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The Filmaniacs

The Filmaniacs

By The Filmaniacs
A podcast for #cinephiles who love to watch movies, talk about movies, and generally express our love for movies.
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Double Dragon - A Double Deuce Flusher
Kyle and Garrett discuss their review of the 1994 video game-movie adaptation of Double Dragon, starring Scott Wolf, Robert Patrick, Mark Dacascos, and Alyssa Milano.
May 29, 2020
Super Mario Bros. the Movie - Cult Classic or Super Dud
Kyle and Garrett examine the 1993 Super Mario Bros film, examining it on how closely it follows the source material... spoiler alert: it thwomping doesn’t!!!
May 8, 2020
Filmaniacs Begin
Garrett and Kyle talk about their love for movies and kick off their discussion about video game movies; they talk from their perspectives as #cinephiles and #gamers.
April 17, 2020