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The Dad Bod

The Dad Bod

By The Dad Bod
Hi! I am Corey and welcome to The Dad Bod! Here I will talk about everything from running, to anxiety and depression, to life as a husband and father. And I will interview some AMAZING people! Join me!
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“Everyone Wants to Think They are Rudy”
Hello True Believers! Today I bring to you Pat 1 of 3 of my sit down conversation with the incomparable Maggie Seymour! Listen and feel her passion as this Marine, soon to be Mom, Activist, Hero, Author speaks from the heart. You can also watch this episode on YouTube:
November 23, 2020
What is Going On With Me
Hello True Believers! Kicking off the new season of The Dad Bod Podcast with not only audio, but I now have video to my podcast episodes! Here is the YouTube link for this podcast! Enjoy on multiple platforms!
November 9, 2020
“Dear White People”, from a White Person; Part 3 of 3
Hello True Believers! Here is the conclusion from my empowering conversation with my friend and awesome activist, Mandy! Enjoy!
October 26, 2020
“Dear White People”, from a White Person; Part 2
Hello True Believers! Here is part 2 of 3, from my conversation with my dear friend, and incredible activist, Mandy. Enjoy!
October 19, 2020
“Dear White People”, from a White Person
Hello True Believers! I’ve known Mandy for over 30 years. She has never stay away from being an ally, activist and a wonderful human being. Today I bring to you Part 1 of 3 of my sit down with her. Enjoy!
October 12, 2020
Talking Equality with Riley (Part 2)
Hello True Believers! Today I bring to you the conclusion of my amazing interview with my dear friend, Riley! Enjoy!
September 28, 2020
Talking Equality with Riley (Part 1)
Hello True Believers! Today I bring to you my incredible friend, Riley! We talk about all things equality and get very serious about what that looks like in the world. Enjoy Part One!
September 21, 2020
Why Is Equality a Debate?!?!?
Hello True Believers! Today I bring to you my thoughts on why it is not right to make equality a debate. Strong language was used. Do Better, Be Better. One Love.
September 11, 2020
First Week of NTI Homeschooling and What’s On My Mind
Hello True Believers! Today, from my Fortress of Solitude, I talk about about the 1st week of NTI homeschooling, anxiety, my ADHD and life in general. I hope you enjoy! Do Better, Be Better. One Love.
August 28, 2020
Sexual Assault - Katie’s Story Part 2
Hello True Believers! Today I bring to you the conclusion of my interview with Katie. We further discuss her sexual assault and she imparts some incredible wisdom. Enjoy and Show Your Love.
August 21, 2020
Sexual Assault - Katie’s Story Part 1
Hello True Believers! Today I continue my series on sexual assault and I bring to you my dear friend, Katie as she tells her story and gives insight to society as a whole in regards to sexual assault. I hope you enjoy and appreciate her bravery.
August 14, 2020
Sexual Assault - Shannon’s Story Part 2
Hello True Believers. Today I conclude my interview with my friend Shannon, as she discusses her sexual assault and recovering from it.
August 6, 2020
Sexual Assault - Shannon’s Story
Hello True Believers! Today I come to you, with episode 1 on a series I am working on. Sexual Assault and the many brave faces of the incredible warrior survivors. Today, I bring to you, my dear friend, Shannon.
July 30, 2020
My Mental Health Check-In
Hello True Believers! On today’s podcast episode, I discuss my mental health and how I am failing at self-care. I hope my openness and vulnerability finds you in a good space. Do Better. Be Better. One Love.
July 17, 2020
Differences Through The Eyes of a 8 and 6 year old.
Hello True Believers! Today I discuss racism through the eyes of my two youngest children. I wanted to know how, in their world, how strong racism is. I hope you enjoy this and smile as much as I did making it!
July 3, 2020
“Racism,, and the Next Generation” - Special Guest: Ayanna, my Oldest Super Princess
Hello True Believers, today I have a most incredible guest. My Oldest Super Princess, Ayanna. I wanted to hear about racism from the next generation. I will say, that after you listen to this interview, like me, you will feel a lot better about the future of this planet
June 26, 2020
“Black People Live HERE?!?” and Other Tales of Systemic Racism
Hello true believers. Today I talk about my recent encounter as well as my frustrations in this civil unrest.
June 18, 2020
#BlackLivesMatter and Mental Health
Today I talk more about the civil unrest and the difficulties of being Black and handling my mental health journey. Enjoy!
June 11, 2020
Hello True Believers! Today I talk about the change going on in our country. I hope you listen and share this special episode with everyone you know that may have questions about how to be an Ally. #BlackLivesMatter
June 4, 2020
I’m Back!
Hello True Believers! I am back and I talk about how the past 11 weeks have gone since the start of the COVID-19 quarantine.
May 25, 2020
Fatherhood and Mental Health
Today’s episode tackles fatherhood and mental health. Enjoy!
February 28, 2020
Adderall Chronicles Volume 2
Hello True Believers! Today I talk about my dosage increase in my Adderall and how effective/ineffective it has been. Enjoy!
February 21, 2020
The Adderall Chronicles: Volume 1
Today I talk about my first 3 week son Adderall and what I will go over with my psychiatrist on my follow up. Enjoy!
February 7, 2020
5 Things Good and Bad About ADHD!
Hello True Believers! Today I talk about the 5 Things that are Great And Not So Great about ADHD for Me! Enjoy!
January 31, 2020
My Clinical ADHD Results
Hello True Believers! Here are my results from my clinical ADHD testing that I had last week. I also talk about how I feel about it.
January 17, 2020
ADHD Testing Recap
This is a short episode where I talk about my recent clinical ADHD testing and how I felt afterwards. Enjoy!
January 10, 2020
“Pierce the Numbness”. My inspirational interview with Lisa Lozano
For my last podcast of the decade, I bring to you a most uplifting interview with Lisa Lozano! Plus there is a special surprise at the end if the interview!
December 27, 2019
Welcome Back, Shannon LeLievre
Talking about the Solstice Virtual Run and all things Mental Health with Shannon LeLievre!
December 13, 2019
My Mental Health Update
Hello True Believers! Today I talk about what’s going on with my mental health and changes in my life. Feel free to leave me a message talking about what YOU do to take care of yourself during the holidays! Enjoy!
December 6, 2019
People Everyone Needs in Their Life Series: Sonya Harris and Meridith Daniel
WARNING: Lots of laughter ahead!! Sonya and Meridith are two positive forces of love, laughter and light. When hearing them talk about any subject, you realize just how amazingly special they are.
November 27, 2019
People Everyone Needs in Their Life: Becky Fedora Clayton
Today I talk with Becky Fedora Clayton about her infectious smile and you will quickly learn that this episode is full of amazing quotes! Enjoy!
November 22, 2019
People Everyone Needs in Their Life Series: Karen Brady
Today I kick off my, “People Everyone Needs in Their Life” Series with the most amazing Karen Brady! Today we talk about how she always has her trademark smile even when going through hell. Enjoy!
November 15, 2019
Today I discuss the importance of Self-Love and how I struggled with this. I also talk about 7 keys to Self-Love. Enjoy
November 8, 2019
The Unsinkable Melissa!
Today’s podcast Interview with my AWESOME friend, Melissa does contain strong language and may contain emotional triggers. It also contains LOTS of smiles, loving words of encouragement and laughter! Enjoy!
November 1, 2019
“Believe in the Things That People Tell you”
Today I have a honest, raw and very enjoyable interview with Dodie Mercer. EXPLICIT LANGUAGE AND TRIGGER WARNING! We talk about her being stalked in graphic detail. Her story is an amazing one and I hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed talking to her!
October 25, 2019
The Dad Bod Podcast is BACK! Let’s rap a taste, shall we?
Hello true beliebers! The Dad Bod Podcast is Back! I talk about where I’ve been and all things mental health. Enjoy!
October 18, 2019
Let’s Talk About My Mental Health
Today’s podcast is just unapologetic, raw and vulnerable in me discussing my battle and journey with mental health.
August 23, 2019
“Let the Balloon Go” - My Interview with Shannon
Today, my sweet friend, Shannon and I sit down to talk about EVERYTHING! She is an incredible woman who I want in my side in any fight!
August 2, 2019
F*CK Skin Cancer
Welcome to Episode 25! Today I talk about my recent doctor’s visit. And how 2019 is the year my body said, “We are taking a break”. Enjoy.
July 26, 2019
“Have a Voice” - My Interview with Jennifer Zenuch
Welcome to Episode 24! Today I interview one of my dearest friends, Jennifer Zenuch. We talk about everything from parenthood to beer! Enjoy!
July 12, 2019
The Unsinkable Meridith Daniel! My Interview with a true Renaissance Woman
Meridith is an amazing friend who TRULY believes in doing good for good. She is as inspiring as she is intelligent. This interview was such a joy, and will not be the last time I have her on the show. Enjoy!
July 5, 2019
“Pick a Square” - Interview with Juan Arrieta
Rounding out my month dedicated to Dad’s, I have a wonderful interview with Juan Arrieta! He is an incredible Father who has nothing but pure love and inspiration for his children!
June 24, 2019
Episode 21 - I Get Real And Honest About Fatherhood for Me
Hello all! For this continued month celebrating Fathers, I open up about some real Fatherhood things. I also talk about how as Dads, we need to be better at connecting with each other the same way Moms do. TRIGGER WARNING: this gets very serious in discussing my mental health.
June 7, 2019
“Let me know I am not alone” - Interview with Logan Heinsch
Welcome to Episode 20 of The Dad Bod Podcast, and the kickoff of my month dedicated to Dads! Starting off is a DEEPLY honest Fatherhood interview with my brother-in-life Logan. Enjoy this raw discussion
May 31, 2019
“Grace” - The Dad Bod Podcast welcomes Lindsey!
To round out the month of Moms on The Dad Bod Podcast, I bring to you, my interview with my dear friend, Lindsey! I hope you enjoy!
May 24, 2019
“Winging It Everyday” - My Interview with Nora
Continuing my month of celebrating Mom’s I have Nora back to discuss her incredible job she is doing as a Mom. She discusses her triumphs and challenges and it is very clear how big her loving heart is.
May 17, 2019
“Bonus Mom” Interview with Gabriella Ford.
Gabi and I have been friends for a long period of time. Keeping with my celebrations of Mom for this month, She was the one I specifically wanted to interview going into Mother’s Day weekend!
May 10, 2019
My Interview with Stephanie Boyd - “My uterus is for rent”!
Kicking off the month of May which I am dedicating to Mom’s, I bring you and interview with one of my most kind friends, Stephanie Boyd! She is SIMPLY AMAZING! Enjoy!!
May 3, 2019
Shannon is Canadian for “Angel”
My interview with Shannon was such an incredible organic soul ruching experience. I truly hope it brings a smile to your face.
April 26, 2019
Julia Montag, Jill of all trades, Master of ALL!
Rounding out my BibRave Mount Rushmore, I am blessed to interview Julia Montag. She is as friendly as she is amazing!
April 19, 2019
The Unsinkable Andy Mace joins The Dad Bod Podcast for a Great Time
I was blessed to interview Andy, who I know from BibRave. He is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable human being. Plus, we get DEEP into some comic book talk!!
April 12, 2019
Jessica Murphy, positive force and incredible friend!
Jessica Murphy is back on the podcast! We talk about more of Jessica’s adventures and what drives her positive, disciplined infectious personality! Enjoy!
April 5, 2019
Episode 11 - Interview with BibRace Co-Founder Tim Muprhy
Hello True Believers! For this week’s podcast, I get to interview Tim Murphy, well known for being the co-founder of BibRave. He is an amazing and humbled person with a wonderful sense of humor!
March 26, 2019
Part 1: My Depression; Part 2 - My 3 Month Post Surgery Follow Up Appointment
Hello True Believers. Here is a special podcast episode. The first part is me being VERY open and honest about my depression curve I have been going through. Then part 2 (which includes audio from my neurosurgeon appointment), talks about the results of my 3 month post C5/C6 Anterior Cervical Decompression Fusion surgery. Enjoy!
March 22, 2019
Stephanie Hoppe - World Traveler; Wife; Elite Runner; BibRavePro Community Manager; Friend to Me :)
My interview with my friend and BibRavePro sister, Stephanie Hoppe is a foray into the great things that are all right in the world. She is a skilled world traveler and beam of sunshine that everyone should get to know!
March 21, 2019
“Always Find Your Smile” - Katy Coffman Round 2!
KatY is back on the Dad Bod Podcast! She is such an amazing soul, I had to have her back. It will become very clear that this young woman NEEDS to write a BOOK!
March 7, 2019
“We Really ARE Twins”
My interview with Logan. He tells us about his experiences and the many things that he is conquering, and giving so much respect, love and credit to his wife, Lane. This is the kind of podcast where you will feel inspired.
February 28, 2019
A Conversation with a True Phoenix
My interview with Brittany O’Leary, who is one of the most driven, and impressive people that I know. She defines loyalty and has survived so many things. We sit down and discuss her amazing journey.
February 22, 2019
Perseverance, Determination, served with a side of Smile and Joy
Jessica Murphy has an infectious personality and has lived a life full of adventure! I am so honored that I was able to interview her, and have already booked her for another episode!! I hope you enjoy!
February 17, 2019
Here is one of my favorite human beings on the planet. Nora has walked through hell and hasn’t just survived, but smiled her way while showering people with love and encouragement. Sit back and I hope this makes you smile.
February 13, 2019
“It’s Fine”
Katy Coffman is an EXTRAORDINARY BibRavePro sister of mine. She has an amazing story that I am honored that she is telling it here. Also, you will see that we are extra silly, which made this interview so much fun. WARNING: there is some static that couldn’t be fixed, so please enjoy!
February 4, 2019
What Is It Like To Be The Spouse Of Someone Who Battles Depression/Anxiety?
On today’s podcast, I interview my PHENOMENAL wife, Damary. I am always very public about my battle with depression/anxiety, but I wanted to hear from a spouse and what it is like dealing with/being married to someone who battles this. This gets real.
January 30, 2019
The Premiere Episode Of The Dad Bod Podcast!
I give an introduction of myself and talk in depth about what led up to, and recovering from my C5/C6 Anterior Cervical Decompression Fusion Surgery.
January 23, 2019