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Join Jim Carter as he journeys through a post apocalyptic world where the dead are now top of the food chain
The Survivor, Episode 1 (Secrets & Lies)
Join Jim carter as he travels through an apocalyptic world where The dead are now top of the food chain as he journeys to his home and family in Scotland You can Stalk me at: The Blog: The Podcast: Twitter: FaceBook: instagram: The Survivor, Carter, Jim Carter, Zombie, Zombies, Undead, Z`s, Apocalyps, Post Apocalyptic, Horror, Scary, Narration, Story, iJim, iJimUK,
July 13, 2018
Does the coach have a toilet?
Priority number 1 after 4 cups of coffee I hope the coach has a toilet, after 4 cups of coffee I'm not sure I will be able to last 8-9 hours on a coach. Hope there is a stop off on the way to Scotland..
July 11, 2018
The introduction
Introduction to my podcast, a little bit about me and why I have started "this" podcast. See you in the coach to Scotland.
July 10, 2018
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