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Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 32)- Big 10 Preview

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Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 41)- Michigan, Arizona and a monster slate of games
Home stretch to Christmas begins now and we have a DELECTABLE buffet of hoops this week. Big 10/ACC challenge and some Pac 12 schools traveling to Big 12 schools. Juwan Howard and Michigan tied the largest jump in rankings history going from unranked all the way to #4 and Arizona takes care of business in the Wooden Legacy Tournament. We give you some inverted theater references that include Bruce Almighty and Love Actually. Then we discuss the potential for a new segment, Nico Mannion vs. Payton Pritchard and Rothstein's new clothing line.
December 3, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 50) - MEMPHIS TIGERS: Recap NC State and Look Ahead to Bradley
Zak flies solo to give his thoughts on the Tigers' Triumphant Thanksgiving (yes, the alliteration was on purpose). He also previews the 5-2 Bradley team that Memphis hosts on Tuesday, with one Brave making his homecoming to the Bluff City.  As always, The Backdoor Cut is brought to you by The BarnBurner Podcast Network and You can find us on Twitter @backdoorcutshow and Zak @barnburnerbro Article link to Bradley game preview:
December 3, 2019
Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 40)- Monster Upsets, Anthony Edwards and A10
Happy TICHgiving, theatergoers! Big plate of college hoops (so creamed corny) to discuss. First we compare the Kentucky and Duke upsets and debate which is worse. We also lump Michigan State along with Kentucky and Duke and predict which one of those teams, if any, will get a 1 seed come tourney time. Also Anthony Edwards, good LORD. We talk about his eruption in the second half against Sparty. Then we make a trip to the A10. Apparently we haven't given them enough love but we do so on this episode. Plus, we give Obi Toppin a new nickname. For dessert we give you some warm hugs topped with whipped cream.
November 28, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 49) - Tigers Top Ole Miss, NC State Preview, Football Gets Win #10
The guys give their thoughts on the Tigers 87-86 win over Ole Miss, then Zak breaks down the matchup with NC State. The episodes closes with Mason recapping the Tiger football win last week and take a glance at the big matchup with Cincinnati on Friday.
November 27, 2019
Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 39)- Recapping last week and Feast Week
Subbi is back from his Grand Canyon adventure so we recap his trip. We also got down a rabbit hole that includes head coaches recruiting basketball players from the Havasupai tribe. We recap some of the big games from last week and look ahead to Feast Week. Focus your attention to the Battle 4 Atlantis. Lotta good ball clubs playing there. As usual we end with TWIT and Hugs.
November 26, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 48) - Ja and Jaren Shine on Throwback Night, "Mid-Season Cup", and League Pass Favorites
The Backdoor Cut Crew recaps the first Grizzlies throwback night of the season, in which they faced LeBron and the 1st place Lakers. Ja and Jaren had their best cumulative game of the year in the Vancouver teal, but the team came up just short. Zak and Mason give their thoughts on the proposed mid-season tournament and then leave you with some of their favorite teams to watch around the league.
November 25, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 47) - Talkin Tigers Basketball
The guys go into the details of the James Wiseman saga (#FreeWiseman), talk about the team's performance through the first 5 games and talk about players that have impressed and depressed, then Zak previews the Ole Miss game, before Mason hits on Tigers Football to close out the show. Video available on The BarnBurner's Youtube channel. 
November 23, 2019
Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 38) - Grand Canyon, SEC continues to stink & hating AP voters.
While our point guard Subbi finds himself in the Grand Canyon, Taylor and the Shark take over the program with mild success as the Shark battles with his WiFi connection at a hotel in "deep" Minneapolis. We discuss the SEC's continued troubles and Myles Powell's continued success. After that the Shark and Taylor discuss their mutual hatred for AP Poll voters and how they make little to no sense at all. We cap it off with a couple warm hugs as the country steps into winter.
November 21, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 46) - Grizzlies 3 Game Winning Streak!!
Zak and Mason recap the Grizzlies wins over the Spurs, Hornets, and Jazz and give their thoughts on sensational rookies Ja Morant and Brandon Clarke.  The Crew also anoints their Studs and Duds of the week Magical Morant Moments of the week What areas of the game propelled the winning streak What we would like to see from Jaren Are we grading all the young guys on the same scale?
November 18, 2019
Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 37)- Kentucky collapse, SEC stinks & Gavitt Games
Taylor in Vegas, Shark celebrating his 30th and Subbi in Arizona. Rambling men. We break down the Kentucky collapse and where they should see themselves in the rankings next week. But it's not just Kentucky's fault the SEC stinks at the moment. LSU and Florida lost while Auburn BARELY beat a South Alabama team. Then we look at some of the Gavitt games and make some predictions for Michigan State vs. Seton Hall. Finally we finish up with Hugs. PS- Dave Gavitt deserves far more credit for being the college hoops legend that he is. All time theater member.
November 14, 2019
Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 36)- Eligibility issues, injuries and coaching critiques
The first week of the season is in the books. Sharks got a birthday coming up. We talk James Wiseman’s eligibility and Myles Powell’s injury. We then chat about some coaches who are struggling on the court and also in front of the mic. Then we finish up with Hugs and an age old segment brought back from yesterday (aka last year): TWIT!
November 12, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 45) - Grizzlies weekly recap, Load Management, Defensive #'s and more!
Zak and Mason get together for a Veterans Day edition of the show to recap the Grizzlies week in which they went 1-3. They also hit on load management as it pertains to Ja Morant and others, then they dive deep into some defensive numbers so far this year.  Subscribe, like, and leave a review! Live show can be found on The Barnburner's YouTube channel.  
November 11, 2019
Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 35)- Champions Classic
We got the Shark back. Nope, not baby Shark. Just the Shark from last year. We catch up with him after his hiatus and also recap the Champions Classic in MSG. We then touch base on the coaches that are currently making us look bad with our picks and identify some teams that didn't have the best start to the season. Then we cap it off with great Freshmen debuts and Hugs.
November 7, 2019
Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 34) -- Pac 12 Preview
The season is upon us. This is not a drill. This is why we take all those reps in the offseason. It's showtime. But we had to squeeze one more preview in. We all know that nobody really knows or cares to know about the Pac 12. Nobody can stay up long enough to cover it. That's where we step in. TICH luh the Pac 12. We talk about our POY, COY and regular season champ. We also gave each other some pop quizzes to keep each other sharp in this all important time of the season. We include an all time call from Uncle Brent Musburger and tell you why Salim Stoudamire is the greatest shooter this gorgeous sport has ever seen. Then we finish up with Hugs.
November 5, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 44) - GRIZZ: 5 Takeaways After 5 Games
Mason, Rich, and Zak come together on Sunday afternoon to discuss the Grizzlies losses to the Lakers and Suns, before hitting on 5 topics on the crew's mind. Topics include: Jaren's fouling, Team pace and offensive style, Ja Morant is awesome, the wing rotation, and Bruno being the odd man out. 
November 4, 2019
Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 33) - Big East Preview
Theatergoers take heed... this is a MEATY episode. The memories and nostalgia came flooding through our veins with this one. If you grew up watching college basketball then you know Big East basketball is the peak, the apex, the crem de la theat. We could've done a Starting 5 of names from Pitt and UConn but we expanded to the entire conference. We provide our predictions for COY, POY and regular season champion. We also got the Crier back in the fold with special guest, Justin, who is a monster Rhode Island fan. We sat down to talk to them about one of the more underrated rivalries in the country, Providence/URI. Lastly we hit you with some hugs.
November 1, 2019
Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 32)- Big 10 Preview
It's cold, it's dirty, it's physical... it's the Big 10. We preview COY, POY and regular season champion. Taylor is all aboard one particular team and Subbi shows off his master editing skills. We also give our Starting 5 of favorite Big 10 basketball players and let us be the first to tell ya, Michigan State might be the most likable team over the past 15 years or so. Finally we round it out with Hugs.
October 31, 2019
Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 31)- Big 12 Preview
Steers, beers and Big 12 basketball. We're not flying over these states (ba-dum-chhh) as we preview the Big 12 COY, POY and regular season champ. Taylor gives us a recap of his weekend in Kansas. We've determined that Kansas State fans are the most underrated wild fan base in the country. We also talk about the NCAA beginning their process to allow athletes to profit from their likeness. We give our Starting 5 of favorite Big 12 players and to be honest, we basically chose between 5 teams in the conference. Finally we round it out with Hugs.
October 30, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 43) - Grizzlies Opening Week, Ja's Big Game Gets Grizz First W
Zak, Rich, Sam, and Mason recap the Grizzlies thrilling win over the Brooklyn Nets, including Ja Morant's battle with Kyrie Irving. The Crew goes through the other 2 games of the opening week and provides their thoughts on the players, playing style, and thoughts on the team in general.
October 28, 2019
Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 30)- SEC Preview
We head south to preview the SEC COY, POY and regular season champ. We went down a serious rabbit hole about Vanderbilt and got excited about Calipari's early season interviews where he refers to his team as "kids" 24/7. Spoiler: Subbi think this conference stinks but Taylor thinks it will be a compelling season in the SEC. Then we round it out with our Starting 5 of favorite SEC players we watched (some absurd name drops) and Hugs.
October 25, 2019
Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 29)- ACC Preview
You guys... it's "preview" season. That's right, college hoops tips off soon and you know before any season, this is the window to get your previews and hot takes in. Today we focus on the ACC. We give our predictions for POY, COY and regular season champion (we will only reference this if our predictions come true). Then we round it out with our Starting 5 of favorite ACC players and Hugs.
October 23, 2019
In the Can (Ep. 30) — BLUFF CITY LAW: "When the Levee Breaks"
The CHIEF talks Led Zeppelin, Sydney's sleazing, Jake's egg salad sandwich method, and youths doing closing arguments on another episode of IN THE CAN! 
October 22, 2019
In the Can (Ep. 29) — BLUFF CITY LAW: "Fire in a Crowded Theater"
Sam & Zak talk white supremacists, South Main, the first amendment, and more in this episode of Bluff City Law.
October 15, 2019
In the Can (Ep. 28) — BLUE CHIPS
The Backdoor Cut Crew assembles their cash in duffle bags to talk 1994's college hoops scandal classic: Blue Chips (starring our beloved Penny Hardaway).
October 14, 2019
Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 28)- Kansas and Memphis Madness
We talk Kansas' middle finger to the NCAA and then their subsequent apology. Apparently someone from Staten Island tried fixing a game back in December of 2018? We also sit down with the Memphis boys to talk the Tiger's upcoming season and then round it out with Hugs.
October 9, 2019
In the Can (Ep. 27) — BLUFF CITY LAW: "25 Years to Life"
The CHIEF is back to talk George's harrowing criminal trial, RIBS MORE RIBS OH MY GOD RIBS, law professors, the Bluff City Law Expanded Universe, and much more as this podcast series continues. 
October 9, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 42) - Grizzlies Media Day
Sam and Zak bring you the highlights of the 2019 Memphis Grizzlies media day. The players and coaches of the totally revamped roster say all the right things. Jaren is taller. Is Ja a goofball? The starting three are announced but the wings are up for grabs. The guys speculate on how the newest pieces will function when put on the court together. Also, whats a bleep bleep?  All that and more!
October 1, 2019
In the Can (Ep. 26) — BLUFF CITY LAW: "You Don't Need a Weatherman..."
Sam aka the CHIEF is back alongside his co-counsel Zak to talk episode 2 of Bluff City Law.  The dudes tackle small-time farmers v. Big Ag, the curious case of the BBQ sauce ingredient, RUM BOOGIEEEEEEE, and Jake's way with the southern belles of Memphis.  The Barn has prepared its official opening statement on the second episode here:
October 1, 2019
Grit 'N Gridiron (Ep. 04) - Memphis Comes From Behind To Sink Navy 35-23
In this episode, Mase recaps the Tigers conference-opening win against the Naval Academy. Brady White threw for 3 TD's in the 2nd half, while the Memphis defense held Navy to just 3 second half points after falling behind 20-7. The Tigers move to 4-0 on the year and 1-0 in the AAC. 
September 27, 2019
Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 27) — GA Tech Slaughtered, Kansas in Trouble Again, & Best Rivalry Games
Subbi is back from Oktoberfest bloated and still partially hungover. We talk Georgia Tech’s postseason ban and the new Kansas developments. Starting 5 of best rivalry games this past decade. Round it out with Hugs.
September 27, 2019
In the Can (Ep. 25) — BLUFF CITY LAW: Pilot
The CHIEF slathers some dry rub on his ribs and sips on some sweet tea to talk the new Memphis-set legal drama on NBC: Bluff City Law. He takes you through the character intros, the sights and sounds of the 901, and even nitpicks a bit.  ORDER IN THE COURT. Let's get the trial going here:
September 24, 2019
In the Can (Ep. 24) — AD ASTRA: Sci-Fi Masterpiece or Mishap?
SAM is joined by BRET to talk James Gray-directed space odyssey AD ASTRA, Brad Pitt man crushes, Hoyte van Hoytema cinematography, the status of sci-fi, and whether this film worked.  Masterpiece of mishap?  Find out here:
September 23, 2019
Grit 'n Gridiron (Ep. 03) - Memphis Tigers Football Early Season Review
Mason takes you through the first 3 games of the Tigers 2019 campaign. He discusses which players have stepped up so far this season, as well as who he expects more from as the season progresses. Of course, Mase came with plenty of stats for Tiger fans to chew on, but most importantly he's just happy to be 3-0. 
September 21, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep 41) - Iggy saga, Team USA, Penny on the recruiting trail
The guys get together to discuss Shams' recent tweet that set Grizzlies and NBA Twitter on fire. In addition to that, Jonathan Tjarks recent article on The Ringer strike a cord regarding youth on Team USA. Also, college 'crooting season is open and we've scrounged the internet to keep you updated on Penny's recent pursuits. 
September 18, 2019
Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 26) — Starting 5: College Hoops Players on Our Football Team, Righteous Gemstones, EUROTRIP
-What do Niels Giffey, Kenny George, the movie Eurotrip and Danny McBride's wife in Righteous Gemstones all have in common? They were mentioned in this episode -Starting 5: College hoops players that we'd want on our football team -Fair Pay to Play Act -Hugs
September 13, 2019
Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 25) — Starting Five for incoming freshmen and new tech in the MWC
Taylor went to the Kacey Musgraves concert in Phoenix and not coincidentally, some prisoners escaped in Phoenix... most likely in an effort to see her. Our “Starting 5” this week was the top 5 tips you’d give to incoming freshmen. The MWC is moving to real time stats (ipads etc) and we wrap it up with hugs.
August 30, 2019
In the Can (Ep. 23) — Pulp Fiction
BRING OUT THE GIMP! It's the 25th anniversary of Quentin Tarantino's seedy LA crime classic.  The CHIEF is joined by Steve to attack this flick from all angles.  
August 30, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 40) - The Boys are Back in Town
After a summer full of weddings and adventures, the whole Backdoor Cut Crew (Sam, Mason, Rich, and Zak) is back together again. The crew discusses Grizzlies news surrounding Taylor Jenkins' shoring up of his coaching staff, Dwight Howard talking to LA,  the presence of various Grizzlies in the FIBA World Cup, and why $2 is better than no $. Also, the guys discuss the Grizz Garage sale and some of the loot that Rich acquired. Since the only games this week were played in the Bahamas, the guys close out with some Tiger Talk.
August 19, 2019
Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 24) — Auburn's Sanctions & the "Rich Paul Rule"
-Auburn's self imposed sanctions -The new "Rich Paul Rule" for agents -New segment called The Starting 5. Who are the top 5 players you hated in college but would love on your team? -Hugs
August 12, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 39) - Flynn Patrick from Basketball Infinite
Flynn Patrick from Basketball Infinite joins the show and discusses a recent NBA Top 100 Ranking project that he undertook. Zak and Patrick break down some of the surprise players who received votes and also what future projects Flynn is working on.
August 5, 2019
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 23) — Interview with Rotostreet Journal's Chris Jason
We welcome Rotostreet Journal’s Chris Jason to talk schools that had the best football and basketball seasons in one year. Then The Providence Crier returns to talk about his latest twitter beef and Ed Cooley.
July 31, 2019
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 22) — Shots at the NCAA & Grayson Allen Back on His BS
-@TaylorDaml and @Subbi232 take some well deserved shots at the NCAA and Duke -Grayson Allen back on his bullshit -Hugs
July 30, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 38) - GRIZZ: Roster movements and Summer League
Zak and Mason talk through the Grizzlies off-season moves and give their thoughts on the Summer League performances so far. The guys are hype after watching a pair of overtime games on a Sunday -- the Peach Jam finals and the SL semi-finals. 
July 15, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 37) — FREE AGENCYYYYYY
- Grizzlies news and notes - Valanciunas inks new deal - Roster speculation.  - Free agency rundown (the fun part of the show) - Rich wants Kawhi in LA for his uncle's sake
July 1, 2019
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 21) — UConn to Big East & Draft Recap
-UConn back to the Big East -Draft recap -Subbi and Taylor give their starting 5 obscure names from “The Basketball Tournament”
July 1, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 36) - GRIZZ: New coach, JV decision and Jaren's future
Bro and Slim chop it up and discuss the recent blockbuster Pelicans - Lakers trade as well as: - Taylor Jenkins outlook - JV declines option. Does Memphis need him? - Thoughts on conveying the pick(everyone's least favorite topic)
June 20, 2019
 The Backdoor Cut Crew give their takes on the Grizzlies improbable lottery jump and who Memphis should take with the #2 overall pick. Also, Penny Hardaway is making waves in college recruiting. What are the expectations and who will be the most impactful newcomers? 
June 19, 2019
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 20) — Summer Time 'Crootin in CBB
SUB is back to talk summertime CBB hoops and recruiting.
June 12, 2019
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 19) — It's a WRAP feat. Burgo, AUBURN's Asst Dir of Bball Ops
SUB is joined by special guests and wraps up this inaugural season of Theater in College Hoops and talks with Assistant Director of Basketball Ops for AUBURN UNIVERSITY.
April 10, 2019
 – 10 day news and notes – Bruno and Dorsey – Apology to JV’s defense – Memories of Mike 
April 1, 2019
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 18) — Recap & FINAL FOUR PREVIEW
SUB and the SHARK are back to talk Sweet 16/Elite 8, Shark's fateful Louisville trip, and the upcoming games.
March 31, 2019
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 17) — Recap NCAA opening weekend and a look forward to the Sweet 16
-First weekend of the tourney -Look ahead to the sweet 16 -Hugs & TWIT
March 26, 2019
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 16) — SPECIAL EDITION: Interview w/ Bleacher Report's Kerry Miller
SUB sits down with Bleacher Report's Kerry Miller to talk College Hoops
March 25, 2019
Zak and Rich break down: – Lack of rebounding – Noah back to his lit ways – Game planning for All-Stars – Upcoming schedule
March 19, 2019
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 15) — BOR is BACK, JEROME Week 2
-Bor is back -Jerome week 2 -Shark gives us an Old Dominion rendition -Hugs and TWIT
March 14, 2019
– Grizz win three in a row! – Race to convey update – Mike shows out vs Dame – Is this an actual winning roster? – Playoff teams to pull for/against
March 11, 2019
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 14) — The JEROME, Week 1 Conf. Tourney, feat. B.O.R
The SHARK and SUB are joined by their east coast homie B.O.R. to talk: -The Jerome -Week 1 Conference tournament winners -Last week in theat -Upcoming theat -Hugs & TWIT
March 8, 2019
 -Thoughts on the Mavs/Knicks trade and the direction of the franchise post-trade -The Mavs’ Future draft pick situation -Guys to watch for outside of Luka, KP -Summer FA targets -Chandler Parsons who recently said he wanted to retire a Maverick 
March 5, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 29) — GRIZZ: Power Rankings, Jaren Injury, What Do We Root For Now?
To convey or not to convey? Darius Garland?  Grizz more fun (Grit 'n Grind or Run 'n Gun)  Power Ranking current @memgrizz roster 
March 4, 2019
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 13) — Don't Sleep on the AAC, Dufresning FEAT. the Prov. Crier
SUB & the SHARK talk: -We got our first recurring guest -Theat from last week -Upcoming theat -Don’t sleep on the AAC -The Jerome -“Dufresning”
February 28, 2019
In the Can (Ep. 22) — Director John Hamburg talks ALONG CAME POLLY
Writer/Director JOHN HAMBURG joins the CHIEF, Sub, and Shark to talk ALONG CAME POLLY'S 15h Anniversary. John talks the inspiration of the movie, Phillip Seymour Hoffman-Alec Baldwin coaching, stories from the set, the NEW YORK KNICKS, and his future projects. He's a great hang, listen HERE:
February 24, 2019
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 12) — LVille's Collapse, Tenn's Tumble, RIVALRY WEEK
Subbi and the Shark are in the house to talk: -Louisville’s collapse against Duke -Tennessee’s tumble -Rivalry week -Subbi knows why UVA can’t win the big one -Hugs and TWIT
February 21, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 28) — GRIZZ: Jaren's Rise, New Dudes, Chandler DRAMA, Barn All-NBA Teams
The Backdoor Cut Crew convenes to talk: -Jaren turning a corner post-Marc? -How new guys fit into future plans -Jonas 17mm player option this summer -Wright 8mm player option this summer -Miles RFA this summer -Tankathon standings -Can Rabb solidify his role for next season with strong close to season -Chandler drama -The Barn's All-First Teams
February 19, 2019
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 11) — Buzzer Beaters & PAVLOVING over Tenn-'Tucky
Shark and Sub talk college hoops as per usual: -Buzzer beaters -Virginia can’t win the big one -Pavloving over Tenn/Tucky -Hugs & TWIT -Marty Smith & Thomas Walkup go into a bar...
February 13, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 27) — GRIZZ: Gasol Trade, New GRIZZ GANG, Uncle Jo
The BACKDOOR CUT CREW reconvenes to talk: -Wolves dub, no Marc, came down in first quarter to get standing O -Loss to Thunder -Trades and opinions -Wallace officially wants to convey pick -Chandler to return from exile post all star game -Beat NOLA with new crew sans JV -First-Team All-Slim -Blue Note Baller of the Week
February 12, 2019
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 10) — Mich. St. Final 4(?), Duke/UVA, Upcoming THEAT
SUBBI & a new guest join the show to talk: -The boys were admittedly in the dark after this past weekend -Is MSU a final 4 team? -Upcoming theat -Duke/UVA -Hug for you -TWIT
February 8, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 26) — GRIZZ: The Gang Acts Like GMs & Spitballs Mike/Marc Trade Rumors
The TRADE DEADLINE is upon us (yawn Superbowl) & the dudes talk all the latest trades for MIKE CONLEY & MARC GASOL. Detroit? Blazers? SPURS? PAU GASOL?! There's even some GTemp & JMyke rumors sprinkled in. Want to know all the options? LISTEN HERE:
February 5, 2019
"Can ya float through the air when ya smell a delicious pie,” asks the animated Spider-Ham in the best movie of the year: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The CHIEF & BRET talk this vibrantly animated film about Marvel’s resident web-head, which has more humor, heart, and character than literally any other movie this year. Of course, it’s a superhero origin story, but this film cleverly subverts the traditional story arcs in an original and hilarious fashion, but family (and the problems within) is the crux of this flick’s heart.
February 4, 2019
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 09) — Under the Radar Teams in the Top 10, Up & Down Week for Subbi
Your boys Subbi and the SHARK talk weekly college hoops: -Up and down week for Subbi (mostly down) -Under the radar teams in the top 10 -Upcoming theat -Kansas must win at home -Hug for you -TWIT
January 31, 2019
In the Can (Ep. 20) — ROMA
SAM aka the CHIEF, Thomas aka FARMER BARN, and Connor Dunning of 92.9 sit down to chop wood on Alfonso Cuarón’s personal life-influenced ode to Mexico City masterpiece: Roma. We talk ninja nudity, visual flair, Mexican Luchador wrestling, the bonds of family, strength of women, and much more as we break down one of the best movies of the year.
January 30, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 25) — GRIZZ: Finally Win Again, Conley & Gasol's Improved Play, BRUNOOOOO
The Backdoor Cut Crew discusses the Grizzlies first win in 19 days, the future of Marc & Mike, the debut of Bruno Coboclo, and what we'd like to see from the organization moving forward.
January 29, 2019
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 08) — TENN No. 1, Sub Invades Pauley Pavilion, FEAT. @BARSTOOLREAGS
SUB & THE SHARK host Kentucky grad REAGS from Barstool Sports and you bring you fire CBB coverage weekly. This episode: -Great interview with @BarstoolReags -Tennessee ranked No. 1 -Wisconsin over Michigan -Subbi invades Pauley Pavilion this weekend -Kansas @ Kentucky -Hug for you
January 24, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 24) — WOJ BOOOOMMMMBBBB, Gasol & Conley Trade Discussion
Late Tuesday afternoon, a Woj Bomb reported that the Grizzlies will be listening to offers for Mike Conley and Marc Gasol. The Backdoor Cut crew is here to discuss their favorite trade packages and landing spots for the Grizz legends.
January 23, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 23) — GRIZZ: Marc Trades & Future of Franchise, Jaren vs. Luka
The crews pours up on Sunday evening to discuss the difficult week that was in GrizzNation, as the Grizz suffered 4 more losses. Slim dives into the numbers on Mike & Marc and it ain't pretty. Trading Gasol, Jaren vs. Luka, and much more! Co-Hosts: Mason (@BarnBurnerSlim), Sam (@TheBarnChief), and Zak (@BarnBurnerBro) Timeline of @BackdoorCutShow: Beginning: Weekly Recap 22 Minutes: Slim going in on Conley & Gasol 27 Minutes: Pera comes to town 33 Minutes: Around the league 40 Minutes: Hayward for Gasol? 42 Minutes: More Marc trades and future of the franchise 51 Minutes: Jaren vs. Luka 58 Minutes: Look at the week ahead and remaining schedule
January 21, 2019
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 07) — Buzzer Beater Rankings, Big Names on the Bench, Hug for You
SUB and the SHARK are back with your weekly dose of CBB. -Ranking last weeks buzzer beaters -Big names not playing -Games to watch this week -New segment: "Hug for You" -This Week in Theat
January 16, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 22) — GRIZZ: Finally Get A W, Mid-Season Grades, Team Banged Up
Memphis won just 1 of 3 games, lost some key players to injuries, and now sits at 19-23 on the season. ZAK aka BRO is joined by CHIEF, Slim, and Rich to discuss the past week in Grizzlies basketball. Show layout is as follows: — Recap of the 3 games last week, including the win over the Spurs at home — We critique Bro's Mid-season Report Card article and come up with grades of our own — Take a look ahead at the week to come (it's a tough as hell)
January 12, 2019
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 06) — CONFERENCE PLAY, Alford Out, Pitino In, FEAT. Providence Crier
Your boys SUBBI & the SHARK reconvened to talk a myriad of topics in NCAA hoops: -Hilarious interview with @waynesuretzky aka The Providence Crier -Doke’s injury for Kansas -Pitino in Greece -Alford fired -Johnnies ranked (for now) -Duke plays road games this week -Virginia at Clemson -"This Week in Theat"
January 8, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 21) — GRIZZ: Parsons Breakup, Holiday Trade, Locker Room Altercation, 5 L's
In this episode, Bro is joined by The Chief, Slim, and Richard Mead as the gang discusses the busy, but disappointing past week of the Memphis Grizzlies.  -A parting a ways between Chandler Parsons and The Grizzlies appears imminent according to ESPN -Team Meeting that led to physical altercation between Garrett Temple and Omri Casspi -Jaren Jackson Jr. continues to impress, but why doesn't he get the ball more? -We discuss Marc Gasol and his role in the recent skid -Justin Holiday acquired for Wayne Selden, MarShon Brooks and two 2nd round picks. -Blue Note Bourbon Ballers of the Week -A look ahead at the upcoming schedule.
January 7, 2019
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 20)— GRIZZ Blowing leads, Disgruntled Parsons, What to do with JaMychal
-Bro, Chief, and Slim share their displeasure over JB's 4th quarter lineups and the Grizzlies' inability to close out games. -Chandler says he is ready and willing to play, but over who? -The numbers don't add up on JaMychal Green. Is it all his fault? -Mike has a good shot at making his first All-Star game, but is Marc deserving this year? -Preview of the upcoming week, which unfortunately includes James Harden. -Follow us on Twitter @BackdoorCutShow
December 30, 2018
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 05) — PAC-12 Stinks, Nova's Demise(?), Penny Rips Rick Barnes
SUBBI & the SHARK return to talk Kevin Ollie’s lawsuit against UConn, the Pac-12 stinking, whether NOVA is done, Penny Hardaway ripping UT's Rick Barnes, and then finish with games to watch.
December 19, 2018
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 04) — SUBBI's BACK! ROUND-UP & PREVIEW feat. the CHIEF on UT @ MEMPHIS
Subbi is back state-side and he links up with the Shark to talk the games that were, the games that will be, and the prestigious Jerry Colangelo classic featuring many of Sub's boys.  Later, the CHIEF makes his debut on the show to talk Penny Hardaway, Memphis hoops, and the state-battle that will be No. 3 Tennessee @ Memphis this Saturday.
December 11, 2018
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 19) — Noah's Rise, LeBron Stans in the 901, #OneTimeForOneOne, & WEEKLY PREVIEW
The CHIEF and BRO come at you live to recap this past week's games, a battle with the Clips (aka Big Boban), a gutsy win down in NOLA, and a LeBron stan-filled and depressed FedEx Forum during a blow-out game against the #LakeShow.  We talk Joakim's Noah's fit, SloMo's spectacular defense, the Mike D'Antoni method, Mike Conley's World Wide Wob-supported All-Star campaign, and generally preview this week's games. Hold on to your butts!
December 10, 2018
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 18) — GRIZZ November Shootaround & Weekly Scouting feat. RICHARD MEAD
BRO and first-time podcast guest RICHARD MEAD get together to chat the Grizzlies and what they have accomplished through the month of November.  The guys talk the Month of November in review, discussing where the Grizzlies rank among their peers in several categories. Some might surprise you, while others are no-brainers.  They also recap the ups and downs of last week and the usage of MarShon Brooks (and his need for a headband), as well as a breakout performance by Jaren Jackson Jr.  Finally, they take a look forward to a tough Western Conference schedule this week.
December 3, 2018
Grit 'n Gridiron (Ep. 02)— Memphis Mauls Mercer & Navy Preview feat. Rivals' ISAAC SIMPSON
Memphis Football is climbing! In the wake of the Mercer @ Memphis, SLIM and ISAAC SIMPSON of Rivals get together to walk the W, the (half) of QB play of Brady White, and other team factors as everything clicked in the first week. The guys then discuss the upcoming road test against Navy.
December 1, 2018
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 17) — We Ain't Trading Jaren, How To Help Mike & Marc, Joakim Noah, Weekly Roundup
Issa BRO-SLIM SPECIAL! The fellas get together to preview the upcoming slate of Easter Conference games, Jaren Jackson's ROY campaign (and the fools on Twitter that want to trade him), flying in some help for Mike/Marc, Slim fixes teh line-ups, and the recent signing of former Bull (and sort of Knick?) Joakim Noah.
November 24, 2018
In the Can (Ep. 19) — Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald
IT'S FINALLY HERE! Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of J.K. Row — er, Grindewald. The second film of the Fantastic Beasts saga aka Dumbledore prequel series.  The CHIEF and KCB link up to talk about the Wizarding Universe canon, creators vs. fans, thestral dung, magic grievances, Johnny Depp's performance, and much more as we dive into this weirdly controversial film. Hold on to your hippogriffs!
November 17, 2018
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 03) — Zion's Coronation & Shop Talk feat. the Hurley Bros.
SUBBI & the SHARK are back to talk Omar Samhan's fandom of the Barn, Zion's coronation, does Kentucky stink, Coach Cal's "kids" speech, the Hurley brothers, and general happenings around the country in college hoops.
November 13, 2018
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 16) — LIVE Jazz Game Watch & Thoughts on Team
The CHIEF, BRO, and SLIM hook up on a Monday night with a bottle of red wine and watch the 2nd half of Jazz @ Grizz, who have now played approximately 53,780 times this season. Spoiler: we lost, but the guys get into their thoughts on the team and roster and other trends as the Grizz are 7-5 (and a surprising 5-1 at home). Also, sometimes we forget we're recording and just react to the game. Fun was had by all here:
November 11, 2018
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 02) — Preseason Top 25 & Segments [Part Two]
Your boys SUBBI and SHARK are back to talk Huggy Bear and his boys in Morristown, clown on Kansas State's lack of character, Bol Squared, Buzz Williams v. Bruce Pearl sweat contest, and Jimmy Boeheim's stamina.  The dudes then move on to some segments, including This Day in Theater and Name that Actor.  Get ready for the CBB season here:
November 3, 2018
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 15) — Early GRIZZ talk feat. DAVID COBB of The Commercial Appeal
The CHIEF and BRO are joined by new Grizz beat writer for The Commercial Appeal DAVID COBB to talk his career path & excitement to cover his hometown NBA team.  Then, the guys get into early season trends, return of the Mack, Gasol's reinvigorated defense, and more, as the Grizzlies start the season surprisingly strong.
November 3, 2018
Theater in College Hoops (Ep. 01) — WELCOME & Preseason Top 25 [Part One]
HA-HAAA!  The SHARK, SUB and the spirit of Gus Johnson are here to rivet you with their deep knowledge of all things college hoops.  The dudes sit down to talk each Top 25 team, why they're over (or under) rated, and a myriad of other tangents.  Is TYLER HERRO the white SG Kentucky needs to return to the Final Four?  Will Sub's chosen horse NEVADA and Eric "Muscle Milk" be able to build on the success of last year?  Is TOM IZZO overhyped in March?  Check out Part One with the Top 10 teams HERE:
October 30, 2018
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 14) — Grizz Talk the Talk But Do They Walk the Walk?
Five games into this young NBA season and @BarnBurnerBro and new contributor and residential #BostonSportsGuy @MattBurnham_ sit down to discuss the Grizzlies' early season accomplishments, challenges, rotations, and upcoming matchups.
October 24, 2018
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 13) — GRIZZ Preseason, 2-Ways, Lineup Frenzy & BASKETBALL IS BACK!
The Backdoor Cut Crew of CHIEF, Slim, and Bro reconvene to discuss the Grizzlies' Preseason, the finalized roster, the Mike Conley eye test, Chandler Parson's bionic German knees, DJ Stephens 2-way, the Rubik's Cube difficulty of which rotations to use, players to watch, and more. We're WAY TOO HYPE that the NBA season has returned. Hang with us here:
October 13, 2018
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 12) — Penny Mania & Memphis Recruiting feat. 247's EVAN DANIELS
The CHIEF and BRO sit down with EVAN DANIELS — 247's National Recruiting Director, FS1's college bball insider, and host of the Sidelines Podcast — to talk Penny mania, the 8th AAC finish, Penny's dope Sprinter van, recruiting the 2019 and 2020 unicorn players, and much more related to Memphis Basketball.  Later, the CHIEF airs out some beef and the guys get hype for Memphis Madness! Go Tigers here:
September 26, 2018
In the Can (Ep. 18) — SUCCESSION: w/ ARIAN MOAYED
On this special episode of the SUCCESSION PODCAST SERIES on The BarnBurner's IN THE CAN podcast, the CHIEF, KCB, and Farmer Barn snag some sliders and a board seat with ARIAN MOAYED (playing STEWIE on the show).  The fellas discuss Arian's introduction to Succession, the shoot, whether he's a billionaire and intends to fund this podcast, dialogue improv on set, women wearing astronaut suits, actor relationships, chess pieces, and then shift to Arian's theater & film company, WATERWELL, he confirms Season 3 of THE ACCIDENTAL WOLF, and much more.  Arian's energy is infectious, and simply stated, he's the man. Y'all will enjoy
September 11, 2018
In the Can (Ep. 17) — Memphis Filmmaker VIVIAN GRAY Spotlight
The CHIEF sits down with Memphis-native, filmmaker, St. Mary's graduate, and current USC Film School student, Vivian Gray, for a fantastic conversation on IN THE CAN  — part of The BarnBurner Podcast Network.  They discuss her introduction to film, yoga trailers, Blockbuster, TV and Netflix, never nudes, Boots Riley's disturbingly effective 'SORRY TO BOTHER YOU', her upcoming short film, her fears and triumphs making the short, St. Vincent's influence on her life and creativity, and much more.  Film fans will enjoy this delightful conversation with Vivian:
September 10, 2018
In the Can (Ep. 16) — SUCCESSION: I Went to Market
This podcast saves the day.  The other goes away.  The CHIEF, KCB, and Farmer Barn are choppin' it up as they continue their SUCCESSION PODCAST SERIES on In the Can — part of The BarnBurner Podcast Network.  It's Thanksgiving with the Roy family, and you know what that means: corporate espionage and betrayal!  Join us as we welcome Ewan and Willa to the family.
September 8, 2018
In the Can (Ep. 15) — SUCCESSION: Sad Sack Wasp Trap
ROLLS ARE RIPPING AS WE RECORD THIS PODCAST!!!  Get rid of your frozen butter, snag your ticket to the RECNY Ball — where the room is balanced and cocktails have a bit too much pesto — and join KCB, Farmer Barn, and the CHIEF as we talk 'SAD SACK WASP TRAP' — part of our SUCCESSION Podcast Series on The BarnBurner Podcast Network.  Bring your carpet cleaner and avoid the Death Pit here.
September 2, 2018
Grit 'n Gridiron (Ep. 01) — Memphis Football Preseason Huddle feat. James Dale of ALL FOR MEMPHIS
In this first episode GRIT 'N GRIDIRON, the newest college football podcast series on The BarnBurner Podcast Network, the CHIEF and Slim are joined by ALL FOR MEMPHIS Lead Writer, Social Media Manager, and Founder — James Dale — and circle up to talk Memphis Tigers Football.  We can feel the excitement of Tiger Nation as Head Coach Mike Norvell leads another talented squad into his third season.  The dudes cover a variety of topics: the QB announcement of Brady White (and unfortunate transfer of David Moore), all-time favorite Tigers, the new-look offense post-Riley Ferguson/A-Mill, an improved (and one year older) defense, the amazingness of Tony Pollard, T.J. Carter's All-American campaign, season attendance and Tom Bowen's challenge, overall season predictions, and much more.  Get ready to pack the Liberty Bowl with us here.
August 25, 2018
In the Can (Ep. 14) — SUCCESSION: Lifeboats
Time to "shake the tree" with another episode of our SUCCESSION series on IN THE CAN, part of The BarnBurner Podcast Network.  In this episode, Farmer Barn, KCB, and the CHIEF are back to talk 'LIFEBOATS.'  We strictly follow Roman's "shirts-off" policy, discuss Tom's meteoric rise in the parks division, Greg's boat shoes, the introduction of Stewie, Roman being "open for business," and whether Kendall is, in fact, "the man."  Kick it with us here.
August 24, 2018
In the Can (Ep. 13) — SUCCESSION: Celebration & Sh*t Show at the F*uck Factory
TAKE WHAT'S YOURS (as long as "yours" is four giant rails of coke).  Time to bury the bodies and count the cash.  The PRE-KEND is finally here and the SUCCESSION podcast series on IN THE CAN is live.  Come kick it with Kansas City Bret, Farmer Barn, and the CHIEF as we talk America's favorite dysfunctional global-media family: the ROYS. This week, the dudes talk Episode 1 ("CELEBRATION") and Episode 2 ("SH*T SHOW AT THE F*CK FACTORY").  Who takes home the patented POWER PLAY AWARD?  What about Adam McKay shaky cam? What terrible movies did Roman Roy pitch when he was in the banana cabana with Frank?  Will Nicholas Braun aka Cousin Greg the Egg make the most devious moves of all?  Control the narrative here:
August 17, 2018
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 11) — Western Conference Vegas Over/Unders
With Tunica's sports books on the way, the Backdoor Cut Crew convenes to talk the Las Vegas over/under for each Western Conference squad's win total.  There's some disrespect to be sure, but the dudes back up their picks with discussions of each team's roster and whether we think the team made good offseason moves or nah.  One of us don't think the Grizz hit 34.5 wins, listen here to find out who.
August 13, 2018
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 10) — Memphis Tigers Sports ON FIRE feat. Rivals' Isaac Simpson
[Cue 'WE THE TIGERS'] On this episode of The Backdoor Cut, the CHIEF and BROFESSOR are joined by ISAAC SIMPSON — host of the Tiger Sports Report and Rivals beat writer for Tiger Hoops and Football — to talk all things Memphis Tigers Athletics.  The dudes begin with #PennySZN, the 2018 basketball recruiting class, and the possibility for The Big Dance this upcoming season.  Next, the stellar 2019 class is discussed, and Isaac provides his predictions for how the class may shape out — #1 bound?  Then, on to Tiger Football (40:08) for a discussion of the team's potential win total and the colorful personalities recently present in the media.  Ready to bust out the Tigers spell-out?  Then listen here: BackdoorMemphisTigersSportsPodcastIsaacSimpsonTheBarn
August 4, 2018
In the Can (Ep. 12) — Hell or High Water
Kansas City Bret & the CHIEF drink some Mr. Pibb like assholes and talk 2016's HELL OR HIGH WATER, the Taylor Sheridan-written neo-noir Western crime thriller.  The dudes talk the unsung hero of this movie: Shiner Bock — er, Ben Foster, Jeff Bridges being a cowboy in real life for the past decade,  "what don't ya want,"  the niceties (and not-so-niceties of rural West Texas), and/or how we'd rob a hipster coffee shop over a Texas bank. You know what this podcast makes us?  Comanches.
August 2, 2018
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 09) — Summer of Grizz, trades, signings, Mike Conley's foot, etc.
SLIM, BRO, and the CHIEF are back to talk recent Grizz transactions.  Saying goodbye to some bums — er — players and welcome to maybe bums — er — new faces.  A new Japanese phenom en route to the Bluff City?  SLIM tells us what the weather is like on Jarrell Martin Island, BRO and the CHIEF are luke warm on SHELVIN MACK, is there a new floor on the horizon (these are the things NBA fans get excited about during the summer), Mike Conley's heath in question, etc.  LET'S GOOOOOOO!
July 28, 2018
In the Can (Ep. 11) — The Dark Knight
You either die a hero, or you live long enough to listen to this podcast.  The CHIEF and Kansas City Bret aka Ready Player One talk 2008's THE DARK KNIGHT.  Is the Joker the GOAT movie villain?  Does writer/director Christopher Nolan understand how American police talk?  How many Joker/Batman lines will the dudes riff on during this podcast?  Suit up in your hockey pads and HERE... WE... GO!
July 23, 2018
In the Can (Ep. 10) — Mission Impossible
[Cue MI Theme Song] This podcast, should you choose to accept it, may result in your extreme entertainment. The CHIEF and STEVE aka SLOTH aka the PEACE CORP PROTECTOR talk the 1996 spy-classic directed by Brian De Palma: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.
July 6, 2018
In the Can (Ep. 09) — Catch Me If You Can
Which mouse are you: one that drowns in the cream; or one that churns that cream into the butter and crawls out? The CHIEF and Sloth aka Steve aka the Peace Corp Protector talk Steven Spielberg’s early 2000s gem: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. The dudes discuss Christopher Walken’s career-defining performance, whether DiCaprio is actually any good, con man movies in general, their mutual love for SPEED II, and even take some time to discuss the Spielberg pantheon of movies and the status of gratuitous CGI. Don’t get caught staring at the Yankees’ pinstripes!
May 27, 2018
In the Can (Ep. 08) — Avengers: Infinity War
Marvel's self-deemed "most ambitious crossover in history" exploded into theaters this past weekend, and Kansas City Bret, Sweaty Freddy, and the CHIEF get together to talk all things Avengers: Infinity War.  PETER DINKLAGE?!  Who is the best "Chris"?  Does the CHIEF personality-shame Vision?  What about dat ending doe? TIMELINE: Initial Thoughts -- (5:24) In the Can patented one-sentence review -- (10:30) GOAT Marvel flick? -- (12:00) THEMES -- (13:51) BADASS MOMENTS -- (18:06) That ENDING DOE -- (23:40) Josh Brolin as THANOS -- (35:07) Who gets the most buckets? -- (40:55) Sixth MAN/WOMAN -- (46:10) DiCaprio Overacting Award -- (48:49) Nick Cage Switcheroo -- (57:40) FINAL Thoughts and BARN RATINGS -- (58:25)
April 29, 2018
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 07) — The #PENNYSZN Edition: Penny Hardaway Hired as Memphis HC
MEMPHIS TIGERS BASKETBALL IS BACK, BABY. It’s #PENNYSZN. Can you feel it? The palpable excitement? The Backdoor Cut Crew gets together to talk the exciting new University of Memphis Head Basketball Coach, Penny’s rise, the press conference, potential staff, and ‘croots that appear to be on their way to wear the Tiger blue and grey. We’re ready to run through a wall for Coach Penny — are you?
March 19, 2018
In the Can (Ep. 07) — Three Billboards
“Raped while dying” … “And still no arrests” … “How come, Chief Willoughby?” A mother’s grief coupled with small-town humor with a little dark comedy mixed in. The CHIEF and Kansas City Bret talk 2017’s THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI, written/directed by Martin McDonagh. Is Bret just the token Missouri guy? That was definitely a CGI deer, right? What are the Oscar chances of this witty, daring, and emotionally involved dark comedy? Let’s journey to Ebbing. TIMELINE: INTRO, BACKGROUND & CHIEF PLOT SUMMARY — (2:05) An instant classic? “We were all waiting on this type of movie…” Where’d this idea come from? THOUGHTS BEFORE SEEING THE FLICK — (7:14) ONE-SENTENCE NO-CONJUNCTIONS REVIEW — (9:57) Bret challenges the process… Token Missouri guy…. Is this the G.O.A.T. Billboard Movie — (13:39) Bret brings up a Jason Segal classic… NOTABLE THEMES — (16:01) People can change… Bret doesn’t buy SAM ROCKWELL’S aka DIXON’S ARC MOST BUCKETS — (19:40) The CHIEF defends Rockwell… DEBATE (aka Civil Discourse, cuz that’s a thing that people can actually do) Is Dixon too dumb to do the things he does in the movie? Did the script falter a bit? WILLOUGHBY’S MID-MOVIE ACT — (39:33) SIXTH MAN/WOMAN AWARD — (43:45) “This was teed up for her. Like McDonagh walked up and put the golf ball on the tee and [Mcdormand] walked up and hit it 400 yards”… LEO DICAPRIO OVERACTING AWARD — (48:04) “Oh this is a woman acting like her husband has just died”… ISO PLAY — (51:48) CGI deer or nah? Bret talks about A Knight’s Tale weirdly Even more weirdly, the CHIEF goes on a The Departed tangent and talks timeless elements in movies… BILLBOARDS BACKLASH — IS THIS FILM AT ALL RACIST? — (1:03:19) The CHIEF sort of goes in on the haters… Nic Cage Switcheroo — (1:14:44) The CHIEF didn’t buy Robbie’s character… We talk the daughter scene, the last scene before she disappears… OSCAR LIKELIHOOD? — (1:19:32) Bret is a COWARD More Oscar TALK FINAL RATINGS and REWATCHABILITY — (1:26:15) Harry Truman Trivia! ADAM DRIVER BURNING TAKE
March 2, 2018
In the Can (Ep. 06) — Annihilation
WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED? Join the CHIEF, Sweaty Freddy, and John as we embark into “The Shimmer” in Alex Garland’s Annihilation. Will our lives ever be the same? Will John be invited back as a guest on In the Can (spoiler alert: yep)? Does this flick redefine sci-fi horror? Is it better than the book? Does a Crosby, Stills, and Nash song play a prominent part in a dramatic scene? You’ll find these answers out (and more) when you click this play button, baby. TIMELINE: Thoughts before we watched — (7:49) ONE-SENTENCE NO CONJUNCTIONS (EXCEPT JOHN’S A DANG ENGLISH TEACHER) REVIEW — (10:07) Genres in general… A discussion of sci-fi/sci-fi — horror flicks… “I think it’s just straight up sci-fi…” Ridley Scott comes back up again and John makes a comparison that impresses even the CHIEF… What the hell do we think happened in this movie — (18:09) “This is like one of those movies where you go to Denny’s with your buddies, order the All Star Special, chain smoke Marlboro unfiltereds with black coffee, and just talk about what happened in this movie…” If “The Shimmer” happened in real life, what would you do? — (25:43) NOTABLE THEMES — (31:47) Self-destruction MOST BUCKETS — (34:39) CHIEF defends home court… Sixth Man/Woman Award — (41:47) Leo DiCaprio Overacting Award — (47:59) “I was fully invested” in the “manufactured drama”… THE ISO-PLAY — (51:49) SOUNTRACK — (54:32) Contrubuted to the tension… “Did you guys not notice that Nirvana song during the crocodile killing scene?…” NIC CAGE SWITCHEROO — (56:35) Freddy and CHIEF do a few quick Cage impressions (or really just Sandberg doing Cage) OFFICIAL BARN RATINGS AND FINAL THOUGHTS — (1:01:34) Good ratings with “a shimmer of their own”… Annihilation coming to NETFLIX SOON!
March 1, 2018
In the Can (Ep. 05) — Black Panther
WAKANDA FOREVER! The CHIEF and Sweaty Freddy talk Marvel’s Black Panther, co-written/directed by Ryan Coogler. Is this the G.O.A.T. Marvel movie (as many have said)? Who would win if Freddy ritual challenged the CHIEF to be EIC of The BarnBurner? Does Michael B. Jordan possess more swag than anyone else in Hollywood (or perhaps the world)? How does Freddy fare in “TRU OR NAH?” And finally, is this the most important movie in Marvel’s movie canon? Strap in and let’s mine some freakin’ vibranium. Timeline: INTRO & QUICK PLOT SUMMARY — (1:50) Ryan Coogler Movie Festival & His Unique Style “So he would make you feel something for the characters even though you couldn’t identify with their situation…” Marvel’s in-house writers’ program Early thoughts of this flick — (7:27) Re cliche “world is changing” line in Marvel movies: “When’s the world gonna stop changing, man…” “Marvel does a really good job hiring these young up and coming talented filmmakers that have real voices…” ONE SENTENCE NO-CONJUNCTIONS (FOR REAL) REVIEW — (13:11) Movie Themes Rejoining the world — isolationism Changing with the times Ignoring tradition Is this the G.O.A.T. Marvel Movie (a ranking) — (15:57) Setting the Stage: OPENING and COMPTON Scenes — (21:00) “Sets the tone for a lot of the movie…” “You’re slowly but surely given more information about what actually went down…” Who gets the MOST BUCKETS? — (25:30) “He reminds me of a young Al Pacino in The Godfather…” “They said he was the best comic book movie villain since Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight…” — but was he? Sixth Man (or Woman) Award — (35:01) How does the ACTION stack up to other Marvel movies? — (39:15) Freddy goes upper 78 percentile somehow… Ritual challenge scenes “It would be especially embarrassing to lose in front of your people…” The Leonardo DiCaprio Overacting Award — (49:29) “He was like a kid in the candy store every time he did a robbery…” “What a comic book villain name…” The ISO-PLAY — (51:17) Dream sequences/hallucinations “The idea of being able to talk to your father [after death] and kinda reconciling all the things you want to correct in his honor…” The SOUNDTRACK — (56:23) Beneficial or distracting? “As different as the movie is, the soundtrack is too, so I appreciate that…” Nick Cage Switcheroo — (58:49) TRU OR NAH — (1:01:25) FINAL THOUGHTS AND BARN RATING — (1:07:55) “Never mind the vibranium and the wealth, did you see how much clean water they had…” Rewatchability — (1:11:47) OUTRO — (1:12:50) “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” — Simba
February 18, 2018
In the Can (Ep. 04) — Cloverfield Paradox
In Episode 4 of In the Can, the CHIEF is joined by The BarnBurner’s in-house meme savant, Sweaty Freddy. The dudes drink some (read: many) beers and talk Netflix’s original The Cloverfield Paradox. Do you dig on sci-fi? Do you like to watch characters frantically running through spaceship corridors a la the Alien franchise? What the hell is a “paradox?” Find out what the CHIEF and Freddy thought about this flick. Timeline: The CHIEF’s Quick Plot Summary — (2:28) The BarnBurner’s Patented One-Sentence NO CONJUNCTIONS Review — (3:47) The CHIEF totally and completely breaks his own rule. “They should call it the Cliche Paradox…” Background of Writer & Director and How this Damn Thing Got Made — (7:13) Writer is Oren Uziel Spec scripts… Director is Julius Onah Why add the Cloverfield-y things? Who Gets the Most Buckets? — (12:24) “But also we don’t know the names of anyone in this movie…” BUT IT’S GOT THE DUDE FROM BRIDESMAIDS IN IT! How to identify with one-dimensional characters. The Boyfriend/Little Girl “Subplot” — (16:04) BURNING HOT TAKE About Netflix Original Movies — (20:11) A comparison is made… Sixth Man Award — (22:29) We discuss, er, patriotism?? Parallel Dimension Plot — (26:22) “Damn I wish Neil DeGresse Tyson would have been here so he could just roast this shit…” “If I get a message from myself in a different universe, that’s really gonna ____ me up, dude…” “If I get messages from another universe, I can’t rule out that it’s Jim Halpert just messing with me…” The BarnBurner’s Nick Cage Switcheroo — (33:43) Replace one actor with Nicholas Cage, who would you and why? Mandarin mixup… 10/10 Tinder Fodder… Freddy and the CHIEF’s Barn Ratings — (37:20) “This is a great movie to play for someone to test if they know what makes a ‘good’ movie…” Rewatchability — (39:54) “We need [Netflix] to be a little more rigorous on their scripts and their directors…” OUTRO (44:18) Kings of Leon SNEAK PEEK SEINFELD SEGMENT AKA “WHAT’S THE DEAL??” — (45:35)
February 10, 2018
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 06) — Trade Deadline Edition
The Backdoor Cut Crew of Brofessor, Chief, and Slim discuss the crazy and disappointing NBA Trade Deadline. The Crew tips the podcast off by talking about the Grizzlies deciding not to trade the coveted Tyreke Evans. They talk about not only the impact this decision has on this season, but also the future of the entire franchise. Chief and Brofessor say good riddance to swingman, James Ennis, who was traded to Detroit earlier in the day while Slim sticks up for Big Game James. The discussion then turns to the Cleveland Cavaliers, who switched out half of their roster on deadline day. The Cavs brought in Rodney Hood, George Hill, Jordan Clarkson, and Larry Nance Jr while getting rid of Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Channing Frye, Derrick Rose, Dwayne Wade, and their own first round pick. Brofessor stands by his Raptors as Eastern Conference Champs selection from two weeks ago. The guys then talk about the Blake Griffin trade which landed him in Detroit and some of the smaller trades that took place.
February 7, 2018
In the Can (Ep. 03) — I, Tonya
The CHIEF is joined by his fellow movie-going colleague and cinema connoisseur, Katie, to talk 2017’s I, Tonya, directed by Craig Gillepsie and written by Steve Rogers (in fact not Captain America). Is I, Tonya the G.O.A.T. ice skating movie? Who is awarded the prestigious Leo DiCaprio Overacting Award? How does Katie feel about birds? Discover all these things and take a trip back to the 80s and 90s with us as we unravel perhaps the biggest scandal in Olympic ice skating history. For your listening convenience, please find a podcast timeline below (but if you skip segments you’ll miss some #GoodComedy): The CHIEF’s plot summary and our initial thoughts — (1:11) “If you ever wanna watch a movie where Margot Robbie wears a fat suit and gets abused for two hours, well then boy is this the movie for you…” In the Can’s Patented One-Sentence NO CONJUNCTIONS Review — (4:51) Documentary-Style Plot Structure and Breaking the Fourth Wall — (5:15) “It’s like she’s looking you right in the eyes and you don’t wanna look back…” Margot Robbie’s Performance as Tonya Harding — (8:27) Dynamic or nah? Fake CGI Faces Nominated for Best Actress — will she win? “I think Hillary Swank’s hot…” Million Dollar Baby Tangent (WARNING, Non P.C.) Allison Janney’s Performance as LaVona Harding — (13:13) Is she a secret asshole? “She was a big bitch the entire movie, so she didn’t have to do the whole range of emotion thing…” Nominated for Best Supporting Actress — do we like her chances? Sebastian Stan’s Performance as Jeff Gilloly — (18:24) “He was just an abusive turd the whole time…” But he was good, tbh Who gets the most buckets in this flick? — (21:00) “If they were taken out of the movie, it just wouldn’t be the same…” Sixth Man Award — (22:23) “The worst type of strip situation you’ve ever seen on a film…” Funny Fat Guys “Like no one likes Skinny Jonah Hill…” Leonardo DiCaprio Overacting Award — (26:06) Plot Twist… ISO PLAY (single greatest acted scene by a performer) — (26:42) Is this the G.O.A.T. of ice skating movies? — (29:10) “Yes, I have seen no other ice skating movies… it is my absolute favorite…” SOUNDTRACK (80s/90s Hits) — (30:27) “I’m not a big fan of movies that play big songs from the era to make me feel a certain way…” The “Meh” Parts of the Movie — (33:09) “[Abuse] was played for laughs and that’s a little tone deaf…” “Nick Cage Switcharoo” — (34:58) “The movie would have won best picture had Nick Cage been in that role…” Hit us up, casting directors… True or Nah (In the Can segment) — (37:00) SPOILER: Katie cheated… “Fuck birds…” Unfortunate love for the Patriots (who subsequently lost) Final Thoughts and BARN Ratings — (41:32) REWATCHIBILITY — (42:44) “If I ever saw it on VHS, I would definitely buy it…” R.I.P. Blockbuster but YAYYYY HIPSTERS… OUTRO — (44:51) Oscar picks #ComingSoon Feat. “Devil Woman” by Cliff Richard
February 2, 2018
The Cutback (Ep. 04)— Conference Championships & NFL Awards
In Episode 4 of The Cutback, Q & Slim recap the AFC & NFC Conference Championship games, but spend quite a bit more time on Jags/Patriots than the Eagles blowout of the Vikings. The fellas then go into the NFL coaching change, including the Titans hire of Mike Vrabel. Q & Slim also give out their end of season NFL Awards, before Slim puts Q on the spot for the first segment of Dope or Nope on The Cutback. Jaguars lose to Patriots at the top Eagles blow out Vikings (16:35) NFL Coaching Changes (20:00) Titans hire Mike Vrabel (24:00) NFL Awards (27:40) Dope or Nope (42:00)
January 23, 2018
In the Can (Ep. 01) — The Room & Disaster Artist
In the inaugural episode of In the Can, the CHIEF talks two movies so intertwined they had to be broken down in one podcast: Tommy Wiseau’s The Room and James Franco’s The Disaster Artist. So hold on to your wallet-sized #FrancoBros pictures, say your “Hai Mark[s],” toss the ole pigskin around for a bit.
January 19, 2018
The Cutback (Ep. 03)— NFL Divisional Recap and Conference 'Ship Preview
Q & Slim link up for Episode 03 of The Cutback, the official football podcast of The BarnBurner Podcast Network. The duo recaps the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs from this past weekend and takes a look ahead at Sunday's Conference Championship games. Eagles/Falcons (2:00) "Shoutout Jake Elliot" Patriots/Titans (8:30) "It looked good in the first quarter." Jags/Steelers (14:30) "They could not wait to get out there and get after the Steelers." Vikings/Saints (26:35) 'This was the best game of the Divisional Round." Jags/Patriots (35:15) Eagles/ VIkings (43:00)
January 18, 2018
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 03) — Shootaround Edition, NBA Fight Club, & Ray Allen Retribution
Chief, Brofessor, and Slim are back for the Backdoor Cut. In this episode, which we have dubbed the “Shootaround Edition," we literally talk all things going on in the NBA, including NBA beefs, and the "throwdown" in the Showdown in Staples (Rox and Clips "fight"). -Chief is late on Hawaiian Missile Crisis and we don’t correct him (2:15) -NBA Fight Club (3:20) -Rockets and Clippers “fight” (4:30) -Afflalo Haymaker (16:00) -NBA Image Problem? (19:25) -C-Lee tech vs Grizz (22:20) -Porzingis, Is he good? (29:00) -Anthony Davis is definitely good (34:00) -Celtics put Pierce and IT3 in bad spot (36:00) -Chris Herrington- Young Grizz Poll (43:00) -Cavs secret media meeting (53:00) -Lauri Markannen keeps breaking rookie records (1:00:00) -Rondo says Ray Allen is invited to ’08 reunion (1:05:00) -We put Devin Booker on a new team (1:13:00) -Can you put together a team to beat Warriors? (1:20:00) -Brofessor believes in the Raptors (1:23:00) -Dope or Nope (1:29:00)
January 16, 2018
The Cutback (Ep. 02) — NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Preview
In Episode 2, Q and Slim continue their conversation from the first episode, but turn their attention to the upcoming weekend of the NFL Playoffs, the Divisional Round. Shoutout to Dirty Mike for the dope logo (and his Twitter resurgence). Falcons @ Eagles at the top “I think the Falcons are gonna be doing the Dirty Bird in the Eagles end zone, via a Matt Ryan led drive in the last 2 minutes.” Titans @ Patriots (10:00) “It’s not gonna happen, I don’t give a damn if Gronk gets injured or whoever else, it’s not gonna happen.” Jaguars @ Steelers (28:00) “Blake Bortles is wired different, he’s not like other quarterbacks.” “Yea, because he sucks.” “But they are gonna get at the Steelers.” Saints @ Vikings (35:00) “Look, you got contenders and you got pretenders. I think the Vikings are pretenders.” Honoring the Champs (45:00) Slim Finally Welcomes Q To The Barn (48:00)
January 11, 2018
The Cutback (Ep. 01) — NFL WILDCARD RECAP
Q & Slim link up for the first episode of The Cutback, official NFL Podcast of The Barn, and Q’s debut with The BarnBurner. Recapping the games and giving their takes on what transpired, the duo goes through all 4 games, although they spend more time on some than others (cough Bills/Jags cough).
January 10, 2018
Backdoor Cut (Ep. 02) — REVENGE Edition
Brofessor General, CHIEF, and Slim are back at it again with a new episode of the Backdoor Cut Podcast. The “Revenge Edition” looks at the best performances of NBA players who were traded in the offseason, against their former teams in the 2017-2018 season. -Slim’s Revenge Pick (Troy Daniels)- 3:00 -Idea of “Second Draft”- 9:00 -Brofessor’s Revenge Pick (Eric Bledsoe)- 13:30 -Chief’s Revenge Pick (Brook Lopez)- 24:00 -NBA Talk (Heat, Grizz misses)- 30:00 -Paul George’s Future- 34:00 -Cavs/Warrios better than Lakers/Celtics?- 39:00 -CFP Championship Picks- 48:00
January 4, 2018
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