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Right to Know Weekly Roundup

Right to Know Weekly Roundup

By Right To Know
A quick roundup of Right to Know's week. We are a non-profit that advocates for people impacted by DNA surprises and misattributed parentage which can occur due to an adoption, assisted conception, or those conceived from a non-paternal event (NPE) to ensure our fundamental human right to know our genetic identity through education, mental health initiatives, and advocacy.
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Dec 3 Weekly Roundup
Thank you to everyone who donated on Giving Tuesday! If you’d like to donate, please consider making a monthly sustainable donation ($20 per month can make a huge difference). Washington fertility fraud legislation is moving forward. Thank you to Representative Orwell, Senator Dhingra, and Senator Stanford for your dedication and passion to see fertility fraud legislation passed in Washington. We launched our new education website, on December first. All of our past Webinars are available for just $12. Our non-CE course listing includes Identity & MPEs, Loss & Grief in MPEs, Psychological & Ethical Implications of MPEs, and Navigating Reunion with MPEs, and Understanding your Ancestry DNA Test Results will be coming out this week. Happy  Hanukkah with their MPE family. Reach out to Right to Know on our hotline, 323 Talk MPE, and we can pair you with someone with a similar experience. Remember, you are not alone.  This Sunday is our Community and Connection event at noon PST with licensed therapist Kate Murphy who will be guiding us in a discussion on BALANCING FAMILY, SECRETS, STRESS, GRIEF, AND THE HOLIDAYS.  Save the date - next Sunday, December 12 is our Webinar: Not My Parent's Child - Genetics, DNA Surprises, Ethical Behaviors with Dr. Collen Berryessa, Brad Ewell, and Wendi Babst. The date of our Summit is changing from September to the end of October or early November 2022 - we'll let you know as soon as we have a firm date.
December 3, 2021
Nov 26 Weekly Roundup
Three people paired with mentors from the 323-TALK-MPE hotline share their thoughts. Right to Know met with Senator Gallivan’s staff from New York who will likely help pass fertility fraud legislation and are ready to propose some level of requirements to ensure donor-conceived people have access to their medical history and gametes are screened for genetic diseases prior to use. Check out “NPE- A Story Guide for Unexpected DNA Discoveries” by Leeanne R. Hay which includes our DNA Basics Guide. Don't forget to pre-order Peter Boni's book "Uprooted." Peter conveys how difficult it can be to be a late discovery donor-conceived person. His personal journey is a testament to never give up trying to find your genetic family. Don't forget to check out our Year-End Report.  Donate to Right to Know on November 30th – Giving Tuesday. See if your company will match the donation. Or donate through our Facebook page at 8:00 am Eastern Standard time and Facebook, Meta, will match your donation. They are 100% matching up to $20,000 donations per person for the first $2 million in donations. The matching will probably go fast so donate early. 
November 27, 2021
Nov 19 Weekly Round Up
We have added two new therapists to the MPE directory—Jason Hobbs in Georgia and Laura Sullivan in Ohio. We are working with PhD student Mary Macintosh from Virginia who is in the process of finding candidates to interview who are psychotherapists with experience working with someone with an MPE (email Mary) Porst, PhD Psychology student from Minnesota is also doing a qualitative study. Happy Thanksgiving, stay tuned for tips to survive the holidays. Support RTK and purchase a DNA Missing Piece ornament or DNA Familly T-shirt. Become a RTK Mentor, email us at if you'd like to volunter. Assemblymember Jacobson in NY updated his fertility fraud legislation to include broad-based fraud such as when the donor lies about his medical history or when a clinic misleads patients and donors. We are approaching Senators to sponsor the bill on the other side of the legislature. Check out the donor conceived community which offers peer-led support groups for people navigating donor conception for a small fee. Groups include the DC Journey, New Discovery, Multiracial BIPOC DCP, LGBTQIA + DCP, Search & Connect, Advocacy, DC 101, Book Clubs and more. Our Year End Report was released 11/19, a bit later than anticipated because Seattle artist Hannah Dare Walker agreed to let us use her image, “the Cradle of Life” on the Cover at the last minute. It is a striking image and well worth the wait. Email if you didn't receive a copy. 
November 19, 2021
Nov 12 Weekly Roundup
Peter Boni, the author of Uprooted, agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds of his book which will be available in January 2022. Just before his fiftieth birthday, Peter’s seventy-five-year-old mother unveiled a bombshell: His deceased father was not his biological father. Peter was conceived via an anonymous sperm donor in 1945. After weeks of searching, we finally matched two women with MPEs with a wonderful therapist in Maine. A person who’s been on their MPE journey for 10 years, reached out for a mentor because no one in their circle understands how much their discovery uprooted their life. Remember, no matter how long ago you made your discovery, there are different times when we need support and Right to Know is here when you need it. Monday we’ll be sending out our first-ever annual report, sign up to receive a copy. We’ve been on four podcasts, featured in numerous articles, hosted 10 webinars, had guided monthly discussions with eight therapists, created a development board, and completed a survey of people with an MPE with 588 respondents. We’ll be sharing some statistics from time to time. For example, 60% said their MPE discovery was completely unexpected, 55% are completely public about their discovery, and 76% said they were glad they know the truth. We want to welcome two new board members Erin Maya and Brad Ewell. Erin is a DCP who is currently writing a musical about donor conception and Brad is an LDA police officer in Dallas, Texas.
November 12, 2021
Nov 5 Weekly Roundup
We received a generous donation from a doctor who asked his company to match his donation. Thank you! We're registered to have your donation matched by most companies. We met with the wonderful women over at EmPower, an educational company created to increase awareness, empower choice, and foster understanding for everyone involved in embryo donation. A woman reached out on our hotline (323-TALK-MPE) who learned her dad had donated sperm years ago and now many new siblings are contacting her. We appreciate her open heart and are working to find a licensed mental health professional in her state to help her process the huge shift in her family dynamics. If you are looking for a licensed mental health professional in your state, check out our therapist directory. Dr. Colleen Berrysess, a professor of criminology at Rutgers University, will be a guest speaker for our next webinar on Sunday, December 12th  at noon pacific / 3:00 pm eastern time entitled “Not My Parent’s Child – Genetics, DNA Surprises, and Ethical Behaviors.” We’ll be discussing how discovering biological family whose ethics and actions you do not subscribe to impacts you. This is the very complicated intersection of ethics, genetics, criminology, and psychology – a space Dr. Berrysess is very familiar with. Don’t forget it’s adoptee awareness month in November. And remember, you have a fundamental human right to know your genetic identity.
November 5, 2021
October 29 Weekly Roundup
This week we verified the video Donor Conceived People Voices we sponsored for the ASRM is indeed included in their on-demand content. Our mental health initiatives were recognized in a news article called “Home DNA tests can lead to shock and trauma, but mental health resources are scarce” by Aparna Nathan in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Our mentorship program was created to bolster and guide you during this process. Recently one of our mentors Sabrina Carlin, who by day is an educator, sent a heartfelt note about the impact of volunteering. Thank you Sabrina for everything you do! We met with a number of legislators from Washington state to ensure fertility fraud legislation moves forward in the next session in our home state by introducing a companion bill in the House. We are excited to be working with Professor Jennifer Gogarten who is a lecturer at the Institute for Public Health Genetics at the University of Washington.
October 29, 2021
October 22 Weekly Roundup
This week Arlene, who's in her 70s, found her biological father after 10 years of searching. If you're still searching - don't give up hope. Watch the video "DCP Voices for ASRM Panel on Open Identity" that Right to Know advocated for which was included in ASRM's on-demand content for the Scientific Congress. We have a new volunteer to assist with our MPE Counseling Directory of therapists with experience treating traumas associated with misattributed parentage. And, we finalized proposed fertility fraud legislation for the state of Michigan which will be introduced by Representative Roth soon. Reach out to us at or call 323-TALK MPE if you need to chat with someone who also had a DNA surprise, need advice about resources (finding bio family, genetic counselor, or therapist), or would like to be paired with a mentor.
October 22, 2021