THE PTA TAPES... Behind The Scenes of Physical Therapy

Cody Phillips, PTA, VRS, Dip SM Part 1: Lets Get Dizzy

An episode of THE PTA TAPES... Behind The Scenes of Physical Therapy

Welcome to THE PTA TAPES... A podcast that goes, behind the scenes of physical therapy 🎥

Talking about physical therapy from a PTA perspective
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The Double Doctor F Scott Feil and the future of PTA/PT Eduation
On the last episode from SSPT Live, I talked to F Scott, oneof the guys that helped get The PTA Tapes going. We talked about his podcast, the Healthcare Education Transformation podcast. What his top changes to DPT education programs would be, and his opinion on moving the PTA education from an AAS to a BS. 
June 3, 2019
Building a rehab center from the ground up: The PTA Perspective
On the 2nd to last episode from SSPT Live, I talked to Ashlea Victor, a PTA who has worked in most if not all the settings and has had multiple stints as a clinic director as well as building a Rehab Department from scratch. We re-visit the "PTAs as clinic directors" debate and the hiring process of a PT. 
June 3, 2019
MOT and DPT; the PT Doodler
In this episode, I spoke w/ Andy Tseng, aka The PT Doodler about his side hustle as an animator for APTA state associations and clinics. He's also both a DPT and MOT and talks about the differences and similarities between the two. 
June 3, 2019
Body Builder to SPT & CSCS as a requirement for DPTs
On the first interview from SSPT Live, I talked to Susie Lunardi, SPT.  A (soon to be) 2nd year DPT student in New York! She talks about how she got into PT and her brief stint as a body builder. What we need to do to relate to the high-level fitness athlete and how her DPT program requires the students to get their CSCS. 
June 3, 2019
SSPT Live Intro
Just a quick intro into what SSPT Live is and why I went!
June 3, 2019
Shit'll Buff Part 2
Part 2: On this episode we  continue our talk with my good friend, Matt Nape, a PTA in Colorado. We 3 discuss our expectations of ourselves in our clinical practice from graduation to now working as clinicians. What went the way we expected and what didn't go the way we expected. We also get into some deep stuff about mental health and what happens when you know a patient is going to pass away or when they code on you midsession. Enjoy! 
March 31, 2019
Shit'll Buff Part 1: Student to Clinician, expectations vs reality
Part 1: On this episode we talk to my good friend, Matt Nape, a PTA in Colorado. We 3 discuss our expectations of ourselves in our clinical practice from graduation to now working as clinicians. What went the way we expected and what didn't go the way we expected. We also get into some deep stuff about mental health and what happens when you know a patient is going to pass away or when they code on you midsession. Enjoy! 
March 31, 2019
Cody Phillips, PTA, VRS, Dip SM Part 3: PTAs Moving from AAS to BS?
Thanks for tuning in and Happy New Year! On this last installment, Cody and I discuss the possibility of moving the PTA degree from an Associates to a Bachelors and what that might look like in the big picture. Cody has solved it multiple times but refuses to let us know how its going to work. ;) Enjoy part 3! Cody's Contact info:
December 31, 2018
Cody Phillips, PTA, VRS, Dip SM Part 2: PTAs + Spinal Manipulation and Clinic Ownership
Thanks for tuning in! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! This week we continue our series with Cody In this episode, we talk about PTAs performing Spinal Manipulations and PTAs as Clinic Directors & Owners (because some states don't allow it) and what barriers a PTA might run into when hiring a PT . Enjoy part 2! Part 3 comes out next week!
December 26, 2018
Cody Phillips, PTA, VRS, Dip SM Part 1: Lets Get Dizzy
Thanks for tuning in! This week, after a brief hiatus from us for personal reasons (adulting is hard) we are coming back with a 3 part series with Cody Phillips. He is a PTA out of GA and was a great guy to interact with. In this episode, we talk about Vestibular Rehab and Tech usage in the clinc. Enjoy! Part 2 comes out next week!
December 17, 2018
TAPE 16: Be Your Own MAESTRO
On tape 16 we talked to Shante Cofield aka The Movement Maestro. She is a PT and a Rock Tape Educator/Coach. We talked about the making of her personal brand, opportunities for PTA's to take courses with Rock Tape, finding your niche in the profession, being creative, embracing the hustle... Needless to say we talked about A LOT of great things. Check the tape out then go be your own MAESTRO!
October 26, 2018
TAPE 15 / Pt. 2: Three's Company
On TAPE 15 Part 2 we continue to FLOW on talking about Blood Flow Restriction with the BFR PRO's. We get into the nitty gritty as they answer more questions about research, application, safety, results, etc. This tape wraps up the BFR series, but this will not be the last you will hear of Nick, Jordan, and Mario as they continue to take BFR research, and application, to the next level. Keep on the lookout for these guys and get involved with some of the classes they provide! More info to be heard on the TAPE. What ya waiting for? hit that play button...
October 2, 2018
Tape 15 / Pt. 1: Three's Company
On TAPE 15 we linked up with the BFR PROs Nick, Mario, and Yordan to talk about blood flow restriction (BFR). Need I say more... Are you a PTA looking to add a new skill to your clinical practice??? Maybe your just a skeptic... Well then give this tape a listen. The research behind this may OCCLUDE yo brain!
September 19, 2018
TAPE 13: Lost In The Sauce
On TAPE, 13 Evan sat down with Monique Beeko. She is a PTA transitioning to be a PT. She is the creator of a successful youtube vlog that documented her journey from PTA to PT. Monique displays a willingness to give back to the PTA community that is simply unrivaled. The authenticity of her vlog does its best to capture what the transition from PTA to PT looks and feels like. She uses it as a platform to communicate her experiences to others in hopes that it may help them in their personal journey. If you are looking to make that step as a PTA, and your standing at the edge of the cliff not sure if your meant to jump... we encourage you to check this tape out!
July 26, 2018
Tape 12: I never want to be Fat and Happy Part 2
Part 2 with Jeff Moore! This time we're talking alot more big picture in the PT Profession and how ICE CEU courses are run and the fun and shenanigans they get into during it! Enjoy! As mentioned in the episode, here's the details on Rising Tide: Students (Including PTA Students!) can use the discount code "Student2018" for $200 off the regular price.
July 17, 2018
Tape 11: I Never want to be "Fat and Happy"
Jeff Moore, PT, DPT talks about his journey starting ICE Physio, passion for PT and teaching, Cervical Manipulation, and more. Fantastic Episode and we are so greatful to Jeff for coming on. As mentioned in the episode, here's the details on Rising Tide: Students (Including PTA Students!) can use the discount code "Student2018" for $200 off the regular price.
July 6, 2018
Tape 10: From CVA to PTA and Why Orange Popsicles are Important
Amy Wooddell is a PTA who lives and works in the KC Metro area. She had a stroke in 2010 and in 2012 joined THE Kansas City Kansas Community College PTA program. She shares her story of rehab from the patient perspective and how that's influenced her as a current clinician. She also founded National Orange Popsicle Week to raise awareness and provide a community for stroke survivors who are 45 years old and younger. They have plenty of volunteer opportunities (wink wink PT/PTA students). Be sure to check them out at
June 28, 2018
TAPE 9: Ducks Fly Together
On TAPE 9, we linked up with the Duck Legs Podcast for a collab. The Duck Legs Podcast is a physical therapy centered podcast with comical relief that delivers fire content! We got to talk to them about: - The Duck Legs story - Educating on the role of the PTA - The relationship between PTA's and PT's - Using social media as a platform to grow - Documenting over creating - Conspiracy Theories (not really) - Representation of the APTA - Things they didn't learn in PT school
June 22, 2018
TAPE 8: SPT to GOC - Issa Vibe
On TAPE 8 we enjoyed a lovely morning talking to Cindy Uruburo, SPT & Kristie Serrano, SPT who are both members of the Global Outreach Committee. We talked about: - Their stories - Having to wear several different hats as a PT student - Understanding your WHY - What the Global Outreach Committee is/does - Move Together being a big influence increasing access to physical therapy around the world - All volunteer-ship is leadership - The role of the WCPT & Global Health SIG - Opportunities available to students to serve abroad - Favorite trips & places to travel - World PT Day & PT Day of Service - Starting service projects at your state and district levels - Resources for individuals to obtain more information about Global PT
June 5, 2018
TAPE 7: All of a Sutton I am an Educator
On TAPE 7 we sat down with Kathryn Sutton to talk about: - Her story - Treating people in rural areas - The power of positive reinforcement - Building relationships with physicians in a small community - What PTA programs look for in students - Feedback from clinical sites on students performance - The athletic training bridge program offered at Kent State University - The centennial steering committee
May 25, 2018
Tape 6 / PT.2: 3 Degrees. 2 Licenses. 1 Man.
On part 2 of TAPE 6, Eddie and Evan sat down with Sean Bagbey to talk about: - Will athletic trainers bleed over into the PT's scope of practice? - Focusing our time on educating about our services versus limiting other providers - Getting started by inserting yourself at the local level - Do what you do better than others and you can change the world - Having to apologize to patients on behalf of other providers in our profession - The patient is in charge, but you get to effect the change - Going back to a model of seeing one patient an hour - No one is 100% productive throughout a day - Making a cultural shift in our approach to care - Saying NO to insurance companies - Changes needed in the PTA educational model - Viewing ourselves as an integral role in saving lives
May 15, 2018
TAPE 6 / PT.1: 3 Degrees. 2 Licenses. 1 Man.
On TAPE 6 / Pt. 1 Evan and Eddie sat down with Sean Bagbey. Sean is an incredible figure in the PTA community and works tirelessly at the district, state, and federal level to promote our profession. We sat down to talk about everything physical therapy. Key points we discussed were - His story to professional success - How to create a resume around management - The importance of having a servant heart and leadership attitude - Being patient and waiting for your opportunity to shine - How to discover what you are good at and channel those strengths for success - Building a cohesive PT/PTA team through commonality of caring for your patient(s) - How having a personal leadership philosophy can foster a therapeutic alliance with your patients - Realizing that it is an HONOR to treat the patients we come into contact with - Information on his experience being apart of the Advanced Orthopedic Proficiency Pathway with Nxt Gen Institute of PT
May 3, 2018
Tape 5: How to Win Legislation & Influence Policy
In Tape 5, Eddie talked with Jerry Durham, PT via a Facebook Live interview in preparation for the Federal Advocacy Forum. We talked about how to be effective with your advocacy. Key points are: *You don't even have to be there; call & email are just as effective *Be a resource for the health aide: ask what can YOU do for THEM *State advacacy can be easier to get into than Federal *Bring a customer service attitude *BRING. MORE. PATIENTS. Big thank you to Jerry for taking time out to do the interview and shout out to the Knowbodies Podcast for starting the conversation idea.
April 30, 2018
TAPE 4: By No Stretch of The Imagination
On TAPE 4 we sat down with Kim Nartker, PTA, and owner/founder of Stretch Physical Therapy and Total Wellness in Ohio to talk... - PTAs creating a business - The conception of her idea - Overcoming those moments of doubt - The back end of running a business - Bridging the gap in healthcare with results driven care - Emphasis on the term, CUSTOMER as opposed to, patient - Education being half the battle - Looking at the patient as a whole and not just an episode of care - Why manual therapy is a BIG component of her business model - Dealing with push back - Adapting to a constantly changing business model - What she looks for in an employee - Future growth of her clinics
April 25, 2018
TAPE 3: "FROM 0-2000, It All Starts With An Idea"
On TAPE 3, we go "Behind The Scenes" with Luke Markert, PTA, to talk... - His story - How PTAs can be CREATOR's - Where/how to start if you have an idea - What it means to be in the "trenches" - Why YOU should join the PTA Professionals Group on Facebook
April 9, 2018
Tape 2: "You Got To Fight, For Your Right... To Party."
On Tape 2, we go "behind the scenes" of physical therapy with SPTA, Ky Pak, to talk about : - The PT PAC - Relevant issues for PTA's - Importance of advocacy - How to get involved - Strength in numbers And so much more!
March 10, 2018
Tape 1: "Take It From The Top"
The very first Episode of THE PTA TAPES...! Host, Evan Singlar discusses: - Why THE PTA TAPES... - A new voice to add to the physical therapy conversation - Looking "behind the scenes" with a PTA perspective
March 6, 2018
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