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TDSB Student Discipline Committee

TDSB Student Discipline Committee

By Daniel Nortes
Intended as a resource to provide helpful information, which is aimed at sharing clear information to anyone involved in any of the following types of adjudicators matters, related to their child's education:

1) Expulsion Hearings
2) Appeals of a Student Suspension
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How to Appeal a Suspension
Information on how to Appeal a Suspension at the Toronto District School Board. If you are seeking to Appeal your Suspension; send your request for an appeal to Include the following information with your appeal request: 1) Name of student suspended; 2) Name of school; 3) When suspended and for how many days; 4) A statement indicating you are requesting an appeal of this Suspension.
November 06, 2019
How to Call Evidence before the Student Discipline Committee
Information about the types of evidence that can be called at Expulsion Hearings and Suspension Appeal meetings.
August 02, 2019
What Does Expulsion Mean in an Ontario School?
Confused what it means to be expelled from an Ontario school. Cut through the confusion and listen to find out what expulsion is and what expulsion isn’t.
May 21, 2019