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SHE Talks

SHE Talks

By SHE Talks
We are Ali and Jenn and we welcome you to our SHE TALKS podcast, presented by Soul Healing Essentials. We will be diving into the Spiritual Depths of being, and walking the path between this human life and, well, everything and anything that is beyond us. Thanks for joining us!
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Reiki Round table with Michele
What is reiki and how can we tap into it and use it for our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of our pets, plants and spaces.  Episode Invitation: Practice connecting energy with a friend by sending a visual image of a green heart (without telling them first) and see if they receive your transmission. With practice you will notice that they intuitively receive your image.  Links:  For more background info on reiki, Michele can be reached by emailing us at:  Ali   Youtube:   Instagram: @SoulHealingEssentials   Facebook: Soul Healing Essentials   Jenn Felins   Youtube:    Instagram: @jennfelins
June 24, 2020
Yoga with Jenn
The practice of yoga draws from ancient India and has evolved over the millennia. While the core yogic principles remain at the root of many Eastern cultures, we in the West have adapted a more physical yoga practice to meet our own needs, often times at the expense of loosing the essence of the what the practice was founded on. In this episode we draw a comparison between Yoga's Eastern roots and what we see today in our Western culture. We discuss the physical, mental and spiritual sides of the practice, illustrating how a union of breath control (pranayama) in conjunction with movement through physical postures (asana) can bring our nervous system and endocrine systems into balance and help to achieve an overall state of harmony within our mind and body. Episode Invitation: Find a comfortable Childs pose position: hips meet the heals, knees are spread wide, forehead to the earth, arms reach out in front of you. Scan your body and notice any areas where you may be holding on to tension. Identify the tension and take 7 rounds of breath, 6 seconds on the inhale, 6 seconds on the exhale and visualize the tension being released and melting away. ***Please check with your healthcare provider to discuss if a physical yoga practice is right for you. SHE Talks is not liable for any injury that may occur if you choose to partake in any physical movements, postures or flows. By listening to this episode or enacting on this episode invitation you release any claims or future claims should injury occur. Links: for all links and info mentioned in the episode Ali Youtube: Instagram: @SoulHealingEssentials   Facebook: Soul Healing Essentials Jenn Felins Youtube: Instagram: @jennfelins
June 9, 2020
Quantum Hypnosis with Ali
What is hypnosis and hypnotic regression and how can it connect us with our internal guidance system to get clarity about our obstacles and guidance about our life path.  Episode invitation: practice connecting to your Higher Self with an intention to balance the ego mind. Start by saying to yourself, both out loud and in your mind, “I have a clear and direct communication with my Higher Self”. Understanding that this expanded presence is within you, not external to you will allow the communication to flow more freely within your session.  Links: for all links and info mentioned in the episode Ali   Youtube:   Instagram: @SoulHealingEssentials  Facebook: Soul Healing Essentials   Jenn Felins  Youtube:    Instagram: @jennfelins
May 23, 2020
Spine wellness for a mind body connection with Bryce Turner
How spine health can inform our mental wellbeing and how reorganizing the body can achieve different mental and emotional states. Episode invitation: find a comfortable meditative posture where the body is not a distraction to the inner mind. To take it a step further scan you body for areas where you are guarding yourself and holding on to tension. Links: Bryce Beach Fitness   ELDOA Paul Chek Guy Voyer, DO Ali  Youtube:  Instagram: @SoulHealingEssentials  Facebook: Soul Healing Essentials  Jenn Felins  Youtube:   Instagram: @jennfelins
May 13, 2020
Applications for Meditation with Nate Pok
Applying meditation and meditative practices of mindfulness and breath work to exercise and life.  Episode Invitation: follow your breath in and out of your lungs 5 times and see what you notice.  Links:  Nate  Instagram: @Be.Funktionally.Fit   Ali  Youtube:  Instagram: @SoulHealingEssentials  Facebook: Soul Healing Essentials  Jenn Felins  Youtube:   Instagram: @jennfelins  Rickson Gracie  Beach Fitness   ELDOA
May 6, 2020
Exploring the concept of mediation and providing a handful of hands on practical techniques to get into a practice. All you need is a minute and day, the desire for internal peace and a little bit of discipline to cultivate a practice that works for you. Episode Invitation: Identify a comfortable place where you can go to and sit with yourself for minimum 1-2 minutes a day. Do it each day for a week and notice how your body responds when you are in this physical place. Links:  Ali  Youtube:  Instagram: @SoulHealingEssentials  Facebook: Soul Healing Essentials  Jenn Felins  Youtube:  Instagram: @jennfelins
April 28, 2020
The Inner Voice
Learning how to identify the part of your voice that wants to guide you to your soul path, versus the voice that wants to overprotect you and keep you in your comfort zone and state of status quo.  Episode Invitation: Can you identify which voice speaks to you more often, the Inner Voice or the Ego? Inner voice is calm and steady, ego is loud and insistent. Links:  Youtube:   Instagram: @SoulHealingEssentials   Facebook: Soul Healing Essentials Jenn Felins  Youtube:  Instagram: @jennfelins
April 14, 2020
Welcome to SHE Talks
Spirituality defined; diving into the basics with Ali and Jenn. Featured Links: Ekhart Tolle: Teal Swan: Dolores Cannon: Aurora Rising Phoenix: Beyond Quantum Healing: Soul Healing Essentials on Youtube: Instagram: @SoulHealingEssentials  Jenn Felins Instagram: @jennfelins
April 5, 2020