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The Recruitment Flex with Serge and Shelley

The Recruitment Flex with Serge and Shelley

By Serge Boudreau
Serge and Shelley share their expertise and opinions from a collective 40+ years in the recruitment profession. The podcast is all things recruitment - from the latest trends, industry news, technology, helpful tips and interviews with some of the biggest globally recognized names in the recruitment industry
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The Recruitment Flex - Special Guest Katrina Collier

The Recruitment Flex with Serge and Shelley

The Recruitment Flex - Special Guest Katrina Collier

The Recruitment Flex with Serge and Shelley

The Recruitment Flex - The Mad Scientist of Online Recruitment Chris Russell
The busiest man in recruitment technology Chris Russell joins us to talk all things recruitment related. - Why rejecting candidates properly is so important and how Rejobify can help. - The future of gig platforms and who is Indeed pissing off now. - How Google for Jobs and Facebook are trying to grab strong market share in the job board world - What's next for Zip Recruiter and As always great insights from Chris!, 
May 11, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - What's happening at BaseCamp
Should political discourse happen at work? what is considered political? We try to figure what happened at BaseCamp. Shelley buys a new car and we try to solve all the worlds talent challenges.  - Are people excited about going back to the office? - What are candidates profile? - We talk about roles in Talent Acquisition that might never heard of
May 7, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - Terry Baker CEO of PandoLogic
How do you know you’ve hit the big time as a software start up? When the lawyers from Craigslist send you a ‘cease and desist’ letter! Hear the whole story on this week’s episode. Terry talks about the history of Pandologic and how they resisted the swirl of programmatic companies being swallowed up in 2019. Programmatic job advertising explained by the original visionary who invented the space. TRY THIS: Its Tesla Autonomous Driving VS basic cruise control for advertising jobs Having 90% accuracy in predicting where your job posting will attract the right candidates Bonus material: what’s the future of programmatic
May 4, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - What's Zip Recruiter worth?
Serge and Shelley are back after brief hiatus! As always we cover recruitment tips and news on the Recruitment industry. This week we also talk about Shelley shopping for a new car, is it different for a woman buying a car then a man? Topics for the week - How do you recruit in a tight labour market? - Training new recruiters. - Jobvite Acquires JazzHR and NXXThing RPO - Zip Recruiter prepping for IPO
April 30, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - Brad DiPaolo from Candidate Hub
This week we welcome Brad DiPaolo CEO of Candidate Hub. We find out if Brad is the source of many of Serge's emotional scars around HR! We deep dive on Candidate Hub and why nurture marketing to candidates is especially critical in this economy. We also try to figure out all the worlds problem including  - Talent pipelines and why they're critical - What is the difference between an ATS CRM and Candidate Hub - Why do hiring managers not held accountable to hire And so much more!
April 20, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - Be Fast or Don't Bother
Do you wait 3 weeks or a month before calling your candidates for roles. Serge and Shelley explain why that's probably a bad idea. Shelley still not impressed by Wedge (She loves Matt BAXTER though!) even after a great performance on the Chad and Cheese firing squad. Topics this week - LinkedIn gets in the re-skilling game. - " Creative Job Titles" and why it's hurting you - Setting expectations with hiring manager
April 16, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - Joe O'Connor From Vizi Recruiter
The question was asked to Joe 6 years ago why most marketing material were visual but not in the recruitment space where we we have been using for the last 80 years text based job description. Joe decided to change that and voila! He created visual job ads. We cover a broad range of topics including - Why Shelley loves Vizi Recruiter - How does a serial entrepreneur who has run a yogourt company, bakery and market research firm gets involved in HRTech - Why visual job ads over text based - The future of Job Boards - Z vs. Zed
April 13, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - Tales From the Road
Tales from the road, Serge and Shelly are sharing their top tips this week. The best advise to win the heart of your top candidate! Old school is back in style. Looking at a new ATS, we have a tip for you. Stop calling your employer brand your EVP, you are confusing everyone! Three cheers for Linked IN.
April 9, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - Adam Chambers from Applichat
The Recruitment Flex is launching a new schedule which this is our first Tuesday episode. Many more updates coming up as well. This week we welcome Adam Chambers President of Applichat! Adam is an impressive person and has created a compelling RPO service targeted at Healthcare around the world. We cover some great topics including - Who is Adam Chambers and why does his mom still does his laundry? - What is Applichat and what problem are they trying to solve? - Facebook Targeted Ads for recruitment. - Influencer marketing for recruitment?? - Where in the world is Adam this week
April 6, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - The Robots Are Taking Over
More great suggestions from 2 people who have lived through the challenges faced by Talent Acquisition practitioners in every type of business. Tangai - the Swedish invention launched in 2018 using a robot that looks like something from I, Robot! How would you feel about being rejected for a role from a robot? You will never out recruit what good retention will do. Gets some practical tips on how TA can support the business Candidates ghosting recruiters? Is this an American thing? Google in the news - they are mandating employees back to the office. Grab your kombucha mug and get on the bus, they are going back to the billion dollar palace!
April 2, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - Shelley Takes Over The World.
Serge and Shelley try to figure out this current recruiting landscape including mass movement of employees happening, should you be transparent of the pay range on your jobs ads? plus Shelley gets nominated for another award and Serge complains about a mancold.
March 26, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - Video Is The Way Feat. Matt Baxter
Coming to us from the tech hot spot of Michigan, Matt Baxter the CEO of Wedge tell us how they are changing 1-way video interviewing. The great debate continues as Shelley continues to endure the lashings from Serge on this topic. It was starting to feel like the deck was stacked against Shelley, but the 1-way video interview industry has a lot of wounds they need to heal before candidates consider this as a better way to interview. Win for Serge - top talent get a custom video welcome from the Hiring Manager, brilliant. Win for Shelley - messed up recruitment process will not be cured with 1-way video interviews; it only gets worse. Win for Matt - rave reviews from 100s of candidates who landed their next role and Wedge was a big part of it. Settle the score - who won this battle?
March 19, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - Resumes Suck with Allie Knull
Resumes Suck We decided to make this International Women’s Week, we invited an incredible entrepreneur, tech startup founder, mom and wife to celebrate her success; and wonder, how does she do it? Digging deep to understand how ResumeFree is going to change how companies hire, Allie has passion to solve the biggest problem the world is facing - social injustice in the hiring process. Hiring people based on how well they write a resume is crap! In this economy? During a pandemic? YUP - she did it MBTI and DiSC are a joke Has Allie found the ideal candidate formula? Will we ever get Boomers to let go of the old ways of hiring or do we have to wait until they all retire? Answers to these life changing questions and more on this weeks episode.
March 12, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - Shelley joins the Chad & Cheese Podcast
When you think of Podcast in this industry you think of the Chad & Cheese Podcast. This week in our special crossover episode Shelley joins Chad to Co-Host Shelley makes us proud on the big stage! - Facebook is getting serious about #jobs - Will COVID dramatically change job board? - Will Facebook & Google smash - Iceland schools everyone on closing the wage gap - Prop 22 won't save Uber, Lyft, and gig platforms.
March 5, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - The Chad and Cheese Crossover with guest Brian Thompson from RecTxt
The better looking co-host of Chad & Cheese Podcast joins Serge in hosting this crossover Show. Shelley takes some time off from Serge but you can get your fill of Shelley as she makes her grand debut with Chad on this weeks episode. Serge and Joel welcome Canadian recruiting gangster Brian Thompson of RecTxt. There's nothing we don't cover on this week show. - Is Trailer Park Boys the greatest Canadian show of all time? - Is 15$ minimum wage to much to ask? - We cover what a recruiter can expect in the near future, will knowledge workers ever want to go back to the office? who is going to fill those towers? Plus you get to find out what Joel has planned for the summer.
March 5, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - David Bernstein
The Recruitment Flex this week features David Bernstein VP Partnerships and Industry Relations. Solving TA problems we know we have - yet tolerate - that’s what David taught us today. When most of our tech stack is 13 or 14 systems, how to get it all to flow nicely seems to confuse us in TA. David shared his journey from Berkeley Psychology to a little start up, at the time, called PeopleSoft to where he is today. The native apply on Linked In and Indeed has a dark side Where TA practitioners should start automating turned into David breaking up a fight between us Natural evolution and what being in the gig work economy give us - David’s psych degree was showing
February 26, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - HR Tech Series with Jon MacConnell from Buoyancy Works
HR Tech Series Feat NudgeJobs by Buoyancy Anyone out there ever had a WOW experience with an Outplacement firm? Spoiler Alert:​ This is going to rattle the Outplacement Industry A start up before it is started; we met with Jon MacConnel the founder of and NudgeJob The journey of a great idea rooted in behavioral science, Jon comes fresh off the world’s most prestigious Masters program in the world. With deep empathy for the real human journey of looking for a new job, when you are not working. Nudgejobs V1 was launched looking a bit like a Trello Board Deep understanding of the emotional journey of looking for work Keep the job seeking on task and anticipate the lull and discouraging times We challenged the notion of charging the job seek
February 19, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - Hot in Here
Serge and Shelley try to keep warm by tackling a ton of topics this week including Bell Let’s talk, EVP now TVP? Serge was right on WFH changes and outcome based work environment.
February 12, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - HRTech Special with Dan Giurescu from Terra Hub
Special new series where we talk to startups in HRTech space. Dan Giurescu founder of TerraHub Technologies & Blockchain Guru joins the Recruitment Flex and we tried to be easy on him We figured this was a good time to see if we could get our heads around what Blockchain is and what this means for recruitment. Turns out, this technology will be left on HR’s chair! The future for recruitment would look very different if everyone had their resume as a verified document. Dan gives us some real world examples of how Blockchain is being used in lots of industries.  We think we get it….. Digital Identity explained…. I think HR needs to understand this to support the business and protect their employer
February 5, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - The Shitshow with Chad Sowash
Chad is the co- founder of the #1 podcast in the HR industry, The Chad and Cheese Show with over 600 episodes in their catalog they are responsible for setting the pace on what’s going on around the world. Shelley & Serge are huge fans so this was a blast to have an exclusive time with him. Chad schools Serge on why programmatic advertising for job ads suck *Bonus material, a recommendation from Chad on which programmatic vendors are doing it well - Jovio, Pandalogic Chad & Serge join forces to convince Shelley the value of 1-way video interviews and Shelley is still not buying it Future predictions on the job board industry for 2021 and will in-person events ever return?
January 29, 2021
The Recruitment Flex Feat. Mark Stelzner and Mary Faulkner
The Recruitment Flex Feat Mark Stelzner and Mary Faulkner Shake up recruitment and stop with the bullshit of aspirational EVPs. Its time to get real about who you are. We clearly understood why Mark was in the top 100 HR Tech Influencer for 2020 after this episode! Clearly ahead of their time, Mary & Mark are the pacesetters for how large global organizations are seeing the future of work. What if we dissolved job descriptions? Let go of the age old idea of jobs being permanent Chime in on being paid MORE to work from home
January 22, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - HR’s Evolving Role with Rod Miller
Feat. Rod Miller President & CEO of CPHR Alberta There are so many HR professionals who bravely steered their organization through 2020, we knew the CPHR Alberta served it’s 6,000 members well! Looking back and looking forward was the theme of our conversation with Rod.  Fitness and more time to think were the unexpected gifts of being in lockdown  Where is the role of HR evolving to in a company  Predictions of the future of HR and hopes for the new year Resources and professional development for the ever change expectations of HR Professionals
January 15, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - Betting on You with Laurie Ruettimann
The Recruitment Flex Feat. Laurie Ruettimann - Author of Betting on You  Crowned as the original HR Influencer, Laurie joins us for a great conversation and true to her Punk Rock HR style, she leaves it all on the dance floor.  The impossible task of pay transparency, it goes deeper than just printing pay bands or advertising how much the job pays on your posting.  Reality check on why you complain about work.  Are you ready to hear this? HR Tech will never fix what’s wrong with employee engagement  We are stoked to read Laurie’s new book, Betting on You - available on Amazon January 13, Serge and I have preordered a copy!
January 8, 2021
The Recruitment Flex - 6 Steps to Hiring the Best with Jeremy Tiffin
Jeremy Tiffin Horizon Recruitment 6 Steps to Hire the Best. Jeremy Tiffin wrote an eBook and we grilled him on a few sections; he was so on point! We talked about the distinction between recruiting and hiring and the most misunderstood talent trend in Fall 2020. Getting into recruitment means a lifelong learning mindset; business acumen is essential The classic triangle - speed, quality & price & the reason staffing agencies will continue to answer a demand in the market Talent pipeline in the staffing industry is essential & how to build it.
December 24, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Work Shouldn’t Suck with Michelle Berg
Joining us is Michelle Berg to talk about the big 3 of 2020. She shares her journey as an entrepreneur and on being human in HR is a real thing. Will employers make Covid vaccine mandatory The best gifts of WFH Announcing a new web series for HR professionals that will be sure to entertain & inform We all chime in on our favorite DisruptHR YYC speakers. Topping the list is none other than our very own Serge!
December 18, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Artist or Worker with Elena Valentine and James Ellis
Are you and Artist or Worker?  Hear the 2 most inspiring people talk about the power of storytelling in the workplace and how artists will be the only job that will never be automated. Recommended reading in this next round of isolation, The Rise of the Creative Class by Richard Florida There are a few Easter Eggs in this episode from James; listen for the reference to Weezer and Velvet Underground Recruiters are the best corporate storytellers; it's our secret sauce The vibe of TikTok explained. Bonus material: getting fired from Sherwin Williams was the best thing for Tony Piloseno.
December 11, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - What's Happening in HR Tech
We are calling this our rock anthem episode. “I got hurt feelings” (Flight of the Concords) - Serge throws a dagger through the steel armour Shelley has on. Our post event debrief from InnovateWork’s webinar today, we are both took a  ‘shot to the heart” (Bon Jovi). Shelley takes another run at trying to persuade Serge to see the “Policy of Truth” (Depeche Mode) on why one-way video interviews are another form of racism. Predictions on what 2021 will bring for TA tech “Dear Future Self (Fall Out Boy). We have some great guests coming up from around the globe. Be sure to stay tuned!
December 4, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - The Future of Work with Gillian Hynes
The future of Work with Gillian Hynes Some great insight into the world of work and how recruitment + talent management will look. In this episode we tossed in some spicy discussion on what will ALWAYS change. What do we mean by never stop learning? Creating great relationships with people outside your department is the future - so stop talking amongst yourselves and get out there Knowledge bomb: salary ranges on your job postings is a D&I move We unpacked alot here and its just a glimpse into the disruptive topic Gillian will share next week at the InnovateWork event on December 3
November 27, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - The Accidental Occupation with Jesse Ryan
The Accidental Occupation Feat. Jesse Ryan - Chief Sales Guy & Founder at High Road Human Capital and host of the Accidental Occupation Podcast Doing the math, we have nearly 60 years of experience on this episode with all 3 of us having staffing firm, corporate recruitment, entrepreneurs, sales and a love for great HR tech. Another vote for great HR tech; Shout out to our friends at Xref! Jesse starts us off with his scary story of entering into recruitment Gangster brain - we get a biology lesson from Jesse Is AI even a real thing in recruitment? Listen to this episode as we play Jedi mind tricks on each other! Also catch him at Innovatework December 3rd
November 20, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Intake Meetings
Serge and Shelley talk about why Intake meetings are so hard to do in Corporate and staffing . Smart Recruiters acquires JobPal.
November 13, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Does Recruitment Belong in HR
Joining us on the Recruitment Flex this week Paula Breeze, EVP HR & Corporate Affairs AND Susan Shea, Founder of Edge Human Resource Solutions If you could chat with your former (or current) VP of HR, what would you talk about? Who would have the b@!!s to tell them that HR is known to never execute?!? 💣 Watch this fur fly on this episode of The Recruitment Flex 🧗 Climbing the ladder in HR, why start in recruitment? 📣 Find out the top skills required to be successful in recruitment and in HR 🚬🚭 In or out? Take a side, does Recruitment belong in HR 💻  What new grads need to be valuable in their HR career choice. Listen to what’s on the mind of HR Executives as we look into 2021 hear.
November 6, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Talking Staffing with Kim Wilkinson
We are calling this episode the Recruiter’s Red Table Talk - if we could only stay on topic… see if you can follow our bouncing ball here. 👰Kim schools us on why women over 35 should be the Bachelorette. ✋Trends in recruitment and hiring for near term 💁Best advice yet for how corporate recruiters should work with agency recruiters 💪Best & worst interview questions. Serge and Shelley are at it again. Someone separate these two before it comes to fists 🙄 Shelley & Serge exercise their right to vote for Kim as Canada’s Top Recruiter
October 30, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Does your ATS suck?
Enough with the hollow argument about why your ATS sucks, Serge and Shelley get to the heart of the matter. Survey says…. Jobvite & iCIMS are eating Taleo’s lunch. Maybe it’s time to take their toys and go home? Arm wrestle over the difference between the CRM function in Talent Acquisition VS Sales. Shelley had to bow to Serge - maybe he’s right?!? Serge and Shelley talk about the evolution of the ATS Lastly, why gaming the ATS doesnt work.
October 23, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Will Van Middendorp
What happens when 3 TA pros get together? Magic  - that’s what!  Will Van Middendorp CEO of Lucritive joins Serge and Shelley in our collective powers together to look around corners for what the next 12-18 month will bring in the staffing industry.  Advice to Recruiters who are in job search mode.  Will gets real about his win/lose ratio Be the first to hear what’s coming up for the Canadian Premier Recruiters Network.  A huge shout out to Will for growing the Canadian Premier Recruiters Networks group - now 700 members strong! We deep dive on Lucritive .  
October 16, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Serge and Shelley's advice on remote hiring.
In this episode Serge and Shelley focus on 3 Topics - Why you should leverage your own database of potential candidates before going external to source or attract - How are you adjusting to video interviewing? (Zoom, Skype etc..) - Virtual onboarding (Tips and Tricks!) As usual Serge and Shelley don't always agree but come up with some helpful tips.
October 9, 2020
The Recruitment Flex with Joel Cheesman
Joel Cheesman the Co-Host of the Chad and Cheese Podcast, Founder of Poach and industry veteran joins Serge and Shelley for a fun conversation. We talk about everything including Canadian Pop Culture, how Joel came up north like an American Viking to poach our Canadian women. We also talk about poach, podcasting, industry news etc..
October 2, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Bill Banham Editor and Publisher HR Gazette
Bill Banham, HR Gazette, Host of HRChat Podcast, Founder of InnovateWork Ten short years ago, with suitcase in hand, Bill brought his talents across the Atlantic Ocean.  Hear his story as Shelley & Serge chat throw a few curve balls at him.   We hear how InnovateWork grew and continues in the face of COVID!  Find out what are the biggest changes in our industry in the last few years. Will we ever see in-person conferences? Hear the latest in Global HR conferences - all brain-children of our very own Bill Banham  Find out what it takes to convert Bill into a Blue Jay’s fan!
September 25, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Jerome Ternynck CEO of SmartRecruiters and Author of Hiring Success
#FlexFridays is back with another episode of The Recruitment Flex.  This week we welcome a true giant of the industry Jerome Ternynck CEO of SmartRecruiters and author of Hiring Success: How Visionary CEOs Compete for the Best Talent. We tackle critical issues in the Talent Acquisitions world such as how do we get Talent Acquisitions leaders and practitioners to choose technology they leverage on a daily basis instead of IT, Finance or HR. Companies with the best talent win. Period! Why the skills gap is not going away and how you can adjust. Why recruiters are more salespeople than HR. Metrics you should be measuring  and so much more. We encourage everyone to get the Hiring Success book and gift it to their CEO.
September 18, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Serge and Shelley present at CPHR Alberta
Serge and Shelley had the pleasure to present at CPHR Alberta on the topic of Elevating Recruitment in HR. Here are some of the key topics we covered - It's Ok to for HR Professionals to admit they dislike recruitment - Why skillset for Recruitment and HR are different - Roles that exist in Recruitment - What you should measure in Recruitment We had lots of fun so hopefully you enjoy!
September 11, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Special Feature - Getting to Know Serge
GTKY Interview with Serge We work from home, in our basement or off the side of the living room, we have all adapted. This episode gets a little more personal as Shelley gets to show off her interview chops and Serge is in the hot seat. Where did Serge take his inspiration as a young man? Love tech? What’s worth falling in love with. When it comes to leadership, some lessons are learned the hard way. Are we having fun yet?  YUP
September 11, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Helping Recruiters Find Some Work.
We celebrate a milestone in the podcast world This is episode 21! The Flex Friday feature is Serge & Shelley talking about our WFH experience and give advice to Recruiters who are looking for work What's the secret sauce in WFH world Find out why resumes will soon disappear & what is replacing them The number one reason Recruiters will get the offer All this from TRF and a shameless plug for our webinar coming up and none of which we make any money from. But HEY! If we thought we’d get rich we’d have chosen different careers.
September 4, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Employment Brand with Jason kipps
Jay Kipps, Managing Director at Universum Canada Jay brings the perspective of the candidate experience to the front of the line. In the episode we talked about employer branding – Canadian style!   How do the Big 5 corporations in Canada see employer brand?   Find out what the survey data tells us about what candidates want.    If you have negative employer reviews, how long do you have to correct a misconception?
August 28, 2020
The Recruitment flex - Talent Pipelines with Adam Gordon
Starting in the late 90’s ATS salespeople started talking about talent pipeline; which, was the biggest unfulfilled promise (read: lie) ever perpetrated on recruitment. They were selling pipe-dreams. It wasn’t until the CRM technology started to evolve and someone dared show it to Talent Acquisition Adam created one of the best solutions in Talent Acquisition. Find out how it cleans up the mess we & our ATS left behind. In this episode, we learn the challenge of building a talent pipeline is the same in North America as it is in Europe.
August 21, 2020
Hiring for Diversity with Michael Bach and Zohra Halani
With 2 of Canada’s thought leaders in D&I, we realized you can all relax a little here. In fact, we give you permission to just abandon your D&I program. Joining this episode are Zohra Halani, National Leader, Gender Equality Network of Canada and Micheal Bach, CEO of the Canadian Centre for Diversity & Inclusion.
August 14, 2020
Pulse by HealthJobHub featuring Serge Boudreau
Serge joins Prasanthi on Pulse by HealthJobHub to discuss the importance of Employment Brand.
August 14, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - The Talent Fix with Tim Sackett
The most " HR Famous" person in the industry Tim Sackett joins Serge and Shelley. Tim is the President of HRU Technical and author of one of the best recruiting books "The Talent fix". In this episode we discuss how to build out a recruitment department, how to leverage technology in recruitment and how Talent Acquisition owns retention.
August 7, 2020
“This is how we B-Roll” with Elena Valentine
Elena Valentine CEO of Skill Scout joins Serge and Shelley to discuss the impact that video can have on your recruitment marketing efforts. Elena shares her insights on how companies can share true authentic stories through video.
July 31, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Latest Industry Insights
This weeks episode features Serge and Shelley. They discuss industry news including is Indeed absorbing the Glassdoor brand, Linkedin and Monster layoffs and so much more. Lots of great insight and banter!
July 24, 2020
Recruitment Flex - Talent Chooses you Part 2
In this part 2 of a conversation we had with Employment Brand Guru James Ellis. We discuss what employment brand will look post Covid, How employers should approach Diversity and Inclusion and who in the org. should own Employer Brand.
July 22, 2020
The Recruitment Flex Welcomes the author of “Talent Chooses You” James Ellis Part 1
James Ellis joins Serge and Shelley and does not disappoint with a humorous and incredibly informative discussion around Employer Brand. We’ve split out this discussion into 2 parts and in this first part we discuss the relationship between consumer marketing and recruitment marketing, also James drops some serious knowledge on how organizations should treat Glassdoor reviews.
July 17, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Recruitment Metrics with Tracey Smith
Tracey Smith author of several books Including Strategic Workforce Planning and President at Numerical Insights joins Serge and Shelley to discuss Recruitment Metrics and how we can leverage them to make better decisions.
July 10, 2020
Staffing Industry Episode
Kim Wilkinson of Verve Recruitment Group, Katherine Eriksen from Energy Resourcing Group and Ahmed Borhot from Manpower join Serge and Shelley. We cover varying topics including how staffing can brand themselves, leveraging technology and specialization.
July 3, 2020
Recruitment Technology
Bradley Clark from Rectxt and James Lord from XREF join Serge and Shelley to talk all things Recruitment Technology. We cover Automated Reference Checking, Text Recruitment, ATS Marketplace and Programmatic Advertising.
June 26, 2020
Recruitment Leaders Episode
Kelly Plourde Director of People and Culture at FYI Doctors, Renee Rust Manager -Talent Acquisition at CEDA and Susan McGuire Consultant and Coach join us to discuss how companies can improve their recruitment practice. lots of info and good conversation!
June 18, 2020
Serge and Shelley Disagree on Everything.
Serge and Shelley disagree seemingly on everything including pre-recorded videos, interview testing, how many interviews in your hiring process and Serge and Shelley discuss Facebook new wfh plan. Let us know who you think is right on any of these topics!
June 12, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Job Board Episode
Job board Industry giants The Job Board Doctor Jeff Dickey-Chasins and The Mad Scientist of Online Recruitment Chris Russell join Serge and Shelley to talk about the job board industry. Find out what's happening at Zip Recruiter, Indeed and get the scoop how niche job boards are doing in the wake of Covid-19
June 6, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Special Guest Hung Lee
Hung Lee Chief Curator at the Recruiting Brainfood and also CEO and Co-Founder of Workshape.IO join Serge and Shelley to talk about and all things recruitment.
June 1, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Employer Brand Episode
Kate Chelovich Director of Sales and marketing at Vizi Recruiter and Kaitlyn Holbein Principal Consultant at the Employment Brand Shop join Shelley and Serge to discuss all things employment brand.
May 29, 2020
The Recruitment Flex - Special Guest Katrina Collier
Author Katrina Collier joins Serge and Shelley to discuss her book Robot Proof Recruiter and all things recruitment.
May 21, 2020
Introducing The Recruitment Flex with Serge and Shelley
In this first episode get to know Serge and Shelley. They talk about what they love and dislike about the recruitment industry.
May 18, 2020