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The We in Me

The We in Me

By Erika Reva
Discussing DID- Dissociative Identity Disorder, Navigating life after trauma. No longer surviving but living.

Dissecting and chatting all aspects of Trauma, Recovery and educating on lives complicated by traumatic experiences.

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Twitter: @TheWeinMe
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The Wind in the Willows
Chapter 1 of the wind in the willows! Hope yous continue enjoying these as always shoot a message to @theweinme on twitter or with your suggestions, questions or requests.
April 6, 2020
Help! I’m a Prisoner in the Library
This was one of the first books I remember reading. I was around 5yrs old when I first found it and when TLO first beginning reading it to me/my parts. It is a bit creepy & spooky just so you know, but all is ok and works out in the end! I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did today and all those years ago!
April 5, 2020
It Could Happen
Greetings again everyone... we hope you’re enjoying the story time episodes. Continue sending us your story suggestions & we’ll try to get through them all. This short story was a suggestion from Kit, via email. You can send your suggestions to us via Twitter: @TheWeinMe or email
March 26, 2020
The Journey of the Noble Gnarble
Greetings all, here’s another fun short story for you & yours to enjoy. We hope you’re all staying happy as can be and the healthiest you, you can be.
March 25, 2020
Greetings everyone we hope you enjoy this cute short story from Sarah Fader (@thesarahfader, on Twitter) and her son, Ari! This is a fun cute little story about finding your people and becoming someone. Enjoy everyone.
March 24, 2020
Green Eggs & Ham by Dr Seuss
Welcome everyone, thanks to those who’ve been reaching out. I’m glad you & your littles & children are enjoying the distractions. Have a suggestion don’t forget to let us know! Click that subscribe button🖤
March 22, 2020
The Lorax
Today on the We in Me podcast we have another special We Reads episode for you & yours. We know this is a difficult time for ppl so after so many reached out & have continued doing so well keep producing newer We Reads shows for you during this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic, triggers & fears. Stay well, be safe and fabulous my dears.
March 21, 2020
The Giving Tree
Thanks for joining us for this special We Reads episode of The We in Me podcast. We hope you’re all healthy and happy. Stay safe, take care of one another and enjoy the episode. 🖤 Do you, your child or littles (younger parts) want to hear something special? Don’t hesitate to reach out if we have it or can get a copy we’ll gladly add it to the list.
March 20, 2020
The Blustery Day - A A Milne
Welcome to a special We Reads episode of The We in Me podcast. I know people are struggling so we wanted to do what we can to alleviate some of the chaos in various minds. We hope you enjoy this fun little Winnie the Pooh story from A A Milne. Have a request? Shoot us an email, leave a voicemail here on Anchor or tweet us @TheWeinMe Enjoy & be safe.
March 19, 2020
We Reads - Paddington
Greetings and Salutations everyone! Here we are with another "We Reads," show for you and yours. We hope your littles, your children and anyone else you may like to share these with continue to enjoy these episodes.  PLEASE NOTE: This particular story does have some emotional ups and downs within its pages. SPOILER: Paddington's uncle does in fact die in this story so take proper care for this information as it is within this first episode.  If you have any story suggestions you'd like to hear please send it to us here on anchor via the new voice message feature or tweet us @TheWeinMe you can of course find us on our new website Cheers everyone, enjoy!
July 14, 2019
A Divine Quiz with Andrew Jasko
This episode comes with a trigger warning. Drug use, religion and trauma are discussed throughout the episode. If these topics are not something you can safely handle please turn off the episode and we'll see you next time! This week I sat down to discuss psychedelic drugs, meditation and religious trauma as well as the damage done via dogmatic systems.  Andrew Jasko's Website Andrew Jasko on Twitter
June 30, 2019
Story Time - I Knew You Could
Kevin & Co from Twitter: @Onelilpill produced this episode of the second book from The Little Engine that Could, entitled - "I Knew You Could." We hope you enjoy this weeks episode and don't forget to hop on over to Kevin's blog to find the activities that accompany this weeks episode. ACTIVITY PAGE
June 23, 2019
The Absent Present Father
Happy Father’s Day... Please be advised this episode comes with a light trigger warning. This week's episode is another of the "We Reads," segments. This post comes from a piece we wrote for Defying Shadows over three years ago now. We no long write for this site, but if you're interested in seeing more about them and their work follow the link! Don't forget to check out our new website and subscribe! People had reached out and enjoyed the poems we read for the Therapy episode, so I decided to read two others this week. Ad Finem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox and Casey at the Bat by Ernest Lawrence Thayer They're two of my father's favorite poems. He used to read poetry to me when I was very small and throughout my years. One of my most cherished books in my collection is a copy of "The Best Loved Poems of the American People." This was the book he read to me from as a child, though it's my own copy not his original one. Twitter: @TheWeinMe
June 16, 2019
The One Where Erika Discusses our Time in Therapy...
Well here we are...I wasn't certain I'd be able to get this episode completed for this weeks release, but here we are. I hope you lovely listeners enjoy this week's show and get at least a little something out of it. Whether it be hope, confidence, fear or folly take what you need to hear. Please be aware that this week's show may be triggering for some, though I won't be going into trauma details I will be discussing some about how certain things were worked through. As you'll come to hear we didn't work in the "standard of care," type way, but we found a doctor who did work with me collectively and that dear psychologist is the best thing you can give to a client living with DID, in our opinion. Throughout the episode you'll hear some of our favorite works of written word, and I do hope you enjoy them. Please heed the trigger warnings placed throughout the episode and skip ahead to the next section if necessary for you!  We'll see ya next week wonderful people! Thanks for listening... Twitter: @TheWeinMe Website: Support our NAMI Chicago Fundraising HERE Walk Day Information: NAMI Walks Chicago Don't forget you can leave us voice messages now with Anchor's new Voice message feature! We're also available on podcoin and just about anywhere else you listen to your podcasts!
June 2, 2019
The Crisses
This weeks episode I sat down with The Crisses to discuss some about their life and story as well as what it's like compiling an event like the Plural World Positivity Conference.  Enjoy! The Crisses: Twitter - @TheCrisses Facebook - Criss Ittermann Website - Plural Events on youtube
May 26, 2019
Story Time
Hey everyone! We’re back with another episode of Story Time for all the younger ones out there who want to be included! This weeks episode were joined by Kevin & Co @onelilpill on Twitter! Stay tuned for an update we’ll be adding his blog here. You’ll be able to access all of the Story Time episodes in one easy to find location! In this episode we hope you Enjoy the Little Engine that Could and Goodnight Moon ! Until next time lovely Littles & young ones.
May 19, 2019
Typical DID Questions - Session 2
Here we are with the second session of typically asked Dissociative Identity Disorder questions... This week we'll be focused on relationships, mainly mine and my husbands. Thanks for joining us stay tuned to the end of the episode to hear about some exciting new apps we're pleased to be sharing with you! Twitter : @TheWeinMe Find out more about Podcoin!!! Download the app on android or apple and use code: Erikabyx to get 150 bonus! It's free, fun to use and can donate to some great global charities or get gift cards just for listening. The One Project
May 5, 2019
Vennie Kocsis - Author of Cult Child
Here we are another week into Season 2 of the show... This episode we want to put a trigger warning on before you proceed because Cult abuse and different types of trauma will be discussed as well as triggers in general and some specifics. As always, please stop the episode if you find it is too much, ground yourself, and come back at a later time (or not at all). Thank you to everyone who has continued supporting us in our work and stay tuned for much more this season of The We in Me podcast, as well as, season 3... We've got much more to come for your listening pleasures. If you have questions, comments concerns or would like to be/recommend a guest for the show you may reach us at Cherry good day to you all! big thanks to Sarah from Sarah'sGoodBadLuck for allowing us to use her music. To hear her album and the full length version of the song, Repetitive, GO HERE! Vennie's website: Twitter: @VennieKocsis Amazon: Cult Child  For further information on Vennie visit her website listed above and follow her on twitter! I'm sure we'll see wonderful things from her in the future.
April 28, 2019
Story Time - Toe Shoe Mouse
I imagine the excitement is grand, but bare with us and read this little description of the first Story Time! Welcome, we're glad you're here, but let's discuss this weeks book for a moment and what is best for all of you... 1. This book may be a bit frightening at times for very young (young thinking) individuals, parts/alters/headmates, what have you.  2. There are a few chase scenes, it can be quite exciting to picture our little sweet mouse, but don't worry this story has the best ending of all. 3. If at any point the story becomes too much, please be aware of this and turn off the episode until next week! 4. The new "Story Time" episodes will air once a month, typically, on the third Sunday of every month. If this is something you want to enjoy don't forget to help littles mark the calendar. 5. Stories will vary from month to month (& yes we are considering adding a special segment for those who just enjoy being read to, stay tuned) but if you have suggestions please feel free to reach out to us! -Do so with the help of an adult, if that is the situation. 6. Have fun and enjoy! I'd love to see any artwork yous create that came from the story of the month. Please share it with us via  Twitter: @TheWeinMe or Until next time, Little Ones, we hope you enjoy these episodes!
April 21, 2019
Daniel Carcillo - The Brain The Body The Mind
Thanks for joining us on The We in Me Podcast! This week I sat down with Daniel Carcillo, discussing brain health and all that encompasses the brain and mind.  Brain injury, mental health, neurons and the science of brain health. Building neurological pathways utilizing regenerative brain therapies. It's fascinating stuff so without further adieu we hope you enjoy this episode.  Find out more about Daniel's work life at the provided links both above and below.  Daniel's Instagram All the best everyone, we'll catch you next week for the first installment of the "Story Time," series for littles and younger parts. Once a month we will be producing episodes for littles and/or your children to enjoy along with you. We will choose various books from suggestions YOU have given us! Stay tuned for more to come on this. Please feel free to tweet us @TheWeinMe or send suggestions to The first book we will be reading is called, Toe Shoe Mouse.  Shout out and thanks to Sarah's Good Bad Luck for the use of her music on our podcast you're fabulous! Did you enjoy the clip of her song "Repetitive," that closed out this weeks episode? Then go check her newest album out CLICK HERE.  Don’t forget to check out the new Podcoin app! The We in Me Podcast will be available on Podcoin soon... go check out it out in the App Store!
April 14, 2019
10 Human Things
Welcome to another week of The We in Me Podcast, this week's episode is another We Reads episode from our blog. 10 Human Things Everyone experiences with or without a mental illness. Stay tuned next week for our discussion with Daniel “carbomb” Carcillo, where we chat mental, brain and body health. He’s doing some amazing work and chatting fascinating brain research.
April 7, 2019
Sakinah - Mental Illness & Religion (S2, #10)
Welcome back to another episode of The We in Me Podcast.  This week we're discussing Faith, Family and Mental Illness with Sakinah, @TheMuslimHippie we hope you enjoy this discussion from the show and as always please reach out with any questions, comments or suggestions > This weeks music is from: @SarahJickling check out her website, Sarah's Good Bad Luck, to hear the entire song, Repetitive, and her album.
March 31, 2019
Alexa James - NAMI Chicago
This week we're bringing you an important conversation with Alexa James the director of NAMI Chicago. A fantastic organization that we've had the pleasure of working with personally. 
March 24, 2019
The Series on Typical DID Questions
This is a new series we're starting on the questions we typically are asked. We will be adding to this series and going into more detail over the coming months so stay tuned for that.  This was just the introductory episode others in the future, as I said, will be more in-depth and have specific themes to the questions ie: relationships, emotion, body etc.. The song Rogue featured at the end of the episode is a favorite of mine and one we decided to share again. From Adam of Compulsive Ink on youtube! Take care everyone we'll see you next week!
March 18, 2019
Sarah Clark & The Stronghold System
We had the chance to sit down and chat with Sarah and The Stronghold System for this weeks episode! I sincerely hope you all enjoy our chat with Sarah, even if my brain was dealing me a messy hand on this episode of the podcast.  We know how you all enjoy our little jokes and the mess that becomes me, so without further adieu I hope you enjoy the episode and some of the new music that we'll be sharing with you over the coming weeks. Twitter: @did_system Facebook: AlterNation (this is not an open group and you will need to send a join request and answer questions) Website: Once again a massive thank you to everyone who's been reaching out to be a guest and offer up their music. This week's musical pleasure is brought to you from Sarah's Good Bad Luck!
March 10, 2019
Jose Creator of The Phoenix Empowered (S2, #6)
In this week's episode we sit down to chat with Jose, a man who is taking his story to better the lives of others and share via his project  The Phoenix Empowered. Utilizing his voice to grow the community and facilitate connections with those who have been silenced. It's a great discussion on identity, our mutual adoration for etymology and what the future holds. If you'd like to connect with Jose and follow his work: Website: Jose's Twitter: @jrosario_27 The Phoenix Empowered Twitter: @ThePhoenixEmpowered As always don't forget to subscribe & leave us those 5*'s on Apple! You can also now become a monthly contributor of our podcast here on Anchor! Once we reach our first 25 monthly contributors we will be drawing names for a fun giveaway! So stay tuned on more information and details! Always check the descriptions because you never know what you may find here.
March 3, 2019
Dr. Janina Scarlet - The Superhero Therapist (S2, #5)
We really were excited to speak with Dr. Scarlet in this episode, as you will soon hear.  She works with PTSD in quite a unique way, given her own experiences and personal connections to superheroes like, Storm, we hope you'll see why she is doing such amazing work! For those interested in her book(s): Available on Amazon To the clinicians and curious: Twitter: @ShadowQuill A big thank you again to Dr Janina Scarlet for joining us on our show and thanks to our listeners who had brought her fantastic work to our attention. We do indeed read and respond to all messages (though it can take some time), but we are always looking for guest suggestions from our listeners. Thank you to the fabulous @SarahJickling her new album is available via her website> Sarah's Good Bad Luck, the clip of her song, Repetitive you heard at the end of this episode can be found at that link as well! Enjoy everyone! She's really great. Don't forget to like, subscribe and leave us a 5* review if you've been enjoying the show! You can now also support The We in Me, podcast on anchor with as little as $1 a month!  Support The We in Me
February 24, 2019
Grief & DID (S2, #4)
No guest this week, instead we have another "We Reads," episode for you. This post is a reading from our own blog and one many have had questions regarding.  For more in-depth discussion on the topic of Death stay tuned for a future episode, coming to you this spring. I'll keep this info short and let you get to the episode.  This week we're pleased to again thank, @SarahJickling from Sarah's Good Bad Luck for allowing us to use some of her music. You'll be hearing her song, Repetitive, but if you'd like to hear the full length version as well as the rest of her new album just follow the link above! Slainte' everyone, until next week.
February 17, 2019
Arien - DID & Relationships (S2, #3)
We hope you enjoy this weeks episode of The We in Me podcast. Today we have Arien on discussing his life with DID, how he came to get diagnosed and the intricacies of disclosing his diagnosis to his partner.  Are you a fan of the show? Don't forget to subscribe and support our work with the new monthly contribution option! Leave us a 5* rating or review on Apple Podcasts.  Arien- Twitter: @Arien_Inspires Music provided by Adam Noizic of Compulsive Ink youtube and @SarahJickling check out her full album over at Sarah's Good Bad Luck!
February 10, 2019
Breanna Moss of Fresh Kulture in Chicago (S2, #2)
This is a guest we are quite proud to have had on because she is doing some fantastic work for her community on the south side of Chicago. Very near to where we grew up. Breanna Moss is an entrepreneurial spirit who is working hard to bring about change in her community through even hosting via her company, Fresh Kulture. To find out more listen and rate our show 5*'s if you're enjoying it and as always please follow the links below to find out more about this fabulous woman doing so much. Breanna Moss on twitter: @FreshKulture825 Youtube: Fresh Kulture (videos available, but Breanna did mention one of her goals is to get back at regular work on youtube! So subscribe and stay tuned!) A Massive Thank you to:  @SarahJickling a singer song writer and Mental Health advocate who connected with us via Twitter. The clip of her song, Repetitive is what you'll hear at the beginning of the episode! If you'd like to hear the full length version or the rest of her Album click here! Adam @CompulsiveInk on Twitter & from Compulsive Ink on youtube for the use of his music! Do you want to share your musical talents with us? Do you have a story or idea you want to share? Get in touch via 
February 3, 2019
On Deliverance - Theresa (S2, #1)
Here we are, Season Two of the podcast! This was very exciting to me. I desire structure and schedule, but have never really had that consistency within my life, for a multitude of reasons, but we've gone 21 consecutive weeks without missing a deadline. This is a massive milestone for me and something I am quite pleased we've been able to do. I definitely hope you've been enjoying the show and we can't thank everyone enough for all their support, sharing with their friends, family colleagues, loved ones etc... We hope you continue to show the love, reach out to us with your guest(s) suggestions and continued comments regarding The We in Me Podcast so we can, in turn, continue to bring you a diverse group of guests, views and content for many more seasons to come! Without all of your support we wouldn't have made it this far, so again we thank you.   This weeks episode comes to you via a guest post from Theresa over at She shared this piece on her blog and I very much can appreciate her sharing this knowledge within her religion, church leaders and patrons in attempts to bring about much needed change and understanding. We hope you enjoy her word and again, please take heed of the trigger warnings in this episode. See everyone next week! The music in this episode was a special request we had sent to people we know within the Mental Health Community.  Many thanks to our friend and fellow advocates Erez Shek (of The Shek Check) and Anginet Page. Enjoy! If you want to be a guest of the show or have recommendation and questions or comments don't forget to send them over to us at 
January 27, 2019
Matthew Roth - Writer & Director of FivePiece Movie #20
In this weeks episode we will be chatting with Matthew Roth, the creator of Five Piece Movie. For those of you who have been listening to our show you may have heard our episode with Robert Paul Taylor, the actor who played Brandon, a man Living with DID, well now we have the back story and great conversation with Super_Mats (on twitter) discussing where this idea originated and why he's proud of their work! All links below! Enjoy the show everyone. Matthew Roth on Twitter: @Super_Mats The film's IMDB: Five Piece Five Piece on Twitter: @FivePieceMovie Five Piece on Instagram: @FivePieceMovie Thank you to the amazing musicians who've been reaching out! We will be getting back to everyone shortly, as always if you have a guest suggestion or want to share your music with us to be heard in an episode of the show please send all inquiries to: To hear more of Adam Noizic's music from Compulsive Ink just follow the link!
January 20, 2019
Be Our Guest - Musicians Wanted
Hey everyone, I wanted to toss this up here as as quick little commercial clip, as a few of you may have seen on our Twitter we're reaching out to those with musical talents! Listen to the episode for further information and contact us at Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Give us those 5*’s baby! Talk soon!
January 20, 2019
The M is Silent #19
Today we're bringing you another We Reads episode. This was a guest post we had written up for Nikki O. at  Stay tuned at the end of episode we'll be chatting some about experiences and suggestions for handling bullying and getting help, as well as, transitions from high school to adult life. Music provided by: Compulsive Ink
January 13, 2019
Melissa Boyle - Geek Magnifique #18
We're thrilled to announce this special episode is for the newly released book, Geek Magnifique, from Melissa Boyle! We came to know Melissa, via Twitter and were thrilled she agreed to come on to share some of her story with all of you and celebrate her new book! If you haven't already go to your amazon app and order yours today!
January 8, 2019
Brittany Simon - BPD vs. DID #17
Greetings everyone and welcome to the first episode of The We in Me podcast in the New Year! We are very pleased to bring you our first guest of 2019, Brittany Simon. She is a Youtuber, BDSM educator and lives with BPD, Borderline Personality Disorder. This episode comes with a trigger warning as some graphic and potentially triggering words are used during our discussion. Please note, that as always we ask our listeners to utilize their best judgement and avoid episodes with TW as they may not be able to handle them. Where to find Brittany: Youtube - Twitter - @BrittanySomeone Music Provided by: Compulsive Ink youtube:
January 6, 2019
Stewart & Nicola CSA Survivors #16
This episode comes with a trigger warning. Abuse is discussed but we will warn you with a TW during the more descriptive sections of the episode. As many of you probably know we had the pleasure of speaking at an event up in Barrie, Ontario October of this year (2018). While there we met Stewart and Nicola, both CSA survivors, advocates and Gatehouse volunteers. In this episode they share their own individual stories, what they're up to now and some amazing resources. Stewart- Twitter: UnforgivenWarrior, @GotToGetOutOf BlogTalkRadio: Nicola - Twitter: @LivingWithAbuse Blog: The Gatehouse: Resources for crisis outreach: As stated please reach out to your own doctor(s) if needed here are US and Canadian options- - - (US)National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1 (800) 273-8255 Canada Crisis Services: Call 1 (833) 456-4566 Text 45645
December 30, 2018
Leave Me Be #15
Welcome to another episode of, "The We in Me," Reads! We hope everyone is enjoying these...As of right now we are planing on continuing this into the New Year; if you have any suggestions on written word you think we should read please let us know! We've received a few emails from people requesting a few things as well, so stay tuned for those episodes in the coming months! Wishing everyone safe, consensual, and Happy Holidays, we know how difficult this time of year gets for some. We hear you. We see you. We believe you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone!
December 25, 2018
Robert Paul Taylor - Portraying DID in Film #14
Today's episode is quite an important topic. One that has been discussed a lot within the DID Community, but we are very pleased to be able to bring this discussion to the podcast for you our listeners. Robert Paul Taylor is an actor and a recent work of his was Five Piece movie, written and directed by Matthew Roth. In today's episode Robert discusses with us how he prepared for a role portraying a man living with DID, some of the ups and downs as well as some of his hope for the future. He also shares a bit about the film (no spoilers). We hope you enjoy and again a big thank you to Robert Paul Taylor for joining us on this episode! You can find him on social media: Twitter: @StreetFameBooks Instagram: @StreetFameBooks Don't forget to subscribe so you Never miss an episode! If you're enjoying the show don't forget to rate and review our work on your podcasting platform! Give us 5*'s on Apple podcasts and if you want to continue hearing from The We in Me don't forget to support our podcast via the anchor app. It's as easy as following the "support" prompts on your device and selecting which of the three options. As always if you have questions, comments or would like to be a guest on the show don't hesitate to reach out via Twitter- @TheWeinMe or through our blog See you next week everyone. Music provided by: Adam Noizic of Compulsive Ink: One of our favorite's on Adam's page is "Rainy Day Love Song."
December 23, 2018
Karen Unrue - Blue Jellyfish Syndrome #13
Today's episode we're bringing you, author and advocate Karen Unrue! She literally wrote the book on Blue Jellyfish Syndrome. What the hell is that? Well, give a listen to find out. Don't Forget to Subscribe and rate us on Apple Podcasts or whatever platform you enjoy your podcasts on! Please subscribe and check out the new support section. Want to be a guest of the show? Don't hesitate to reach out via twitter: @TheWeinMe or through our blog Our guest this week was the fabulous Karen so go check her out on Twitter and pick up a copy of her book via the link below! See you next week everyone. Twitter: @KarenUnrue Blue Jellyfish Syndrome:
December 16, 2018
The We in Me - Chapter 1 #12
PLEASE READ BELOW FOR THIS EPISODE: This episode is very personal and dear to us... It is also quite an anxiety inducing episode to release. "The trauma after the trauma." As stated in the beginning we explain some about where the name "The We in Me," originated, as well as sharing far more about our life years ago, via the very first chapter of the book one of us has been writing for over 15 years. Yes, it's been that long (longer), but she's very private and self conscious. I am stunned we were allowed to share this with you here on The We in Me Podcast... We do so hope it's enjoyed. This was a time in life where I (Erika) was hardly ever present, constantly dissociating and very "switchy." It was around this time when I was beginning to lean towards giving up on finding help. My parts on the other hand had very different plans... PLEASE NOTE: There is adult content explicit language in this episode because you'll be hearing some from Anger (capital A) and Jynx. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into our lives, my life before my diagnosis, and Bob's writing. We find her beyond good at what she does and how she explains us without giving away too much is pretty neat. In some of our own opinions she is one of my most talented parts. Oh and to our Canadian friends, you'll hear a bit about that too. We are Planning something special for the holiday season as we know it's a difficult time of year for so many, so stay tuned if you've been enjoying the "We Read,' episodes! Please send your comments questions and suggestions to Find us on Twitter: @TheWeinMe Blog: Want to help support our work and The We in Me Podcast? You can now support our podcast here on the Anchor app! Don't forget to give us 5*'s and a rating if you're enjoying the show so far. Big thank you again to Adam Noizic for the continued support and use of his music. For those who don't know, Adam has a youtube channel with original songs, like the one you've heard at the end of the episode! Don't forget to check out Compulsive Ink and subscribe to their channel below.
December 9, 2018
Kevin & Co. - DID & LGBTQ+ #11
As many of you know we were up in Ontario, Canada in October of this year (2018). While there we had the opportunity to meet Kevin; he is transgender and also living with DID. In this episode we sat down with him and discussed some of the struggles his system experiences with gender identity and sexuality. Something we get many questions regarding. Our hope is by sharing some of Kevin's journey with you it can assist you in helping yourselves or your friends, family, and patients. NOTE: Poly & BDSM is discussed & mentioned in this episode, as always it is up to you to know you're own limits and what you can handle. Please listen with caution during this episode. Twitter: @Onelilpill As always you can reach out to us with questions, comments, and inquires...please send those messages to us at: Twitter: @TheWeinMe Blog: Did you enjoy today's show? Don't forget to follow us and give us a 5 star rating or the equivalent on whichever platform you're using to enjoy your podcast experience! BONUS: Listen til the very end to hear information on the music you'll be hearing from Adam Noizic of Compulsive Ink! Youtube:
December 2, 2018
Beyond The Curtain #10
THIS EPISODE COMES WITH A TRIGGER WARNING The latest episode of "The We in Me Reads." We hope everyone enjoys this episode but please note this Read comes with a Trigger and Explicit content Warning. Trauma is discussed. R*pe. Twitter: @TheWeinMe blog: Contact us: BIG Thank You to Adam Noizic of Compulsive Ink for reaching out and letting us use his music! Check out the link below to listen to more from Adam another member of the DID Community, with some serious musical talent! NOTE: it is safe to listen to this episode at 5:21 to hear a clip of the song Rogue. To listen to more of Adam's music follow the link below. Youtube:
November 25, 2018
Author & Advocate Shirley Davis #9
We were thrilled Shirley agreed to chat some with us about DID on this episode! We also discuss types of parts, legal problems and the issues with certain terminology such as, "perpetrators." Shirley Davis- Twitter: @ShirleyDavis18 Blog: Thanks again to Versus The Awake: The We in Me Twitter: @TheWeinMe Blog: Please send all comments, questions, suggestions, requests etcetera to our blog email. If you are a DID System with singing/song writing talent we want to hear from you! Contact:
November 18, 2018
Terminology & Dissociative Disorders #8
In today's episode I'll be discussing various terms you may come across in the DID community as well as different Dissociative Diagnoses. It's just me today, so we hope you enjoy and bare with my wandering thought processes. As always, please practice self care when listening and know your own limits, if you need a break take one. Thank you to Versus the Awake for allowing us to use their music. "The Truth Is," quickly became one of our favorite songs last year. His voice is so powerful, we hope you are all enjoying the music on our episodes! Youtube: Versus The Awake - Multiplicity & Me: Power to the Plurals: Alternation is a closed Facebook group which means, ONLY members can view what is posted. There is a clear list of rules for participation and safety of all involved. It is not a child alter/part group, but that is left up to system's to decide whether or not under 18's participate. For us, The We in Me, we go based on ourselves not specifically age, BUT young/younger minded system members for us are not allowed to use the internet without the assistance of Jynx or another system member. This is what works for us. #DIDChat Twitter: @HashtagDIDChat For those who enjoyed our "We Reads" episode, don't worry we do have a few more of those planned; the next one is scheduled for the 25th of this month, so stay tuned! Twitter: @TheWeinMe Blog: Don't hesitate to reach out with questions, comments, suggestions etc...Oh and for our more musical listeners please pay attention to the end of this episode and reach out via our contact email or on twitter. Contact:
November 11, 2018
Taking Responsibility with Erez Shek #7
Oh Shekky, for those of you who follow along with us on social media, it is not likely a surprise we brought on our Shekky from The Shek Check (also here on Anchor). In this episode we discuss the importance of accepting responsibility for your own mental illness and health, as well as, how to balance life and work on bettering yourself and strengthening peoples understanding of you in a variety of relationships. We were thrilled Shek joined us and look forward to having him back again here on The We in Me Podcast. Twitter: @erezshek blog: Anchor: The Shek Check To support our continued work: (Yes, Sean is the name on the account)
November 4, 2018
Happy Halloween - The We Reads #6
Greetings everyone and welcome to a special little episode of The We in Me, Podcast. As many of you know some of my parts, one in particular, enjoys reading aloud to people. She has been doing this for sometime and has done some voice acting work over the years- with the assistance of Jynx. We decided to use the podcast to also help some of my parts. This is something she enjoys as several of you know she started up again in recent years reading stories to littles in a few private DID Groups we're apart of. :) We decided to break up some of our episodes as trauma can be a heavy overwhelming topic with some enjoyable self care episodes. Please note! This episode may not be suitable for children or littles alike, please use discretion when listening. Twitter: @TheWeinMe Blog: Contact: As always, please send questions, comments, concerns and requests to the above listed email. Are you enjoying our show? You can help by sending support to (Yes, the name is Sean) Thank you for all the support from you, our listeners, we greatly appreciate you spreading the word of our work. All the Best and the Happiest of Halloweens to you & yours.
October 31, 2018
Spilling Rice all Over the Cat's Kimono...Wait? #5
Welcome to an episode of, "The We in Me," Reads. We (my parts & I) will be taking posts from our own blog as well as, guest posts and other things we've written but never published and reading to you... This suggestion came months ago from a few friends of ours that enjoyed one of my parts story telling style. We are apart of a few smaller DID groups online and a few artistic communities, and as a part of that there have been opportunities for us to read other peoples work; which we enjoyed doing. One part in particular loves narrating various pieces of written word for people to enjoy; so much so in fact that Jynx and I have begun looking into finding authors who are seeking voice actors for their own work to be published on audible and other audio book platforms. We wanted to share our words with you in our own voice(s). (This Episode comes with EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING) We hope you enjoy these episodes and thank you, again, to those who have been suggesting it to us. We appreciate everyone who listens and continues to support us. Twitter: @TheWeinMe To support our work: NOTE: If you'd like to be a guest on our show or have a topic suggestion Please send all inquiries to us at:
October 28, 2018
Friendship & DID #4
Our long time friend, Jessie agreed to come on for an episode of The We in Me podcast! We're stoked about this because countless people - those living with DID & their friends or relatives - have reached out to us asking for assistance in "coming out," to their friends, family or relatives. Twitter: @DelibObtuse Music thanks to, Versus the Awake - their song, "The Truth is," is one of our new favorites. Check them out on youtube!
October 21, 2018
Travel & DID - Our Canada Trip #3
Last night (October 13th, 2018) we returned home from Barrie, Ontario! It was an amazing three days filled with fun, friendship and some wonderful conversations. Apologies in advance, certain words become stuck in my brain at times and today's word of the day seems to be, "amazing." We hope you enjoy this episode and continue to check this space as well as other platforms for more of "The We in Me," Podcast. Music from Brandon Dillon on youtube.
October 15, 2018
April & The Crew- Functioning as A System #2
A friend, April & the Crew, joined us for today's episode. She discusses her Life with DID & shares insider info on how her system functions. A big thank you to April & her system you can find them on Twitter at @AFR365 We will be flying to Canada tomorrow morning so wanted you to be able to enjoy this episode before we go! You can follow along with April, The Crew & The We in Me by checking out our #LivingDID posts on Twitter!
October 10, 2018
The We in Me - Episode 1
In Episode 1 I'll be discussing a few DID basics, experiences of my own and what we are planning for the future of The We in Me Podcast! Thank you for joining in & supporting us on this journey. A big thanks to Brandon Dillon for allowing us to use his fantastic music! 🖤
October 7, 2018