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The Strictly out of the Box Podcast

The Strictly out of the Box Podcast

By UFO Robert Bingham
This show is about stating to all viewers/listeners that you have incredible gifts that God has given you. The answers to life are deep down inside you. You are endowed with God-given abilities that are available to you if you search with true intent and a good heart - the Angels will show you the way.
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Episode 4: Kienda Betrue
Welcome to the latest episode of The Strictly out of the Box Podcast! In this extraordinary episode, Robert Bingham welcomes Kienda Betrue. Kienda is a clairvoyant, multidimensional spiritual researcher, and author of several books, including Lucid Death: Conscious Journeys Beyond the Threshold. From I Kienda Betrue Valbracht, have been clairvoyantly inclined all my life (except for certain wayward years in my late teens and early twenties.) As a child, I observed the fairies, gnomes, angels, Christ, and Father God with awe and wonder. Much later, when I settled into this life’s destiny, I met Anthroposophy, began to meditate regularly and creatively, and honed my basic abilities until I could safely navigate multiple dimensions. Kienda's Book "Lucid Death" is available on Amazon now Please visit Kienda Betrue on the web to learn more! Email Kienda Betrue Email Robert Bingham The Strictly out of the Box Podcast Hosted by Robert Bingham Thank You for listening!Special Guest: Kienda Betrue.Links:Kienda's Book "Lucid Death" is available on Amazon nowKienda Betrue's WebsiteCosmic Odyssey
January 18, 2020
Episode 3: Candice Powers
Greetings fair listener, welcome to Episode 3 of The Strictly out of the Box Podcast hosted by Robert Bingham. Today Robert welcomes special guest, numerologist, and Boulder Exo co-founder Candice Powers to the show. This episode contains a massive amount of information, insight, and personal experience on exciting topics such as Ufology, Mufon, Regressions, Spirituality, Consciousness, Government, Contact, Extra-Terrestrials, Black Ops, Project Blue Book, and much much more. As is the theme around here, the information revealed in this episode is, you guessed it, Strictly out of the Box! Project Blue Book TV Show mentioned in this episode "A tough US Air Force officer and a skeptical scientist investigate UFO and alien conspiracies as Cold War paranoia spreads." Get in touch with Candice Powers Numerology for Your Best Life Be heard! Email Robert Bingham Thank You For Listening!Special Guest: Candice Powers.Links:Numerology for Your Best LifeProject Blue Book TV ShowBudd HopkinsKarla Turner - Into The FringeBarbara BartholicJacques ValléeMUFONBoulder ExoRobert SalasJosé ArgüellesDonald D. HoffmanStan RomanekTom DeLongeThe Stars Academy of Arts & ScienceProject Blue BookJ. Allen HynekPaul HynekDonald MarshallGalactic FederationDaniel Sheehan
October 17, 2019
Episode 2: Mary Alyce Nyquist
Robert Bingham, The Summoner welcomes guest Mary Alyce Nyquist on this extraordinary second episode of The Strictly out of the Box Podcast. Do yourself a favor and tune in to the show to learn from Robert and Mary. You'll get introduced first-hand knowledge from personal experiences on such topics as Spirituality, Meditation, ETs, Telepathy, Love, Nature, Gifts and Abilities, Awareness, Bigfoot, Orbs and of course UFOs - Strictly out of the Box!Special Guest: Mary Alyce Nyquist.
September 9, 2019
Episode 1: Hello World!
Welcome all to the new and exciting Strictly out of the Box Podcast hosted by Robert Bingham, The Summoner and Nissa Brandt, Healer/Artist In this inaugural episode you'll get to know your hosts as well as special guest Corey Manuel. You'll get a feel for what's in store for upcoming episodes as well as an open invitation to participate by sharing your extraordinary stories and experiences with Robert and Nissa on the show. Get in touch with hosts Robert and Nissa: Thank You for watching!
July 29, 2019