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For years now, Amazon has been criticized about its working conditions. Workers have come forward with horror stories about long days on their feet with no breaks, and many have been hurt or killed. Even with the publicity Amazon remains king of kings in the logistics world. Now with union calls becoming more common at Amazon facilities, Amazon is doing their best to hide just how bad it can be to work for them. I won't let that happen. From warehouses to delivery drivers we will discover that which Amazon tries to hide. Hosted by @TheWorstAvery on Twitter
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HQ2/Amazon Is Coming to Town

The Amazon

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This one goes out to the Amazon Labor Union. Sources
April 18, 2022
Union Busters
It takes a special kind of monster to make a career out of abusing work forces. Unfortunately union busters are very good at what they do. How do we combat an outsider whose specific job is to pit workers against each other, and leave the work place a shattered mess? Sources  Confessions of a Union Buster - Martin Jay Levitt 1993 FIghting Union Busters In a Carolina Carpet Mill : An Organizer’s Memoir - Phil Cohen 2020
January 27, 2022
Amazon Back At It
In this return to programming we go back to basics. JFK8 in Staten Island has been a thorn in Amazon's side for some time, so they bust out the usual bag of tricks to try and keep workers down. So, what can be done? Confessions if a union buster - Martin J Levitt
January 13, 2022
HQ2/Amazon Is Coming to Town
@TheWorstAvery Tells the tale of HQ2 and how it wound up where it is now. What did Amazons new home give up to acquire its newest business partner? Secondly, the question of what does it look like after Amazon puts up distribution centers in new areas? The promise of jobs sounds good on paper, but is it really worth the headache?  Follow us on Twitter @TheWorstAvery @TheAmazonPod,spokesperson%2C%20he%20doesn't.
July 17, 2021
The Gig Economy
Uber, Lyft, Postmates, Doordash and Amazon Flex, whatever app gets you or your food where it needs to go. These are all a part of the gig economy, and much like the regular economy, it can put a significant weight down on the workers who prop it up. Learn about what it takes to keep this machine running, and how it exploits workers in Episode 9 of "The Amazon" Sources,Census%20of%20Fatal%20Occupational%20Injuries.&text=On-the-job%20deaths%20have,over%20the%205-year%20period.
May 31, 2021
Profiting From A Police State : Amazon Rekognition
In this Episode we discuss the possible future with Amazon Rekognition and what that can mean for the average citizen or police department that happens to use this service. Facial recognition technology is already something that makes people afraid, but when you mix it with the power of Amazon there is more that can go wrong than can go right. Follow us @TheWorstAvery or @TheAmazonPod Sources,advocates%20and%20civil%20rights%20groups.&text=IBM%20said%20earlier%20this%20week,the%20facial-recognition%20business%20altogether.
May 09, 2021
Inside The DSP Program - What's Yours Is Mine
For Delivery Service Providers (DSP's) things move quickly, you are pushed to take more routes, hire more people, and move more of Amazon's product. The money can be good, but with everything you have to put in, and with the risk of having your business cut off at any point, many find out that they just took the biggest gamble of their lives. Sources :
April 22, 2021
What Happened In Bessemer?
Today @TheWorstAvery is going to go over the failed union vote in Bessemer Alabama, and just why the vote failed. The blame isn't totally on the union, Amazon pulled some nasty and possibly illegal tricks in the union vote that could cause a new election, but will it matter? Find out on this Episode of @TheAmazonPod  Please follow on twitter and share this with anyone you feel has an interest in workers rights or works at amazon, enjoy! Sources.
April 14, 2021
Amazon Debauchery with Max Berger
I got lucky enough to interview Max Berger of More Perfect Union (PerfectUnion.Us) Max has been an activist for some time, and has an incredible amount of knowledge when it comes to workers rights. He and More Perfect Union have been on the case of Amazon and Bessemer tracking every illegal activity preformed by Amazon, while getting workers stories about the inhumane treatment in those fulfillment centers. @MaxBerger @MorePerfectUs
April 09, 2021
Why Unions, and Amazon in Europe
This episode focuses on why Union's are simply a better choice for Amazon workers. Representation is important, and to prove it we look at counterparts in Europe who have the same struggles as American workers, but have done better at organizing. In the end we are all just people who deserve a living wage. Sources
April 06, 2021
Covid, Neglect, and New Leaders
Today we talk about how the Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll on the work and lives of Amazon's work force. The problems were exacerbated by Amazon's neglect for their employees, and that neglect lead to new leaders being brought on to fight for workers and their rights.  Sources covid-positive/?outputType=amp
March 31, 2021
Delivery Without Consequences
In this episode we talk about the people who make last mile delivery possible, the delivery associates, and their Delivery Service Providers (otherwise known as DSP's) both go through the ringer when dealing with the big bosses on top. The pace of work once again puts the most vulnerable people in the worst position. Sources
March 24, 2021
How Bad Is It? Working Conditions At Amazon
No matter how many news stories you have had about Amazon's working conditions, the whole story is still hard to grasp. From physical pain to emotional distress Amazon breaks their workers to bits, and then replaces them once they're no longer able to work. sources wgykpjvvkzarvpexmzc4tblima-story.html?outputType=amp
March 16, 2021
Amazon, Bessemer, and Unions
In the first episode of "The Amazon" we talk briefly about Amazon's history with Union attempts and just how far they will go to not give workers a fair say in their warehouses. From misinfomation to spying, Amazon seems to stop at nothing to scare off any attempts. This hasnt detered the people of Bessemer Alabama who as of publication are in the middle of the first union vote at Amazon since 2014. Sources
March 10, 2021