood in individuals. But, keeping a level head in the trying times will be the ultimate test. Withstanding the coming calamities in the world in-route to building a brighter future is now quickly becoming ground-zero for would be survivors now. Tune-In to (S.1 : Ep.14)
March 07, 2019
Ras Tafari Still Has To Be “Organized & Centralized.” (pt. 1)
It’s not a secret that Ras Tafari have been enterprising, just as their predecessor. But, in the present coming years there’s been clear signs of a need to re-evaluate the overarching position of Ras Tafari in upward mobility with regards to commercial activities. Seeing noticeable subversive actions taken by institutions, groups and individuals who wouldn’t so much as even agree with Ras Tafari on the majority of ideological points, prompts new analysis. Tune-In to (S.1 : Ep.13)
March 01, 2019
Tides Are Still Turning (pt.2)
Reparations; Reunification; Retribution) say it ain’t so?...We give an unscripted commentary to what is coming up in many conversations, as per the new spectrum of the world’s political, economic, and social structure. As it stands, tectonic shifts are on the horizon & we look to make sense of it. So, should you! (S.1 : Ep.12)
February 20, 2019
Tides Are Still Turning
Barriers Or Distinctions; Tribalism Or Collective Security?? The turn of events now facing the world-at-large are stirring up the pot of things to come. Listen to find out how we see things playing out?... (S.1 - Ep.11)
February 16, 2019
Prophetically We Stand In The Time, Now!
Prophetically We Stand In The Time, Now! **Apologies for our delay of the podcast for Monday’s recording** Given the times which we are experiencing we took a pre-Sabbatical pause to regather our info, and reassess the events and happenings worldwide. This is our resurgent podcast recording from those assessments. (S.1 - Ep. 10)
February 08, 2019
Things Seem Out Off Course; Because, They Are...(Are You Noticing The Shift?)
Things Seem Out Off Course; Because, They Are...(Are You Noticing The Shift?) _ Monarchs pass away, empires diminish, influence simmers...its the way of the world. Nothing lasts forever on this physical plain. Are you noticing the different tides of changes in society? (S.1. - Ep.9)
February 01, 2019
Post-Blood Moon Events PreAnalysis (S.1 - Ep. 8)
Post-Blood Moon Events PreAnalysis (S.1 - Ep. 8)
January 29, 2019
** Tonight is a special as we have a special guest to compliment it; interviewing Abba Yahudah **
** Tonight is a special as we have a special guest to compliment it; interviewing Abba Yahudah ** ; Yefdeyah Interviews w- Ras Abba Yahudah Selassie: Ras Tafari artist/author/entrepreneur. (S.1 - Ep.7)
January 22, 2019
Ras Tafari: Where Do We Go From Here?...
Ras Tafari: Where Do We Go From Here?...with our Aim stayed here on this platform; wherein does the Ras Tafari International community see itself in the five (5) years? Something to think about. Welcome once again, to: “On The Brink.” [S.1 - Ep.6]
January 18, 2019
Ras Tafari - “On The Brink” : The Aim...?
Ras Tafari - “On The Brink” : The Aim...? What we intend on this platform is to alert international adherents to Ras a Tafari tenants to the importance of the preservation of the ‘way of life;’ but, moreso the individual & aggregate growth of the said collective. (S.1 - Ep.5)
January 15, 2019
It’s Blood Moon Season: Why Should You Care? S.1: Ep.2
It’s Blood The Moon Season! : What Can We Expect During 2019...? Prophetic times, ancient to modern signs? What will come of this world and how will change as we know it...? (S.1 - Ep.4)
January 11, 2019
The Mansions • Streams of the Movement in Faith: Ras Tafari Hebrews...??
Ras Tafari Mansions • Streams of the Movement in Faith: Ras Tafari Hebrews...?? (S.1 - Ep.3)
January 08, 2019
The Importance of Pinnacle for Intl. Ras Tafari (S.1: Ep.2)
“Pinnacle”; the establishment known as the birthplace of Ras Tafari in Jamaica by the 1st Rasta, Leonard P. Howell: a settlement to the international community of Ras Tafari that should never be overlooked & preserved for generations to come. Find out on “On The Brink.” (S.1 - Ep.2)
January 04, 2019
Ras Tafari: On The Brink **the Launch** & Valiancy Publishing, LLC., presents to you the podcast that will take Ras Tafari into the next millennium! Welcome to "On The Brink!!!" (S.1 - Ep.1)
January 01, 2019
"On The Brink" podcast Annoucement!!!
"On The Brink" podcast Annoucement!!! Brought to you by Ras Tafari Renaissance, & Valiancy Publishing.
December 24, 2018