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The Life and Times of

The Life and Times of

By Rick Lertzman
The Life and Times of is based on the popular blog telling both current and classic stories from Hollywood. We will have special guests and stories about show business that will both entertain and shock the listener. We will also offer contests to win books from the host, author Richard A. Lertzman
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Rat Pack &The Mob. How the Mob used the Rat Pack to put Vegas on the map. 60th anniversary
Authors Lon Davis and Richard Lertzman discuss their newest book, “Deconstructing The Rat Pack:Joey, The Mob and The Summit”. Peter Sheridan, London Daily Express I T’S BEEN 60 years since film classic Ocean’s 11 first propelled the Rat Pack’s rakish cocktail-hour swagger and perpetual partying into a cultural phenomenon. Their free-wheeling streetwise machismo embodied Sixties Mob-run Las Vegas with a penthouse suite-style that endures in culture, fashion and music to this day. Frank Sinatra was the Rat Pack’s chairman of the board, with his inseparable friends and drinking buddies crooner Dean Martin, entertainer Sammy Davis Jr, British actor Peter Lawford, and comedian Joey Bishop, who boozed, brawled and womanised together.
November 18, 2020
Tea and Etiquette expert Ellen Easton talks about Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton & more
Ellen Easton, author of Afternoon Tea – Tips, Terms and Traditions (Red Wagon Press), a lifestyle and etiquette industry leader, keynote speaker and product spokesperson, is a hospitality, design, and retail consultant whose clients have included The Waldorf Astoria, Plaza Hotels and Bergdorf Goodman. Easton’s family traces their tea roots to the early 1800s when ancestors first introduced tea plants from India and China to the Colony of Cylon, this building one of the largest and best-cultivated tea estates on the island. Enjoy this large collection of Ellen Easton’s TEA TRAVELS™ articles and recipes covering the history, traditions, etiquette, protocols and menus. ellen's tea travels columns which are filled with recipes and wonderful photos are found at two popular websites- and you can order her books at the website
November 17, 2020
Now on Kindle: Deconstructing the Rat Pack:Joey, The Mob & the Summit. 60th anniversary the Rat Pack
Sixtieth Anniversary of The Rat Pack Explosive New Book Reveals ALL • Explosive New Book Reveals all the myths • Critics around the world laid the book including NY Post’s Cindy Adams, London Daily Express, Closer Magazine (cover), Los Angeles Review & more! • The true story of Frank, Dean, Sammy, Joey & Peter exposed! • Exclusive interviews with the Las Vegas mob bosses who helped create the group • Exclusive interviews with over 50 celebrities, writers, directors & more who know the inside story • Kindle now on sale. Book debuts December 2 at Amazon , B&an and bookstores worldwide • The inside story told by those who were there • For more info: Jeff Harris @216-926-2661 • From Prestige Press
October 26, 2020
Deconstructing the Rat Pack: Joey, The Mob & The Summit now on special pre-sale price.Explosive Book
"Deconstructing the Rat Pack: Joey, The Mob and the Summit" is a new look at the true creation of the group of entertainers that rocked the world. For twenty-eight consecutive nights in February 1960, a dusty town called Las Vegas became the epicenter of the world. All eyes were on the party happening at the Sands Hotel and Casino, the new headquarters for The Chairman of the Board― Frank Sinatra. In celebration of the Rat Pack's Sixtieth anniversary this book details the meteoric rise of this infamous group. For the first time, this outrageous, explosive tell-all book brings the inside scoop of how The Mob, The Future President and five of the greatest entertainers took the world by storm.
October 19, 2020
Deconstructing the Rat Pack:Joey,The Mob and The Summit authors Rick Lertzman&Lon Davis Rat Pack
The podcast today featured authors Rick Lertzman & Lon Davis talk about their new Rat Pack book. The book in pre-sale is in the top 100 biographies! NY Post legendary Columnist Cindy Adams features new Rat Pack book in column Monday 10/12; Deconstructing The Rat Pack: Joey, The Mob and The Summit. (New York) The legendary columnist Cindy Adams “raves” about the new, outrageous, tell-all Rat Pack book from Prestige Press in her column today in her “feature box.” With much kudos to our wonderful friend, the worldwide known author and columnist , tea and etiquette guru Ellen Easton The book “Deconstructing The Rat Pack: Joey, The Mob and the Summit“ Is now on pre-order at Amazon in Book or Ebook. It will be in bookstores on December 2. From Closer Magazine: Celebrating the Rat Pack’s Sixtieth Anniversary – New explosive book- “Deconstructing the Rat Pack: Joey , The Mob and The Summit “ Where were you in February 1960? RAT PACK A NEW BOOK REVEALS HOW THE GROUP CAME TOGETHER AND BECAME LEGENDARY “We’re just the cocktail of the moment.” —Dean Martin You think you know the Rat Pack? Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford collectively have been called by that moniker. “They were friends through business.” It was the screenplay for 1960’s Ocean’s 11 that united the five. “They came up with a plan to, during the day, shoot the film in Las Vegas, and at night do a show,” Lertzman explains. And while the mythology of the Rat Pack suggests that the boys were partying all night, it wasn’t exactly like that. “These guys were actually in their 40s, had kids and were hardly the swingers that they were portrayed as on-screen,” he says. END OF AN ERA? You might think that the party has been going on for 60 years, but it turns out that, like the Kennedys and Camelot, the group’s heyday only existed for a brief shining moment “This whole Rat Pack era only really lasted a year,” says Richard Lertz- man, whose new book Deconstructing the Rat Pack: Joey, the Mob, and the Summit, comes out Oct. 5. “They were at the height of the entertainment world,” he tells Closer, “but it only lasted through 1960.” The idea for the group began as part of a marketing plan for the Sands Ho- tel in Las Vegas, of which Frank owned a small percentage, says Lertzman, add- ing that it was an attempt to “put Vegas on the map.” And while the entertainers all knew each other, “these guys did not hang out. They were friends, but they were Business partners Still, the few weeks in 1960 they spent filming and performing solidified a leg- end. For a moment in time, there was no bigger act than the Rat Pack. “In 1960, ev- erything clicked. It is an era onto itself,” Lertzman explains. “It still resonates with many people today who want to go back and live in that time of swingers” Want to interview the authors? Contact Jeff Harris at More at our free blog
October 13, 2020
The Rat Pack Deconstructed:Joey; The Mob and The Summit.Incredible New Book -60th years of Rat Pack
New Book. How the Mob turned Las Vegas into a world destination creating The Rat Pack-Sixty Years Ago. “Deconstructing The Rat Pack: Joey, The Mob and The Summit” Sixty years ago, in February of 1960, a carefully designed event was unveiled in Las Vegas, Nevada. Titled “The Summit” the spectacular would last over three weeks and would include the greatest entertainment icons of that era. Led by “The Chairman of the Board” Frank Sinatra it included his “pals” Dean Martin, Sammy Davis,Jr. , Joey Bishop and Kennedy brother-in-law Peter Lawford. Now a new book, Deconstructing The Rat Pack: Joey, The Mob and The Summit which debuts later this month, exclusively unveils how an intense, brilliant blueprint developed by the mob bosses of Las Vegas along with their high paid publicists would be developed to place Las Vegas on the world map. For over 20 days, Las Vegas became the epicenter of the world. All eyes were on the party in Sin City that was anchored at The Sands Hotel and reverberated though-out the city. While the shenanigans-occurred during the night,during the day the group, which became known as The Rat Pack, was shooting a major motion picture from Warner Brothers called Ocean’s Eleven that would debuted in August 1960. And for three days of the Summit, the group would welcome a sixth member, Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy which was carefully coordinated between his brother-in- law Peter Lawford and his father,Joe Kennedy. The event would usher in the swinging sixties and the era of Camelot until the bubble was burst on that fateful day in November of 1963. The book featured explosive new stories about The Rat Pack, The Mob and how a mediocre comic named Joey Bishop became a star with the help of his racketeer pals. Exclusive interviews with the infamous mob bosses of Vegas including Moe Dalitz, Carl Cohen, Mickey Cohen, Billy Weinberger and others tell the real background how the mob carefully used Sinatra and friends to make Las Vegas a world destination More at our free blog
September 3, 2020
Singer Julie Budd talks Sinatra,Carson, Liberace,Merv,Joan Rivers,Peggy Lee,Judy Ed Sullivan more
Our podcast today is multi-talented superstar Julie Budd, in her over five decades in entertainment has worked with almost every great in show business, as we discover in our second visit with her. Her stories are absolutely amazing about working with Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Ed Sullivan, Johnny Carson, Liberace, Danny Thomas, Merv Griffin, Joan Rivers, and countless more . We also talk about her work in films, stage and stage.What an amazing podcast… [ 1,243 more word ]
July 29, 2020
Singer Steve Maglio sounds reminiscent of Sinatra concerts Frankie Valli, Wayne Newton,movies, play
Our guest is singer Steven Maglio whose sound is reminiscent of the great Frank Sinatra. THE NEW YORK TIMES said of Steve, “Steven Maglio does not have blue eyes, but with his smooth croon & Rat Pack swagger, listeners just might imagine they were at the Copa Room at the Sands in 1963.” While Steven Maglio is a singer of standards. Although he is especially appreciated for his renditions of songs made popular by Frank Sinatra, he is NOT an impersonator. THE BEGINNING I was born in East Harlem, N.Y. on December 25, 1958. In 1966, we moved to the Bronx, and being the new kid on the block, I walked back and forth to school alone for the first few weeks. I heard Frank Sinatra singing “My Kind Of Town,” and to pass the time on my new daily trek, I would sing the song to myself over and over. After a few days, I decided I needed another song and began to explore the only Sinatra album we owned at the time, “A Man And His Music.” This was the beginning of my addiction, not only to Sinatra, but to that whole world of standard songs and singers. It wasn’t until age 43, after eight years of secretly taking voice lessons and one year of cruising the New Jersey karaoke circuit, that I made my professional debut at New York City’s “Tavern On The Green,” as male vocalist with Joe Battaglia & The New York Big Band in June, 2002. Since then I’ve performed from Atlantic City to Las Vegas, from Cape Cod to Nashville, from Palm Beach to Beverly Hills, and from Brazil to Ecuador to Italy. In 2004, I started performing Frank Sinatra tribute shows at The Carnegie Club in New York, and I’m still singing there every Saturday evening. I’ve had the pleasure of entertaining President & Mrs. Donald Trump, Lisa Lampanelli, Vic Damone, Connie Francis, Jackie Mason, Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman, William Shatner, Brad Garrett, Dennis Farina, The Kennedy Family, and most of the cast of “The Sopranos,” just to name a few. As well as multiple sports figures, politicians, business moguls, and members of the press. I’ve had the honor of sharing the stage with The Duke Ellington Orchestra, Frankie Valli, Wayne Newton, Dionne Warwick, Deana Martin, Tony Danza, Danny Aiello, Steve Tyrell, Joe Piscopo, Bucky Pizzarelli, Pat Cooper, Norm Crosby, Larry King, Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge, The Spinners, and on a few occasions with Frank Sinatra’s former pianist/conductor, Vincent Falcone, among others. I’ve appeared in the movies, “Frank & Alice,” “Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn,” “Once More With Feeling,” and in the music video, “For One More Day.” I’ve also sung “The Tender Trap” on the soundtrack of “My Best Friend’s Girl.” In the Off-Broadway play, “Playing Sinatra,” my recordings of 11 popular Sinatra songs were used to replace the originals. I’ve released three CDs, “You Belong To Me & other songs Sinatra never recorded,” “Songs For Sinatra Lovers,” and “Sinatra en Bossa Nova.” Special highlights in my career were being the co-writer and official singer of “The Danny DeVito Limoncello Song,” used to promote the lemon flavored liquore that bore Danny DeVito’s signature. Joining the all-star cast of The Cannolis television show. Becoming a member of the most prestigious organization in show business, The Friars Club. It’s been a wild ride, and I’m far from being finished. The most common compliment paid to me is, “If Frank Sinatra heard the way you sing his songs …. he’d be proud.” AND I HOPE THAT’S TRUE …..
July 28, 2020
Over 50 podcasts and 5000 stories are the
Just a short mention about the over 5000 stories and over 50 podcasts you can find when you explore our free website: Also, please show your support by purchasing our newest bestselling book, The Dr. Feelgood Casebook at
July 22, 2020
Lee Roy Reams- Broadway Star talks Merman,Bacall,Fosse,Verdon,Ginger Rogers,Champion,Mel Brooks etc
Our guest is Broadway superstar Lee Roy Reams (born August 23, 1942) is an American musical theatre actor, singer, dancer, choreographer, and director. He has been a star on Broadway since 1964. Lee Reams Actor, singer, dancer, choreographer, director Years active 1966–present Born in Covington, Kentucky, Reams earned a Master of Arts degree and was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati.[1] He made his Broadway debut in Sweet Charity in 1966. Reams was nominated for both the Tony and Drama Desk Awards as Best Featured Actor in a Musical for his performance in the original production of 42nd Street in 1980. He played the role of Frank Schultz in the 1989 Paper Mill Playhouse production of Show Boat, which was televised on Great Performances by PBS . Reams has appeared on concert stages and in cabarets throughout the country. At present[when?] he is serving as the resident director of the Theatre at Sea program sponsored by the Theatre Guild.[citation needed] Broadway credits Edit 1966: Sweet Charity (Young Spanish Man) 1969: Oklahoma! (Will Parker) 1970: Applause (Duane Fox) 1974: Lorelei (Henry Spofford) 1978: Hello, Dolly! (Cornelius Hackl) 1980: 42nd Street (Billy Lawlor) 1983: La Cage aux Folles (Albin/Zaza) 1994: Beauty and the Beast (Lumiere) 1995: Hello, Dolly! (Choreographer) 1998: An Evening with Jerry Herman (Co-star & Director) 2006: The Producers (Roger DeBris) Film and television credits Edit 1968: Sweet Charity (Dancer) 1987: Leg Work 1989: Great Performances (Frank Schultz) 2017: Nunsense (The Saint) 2018: Theater Talk (Himself)
July 13, 2020
Arranger/Pianist/Performer Tedd Firth discusses Liza Minnelli to Tom Wopat, to Prez Bush & Obama
Our guest is Tedd Firth was born on November 16, 1976 and grew up in Hudson Falls, NY. Raised in a musical family, (parents Pam and Ted were both music teachers and performing musicians in the area, brother Patrick is also a musician) Tedd began playing the piano at an early age and started taking lessons when he was five. Tedd's jazz piano studies began as a teenager with Lee Shaw in Albany, NY. Following graduation from Hudson Falls High School in 1994, Tedd attended William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ, receiving a BM in jazz piano performance in 1998. He went on to receive a MM degree in jazz piano performance from the Manhattan School of Music in 2000. While in college, Tedd began laying the groundwork for his professional career as a musician. Over the last 20 years Tedd has become one of the first-call pianists in the New York City area for performance and recording work in several styles. In particular, specializing as an accompanist for vocalists, he has appeared in concert many times with some of the brightest stars on Broadway and the biggest names in the jazz world including: Barbara Cook, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Maureen McGovern, Michael Feinstein, Marilyn Maye, Tom Wopat, Joshua Bell, Elaine Paige, Tony DeSare, Linda Lavin, Christine Ebersole, Lucie Arnaz, Lee Ann Womack, Faith Prince, John Schneider, Melissa Errico, Karen Akers, Mary Cleere Haran, Margaret Whiting, Carol Sloane and Jennifer Roberts. New York appearances include Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, the Blue Note, Birdland, the Iridium, the Algonquin, the Cafe Carlyle and Feinstein's/54 Below. Numerous national appearances include a performance at the White House. As an arranger/orchestrator, Tedd's work has been performed by most major American symphony orchestras as well as Bernadette Peters and Liza Minnelli. Television appearances include "The Today Show," "Live From Lincoln Center
July 13, 2020
Harvey Korman’s son, Chris Korman discusses his dad’s career, Carol Burnet,Mel Brooks,Tim Conway ETC
Our guest today is Chris Korman, who was the son of the legendary comic performer, Harvey Korman (The Danny Kaye Show, The Carroll Burnett Show, Blazing Saddles, High Anxiety and much more. Chris also talks about his career as an advocate and speaker for and supporter of the Learning Disabilities Association of America. Closer Weekly 2 Jun 2017 “My dad taught me not to use his fame as my measuring stick,” says Chris, with Harvey and son Scott in 2005. Growing up, Chris Korman couldn’t wait for Friday nights. Starting around 1972, he and older sister Maria would go to CBS and have dinner with their dad, Harvey, and his Carol Burnett Show co-stars, then watch them tape the classic sketch-comedy series. “I loved it,” Chris tells Closer. “Especially when the lights went out and the orchestra started playing the theme, ‘I’m So Glad We Had This Time Together.’
July 2, 2020
Amazing Julie Budd talks working with Sinatra, Carson,Liberace, Burnett backstage stories
PODCAST: THE AMAZING JULIE BUDD: FROM ED SULLIVAN, JOHNNY CARSON, APPEARING WITH FRANK SINATRA, JOAN RIVERS, LIBERACE, DANNY THOMAS, MARVIN HAMLISCH MORE! DISCOVERED BY MERV GRIFFIN, BROADWAY, FILMS, TV, RECORDING ARTIST-SUPERSTAR PERFORMER Our podcast guest is none other than JULIE BUDD, who is one of the most exciting singers in music today. Since her career began, she has appeared on some of the most prestigious stages in the world and alongside some of the most illustrious stars in performance history. This unique experience coupled with her own dazzling musical gifts, provide Julie with the rare opportunity of bringing something fresh & something legendary to every song she sings..... More at our podcast and free blog story
July 1, 2020
Brent Seguine returns for the story of Curly with the 3 Stooges. From his success to tragic fall.
Our return guest is the amazing Stooges guru Brent Seguine who is a true scholar of the Three Stooges. Today in his return visit, Brent talks all about Curly and his joining the team, at Columbia for the start of the shorts, his being a Mamyboy, his fun immaturity and his sad declining years and death at 48 after struggling for years after a stroke at 43 on set. Brent who writes for the Three Stooges Journal and has helped with the wonderful museum in Philadelphia dedicated to the team called the Stoogeum. (Gary Lassin). Brent sets the record straight and breaks many popular myths about the creation of the stooges. Brent’s research has provided us with this fascinating historical look at the creation of our favorite comedy team. Read Brent’s stories and research at For all things Stooge-related, this is an impressive one-stop resource, and a lot of fun to browse. There’s a detailed filmography and chronology, as well as lists of TV guest appearances, film & TV tributes (citing, for instance, every vintage cartoon in which the Stooges were caricatured), a bibliography, comicography, and videography (identifying the contents of many video compilations). Every entry is illustrated with— —stills, posters, comic book covers, and more, like a film-by-film rundown of memorable Stooge quotes (“If this was my place, I’d throw you outta it!”). The site not only deals with The Three Stooges as a team but solo work by Ted Healy, Shemp Howard, Joe DeRita, and Joe Besser. THE HOME PAGE spotlights a film of the day, a comic book of the day, and a video link. Rob Davidson is the webmaster, and data administrator Brent Seguine said their next challenge is a rundown of all the Stooges’ radio appearances, so stay tuned for even more knucklehead information
July 1, 2020
Dennis Berry,Host,Author,Life Coach talks about Life during this turmoil Host of Funky Brain Podcast
Our wonderful podcast guest is Dennis Berry who is the host of The Funky Brain Podcast is the brain child of Dennis Berry; keynote speaker, author, and coach based in Colorado. This podcast is dedicated to entertaining and inspiring anybody interested in an intelligent, but fun and funky approach to life. We have been a recent guest on Dennis' wonderful podcast, which is available on YouTube He has an amazing inspiring story rooted in his recovery from alcoholism and addiction, moving into his successes and failures in life in finance, romance, and health, which he shares openly in a unique witty spin on life. He is the author of Funky Wisdom: A Practical Guide to Life And Keynote Motivational Speaker:
June 30, 2020
World renowned Etiquette & Tea legend Ellen Easton:From Downton Abbey, Hepburn, Julian Fellowes more
Our podcast guest is the highly regarded Ellen Easton, who is the author of Afternoon Tea – Tips, Terms and Traditions (Red Wagon Press), a lifestyle and etiquette industry leader, keynote speaker and product spokesperson, is a hospitality, design, and retail consultant whose clients have included The Waldorf Astoria, Plaza Hotels and Bergdorf Goodman. Easton’s family traces their tea roots to the early 1800s when ancestors first introduced tea plants from India and China to the Colony of Cylon, this building one of the largest and best-cultivated tea estates on the island. Enjoy this large collection of Ellen Easton’s TEA TRAVELS™ articles and recipes covering the history, traditions, etiquette, protocols and menus.
June 16, 2020
Special Episode:Marilyn Monroe& JFK in Blockbuster new book,The Dr. Feelgood Casebook debuts Amazon
HOW ELIZABETH TAYLOR'S LIFE WAS SAVED BY DR. FEELGOOD In the new blockbuster book, The Dr. Feelgood Casebook, the story how Dr. Max Jacobson AKA Dr. Feelgood saved Elizabeth Taylor's life. Elizabeth Taylor was once pronounced dead four times. Elizabeth Taylor said “Once I didn’t breathe for five minutes, which must be a record." She was discussed the calamitous making of her film Cleopatra. She was talked about her health scare of March 1961, when, wracked with what her doctors called “Asian flu,” she fell into a coma in London. More at our free blog
June 15, 2020
Groucho! Frank Ferrante the star (30 years) in “An Evening With Groucho” All About Groucho Marx
Free PODCAST: Frank Ferrante: Star of Award Winning “Groucho” one man show for over 30 years! The 21st Century Groucho-- Frank Ferrante! Our guest on the podcast is the talented Frank Ferrante, an award-winning actor and director, who has made a name for himself as one of the best Groucho Marx impersonators in the world. He was discovered by Groucho's son, Arthur, while he was a drama student at the University of Southern California. Since then, he has performed as Groucho more than 2,500 times in more than 400 cities. Http:// More at our free blog and podcast
June 14, 2020
Special: Blockbuster new book: The Dr. Feelgood Casebook
GEORGE CLOONEY, DR. MICHAEL BADEN, PRESIDENT TRUMP, PRINCESS LEE RADZIWILL (JACKIE’s Sister), EDDIE FISHER, GORE VIDAL & MORE TALK ABOUT DR. FEELGOOD The Dr. Feelgood Casebook: Max Jacobson: Einstein or Frankenstein? READ WHAT THE ICONS SAY IN the new blockbuster, "The Dr. Feelgood Casebook": George Clooney: "My aunt, Rosemary Clooney, let Dr. Feelgood nearly destroy her life." President Donald J. Trump: "Everybody went to Dr. Feelgood." Dr. Michael Baden, who just did the autopsy on George Floyd and was NYC Chief Medical Examiner, "Dr. Feelgood murdered White House photographer Mark Shaw.... and was a serial killer." .. More at our free blog
June 11, 2020
Comic Sandy Hackett remembers his father Buddy Hackett &Frank, Dean& Sammy; Vegas mobster Moe Dalitz
PODCAST: COMIC SANDY HACKETT. Son of Buddy Hackett; TOURS WITH RAT PACK SHOW. SANDY REMEMBERS HIS FATHER Our guest on the podcast is comedian Sandy Hackett who is the son of the legendary Buddy Hackett. Sandy worked with his Dad and learned the business with his father watching closely. Sandy first appeared with his Dad on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In at age of 11. Sandy remembers growing up with his talented father. Sandy now stars in a highly touted stage show based on The Rat Pack where Sandy portrays Joey Bishop, who always wanted Sandy to play him... More at our free blog
June 10, 2020
Jodie & Billy Sinclair: New Book-“Love Behind Bars: The True Story of an American Prisoner’s Wife.
PODCAST: Jodie and Billy Sinclair tell their Powerful, Poignant Story of Love, Courage, and Redemption from Death Row, Where an Indomitable Woman Challenged Corruption in Order to Free her Husband Love Behind Bars : The True Story of an American Prisoner's Wife by Jodie Sinclair Our guests are Jodie and Billy Sinclair. Their book tells The Powerful, Poignant Story of Love, Courage, and Redemption from Death Row, Where an Indomitable Woman Challenged Corruption in Order to Free her Husband When TV reporter Jodie Sinclair went to the Louisiana State Penitentiary, also known as the Death House at Angola, in 1981, she expected to report about the death penalty and leave. Our guests are Jodie and Billy Sinclair. Their book tells The Powerful, Poignant Story of Love, Courage, and Redemption from Death Row, Where an Indomitable Woman Challenged Corruption in Order to Free her Husband When TV reporter Jodie Sinclair went to the Louisiana State Penitentiary, also known as the Death House at Angola, in 1981, she expected to report about the death penalty and leave. She never expected to fall in love. Billy Sinclair was an inmate at Angola, sent there for an accidental murder during a robbery gone wrong. After facing a trial which was skewed against him and being sentenced to death, he saw first-hand the corruption and abuse rife in the criminal justice system, and he began an unrelenting crusade for reform. When the pair married by proxy a year after meeting, Jodie took up Billy’s fight. More at our free blog…/
June 5, 2020
Singer Deana Martin daughter of Dean Martin talks about Dad,Uncle Frank(Sinatra),Uncle Sammy(Davis)
Our guest today on the podcast is the wonderfully talented Deana Martin. Deana talks about her Dad (Dean Martin), her Uncle Frank(Sinatra), Uncle Sammy (Davis) and her amazing career as an acclaimed singer. Deana Martin is a world-class entertainer who is equally comfortable with a celebrated symphony, at a legendary concert hall or on an intimate cabaret stage with a swinging jazz quintet. She’s a New York Times best-selling author, a gifted actor, a vocalist of incredible depth and passion and a licensed pilot More at our free blog and podcast
June 3, 2020
Director/writer/actor Carl Gottlieb. Wrote Jaws, The Jerk, Which Way is Up, Smothers Brothers more
Carl became a member, in the 1960s, of the San Francisco improvisational comedy troupe "The Committee". They made one feature film: A Session with the Committee. He began writing comedy for TV, contributing to The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour for which he won an Emmy Award in 1969, The Music Scene, The Bob Newhart Show, All in the Family, and The Odd Couple. Minor acting roles have included Robert Altman's M*A*S*H and the film Clueless. Carl also co write The Jerk for Steve Martin Gottlieb also cowrote David Crosby's two autobiographies, 1989's Long Time Gone and 2006's Since Then. Jaws Gottlieb was hired as an actor to appear as Harry Meadows, the editor of the local newspaper, in Jaws. He was hired by his friend, Steven Spielberg, to redraft the script, adding more dimensions to the characters, particularly humour. His redrafts reduced the role of Meadows (who still appears in the Town Hall corridor and the Tiger Shark scene). He wrote a book, The Jaws Log, about the notoriously difficult production of the film.[3] Bryan Singer has referred to it as being "like a little movie director bible".[4] He was enlisted under similar circumstances to work on the Jaws 2 screenplay. He co-wrote the screenplays for The Jerk, in which he played Iron Balls McGinty, and Jaws 3-D. Gottlieb contributes to Jaws related activities, such as interviews (including the documentary The Shark Is Still Working) and attended JawsFest on Martha's Vineyard in June 2005
May 27, 2020
The Dr. Feelgood Casebook: Explosive New Book Debuts:JFK &Jackie,Marilyn,Pope Pius XII,Radziwill etc
Now, for the first time in his own words in *The Dr. Feelgood Casebook,* Doctor Max Jacobson, code-named “Dr. Feelgood” by the Secret Service under President John F. Kennedy, writes about his own life, his patients, and his “magic” formula that addicted not only JFK, but Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and celebrities from all walks of life to his methamphetamine injections. In addition, Dr. Feelgood’s own patients describe their dealings with the man who brought the meth epidemic to America. Through interviews with celebrities and notable individuals, including Dr. Michael Baden, Eddie Fisher, Gore Vidal, and Joey Bishop, the authors reveal Jacobson’s vast influence on events such as the assassination of JFK, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Kennedy-Khrushchev Vienna Summit, the murder of Marilyn Monroe, the filming of the C. B. DeMille classic "The Ten Commandments", and the work of many of the great artists of that era. Jacobson destroyed the lives of several famous patients in the entertainment industry and accidentally killed his own wife, Nina, with an overdose of his formula. In a series of heretofore unpublished interviews with celebrity singer and Jacobson patient Eddie Fisher, the *Casebook* reveals the behind-the-scenes goings on in the Kennedy White House, especially leading up to the assassination, as Fisher brought an assortment of young movie starlets to meet the president in private. Here is a snapshot of American political life before the #METOO movement that has it all: sex, drugs, power, and influence.
May 21, 2020
Three Stooges Historian Brent Seguine looks at the birth of The Three Stooges
Our guest is Brent Seguine who is a true scholar of the Three Stooges. Brent, who writes for the Three Stooges Journal and has helped with the wonderful museum in Philadelphia dedicated to the team called the Stoogeum. (Gary Lassin). Brent sets the record straight and breaks many popular myths about the creation of the stooges. Brent tells about Ted Healy and the true start of the team. Brent’s research has provided us with this fascinating historical look at the creation of our favorite comedy team.
May 13, 2020
Filmmaker Roger Memos on his film Marsha Hunt’s Sweet Adversity and the Golden Age of Hollywood
PODCAST: Filmmaker Roger Memos’ documentary: “Marsha Hunt’s Sweet Adversity” The Golden Age of Hollywood, Communist Blacklist and more. Stories that include Marsha Hunt nearly landing the role of Melanie in Gone With the Wind; star at MGM What a treat for our listeners in this podcast with filmmaker Roger Memos that explores the Golden Age of Hollywood through the eyes of actress Marsha Hunt, who is still thriving at 102. Her story, told beautifully by Roger Memos in his marvelous documentary, Marsha Hunt’s Sweet Adversity now playing on Amazon Prime. Here is a review from… More at our free blog and podcast
May 10, 2020
Comic Barry Diamond talks about appearing on Seinfeld,Curb & with Tom Hanks in Bachelor Party
PODCAST: Comedian Barry Diamond talks about co-starring in Bachelor Party (w/Tom Hanks); Seinfeld; Curb Your Enthusiasm (w/Larry David) much more Our guest is comedian Barry Diamond who went from his first appearance appearing with the Allman Brothers at his college in Alabama to working with comics such as Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Maher, Jay Leno, Billy Crystal and others in the New York comedy clubs such as Catch a Rising Star to The Improv to appearances in film and television From Diamond November 14 1951- ? Born and raised in a small log cabin in the Bronx New York. He began his comedy career at Catch A Rising Star and The Improvisation comedy clubs in New York City in 1975. Some of the alumni from that era include Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal and many many more
May 10, 2020
Mickey Rooney’s daughter Kelly Rooney remembers her father,Judy Garland & tragic death of her mother
Our podcast guest is the wonderful Kelly Rooney, who is the oldest daughter of Mickey Rooney. Mickey had eight children including Kelly, Mickey Jr., the late Timmy, the late Teddy, Kerry, Kimmy, Michael and Jonelle). Kelly has kept her father’s memory alive as the story below discusses. Kelly has also been one of the the angel’s behind a foundation called Kasem Cares and is trying to fight against elder abuse. Twenty two states have fought to give visitation rights to children of elderly that has passed laws protecting the children in 22 states. She recently was at the White House receiving a Presidential Award
May 9, 2020
Author Meredith Ponedel’s aunt Dottie Ponedel-confidant & make-up artist to Garland,Dietrich,Gable
Our guest is Meredith Ponedel the author of “ABOUT FACE The Life and Times of Dottie Ponedel: Make-up Artist to the Stars” by Dorothy Ponedel, Meredith Ponedel, and Danny Miller Dottie Ponedel knows how to amuse with rouge. Her autobiography, the story of a pioneering make-up woman in silent movies and early talkies, puts a new foundation on the stars from the Golden Age of movies. Sinners and saints without greasepaint make for memorable close-ups. Enjoy Dottie’s confidential revelations about Judy Garland, Marlene Dietrich, Mae West, Carole Lombard, Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Joan Blondell, Paulette Goddard, Barbara Stanwyck, and others. “No stranger is going to pat this puss,” Mae West once declared. Mae, and Dottie’s other clients, often demanded her services, but tomcats and contracts seldom blended. Dottie constantly fought all-male make-up departments at the studios to get the recognition she deserved. Amazing challenges facing a woman at the top of her craft play poignantly against her straight-talking, heartwarming, hilarious encounters with famous faces. Dotti Ponedel. The designer with eye liner. Illustrated. Index.
April 29, 2020
Bonus!!!Author Jordan Young Remembers Walter Matthau withJack Lemmon and Billy Wilder
Bonus Jordan Young remembers a great story with Walter Matthau, Jack Lemmon and Billy Wilder.
April 28, 2020
Author Jordan Young talk Jack Benny meets Woody Allen,Matthau&Lemmon&Wilder,Polanski,Marty Feldman
An amazing hour in talking about great icons Jordan had interviewed and written about including Jack Benny, Woody Allen, Marty Feldman, Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Billy Wilder, Maureen O’Hara, Roman Polanski, and many other performers, writers, directors. Jordan tells amazing backstage stories. Not to be missed Jordan R. Young is a journalist, show business historian, playwright and theatre critic. His work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Magazine, Westways, AAA Tour Books, and The People’s Almanac. His books include Spike Jones Off the Record, The Laugh Crafters: Comedy Writing in Radio and TV’s Golden Age, Acting Solo, The Beckett Actor and King Vidor’s The Crowd. His plays have been produced in Hollywood and Off Off Broadway. Young is a former travel writer for the Automobile Club of Southern California; he has written special material for the Grammy Awards and served as a consultant for BBC Radio. He is a native of Los Angeles, born in the suburb of Culver City where his favorite comedy team, Laurel and Hardy, made the majority of their films
April 28, 2020
Author Matthew Hahn Talks about his books about Marx Brothers and Peter Lorre.
Our guest is Matthew Hahn is the author of The Animated Marx Brothers and The Animated Marx Brothers is an award-winning animated filmmaker, a published cartoonist, a lifelong rescuer of animals, and a pioneering Maryland brewer. He endowed Freedonia/Marxonia, an annual Marx Brothers festival in Fredonia, NY, with his wife Cheri. They live in suburban Washington, DC with Thelma Todd. Matthew is also the author of The Animated Peter Lorre. Fans of Peter Lorre – rejoice! It’s here! The book you’ve been waiting for – a 395-page filmography of all the caricatures of the legendary actor in animated cartoons. Written in a way that mixes the humor of the subject with the scholarship of a dedicated cinephile, Hahn (who previously compiled The Animated Marx Brothers) should get credit to tracking down Lorre appearances in every cartoon imaginable.”-Jerry Beck, Matthew Hahn, the author of The Animated Marx Brothers, an award-winning animated filmmaker, a published cartoonist, a lifelong rescuer of animals, and a pioneering Maryland brewer. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre & Speech from DeSales University in Center Valley, PA and a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Acting/Directing from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He endowed Freedonia/Marxonia, an annual Marx Brothers festival in Fredonia, NY, with his wife Cheri. They live in suburban Washington, DC with Thelma Todd
April 27, 2020
Monty Aidem wrote for Sinatra, Dino, Carson, Vicki, Robin Williams more.
As a young comedy writer, Monty wrote for Johnny Carson, Bob Hope, Dean Martin and. . .Frank Sinatra. Monty Aidem first entertained audiences on the radio, in cities including Atlanta, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, and during that time he also wrote topical comedy material for leading radio personalities across America. Eventually, he moved to Los Angeles and became a TV comedy writer. His first TV writing job was on a revival of the ground-breaking series "Laugh-In", with the revival introducing a little-known performer named Robin Williams. Monty went on to write for stars including Bob Hope, John Wayne, and Dean Martin on various TV specials, including The Dean Martin Roasts. Soon, he became a staff writer for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show. Later he wrote for other late night shows starring Joan Rivers, Alan Thicke and Pat Sajak, and Monty was Vicki Lawrence's writer on her Emmy-nominated daytime talk show. Monty also wrote for many comedians, including Frank Sinatra's longest-running opening act, comedian Tom Dreesen, and on several occasions for Mr. Sinatra himself. Now, while Monty continues to write for Vicki Lawrence, he also performs a Frank Sinatra tribute and leads a Rat Pack Tribute with two co-stars from Las Vegas. Monty's been seen in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace, The Bellagio, The Venetian, The Mirage, Planet Hollywood and The Palms, plus at Hollywood's Sheraton Universal Studios, Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm, and across America in theaters, casinos and event centers, presenting his on-stage portrayal of Frank Sinatra in concert. Now he's doing what he likes best, performing an authentic tribute to the Chairman of the Board. He has performed at both Sinatra residences in Palm Springs CA, including the large estate known as "the compound" where everything is preserved as it was when the Sinatras lived there. Monty was chosen to provide vocals for a TV special about the Sinatra golf tournament, and he entertained former Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev, who happens to be a Sinatra fan. More at
April 26, 2020
David Bruskin-Behind the Three Stooges: The White Brothers. Jules White,Stooges &Columbia Studios
PODCAST:David N. Bruskin Behind the Three Stooges: The White Brothers. Jules White, the Stooges and Columbia Studios. Our guest is Author/film story analyst David N. Bruskin is the author of a book in conjunction with the Director Guild. “Behind the Three Stooges: The White Brothers: Conversations With David N. Bruskin” is a legendary history of the White Brothers who were true comedy film pioneers. For people who can’t get enough reading about the Stooges, for those who care about how the shorts department of a major studio functioned, and for a look at B-filmmaking from men who were in the thick of it, this is must reading. Valuable and fascinating…. marvelous insight into the frantic schedules and cost-cutting that dictated the production style of the Columbia two-reelers from the 1930s to the late Fifties. We discuss everything from the creation of the Stooges and Jules White’s influence on the team and Columbia short subjects
April 24, 2020
Faster than a speeding bullet!Journalist/comic historian Mike Sangiacomo on creation of Superman
Longtime journalist/comic columnist and historian Mike Sangiacomo talks about how Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster created Superman at 18 years old in Cleveland in 1938 and sold it to DC Comics for a $130 a week job. Mike tells about how they created Superman, the influences in creating the character of Superman, Lois Lane, Metropolis, the Daily Planet and more. Mike, who helped create the Siegel & Schuster society tells how he has been a part of bringing recognition to Superman’s creators and more.
April 17, 2020
Director/Producer Donna Kanter discusses her film Lunch w/Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner, Hal Kanter more
Writer/Director/Producer Donna Kanter has produced countless realty series, dramatic films and documentaries. As the daughter of legendary writer/director\producer Hal Kanter (Elvis fins to the Rose Tattoo to the groundbreaking tv series Julia and Jimmy Stewart Show talks about growing up in Hollywood, her father and her father’s 40 year of lunches with some of the greatest comics and comedy writers in her documentary LUNCH. At those lunches would be Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner, Monty Hall, Ben Starr, Garry Owens, Shelly Berman, director Arthur Hiller, MASH writer John Rapaport, Rocky Kalish and many others. Donna filmed these hysterical lunches with some of the greatest storytellers that ever lived. Donna remembers someone great stories and her remarkable career in this fascinating podcast.
April 17, 2020
Advertising/PR Guru Terry Motley talks use of humor in commercials/videos based on classic comics
Terry Motley of talks about how he uses the comedy of the Marx Brothers, Keaton, Stooges and more in creating commercials and videos to sell products, services even in resumes. Terry looks at how Taco Bell to Progressive insurance use comedy to sell its product. Terry said “People don’t read, say it with video!” It’s an interesting look at how humor is used to sell products based on classic comedy.
April 16, 2020
Author Mark Dawidziak talks about Columbo,Twilight Zone, Kolchak:The Night Stalker, Shawshank & more
Author/journalist Mark Dawidziak who has written several books on television (he was the longtime TV critic/columnist for the Beacon Journal and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Mark has written iconic books such as the ColumboPhiles, Twilight Zone, Kolchak:The Night Stalker, Shawshank Redemption, along with books on Mark Twain and others. He tells great stories about how he befriended Peter Falk and became his creative consumer on Columbo. It is a fascinating podcast
April 16, 2020
Author Bill Cassara talks Three Stooges &Ted Healy & Vernon Dent,Edgar Kennedy- L&H,Marx Bros more
Our guest is author Bill Cassara who has four books on great performers such as Ted Healy who helped create the Three Stooges, Great comic Edgar Kennedy who starred with the Marx Brothers, Laurel & Hardy, was an original Keystone Cop & more, Vernon Dent who was in countless Three Stooges as their foil and villain actor Henry Brandon. If you love comedy, you’ll enjoy this fun episode with a respected film historian and author
April 15, 2020
Emmy winning writer/producer Phoef Sutton talks about 8 yrs on Cheers,Newhart,DeNiro,Janet Evanovich
A great podcast with a true renaissance man-writer/producer/novelist/director Phoef Sutton. In our hour talk, Phoef talks about working with Bob Newhart, his eight years as an Emmy award winning writer/Executive Producer of Cheers- and about Ted Danson, Kelsey Grammer, George Wendy and more. Phoef remembers working on News Radio, writing the hit feature film, “The Fan” starring Robert DeNiro amd Wesley Snopes, writing the film- “Mrs. Winterbourne”, writing best selling books with Jabet Evanovich, his current series Darrow & Darrow with Kimberly Williams- Paisley, his great podcast Film Freaks Forever and much more. It’s a fun, fast moving hour!
April 14, 2020
Author Ron DeFore-son of film/tv star Don DeFore-Mr. B of Hazel,Thorny -Ozzie&Harriet
Our guest is author Ron DeFore who wrote Growing up in Disneyland about his magical childhood as the son of tv and film star Don DeFore. DeFore was in 35 movies, was co-star of the Ozzie & Harriet Show as Thorny, Mr Baxter of Hazel with Shirley Booth, and friend of Walt Disney and owned the Don DeFore Silver Banjo Restaurant in Disneyland. Ron also worked for Steve Allen and grew up as Hollywood royalty. A great, fun podcast about a nostalgic time.
April 13, 2020
Dick DeBartolo of Mad Magazine,The Match Game to Tell the Truth,What’s My Line, The Giz Wiz & more
Our guest, Dick DeBartolo, has made his mark as a satirist, a writer, a game show writer and producer, and as a giz wiz on programs that include Regis Philbin to ABC World News Now. Dick saved Match Game from cancellation, was the “Maddest of Mad” writers for over 50 years, is the “Giz Wiz” on ABC News (currently), was a guest programmer with Robert Osborne on TCM, was the longtme creative consultant for Goodson & Todman for 18 years on shows such as Match Game, To Tell the Truth, What’s My :Line, Tattletales. ad many others. This is a special hour with the multi=talented wit, Dick DeBartolo Learn how Alan Alda was upset with Mad’d parody of M*A*S*H and George Lucas loved his of Star Wars, how Dick saved the Match Game at its start, practical jokes at MAD magazine and much more on the podcast
April 13, 2020
Everything SHEMP.Author Geoff Dale talks about upcoming bio of Shemp Howard.3 Stooges,WC Fields, A&
Today's guest is journalist Geoff Dale who is based in Ontario, Canada. Geoff has been researching a book on Shemp Howard for three years. It will be published, possibly later this year by Bear Manor Media. Geoff talks everything Shemp and let's the listeners learn some great new information he discovered in his research. Geoff, as a veteran journalist for several newspapers, has done extensive research and has interviewed countless current comedians such as magician Penn Jillette about the influence of Shemp on current comedians. This is a fun podcast if you love the Three Stooges, Abbott & Costello, W. C. Fields or just great comedy. It's a fast paced hour of talk with the pre-eminent expert on SHEMP. 
April 10, 2020
Comic Bobby Slayton talks dinner with Woody Allen,doing Curb w/Larry David,Robin Williams, more
Funny! Famed comic/actor Bobby Slayton, known as the “Pitbull of Comedy” or “Yid Viscious” talks about doing 3 Woody Allen films (including Wonder Wheel and Amazon’s Crisis in Six Scenes (with Woody Allen, Elaine May and Miley Cyrus), his dinner with Woody Allen, starring in an episode of this season’s Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David, Richard Lewis and Jeff Garlin as Carl who has a wife (Jane Krakowski) with a magical vagina; starting off in San Francisco with comics Robin Williams, Dana Carvey, Kevin Pollak, Paula Poundstone and others. This is a hysterical hour with one of the hardest working and one of a kind comic who has worked for over 40 years on stage, films and television. Do not miss this hour! BOBBY SLAYTON, A COMIC’S COMIC The NY Daily News called Slayton “Armed and Dangerous”, and the Las Vegas Review Journal pointed out that “Slayton’s refusal to compromise his art has always made him worth a special trip.” Bobby Slayton, often referred to as “The Pitbull of Comedy,” has been performing his own intense style of comedy for well over 30 years, becoming one of the best known, respected, and energetic comics working today. Audiences around the country may recognize Bobby from his scene-stealing roles in the movies “Get Shorty”, “Ed Wood”, “Bandits”, “Dreamgirls” and “Bandits”. He’s been seen on dozens of television shows, including “The Tonight Show”, “Politically Incorrect”, “Home Improvement”, and in Woody Allen’s Amazon TV Project “Crisis in Six Scenes”. Bobby’s many appearances on HBO have included “Comic Relief” and his own Showtime special, “Born to be Bobby”. He was a series regular on the HBO series “Mind of a Married Man”, and played Joey Bishop opposite Ray Liotta and Joe Mantegna in the critically acclaimed film “The Rat Pack”. Slayton’s distinctive gravelly voice has often been heard on animated shows, including “Dr. Katz’” and “Family Guy”, as well as many popular radio shows across the country including Howard Stern and regular appearances on SiriusXM. Bobby recently completed filming Woody Allen’s latest film, and a guest appearance on the new season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, both scheduled for 2020 release.
April 9, 2020
Television Director Howard Murray (Big Bang Theory,King of Queens,Grace Under Fire)son of Jan Mur
PODCAST: Noted TV Director Howard Murray (Big Bang Theory, King of Queens, Grace Under Fire, many more) talks his career, his father famed comic Jan Murray and growing up with Sinatra, Berle, Rickles, Buddy Hackett, Jerry Lewis, Sid Caesar and more. An amazing hour
April 8, 2020
Author Steve Randisi talk about Merv Griffin,Blondie (Penny Singleton), Dagwood (Arthur Lake) & more
Author Steve Randisi talks about his new book, The Merv Griffin Show: The Inside Story. From 1962 to 1986, The Merv Griffin Showflourished as one of television’s most popular variety/talk shows, offering thousands of celebrated personalities from all walks of life. The Merv Griffin Show: The Inside Story takes you behind the scenes of this iconic program through exclusive interviews with the producers, writers, talent coordinators, and publicists who helped sustain Steve talks about Merv, Blondie and Dagwood and much more.
April 6, 2020
Authors Jeff Abraham & Burt Kearns Talk Death of Show Biz greats on stage in “The Show Won’t Go On”
Our guests, publicist and pop historian Jeff Abraham and documentary producer & journalist Burt Kearns are like most of us who love to hear the grisly details. Many of us who love entertainment have a morbid curiosity of the stories about entertainers who died doing what they love. Jeff and Burt have dug up and drilled down on the deaths of performers such as Dick Shawn, Karl Wallenda, Tiny Tim, Harry Einstein and many more who died performing. This is a book that offers all the juicy backstories and aftermath of these events. They created a fascinating book that satisfies your every question and prurient interest. Much like Hollywood Babylon, it is a must have book for those who love the backstories of show business. Jeff Abraham & Burt Kearns are the co-authors of the recently book titled “The Show Won’t Go On: The Most Shocking, Bizarre, and Historic Deaths of Performers Onstage” (Chicago Review Press). Authors Jeff Abraham and Burt Kearns Reveal the Details of Show Biz Deaths on Stage including Comic Dick Shawn (It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World) to Tiny Tim, comic Harry “Parkyakarkus” Einstein(father of Albert Brooks and Bob “Super Dave Osborne” Einstein who died in front of Lucy, Desi, Uncle Miltie & more
April 6, 2020
Herbie J. Pilato: TV Host (Then Again on Amazon Prime)author (Mary Tyler Moore,Elizabeth Montgomery
Herbie J Pilato is a TV host, writer, producer, performer, and entertainment executive who has worked on several television shows including Bravo’s hit five-part series, The 100 Greatest TV Characters, Bewitched: The E! True Hollywood Story (the seventh-highest rated True Hollywood Story in E!’s history), A&E’s Biography of Lee Majors, TLC’s Behind the Fame specials on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show, Hill Street Blues, and L.A. Law, among others.  Herbie J has also served as a consulting producer and on-screen cultural commentator on various classic TV DVD documentaries for Sony, NBCUniversal, and Warner Bros., including The Six Million Dollar Man boxed set, Kung Fu, and CHiPs Herbie J’s long list of top-selling, critically-acclaimed pop-culture/media tie-in books include Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story, Dashing, Daring and Debonair: TV’s Top Male Icons from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, Glamour Gidgets and the Girl Next Door, The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery: A Guide To Her Magical Performances, Twitch Upon a Star: The Bewitched Life and Career of Elizabeth Montgomery, Bewitched Forever, The Bewitched Book, The Bionic Book, Life Story: The Book of Life Goes On, The Kung Fu Book of Wisdom, The Kung Fu Book of Caine, and NBC & ME: My Life as a Page in a Book, personally-signed copies of each book may be ordered by visiting Herbie J's Shop. 
April 4, 2020
Singer/Dancer/Pianist and Cabaret superstar Mark Nadler. Fascinating Podcast!
Thanks Our podcast guest is cabaret superstar Mark Nadler. Mark is one of the most multi-talented performers and a throwback to the great entertainers such as Durante, Danny Kaye and Donald O’Connor. Mark dances, is a singer and a classically trained pianist, composer, writes plays and is a master showman. He is a dynamo of energy and has won 14 awards including a Drama Desk Award. Mark discusses his career and is quite an historian of musical theater. It is a fascinating interview on the podcast of one of the gems of New York City. Mark also was invited by the family of Cole to dedicate his home in Indiana and to be part of the unveiling of Cole Porter’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Mark talks about his daily videos for all of us at home 24/7 and more at This is a fun, uplifting podcast.
April 3, 2020
Talk Show Host and Author Bill Boggs discusses Sinatra,Mick Jagger,Trump, more. New book, New Show
Our guest is the legendary talk show host and author Bill Boggs. For nearly 50 years, Bill has interviewed the greats on his talks shows that include Midday Live (for 11 years) in New York City, Bill Boggs Corner Table on The Food Network, My Generation on PBS, Comedy Tonight (syndicated) and others. He has also written several best selling books. Bill also has a new talk show that starts today (Friday) with Lucie Arnaz. His new book is “The Adventures of Spike the Wonder Dog as Told to Bill Boggs” and much more! Hear about it on this wonderful podcast
April 3, 2020
Bombastic Bushkin. Author/Attorney/Producer Henry Bushkin-Johnny Carson’s wrote “Johnny Carson”
Henry Bushkin who for nearly twenty years was Johnny Carson’s attorney, business adviser, friend & confidant and fixer talks all about Johnny Carson Bushkin who wrote The NY Times bestselling book, “Johnny Carson” tell the inside scoop on Johnny. He tells incredible stories about Carson, his relationship with Ed McMahon, his wives, and much more. What an amazing program- Henry is a wonderful raconteur and also discusses his future projects which include a series on Johnny and a Vegas musical based on his life.
April 2, 2020
John Davidson, star of Hollywood Squares, That’s Incredible,The Tonight Show,movies,television,stage
John was both the guest and host of Hollywood Squares, That’s Incredible, The $100,000 Pyramid, The Girl with Something Extra (with Sally Field), The John Davidson Show (talk show) along with movies such as The Happiest Millionaire (with Fred MacMurray) to Edward Scissorhands and much more. John talks about everything Paul Lynde to Bert Lahr to Tim Burton. This is a shoe you cannot miss. An incredible treat!
April 1, 2020
Actor/Author/Comedian Nick Santa Maria talks about 3 Stooges, A&C, the Producers, Biffle & Shooster
The versatile and multi-talented Nick Santa Maria is our guest. Nick, who starred in The Producers, originated the Genie in Aladdin on Broadway, author of the upcoming book- The Annotated Abbott and Costello and has a great online comedy course & more talks The Producers, The Three Stooges, Abbott & Costello, Laurel and Hardy and even does amazing imitations. A fun program that should not be missed
March 31, 2020
Author Geoffrey Mark talks about Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz (The Lucy Book),Ella Fitzgerald & Marilyn
Author, performer, comedy writer,singer - the multi-talented Geoffrey Mark is our guest. Geoffrey, who wrote The Lucy Book and the upcoming revised Lucy Book talks all about Lucy, Desi and more in great inside stories. Also , Geoffrey’s talks about his new book “Ella: A Biography of Legendary Ella Fitzgerald.” And tells an amazing story of how Marilyn Monroe got Ella accepted in the exclusive Los Angeles nightclubs and more. It’s an amazing hour
March 31, 2020
Concert Pianist and Performer Richard Glazier Star of PBS Specials on Film Music
This is a special podcast with our friend Richard Glazier. Richard has been the star of 3 PBS Specials (so far) on great movie music. He appears worldwide in concerts that celebrate film music. He visited Ira Gershwin at 12 years old, interviewed great stars including Mickey Rooney and much more you will learn on this podcast
March 30, 2020
Talking about the Life and podcast
A short 8 minute podcast that goes behind the scenes at The Life and Times of Hollywood with host Rick Lertzman.
March 28, 2020
Dr. William J Birnes, NY Times Bestselling author, host/producer of UFO Hunters (History Channel),
Bill Birnes is a NY Times best selling author, host/producer of UFO Hunters on the History Channel, Ancient Aliens, co-star of the film Communion, books include The Riverman (Ted Bundt), The Day After Rowell, the current Edison vs. Tesla and countless other books(see Wikipedia) He currently is appearing with William Shatner on The Unexpected. His newest book he co-authored (with Rick Lertzman) is The Doctor Feelgood Casebook. Bill is also the nephew of George Burns and godson of Jack Benny. This is an interesting hour!
March 27, 2020
Author, comedian , film historian and raconteur Lon Davis
Lon Davis who has written books on the 3 Stooges (Stooges Among Us) , Francis X Bushman , Silent Lives (biographer of silent stars) a great new documentary on Francis X Bushman with the Niles/Essany Film Museum and much more! Lon talks about the Stooges, George Burns, Carol Channing and his newest bestselling book, Chase! a Tribute to the Keystone Cops now on Amazon in hardcover or Ebook. It’s a fascinating talk
March 26, 2020
Visiting with Ellen Easton, author, iconic etiquette and tea expert, bon vivacity and wit
Ellen Easton has lived the life that many will envy. From meeting and getting to know icons like Katharine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Mickey Rooney and countless others, being behind the Waldorf Astoria Tea Room, the author of countless books and etiquette, a consultant on Downton Abbey- Ellen is a prettier version of Elsa Maxwell
March 25, 2020