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Stephanie O’Hara - Your Angel Wings

Stephanie O’Hara - Your Angel Wings

By Steph O’Hara Angel Wings
Stephanie O’Hara is a blogger/writer, advocate for women, former rock star, wife, and mother of 3. Her friends have always loved to hear her “life lessons”, so she’s decided to share them with you! If you are interested in elevating your perspective and having a few laughs, this is the podcast for you!
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This is the first podcast of my new “Faith Over Fear” series!
The week that Covid hit, I was in the middle of barren shelves in a grocery store. I felt scared and afraid of the unknown. Emotionally, I had been there before. It was all too familiar. Those same feelings of isolation, anxiety and dread came to the surface when I experienced infertility. Listen as I talk about the importance of trusting an unknown future to a known God.
September 21, 2020
Your 80 Year Old Self
Tune in to Stephanie O’Hara, founder of Your Angel Wings. A former rock singer, wife, mother of 3, entrepreneur and advocate for women - this podcast focuses on changing your perspective. When Stephanie talked to her 80 year old self, she began to take risks she wouldn’t have otherwise. From learning to ski at age 40 to taking boudoir photos for her husband, her 80 year old self had some surprising advice for her. Have you met your 80 year old self yet?
April 02, 2019
A Lesson from the Heartland: How to Prune your Spiritual Garden so that you can blossom.
How can planting a Spiritual Garden help you grow emotionally, achieve your goals and change your life for the better? Tune in to Stephanie O’Hara - wife, mother of 3, entrepreneur, community leader and fertility overcomer to learn to look at obstacles and challenges from an elevated perspective. Learn to overcome fear by reaching for higher thoughts and using challenges as a tool for personal growth.
January 27, 2019