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Adventures of Rick and netta

Adventures of Rick and netta

By Adventures of Rick and netta
The ebt game the county and how we over came,history of the game, talking to old players of the ebt game and also having sliding seminars for all the plastic playas , dealing with family n all keeping it 100. Never know what subjects may come,jus all around foundation of how to run your county and over come like me and netta have done.
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Episode 1- Q&A questions
Q&A episode-I remember like it was yesterday the first day I met netta,I was on the north side way out of my jurisdiction and been taking risk for years going to that side but the day I met netta made all those days of taking risk to the other side all worth it,also Sheryl calls in one of ricks old flings that’s causes him to lie netta 🤦🏾‍♂️ .
January 11, 2019
Rick and netta radio commercial for new podcast
Me and netta giving the show times for up coming podcasts
January 9, 2019