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Another day at the Office

Another day at the Office

By Yamina
Hello! 🎈
This is a podcast 🎧 in which we make critical podcast essays about media culture, youtube ecosystem and the intellectual digital content. Here is where to contact us : ● Instagram: ● YouTube :
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Can Instagram be educational?
Can Instagram be an educational? That's the question we did not try to fully answer by more did fully try to discuss, but adressing different nuances, layers and contexts related to it. My back still hurts from the researching process i did for this episode, gotta be honest 😂. Script by Yamina Hamidi. The points discussed in this episode : ● Amateurism and professionalism in teaching and their legitimacy on Instagram. ● School and university not being the only place to find education :    • Descrimination in University.    • Systems of checks on authority.    • Systems of ethics in education. ● Theories of apprenticeship. ● Reviewing the role of instagram in education. References :    Books : ● Émile or trearise on education by Jean jaques Rousseau. ● How soon is now by Carolyn Dinshaw. Articles : ● Reviewing the role of instagram in education, article : ● Ariel Bisset :
October 15, 2021
Psychology belongs to psychologists!
Everyone is nowadays into psychology, which is initially a good thing. However, the problematic point in here is that people utilize what they learned to analyze individuals and a group of individuals psychologically and play the psychologist just by observing people, which is not our job! In this episode, we are gonna be talking about why we content creators and social media users under the comment section, should stop playing the psychologist. Script : Yamina. References cited in this episode: ● The dangers of self-duagnosis ●The definition of psychology: ● Dr Ali Matty : ● Music : Play god by Sam Fender
October 7, 2021
Is self-help industry helping you?!
Season 3 is here and the episode 1 we tried to question the self-help industry's good marketing based intentions! Script : Yamina. Recording and sound editing : Yamina. The references you hear in the introduction : ● Why self help will not change your life by Marianne power, Tedtalk. ● The dark side of self improvement by Suzanne Eder, Tedtalk. ● Why self improvement is running your life by Better Ideas on Youtube. Music : dead boys by sam fender.
September 24, 2021
Luna_Shares's paradoxal stand with pick-me-ism
It is a choice, we are going to be making more often podcast critical essay episodes about media culture, social media, YouTube ecosystem and the intellectual digital content. This is episode 15, we won't be spoiling its content here, we hope you have a good time listening to it, Yamina 🎧. References : ● introduction : signs of a pick-me-ism by Anna Anaka on youtube : ● The facebook post cited in the episode : ● Music : Leave fast by Sam Fender. ● The blogger mentioned in the episode :
September 19, 2021
Vicious circles!
This is a text, a short one that was written few days ago, it is about the evolution of in-groups through history until now. Text : Yamina, Background Music : American Beauty's score : any another name by Thomas Newman. Here is the link to the written version of the text : .
September 17, 2021
Does reading have to be an enjoyable experience?
Last week, i saw somebody on a facebook group saying : " i got bored while reading it", about George Orwell's 1984 and i thought : George Orwell is a critic, an essayist, we shouldn't expect ourselves to be entertained while reading! We're more likely to be provoked when reading his essays, even the ones in a form of fiction or metaphors. So here is a question : Should we throw expectations onto a book before reading it and expect it to make us feel a certain and think a certain way? Or should we approach reading objectively? Script : Yamina, Music reference : Sam Fender - The borders, Books references and authors : George Orwell 1984, George Orwell Why i write, Noam Chomsky.
September 11, 2021
The moral dilemmas and decision-making process in the video game : Detroit Become Human!!
Detroit Become Human is a single player game, in which you are in control of how the story unfolds. If you die or fail at a mission, you won't go back to a previous saved part of the game, the game actually continues! It is tailored for the gamer not to practice decision-making, but to collect information about yourself on how you make a decision. Script : Yamina, introduction : the trailer to Detroit Become Human : The outro : Little One from the game's soundtrack.
September 7, 2021
Questioning the credibility of multi-topics digital creators!
The educative type of content is available all over social media, on Instagram's platform to, be quiet exact. Various content creators/digital creators/bloggers/podcasters offer and propose multi-topics related content, they talk about different topics that have absolutely nothing in common with each other, every time a different topic. But does this variety in their content make it lose credibility and substance? Script : Yamina, Musical tracks : Revel by Bootsrap, credit to the owners for the pictures on the poster.
September 2, 2021
Why "reading more and faster" will not make sense to you?!
According to the perceived by hustle culture people, reading more means being put in the category of C.E.Os who read two or three books a week "successful people"! But when we qualify a read as fast, slow or more, according to which reference of measurement? Script : Yamina. Background sound : peace from Folklore album. Audio references you hear in the beginning : Bill gates, Ariel Bisset and Ali Abdaal on how to read mord, Youtube.
August 30, 2021
The monopolism of knowledge! إحتكار المعرفة
Have you came across certain people who tend to think that knowledge should be limited to a very restricted number of inviduals؟ أصحاب تفكير : نحن فقط من يجب أن نطلع على المعرفة، لا الآخرون. This episode is about that. Script : Yamina, Recording and editing : Yamina. Outro ( The end) : become an intellectual explorer by Big Think on youtube.
August 28, 2021
What i heard on spotify this week! الحكومة، الشعب و إستحقاقهما لبعضهما - بودكاست مقطع
Hello! I am very excited about this new series called : What i heard on spotify this week! A constructive criticism of a podcast's content, in which i am going to be reacting to what i heard on a podcast. This first episode is about Maktaâ's podcast, i reacted to that episode in which the two hosts discussed this idea of : if a government and its society deserve each other for good or for bad! Iwon't spoil you, have fun listening to it. Script : Yamina. Intro/outro: Logic - till the end. Background sound : Lee Rosevere-not alone.
August 26, 2021
To get a university degree or to not get a university degree?!
Who to question and to blame? The university and its ancestral, not updated program? Or the students and their inability to understand a magisterial course? Wait!! Do we even need a university degree nowadays? Or it is not even the question to ask? But more of a : are you a -get a university degree and then get a job- person or are you more of a autonomous investor? Does University get you a job or universities and the workplace market are not aligned and so many other questions? Script : Yamina, Background music : Jamiroquai - Virtual insanity
August 5, 2021
How are your individuality, thinking and authenticity doing in the age of digital influence?
This is episode number one, among a serie of short audio documentaries. And in this first one, digital influence and being a part of a digital community are being brought on the table. Script and sound editing : Yamina. Background sound : Royalty
July 7, 2021
Is listening to your followers, a creativity killer for you, as a content creator?
We all have seen that moment when a content creator asks their audience to choose the next topic they want to watch and see, we call this digital marketing, which is understanding your audience, and build a *solid* online beneficial relationship with them, which is digitally clever. But does that mean your creativity is put aside and at the mercy of your audience? And you as a follower, what do you want? Do you want them to be creative and you'd still follow them if they proposed something new? Or you want what is familliar? Script and sound editing : Yamina. The introduction part you hear in the beginning is a part from : Cilimastation's content ( cool creative dudes on instagram ). Music : Talking about revolution by Tracy Chapman.
June 26, 2021
#Essay : Why is the majority of algerian films about the revolution era or the dark decade?
Let me start by confessing that no exact answers were found to the question, other than an ensemble of assumptions. A recently made animated Algerian movie is running for competions and festivals, it tells the story of a snowman that lives in Aurés, Bonjour creativity, unpredictability and freshness. This has actually brought on the table a question that i have been having for a long time, that made the title of this episode. The part that you hear after the intro is a part of the movie Heliopolis. Script, editing and voice by : Yamina Hamidi.
June 10, 2021
Dear Algerian content creators : does simplifying an information on social media mean reducing it?
#Essay 4 : The digital, in a rush aspect of social media platforms and streaming platforms has made any information easily available and reach-ble in a fast, short way. Every second you scroll through, there is something new in your feed. As a content consumer, as someone behind the screen, i talked about how i perceived the fact of being thrown constant short reduced form of knowledge on social media. From Sidcastic, Dz tasty Brain, Rania bencroft, Sarays and so many other facebook pages, instagram accounts, youtube channels and podcast, and us as consumers are a part of it, besides how in a rush, social media platforms has exagerrated this side of them. Essay : Yamina Hamidi. Voice and editing : Yamina Hamidi. The short extracts you hear in the beginning : Sidcastic, Rania bencroft and Yusuf Chaib.
June 7, 2021
#Essay : Is the page Sa9si promoting ultra-crepidarianism?
Ultra-crepidarianism is the habit of giving an opinion on a topic that is outside of one's knowledge. This has reminded me of what the page is doing! Asking questions to people on social media, without necessarily targeting specialists of each question. EVERYONE answers and everyone has an answer. Freedom of speech, giving an opinion are surely important, but when we do not know the answer, should not we simply answer with : i don't know the answer to it or i will get myself educated on it and come back later, or leave the space to a specialist to answer and listen actively. Don't worry, we all do or did Ultra-crepidarianism, Joe Rogan did it, by giving his opinion on young healthy people being vaccinated or not, when in fact he is not an immunologist. Script : Yamina Hamidi. Editing : Yamina Hamidi. Recording vocals : Yamina Hamidi. Music : Ben Harper. Picture : Yamina Hamidi.
May 30, 2021
#Essay : Nomadland_The movie : a relationship with work and money.
In this episode, i got to talk about my relationship with work and money, and how absurd is the concept of retirement for me?
May 18, 2021