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E201 Tiffany Meyer NTP

An episode of Total Wellness Radio: Enjoy Great Health Naturally

By dan young, bcn, cnc
Total Wellness Radio interviews Natural Health and Wellness Practitioners from around the World. The focus of this podcast brings hope and awareness to our listeners, explains the potency and efficacy of natural approaches to chronic illness and puts them in touch with the Natural Health Practitioners making this happen!

Our business is 3 fold.
Country Doctor Nutritional Center-Top 3% Nutritional Therapy Business Model
Country Doctor Wholesale-State and Federal Compliant lab Producing Herbal Supplements.
Practice BluePrint-Providing Practice Mastery Essentials to Clinicians
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Total Wellness Radio interviews Natural Health and Wellness Practitioners from around the World. The focus of this podcast brings hope and awareness to our listeners, explains the potency and efficacy of natural approaches to chronic illness and puts them in touch with the Natural Health Practitioners making this happen!

Our business is 3 fold.
Country Doctor Nutritional Center-Top 3% Nutritional Therapy Business Model
Country Doctor Wholesale-State and Federal Compliant lab Producing Herbal Supplements.
Practice BluePrint-Providing Practice Mastery Essentials to Clinicians

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E207 w/ Mike Broadwell-Light Therapy/The Future Of Healing
Mike Broadwell is the lead field rep and trainer for Theragem Fusion Light Therapy in the US. He's also created and produced several live and online workshops and summits on energy healing, chronic pain and inflammation. His latest program Why Inflammation? offers a counter-intuitive approach to solving chronic inflammatory conditions. Mike lives south of Nashville, TN, and is an engineer by training.
November 8, 2019
E206 Sara Siedleski Owner Winnipeg Nutrition
Sara is the owner of Winnipeg Nutrition. She practices Functional Medicine as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Her passion is to see people reach their full potential by using diet, exercise, lifestyle changes and specific nutrition to create health. Sara specializes in adrenal fatigue, hormone correction, thyroid disorders and digestive disorders / food allergies. Education * Canadian School of Natural Nutrition * Renai Sante Institute of Integrated Medicine * Functional Medicine University * American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine Sara Winnipeg Nutrition P: ‪204-952-7982‬ F: ‪204-800-4298‬ ‪11-1325 Markham Road‬ ‪Wpg MB R3T 4J6‬
November 1, 2019
E205 W/ Christine Cernera-Certified Personal Trainer and NTP
Chrisitne Cernera is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and owner of Reclaim Your Health in Freehold, New Jersey. She is also known as ̈Little Miss Wonderful ̈ by her husband of 28 years! She ditched a middle management career to pursue health and fitness. She educates as many people as she can about how their bodies work, how to balance eating for nutrition and pleasure and ultimately take charge of their health. Her educational/support group, the RESTART Program, is just one venue in which she accomplishes this goal. Christine also incorporates tips on sleep, relaxation and movement into all nutrition programs she recommends. When she is not reading about health and fitness, Christine practices speaking Spanish, listens to Latin music and spends time with her husband, two sons and two dogs. To learn more about Christine and her services visit
October 30, 2019
E204 Vaccines Part 2 W/ Dr. Sheila Day Shaver, Dan Young and Becca Mayo Harrison
I am a Naturopathic Doctor in SW Missouri but practice remotely World Wide. I worked as a Paramedic for many years but wanted to actually help people prevent disease and actually reverse it so began my studies. I learned people were reversing Cancer so took 2 amazing Holistic and Integrative Cancer Coaching Certification Courses and very much love working with cancer patients. My first grandbaby suffered horrific reactions from vaccines and through Dr. Dana Ullman (homeopath) I found Dr. Isaac Golden (Australian Homeopath) and became certified in Homeopathic Immunization and Detoxing Vaccine Injury and have build a practice doing both of these with families all over the world and serve on the board of FHCi (Free & Healthy Children International) and preparing for International work in this arena. I was recently asked to run as running mate (VP) with an Independent Presidential Candidate for the 2020 elections due to my passion and work in these areas regarding the Insanity going on in the Vaccine Paradigm and mandates but feel I am to continue the very important work of Educating the public about Homeopathic Immunization, The Truth About Vaccines, The Truth About Infectious Disease, The Truth About The Immune System. My platform has become "Educate, Equip, Empower". It was never a desire to become so involved in politics and world events but the evil corruption that is taking place at rapid pace and destroying millions of lives is requiring ALL of us to be inconvenienced to stand up and protect our Basic Human Rights, the Constitution, Religious Freedoms, and our Families. As a naturopathic doctor, I do utilize Zyto biocommunication, Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy with Sound Therapy and Color Therapy, IonCleanse Foot Detox Therapy, X'Tract Full-Body Lymphatic Therapy, AromaTouch Essential Oil Therapy, Symphony of the Cells targeted system Essential Oil Therapies, Bach Flower Remedies, Homeopathics, Perception Reframing, and have recently added an Amazing Chiropractic Massage Chair that replaces Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Reflexologist (pretty amazing technology). Honestly, I am spread too thin and I realize that. I have a hunger for learning how to help people and my path has changed a few times. I have not been successful at "streamlining" and have much invested in all I do, but my passion is on protecting the children that are suffering horrific consequences due to the corruption with Big Pharma and CDC, FDA, WHO, etc. Anyway, I have been very interested in the "simplicity" and "streamlining" that I see you have done and offer to help others do. Thank you 💞
October 12, 2019
E203 Mr Paleo - Arnold Wiseman from Florida:)
Arnold Wiseman, MR PALEO   Functional Nutritionist/Exercise Specialist AGE: 67 HEIGHT: 5'-9 WEIGHT: 145 HEALTH: Excellent *One of the original "followers" of Dr. Loren Cordain, PALEO/PRIMAL/KETO Diet. *Former Men's Mgr. of exclusive PLAYBOY Hotel Gym & Spa on Miami Beach *Originator of "HEAVYHANDS" classic exercise program *Hatha Yoga Instructor, Lived in India Hard Science background, three different fields, including Exercise Physiology & Sports Medicine. Trained by Dr. Tony Abbott, NASA Space Program, developer of fitness program for our astronauts.
October 6, 2019
E202 Wellness Wednesday Segment from September 11th 2019
In this episode Becca and Dan visit the challenges faced by all kids and their parents as children return to school. How to keep healthy children in spite of their public school environments. All of this and more in today’s episode of Total Wellness Radio.
October 6, 2019
E201 Tiffany Meyer NTP
Tiffany is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, driven to help clients alleviate chronic issues through natural remedies. Each client is treated as an individual, and no protocol is ever recommended for more than one client - it's 100% specific to the individual and their biochemical needs. Instead of walking away from an evaluation with a list of to-dos, clients receive regular touch points post-evaluation to help tweak protocols and recommendations as needed to ensure the client is adjusting and adapting as life shifts."
October 3, 2019
E200 Dr. Carl Malone-The Natural Path in Fort Collins, CO.
Carl Malone is ANMCB board certified (American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board) Doctor of BioEnergetic and Natural Medicine NET – Neuro Emotional Technique - Certfied Level 1 practitioner CRA – Contact Reflex Analysis NRT – Nutrition Response Testing MRA – Keppel Method Muscle Response Analysis GRT – Gonzales Rehabilitation Technique (Quantum Neurology) KST – Koren Specific Technique CBP - Certified Biofeedback Practitioner Colorado Registered Psychotherapist Bodywork Therapies: LMT - Licensed Massage Therapist CNMT – Certified NeuroMuscular Therapist Advanced Medical Massage certification Craniosacral Therapy – Upledger Institute Visceral Manipulation – Upledger Institute Lymph Draineage – Upledger Institute Equine Certified Massage Therapist Auriculomedicine Certified practitioner LNMT - Dr. Malone has been using laser therapies to help people for over 16 years with remarkable results. He is developer of LNMT (Laser NeuroMuscular Therapy), a technique used to fine-tune the neuromuscular system by testing and upregulating major nerve roots, as well as using Low Level Laser Therapy to release tight muscle bands and trigger points. The technique has also proved very effective for individuals with balance, vertigo and dizziness issues and may help with fall prevention. LNMT can be used to sharpen eye-hand coordination in athletes to achieve superior performance. LNMT is now available to anyone to recover faster from injury and to perform at a higher level. Treatments are painless, non-invasive and done through clothing. Dr. Malone is also passionate about putting FDA-approved lasers into the hands of anyone interested in self-care. He enables them, through support and training, to use the LNMT techniques in helping friends, family and even pets.
August 28, 2019
E199 Un-Healthy Health Foods w/Craig and Dan
Unhealthy Health Foods 1. Processed Low Fat and Fat Free Foods When this started, processed food manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon and started removing the fat from foods. But there's a huge problem... food tastes horrible when the fat has been removed. That's why they added a whole bunch of sugar to compensate. Saturated fat is harmless, but added sugar is incredibly harmful when consumed in excess The words "low-fat" or "fat-free" on a packaging usually mean that it is a highly processed product that is loaded with sugar. 2. Most Commercial Salad Dressings Vegetables are incredibly healthy. The problem is that they often don't taste very good on their own. That's why many people use dressings to add flavour to their salads, turning these bland meals into delicious treats. But many salad dressings are actually loaded with unhealthy ingredients like sugar, vegetable oils and trans fats, along with a bunch of artificial chemicals. Although vegetables are good for you, eating them with a dressing high in harmful ingredients will totally negate any health benefit you get from the salad. Make sure to check the ingredients list before you use a salad dressing... or make your own using healthy ingredients. 3. Fruit Juices. - A lot of people believe fruit juices to be healthy. They must be... because they come from fruit, right? But a lot of the fruit juice you find in the supermarket isn't really fruit juice. Sometimes there isn't even any actual fruit in there, just chemicals that taste like fruit. What you're drinking is basically just fruit-flavored sugar water. That being said, even if you're drinking 100% quality fruit juice, it is still a bad idea. 4. Heart Healthy Whole Wheat - Most "whole wheat" products aren't really made from whole wheat. 5. The grains have been pulverized into very fine flour, making them raise blood sugar just as fast as their refined counterparts. 6. In fact, whole wheat bread can have a similar glycemic index as white bread (5). But even true whole wheat may be a bad idea... because modern wheat is unhealthy compared to the wheat our grandparents ate. Around the year 1960, scientists tampered with the genes in wheat to increase the yield. Modern wheat is less nutritious and has some properties that make it much worse for people who are intolerant to gluten. 5. Cholesterol Lowering Phytosterols There are certain nutrients called phytosterols, which are basically like plant versions of cholesterol. Some studies have shown that they can lower blood cholesterol in humans. For this reason, they are often added to processed foods that are then marketed as "cholesterol lowering" and claimed to help prevent heart disease. However, studies have shown that despite lowering cholesterol levels, phytosterols have adverse effects on the cardiovascular system and may even increase the risk of heart disease and death. 6. Margarine Butter was demonized back in the day, due to the high saturated fat content. Various health experts started promoting margarine instead. Back in the day, margarine used to be high in trans fats. These days, it has less trans fats than before but is still loaded with refined vegetable oils. Margarine is not food... it is an assembly of chemicals and refined oils that have been made to look and taste like food. Not surprisingly, the Framingham Heart Study showed that people who replace butter with margarine are actually more likely to die from heart disease. If you want to improve your health, eat real butter (preferably grass-fed) but avoid processed margarine and other fake foods like the plague. Recommending trans fat laden margarine instead of natural butter may just be the worst nutrition advise in history. For the remaining list, please email me at as there are a half a dozen or more categories that we could look at. Have a wonderful day and thank you for tuning in to Total Wellness Radio!
August 21, 2019
E198 Flower Nicolle-Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Flower Nicholle is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner who helps you rebalance your body and achieve emotional releasing & freedom through Flower Essences, EFT/Tapping, Applied Kinesiology, natural energy and more. My name is Flower Nicholle because I love working with ancient Flower Medicine that helps you release the causes of stress + anxiety. It is my belief that many physical issues stem from emotional + mental imbalances. I am passionate about guiding women to understanding their emotional + physical triggers & the causes of the imbalances they are experiencing so they can remember + connect with their innate Peace. Guiding women along the way using a range of tools, we will work to release limiting beliefs they may be subconsciously holding onto that are preventing them from living a joyous life. While we work together, I will ask them to give yourself permission to be willing to trust, feel and let go.
August 18, 2019
E197 Tim Rees Registered Nutritionist from Bavaria
Tim first became interested in nutrition to support his clients when working as a personal trainer in 2003. He pushed a little deeper into nutrition science and was able to tame some of his childhood diseases using diet. In 2012, due to an environmental issue, Tim went from super fit to very ill. Over the next few years he was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease (inner ear condition), alopecia universalis, mast cell activation disease (MCAD) and other seemingly unconnected conditions. Conventional medicine was unable to help and so, like so many people today, Tim was told to live with it. However, his existing knowledge gave him hope and the motivation to learn so that he could reverse his conditions and stop watching his dreams disappear. Later in 2012 Tim began a year of bio-chemistry to allow access onto a Dip and then BSc in nutritional therapy. After much trial and error, Tim managed to restore his health and continues to grow as a person and practitioner focussing on chronic diseases that offer little hope to the sufferers. His recommendations are supported by the available research and he resists being swept along by the fashion and fad that has invaded nutrition science. An experienced presenter and writer, he enjoys making the complexities of nutrition science more digestible for any audience whilst injecting some common sense and fun into the process. Tim always offers achievable, real-world solutions with nutrition from solid basics to helping with specific issues. Tim is married to his amazing wife, Vera, with whom he lives in Bavaria, where the Alps can be seen from his home office. He loves nothing more than to be outside walking in the mountains, or swimming in the local lakes whilst enjoying the highest quality, nutrient dense foods from his local community. You can reach Tim by emailing
August 16, 2019
E196 Dr. Paul Anderson Theriault, ND
Dr. Paul Anderson Theriault is a Naturopathic Doctor in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He has a practice focusing on Chronic Infectious disease, hormonal problems, digestive problems, and Autism. He performs triturations of many new homeopathic remedies himself, which he uses in his work. His triturated remedies are available from I&E Organics.
August 7, 2019
E195 EMF Stress w/ Craig an Dan
Electropollution can interfere, jam or alter brainwave patterns, cellular communication, sleep cycles and circadian rhythms. Symptoms caused by the depletion of our environment (what is now called Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome) include: • Stiffness in the shoulders, back, and neck • Lumbago • Chest pains • Headaches • Dizziness • Insomnia • Hypertension • Digestive disorders • Bone and nerve diseases The Earth’s natural magnetic resonance is created in a constant interaction between the Earth’s surface, the atmosphere, the ionosphere and the radiation of the sun. The dynamics of this interaction create discharge effects, including the occurrence of electrical fields of charged particles that are discharged by lightning strikes and an electromagnetic field that pulses at an average of 7.83 cycles per second (the Schumann resonance). This 7.83 frequency function is believed to be the coordinating signal for healthy life on the planet. All life is bioelectrical as well as biochemical. When our bioelectrical system is altered by pollution, our biochemical system will be affected in some way. The Earth resonance of 7.83 Hz falls into the alpha brainwave frequency, which helps synchronize our brainwaves with its most relaxed and alert state. The Mini Harmonizer is a powerful tool for achieving emotional, mental, and physical harmony in an abnormal electromagnetic and stressful environment. It helps balance your immediate environment within electromagnetic "smog," offers biofeedback entrainment to alpha and theta brainwave states for stress relief, and helps rebalance bodily energy flow. The Mini Harmonizer first supplies your environment with a stable, earthlike magnetic field at the natural Schumann resonance of 7.83 cycles per second. The Mini Harmonizer helps keep a balanced electromagnetic field. On the top of the Mini Harmonizer are three large, flashing lights that can be used for a quick, effective biofeedback session whenever needed. As you look at the lights, a process called entrainment takes place and you experience the peaceful awareness and calming effects associated with the alpha states. One switch on the side of the tool allows you to set the unit to this 7.83 Hz frequency, or you can set it to 3.91 Hz, the theta position. The 7.83 setting represents a state of conscious, relaxed awareness and enhanced creativity. The 3.91 theta setting has a deeper, more profoundly relaxing effect than the alpha setting and is close to the normal brainwave pattern of a person before he or she enters sleep. This is a powerful instrument to complement health.  The Mini Harmonizer Protects Approximately 700 sq feet
August 1, 2019
E194 Healthy Skin w/ Craig and Dan
Today Craig and Dan discussion centers around the largest organ in the human body, (actually, on the body). Today we talk about healthy skin and what you can do to achieve it, regardless of the condition or “symptom of reduced performance” It’s is important to retrain the brain, Symptoms are not dis-eases, they are evidence of faulty performance and all faulty performance stems from the gut . . . .Sorry, no way around it, so if you want your Skin to perform better, scrutinize your diet and other environmental toxins which deplete its ability to perform.
July 28, 2019
E193 Tammy Miller w/ Arbonne International
I became a consultant in February of 2015. I began using Arbonne 4-5 years ago and became a preferred client then. As far as my story, I am a T1 Diabetic and have been since February 1986. The health of my body is so important. I also was a gymnast and nutrition was always preached to me by my coaches. Recently, we made a life change and moved to Virginia with the intention of retiring here. We learned soon after moving that the home we bought was contaminated with black mold. The home cannot be remediated and now our plans to retire have been altered. I began with Arbonne to assist with our financial situation. The more I learn about Arbonne, the more convinced I am that it is a superior product. To contact me go to my website:
July 25, 2019
E192 Dr. Larry G. Martin-Epigenetic and the Microbiome.
10 years ago, Dr. Larry G. Martin and his wife were returning home when they were rear ended by a drunk driver. This accident took Dr. Martin out of private clinical practice over night. The recovery was long and tough but it gave him the opportunity to go back to school where he completed some very interesting studies. During that time, he had the blessing to find some amazing researchers that were far more gifted than he was. One of his main interests was in the science of epigenetic. Indeed, more and more research is proving that the body has the ability to repair itself... That’s where modern medicine is lacking the most. When we look into the stats, it’s not surprising to find that gut health diseases are dominating the prescription market at 50.7 percent of total prescriptions. What’s surprising is that there isn’t much conversation about the prevention of those gut health diseases. Dr. Martin decided to make it his mission and became dedicated to finding the best supplement products for the gut microbiome. ▶️ What is it that he does exactly? Through his research, he has found (possibly) the best products on the market to help with the gut microbiome. His mission is to educate and make these products available to as many people as possible. He is looking for medical professionals and nutritional specialists, who are interested in Nrf2 products and understand the underlying concerns with most disease processes as it relates to cellular damage caused by free radical damage. ▶️ What makes Dr. Martin different? His background in the Pharmaceutical and Medical industry allows him to better understand the needs of the end user and the science behind why these products work. There are so many options on the supplement market that we have to be careful and do our due diligence, which most people don’t do. To contact Dr. Martin:
July 23, 2019
E191 Change Your Life w/ Craig and Dan
In this episode Craig and Dan talk about chapter 6, “It’s Time to Change Your Life,” from Dan’s book Country Doctor Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System. 18 Proven Steps to Achieve Optimum Health which you can acquire by going to This particular episode opens your eyes to the requirements that you need to be aware of in order to maximize your personal health gains. These are very simple yet powerful principles that when applied we see 90% improvement or greater in every case we except at the Country Doctor. Enjoy, Comment, Learn, Grow and Share this episode of Total Wellness Radio.
July 18, 2019
E190 Zackary Smith-Mission 4 Health Podcast
Zachary Smith is a COPE certified health coach with his certification coming from the MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education, loves to integrate his friends, family, and his work by helping those closest to him get healthy. He has been coaching for over 2 years and has recently started his own podcast, called Mission 4 Health which is premised on adding value to peoples' lives by offering a 60 second health tip every weekday. You can watch his videos on Facebook and Instagram or listen to his podcast on all major podcast markets. Along with health coaching, Zach is an avid disc golfer and works for a disc golf ministry called Eagles Wings Disc Golf.
July 16, 2019
E189 Leading Global Mental Wellness w/ Alyssa and Jackie and their company “Amare”
Alyssa Markham and Jackie Britton We'll be talking about Amare: The Mental Wellness company who has the first gut-brain axis nutrition system. As for Alyssa’s background and education, she was born and raised in Colorado by parents who turned to homeopathics for relief for her mother who had found zero results with western medicine after having closed head injury in a car accident and was unable to sleep. Her shift with homeopathics led her mother and father to becoming practioners after her dad broke his back and was unable to work as a Master Electrician/Electrical Contractor. So she grew up in the traditional health world with her parents serving as her doctors, per se. “I've always been open to traditional healing modalities and when Amare: The Mental Wellness Company came into my world I was actually slightly resistant to it b/c it was about mental wellness and I thought I was great in that department. Needless to say I wasn't b/c after two weeks I saw a dramatic shift in my stress levels and I knew I had stumbled onto something big, so now I'm out to share this mental wellness message: That how you feel isn't in your head, it's in your gut and if this mom can stop screaming at her girls, we can change the world. Accomplishments: Graduated Valedictorian of Utah Valley University's College of Fire Sciences 2007 Graduated Summa Cum Laude of Utah Valley University's College of Dental Hygiene 2013 MVP and Captain of Utah Valley University Women's Division I Soccer team Jackie Britton grew up in Western South Dakota. After undergraduate college, She married her husband Ben and moved to Colorado. They have 4 beautiful daughters. Most of Jackie’s career was spent in Colorado, until returning to South Dakota a year and a half ago. She has worked in Family practice for 4 years, then urgent care for the past 7 years. Hobbies include spending time with her family, enjoying the outdoors, running, hiking, and playing sports. She has a special interest in nutrition and preventative health. She began to study gut health as it relates to wellness over the past few years. Jackie’s company website is My Facebook wellness page is Gut-feeling Health and Wellness My wellness Instagram is gut-feelinghealthandwellness
July 12, 2019
E188 Daniel Layton-Renasante Natural Health
Daniel Layton, CFTA-Certified Fingernail and Tongue Analyst Daniel was introduced into this natural medicine field due to a near death experience. Over 15 years ago he contracted viral meningitis and was left paralyzed on his left side. He suffered no memory of anything from that experience for a span of about 6 or 7 months. His partner at that time was a Medical Doctor and informed him that had he chose to go to the hospital, he wouldn't be here today. Daniel was able to heal himself naturally with the help of his partner. As a result, he gave up his previous career to embark on this one. Daniel has been learning ever since and spreading the knowledge he has acquired to the masses. You can connect with Daniel on Facebook: Daniel Layton - Renasante Natural Health
July 11, 2019
E187 Joint Health
Today’s discussion affects everyone! It is currently the number one leading cause of disability among adults in the United States. Over 54 million have been diagnosed and that number climbs daily! By 2040 that number is estimated at 78 Million! Over 300,000 babies and children have this condition! Some tragic yet interesting corollaries are: * 49 Percent of Adults with Heart Disease Have this Condition! * 47 Percent of adults with Diabetes have this Condition! * 31 percent of adults listed as obese also have this Condition! For more details please tune in to Total Wellness Radio and check out our
July 10, 2019
E186 Nicole Kimmel w/ GEMA and Holistic Health Link
Nicole started her coaching career as an employee trainer in a large organization and quickly learned that people wanted to learn more than the tasks on a job description. As a result, her passion for “developing,” people (personally and professionally); developing new positions within organizations; developing new procedures/systems to streamline outdated practices; developing new programs to enhance work/life experiences, etc…but most importantly developing new mindsets! Nicole and husband, Stacy, operate a Holistic Health Center in Florida called Thriveology, where they help people restore health naturally - body AND mind…so while Dr. Stacy is more of the “body” guy, Nicole is proud to be the architect and co-author of SELF ReClaimed™, a Self-Empowerment toolkit that helps people transform their limiting beliefs into limit-less beliefs. Most recently, Nicole launched Holistic Health Link,, an optimized online directory where holistic health practitioners can GET LISTED and GET LINKED! I am also the Admissions Director for Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association (GEMA), a 501(c)(3) offering ecclesiastical licenses and registration to holistic health practitioners, to keep their services safe and legal: Nicole Kimmel holds a PhD in Lifestyle Health Coaching and graduated from Southwest Missouri State University with a B.S degree in Communication Management. Through her Master’s studies in Organizational Behavior at UTD (University of Texas, Dallas), she received an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Executive Business Coaching License.
July 9, 2019
E185 Dr. Lori L. Shemek-Best Selling Author of Fire-Up Your Fat Burn.
Dr. Shemek is well known as a pioneer in creating global awareness of low-level inflammation and how it is responsible for and the core cause of most illness, disease, faster aging and weight gain. She has been sending out the message about inflammation long before it was a buzz word. Dr. Lori has uncovered the pathway to the core cause of weight: inflamed fat cells that not only promote unwanted excess weight gain and belly fat, but poor health as well. Lori is a Nutrition and Weight Loss expert, a best-selling author and specializes in weight loss resistance. She has helped many people to once and for all lose the weight and feel better fast. She shows people how to spot sneaky foods that create weight gain, to kick sugar addiction to the curb, and shift from eating the wrong foods to the exact foods that burn fat. Dr. Shemek is the author of How To Fight FATflammation! and the best-selling author of Fire-Up Your Fat Burn! She is a leading health and weight loss expert and also known as “The Inflammation Terminator.” She has made it her mission to help clients lose weight and educate the public on the toxic effects of certain foods and lifestyle choices and how they create inflammation in the body resulting in weight gain. She is a leading authority on inflammation and its role in weight loss, preventing disease and optimizing health. The Huffington Post has recognized Dr. Shemek twice as one of the Top 16 Health and Fitness Experts, alongside such names as Dr. Oz and David Zinczenko, author of Eat This, Not That. The Huffington Post has also recognized her as one of the Top 35 Diet and Nutrition Experts. Lori is a health contributor to Fox News; she is also a health expert for the ABC TV show, Good Morning Texas. Dr. Shemek holds a Doctorate in Psychology; she is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and a Certified Life Coach. She has been a featured guest on numerous radio talk shows as well as TV; Dr. Lori is a health expert on the Discovery Channel TV show REVERSED, featured on CBS The Doctors TV show,  she has been interviewed in CNN, Fox News, The Ricki Lake Show – Friends of Ricki, Dr. Oz’s Good Life Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Shape Magazine, Woman’s Day Magazine, Health Magazine, Redbook Magazine and many others. Lori has authored numerous articles and is actively doing speaking engagements for events, organizations, large and small.
July 1, 2019
E184 Aaron’s Journey w/ The Ketogenic Lifestyle
Aaron’s personal journey with the ketogenic diet is inspiring, practical and doable! I myself took a couple of tips from Aaron after the interview and personally lost 16 pounds in the last 60 days just by adjusting one primary area of my eating. I hope you enjoy this episode as we catch up with Aaron and have him explain in great detail the practicality behind his approach to using a ketogenic lifestyle.
June 30, 2019
E183 Find and Embrace Traditional Care
In today’s episode which was recorded also live on the Country Doctor Nutrition Center Facebook page, Dan and Craig discuss all the different options available to people in terms of pursuing natural, non-invasive approaches they can use with safety and efficacy to pursue optimum health. This is truly the essence of why the Total Wellness Radio podcast was started so the people around the world can be made aware of what’s available to them and how to contact these amazing healers.
June 25, 2019
E182 Cali Estes, Ph.D – Celebrity Addiction Specialist and Founder of The Addictions Coach
Cali Estes, Ph.D is an author and highly sought after Addiction Therapist and Life/Corporate Coach who specializes in harm reduction and utilizes holistic approaches to treat addiction, as well as mental conditions holding her clients back from reaching their full potential. She works with individuals, drug and alcohol treatment teams and addiction professionals looking to advance their knowledge base. Dr. Estes has over 20 years experience working with drug, alcohol and food addictions. Her deep understanding of drug and alcohol addiction, including the behaviors and ramifications that are associated with it, place her at the top in the field of addiction therapy. Dr. Estes is an interactive, solution-focused Positive Psychologist and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. Her unique no-nonsense approach of cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology and life coaching combine to provide the perfect support for an addict. Dr. Estes’ background in food addictions and the emotional and physical tolls it takes on one’s psyche and physical well-being is highly unique. Dr. Cali Estes is a #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon has been featured on CNN, NBC, CNBC, CBS, FOX News, LA Times, Yahoo! News, Philadelphia Inquirer, Reader’s Digest, Entrepreneur Magazine, MSN Money, Max Sports and Fitness, San Jose Mercury, The Fix, Dr. Drew, People Magazine, Washington Post, Yoga Digest, Reader’s Digest, and more. She was also featured in a riveting documentary about addiction, Gone Too Soon: The Story of Emily Cooley. Dr. Estes is a Certified Masters Level Addiction Professional. She holds a Ph.D from DSU in Psychology and Life Coaching, a Master’s Degree from WCU, and an undergraduate from PSU, International Certification as a Drug and Alcohol Therapist, Master Certified Addictions Professional, as well as 24 certifications and over 20 years of experience as a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Pilates Teacher, Food Addictions Specialist and Life Coach. Her unique approach to get to the root cause of the problem with each client and relate on a humanistic level makes her desirable in this industry. Dr. Estes is more than a ‘sober coach’. She has a background in clinical and personality psychology, addictions and forensics and has been featured on NBC, CBS, CNN’s Don Lemon, MSN, Dr. Drew Podcast, Washington Post, Fox News, The Los Angeles Times and many more. Click here for more information on Dr. Cali Estes. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
June 20, 2019
E181 “Tis The Season...Allergies Oh My”
In this Episode, Dan and Craig explore a multitude of different reactions to foods, environment and internal toxins effecting Liver. Some times these responses are delayed which makes pinning them down difficult. Interesting aspect of food sensitivities is over time the inflammation left behind will reduce HCL production in the gut. This is the person who develops a need for the use of Tums, Rolaids and ant acids, they literally ate themselves into this condition. This also creates an opportunity for weakened connective tissue in the gut to allow food particles to enter the bloodstream before they should be there, this is known as Leaky Gut Syndrome and can be a major contributor to all the auto immune problems we hear about today. It stimulates immune system responses, over and over, this aggravated immune system begins attacking viable tissue. Modern allergy tests do not always identify this even though the person is showing all the signs of sensitivity. Tell tale symptoms - Rash-Wheezing-Hives-Swelling GI Complaints-stomach Pina-heartburn-gas/bloating-diarrhea/constipation-chronic fatigue-anxiety-joint pain-acne-asthma-headaches-insomnia-bed wetting-cancer sores-arthritis-hyperactivity. Known Causes-environmental toxins-immunization-antibiotic/steroid use-low gut flora-low thyroid function-food additives yellow dye #5-Baby formulas-cows milk-too large for babies to digest properly. Nutrient Applications-Everyone should consider proper digestive enzymes and EFA’s-Adrenal Support Immune System Support-Such as: Quercitin-Echinacea-Goldenseal-Thymus Extract-Selenium-Zinc-B Complex-Vitamin C-Garlic. Dietary Application: Exercise Avoid food additives an preservatives Drink 1 ounce per lb of body weight in clean water daily. Have Adrenal and Thyroid Performance checked Non breast fed infants are at greater risk, additional foods garlic Onions Black pepper Cayenne can be helpful, practice a rotational diet possibly vegetarian for 4 days, then reintroduce foods and see how you respond. Elevated pulse rate is a strong indicator that you just ate something you shouldn’t and the list can go on and on. Tune in to our Wednesday Livestream on Facebook: Country Doctor Nutritional Center for more All Natural, non-invasive approaches to handling your most common health concerns:)
June 17, 2019
E180 Stress Management
This episode is on stress management with Becca and Dan from the Country Doctor Nutritional Center. This was unfortunately, at least at the time of this recording, the last episode that we did with Becca. She moved on to other opportunities but we wish her the very best, think of her and miss her very much, and who knows maybe she will pop in for a visit on a future episode:-)
June 14, 2019
E179 Sherri Axsom and Paul Capozio - A Dynamic Duo in Natural Health!
Sherri Axsom – Gel User and Advocate Sherri’s story: “Less than six months on the gel renewed the energy I had two decades ago. I am getting good sleep, having recovered from my dreaded four A.M. staring at the ceiling routine. The discomfort I had in my right hip that had me obsessed about a hip replacement has diminished at least 80%, and I am back to exercising daily. Expensive and time-consuming gel manicures on my fingernails are a thing of the past for me and nails that have been brittle my entire life are strong without polish. My hair color appointment is now every five weeks instead of every four. I am focused and aligned with renewed purpose– to help others and to make the world a better place. I am boarding planes and leaving my beloved Naples for travel – something I had no desire to do for several years. The gel has also lifted my spirit and made me into a much more outgoing person. I now love networking in the community and meeting like-minded people. I also have a new belief in my ability to create financial abundance vs. fear of running out of money. I love representing our wellness and youth-renewing products that enhance the lives of users and transform lives.” Connect with her at or 239 961 1522 You may order the HGH gel at this link: Paul Capozio Mr. Capozio owns and operates Capco Capital Inc., an investment and consulting firm. The majority of Capco’s holdings are of manufacturers and distributors of health and wellness products. With numerous family members suffering from developmental disabilities, auto immune diseases and his own battle with pain and blood pressure he made it his life’s goal to not only find solutions but make health his Business. “if you make your passion your source of income then you can devote a great deal of time to what drives you -That’s Success!” – Paul Capozio Capco provides sales consulting and training, helping companies increase sales through traditional and direct sales disciplines. Making the invisible, visible and simplifying the complex is his stock and trade. A dynamic public speaker he provides motivation and “meat and potato’s” skills to those in the health and wellness field who do not consider themselves “Salespeople”, allowing their voices to be heard above the “noise”.
June 10, 2019
E178 ENERGYbits Founder and CEO Catharine Arnston
Catharine started ENERGYbits after her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and advised by her oncologist that an alkaline diet would help her heal. Catharine immediately sprung into action to help her sister research alkaline foods and in the process she discovered algae. When Catharine learned that algae was the most alkaline, plant-based, nutrient-dense food in the world and had been used for fifty years in Asia to improve health and longevity, she knew she had discovered something big that could be a game changer for the world if she could just convince people it wasn't weird. And so ENERGYbits was born (and yes, her sister fully recovered, thanks for asking). As Catharine dug into the science of algae, she learned it had 64% protein, 40 vitamins/minerals and was endorsed by the United Nations and NASA as the most nutrient dense food in the world. She also discovered there were 100,000 studies documenting its long list of benefits and it was the most sustainable, eco-friendly food crop in the world. And yet algae remained virtually unknown outside of Asia. How could this be possible? Catharine knew algae could be a game changer for our health, our children and our world if she could only convince people it wasn't weird. And so ENERGYbits was born. It took Catharine eight years to bring algae into the mainstream and build ENERGYbits into a national company. We're glad she finally did, because now you and your family can benefit from our organically grown, toxin-free, Non-GMO algae tablets too. A handful will help satisfy your hunger, help give you steady energy, and help ensure your nutritional needs are met. All this from a food that has one ingredient, no chemicals, caffeine, sugar or processing and is the most sustainable, safe, eco-friendly, crop in the world - algae. Your body and Mother Earth say thank you. And we do too. When you visit use promo code: TotalWellness and receive 20% of each purchase from here on out:) Enjoy Great Health, Naturally!!!
June 3, 2019
E177 Dr. Michelle Dowker, ND
Michelle is a wellness strategist and dietary coach with an educational background as a Naturopathic Doctor. She holds 3 post-secondary degrees that took 10 years to complete: a bachelor of science in biomedical science, a Master of science in human biology and nutritional science both from the University of Guelph and a Naturopathic Doctor diploma from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She uses her knowledge and experience to help people better understand their own bodies, their choices, and she helps them work through their challenges and implement the best dietary and lifestyle strategies that will work for them. Michelle has a special focus working with women in their 30s to 60s who've been struggling with chronic illness and mystery symptoms like digestive troubles, fatigue, pain, and unwanted weight gain. When they understand why and how to make adjustments that will help reduce inflammation and balance hormones, their physical and mental symptoms improve significantly. Her mission is to provide information, guidance, and inspiration to make simple changes because when you eat better and live better, you can FEEL BETTER. She can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the username @wellbalanceND Visit her website for recipes and information at and check out her program with Dr. Jay Wrigley at
June 1, 2019
E176 Vaccines-Are They Really Safe and Effective?
Vaccinations, You and Your Children By Dan Young, BCN, CNC ANMCB Board Certified Naturopath Very few topics spark such heated discussions among parents, school officials, physicians and law makers as the modern vaccine debate.
May 28, 2019
E175 Travis French Natural Health Consultant
"Travis is a Natural Health Consultant with a passion for helping others. He's taken his passion for natural health and incorporated it into a business caring for adults with disabilities, hoping to give the often forgotten a higher quality of life. Travis joins us to discuss his personal journey and give us a vision for his business."
May 24, 2019
E174 Dr. Stephan Hussey and his new book!
Dr. Stephen Hussey is a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine practitioner. Dr. Hussey as a health coach focuses on heart health and type 1 diabetes. He has recently published a book called The Health Evolution: Why Understanding Evolution is the Key to Vibrant Health. It directly connects our environmental crisis and our health epidemic. It discusses how when an individual changes their personal environment to create health for themselves it is also more sustainable and better for the planet. Did you know that about 10,000 years ago humans went through a radical change in lifestyle in what is now called the Agricultural Revolution? While this event propelled humans out of the stone age, it ultimately catapulted us into our current way of life and into the chronic disease epidemic we have today. Western medicine sees our epidemic of disease as a problem that needs to be suppressed, but our chronic disease epidemic is really a symptom; a symptom of humans being removed from their natural environment in an evolutionary instant. Evolution is the most important part of biology that medicine forgot. In this book you will learn: -Why most chronic disease is not genetic -The truth behind why our society is suffering from disease -How our epidemic of disease directly relates to the health of the planet -Strategies to right the ship, achieve better health, and save our species. Request your copy at Dr. Hussey’s site below:
May 22, 2019
E173 American Happiness w/Michelle Wax
Michelle Wax, 3-time entrepreneur, speaker, and author travels to 50 states across the USA interviewing Americans from all walks of life on how they reached every day happiness and fulfillment. Michelle came to our office here in Cheyenne and was gracious enough to give us an Interview about her journey to film: “AMERICAN HAPPINESS” WHICH IS CURRENTLY IN POST PRODUCTION. Connect with Michelle at and there you will also find out about her documentary American Happiness!!!
May 18, 2019
E172 Roger Bezanis Whole Food Raw Food Master
Considered the worlds' foremost authority on face reading and the world expert on "Whole Food Raw Foodism," Roger Bezanis has now earned the new moniker of “Professor Ph.” Renowned as a profound author researcher, formulator, healthcare pioneer, educator and mentor Roger Bezanis, in his mini-book "pH MADNESS" has redefined cellular life itself. An iconoclast, he is completely self trained via study of the greatest minds healthcare has ever known. Armed with constant self testing results and empirical data he holds no allegiances or alliances with any group or dogma. His work in his book "Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing" legendary and is used around the globe. 

When Mr. Bezanis says "it works," it is because empirical testing has borne out these effects time and time again. His interviews found on YouTube and running information feed found on are magnets of education. Now offering class validation in his teachings, he has created a legion of new healers unparalleled in their abilities. His health axioms are; lead by example, teach only empirical truth, heal those who ask, dispel the lies of healthcare and stop mans decline into the torment of drugs and surgery. Mr. Bezanis is guided by three basic principles,1) Anyone can heal, 2) Healing starts with education and taking personal responsibility, 3) Exact diagnosis leads to right solutions, which lead directly and only to healing results. Connect with Roger at
May 17, 2019
E171 A Transformational Journey w/ Pennie Hunt
Pennie Hunt is an inspirational, entertaining, cutting edge and high content speaker. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and the President and founder of Journey Through, LLC. Her weekly blog, “Writings From The Corner of Spirit & Brave” is read by thousands of people worldwide. After a series of life changing events, Pennie left her career as Executive Director of a state-wide nonprofit where she spoke locally and nationally on healthcare recruitment.  She now writes and speaks about how to change, heal and empower your life! Pennie’s personal successes and challenges have shaped her grateful-for-it-all viewpoint. She has married her own life lessons with her gift of communication to follow her passion of helping others Journey Through this life with spirit, courage and compassion.  Learn life changing strategies from Pennie’s own journey as she teaches people how to Love Their Life – No Matter What!
May 10, 2019
E170 with Sunni Newman-Functional Medicine Specialist.
Todays Episode we catch up with Sunni Newman. Sunni help’s people implement changes to their daily routines using functional medicine and nutrition that promotes healing and general wellness.   Do you or someone you know have any of the following:   * Low energy ("tired all the time") * Unsure or confused about what to eat or what foods "are good" * Difficulty sleeping * Trouble focusing * Decreased mental clarity   * Weight loss resistance  * Digestive issues * Or do you just want to improve your current health? We will work together using a holistic approach by reviewing your health history, nutrition habits, and more in order to understand the  the root of these issues. Once we've identified the source(s), we can formulate your health and nutrition plan to alleviate issues and optimize your overall health and wellness. For more information, check out the working with me. If you're interested in healthy recipes, exercise, and wellness tips, check out the Sunni Side Wellness blog and instagram. These are general wellness tips, and it is important to remember everyone is different - an individualized approach is most effective as it is designed to meet your needs and health goals.  
May 7, 2019
E169 Paul Brown 15 years Personal Training Experience:)
Paul has been a personal trainer for 15 years. NASM first certified him as a personal trainer, and he worked at a local gym chain for six years. During that time Paul became Pilates mat and reformer certified. He later became a NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist and a top trainer in the gym for a time. He left the gym in 2010, because of what he deems to be the problems between gym chains and entrepreneurial trainers. They take too much of a cut and provide too little assistance in helping with the business. Paul has been in freelance personal training ever since and now is in the process of building his startup, SocioFit which he is really excited about. Find Paul at:
May 1, 2019
E168 with Eileen Schutte-Integrative and Holistic Nutritionist
In this episode, Dan interviews Eileen Schutte . . When Eileen was growing up, medical doctors were thought to be “god like” in many ways. After all her uncle was a cardiologist so the family was highly respectful of medical doctors.  She even started her nutrition studies in the dietetic department (at the time it was in Home Economics) hoping to be part of this medical system.     But after a total misdiagnosis that left permanent nerve damage on her face at age 23 as well as struggling with many different health conditions with no answers – Eileen became very disillusioned and began to question not just our healthcare system but the nutrition advice that was being marketed to be the answer to good health. Contact Eileen at
April 27, 2019
E167 Lost Facts of Natural Health
In this Live broadcast, Dan Young, BCN and Becca Mayo Harrison discuss Lost Facts of Natural Health. We broadcast live from our clinic in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Country Doctor Nutritional Center has been serving in Wyoming for over 20 years! Pick up your copy of “Your Personal Guide to The Ultimate Healing System” in our clinic or on Amazon 👉 We broadcast live every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. MST on our Facebook page and invite you to Join us 👉
April 24, 2019
E166 Vegan Lifestyle w/ Eric C Lindstrom
“The only regret Vegans have is that they didn’t do it sooner.” -Eric C Lindstrom In this episode, Dan Interviews Eric C Lindstrom, the Director or Marketing for Compassion Over Killing and the Author of “The Skeptical Vegan” and “The Smart Parent’s Guide to Raising Vegan Kids.” If you’re skeptical about a vegan lifestyle, you will want to hear Eric’s witty stories For more about Eric and to check out his YouTube channel, visit 👉TheSkepticalVegan
April 22, 2019
E165 IBS w/ Dan Young BCN & Craig Morrison CNC
In this Live broadcast, Dan Young, BCN and Craig Morrison, CNC discuss Irritable Bowel Syndrome, also known as IBS. We broadcast live from our clinic in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Country Doctor Nutritional Center has been serving in Wyoming for over 20 years! We broadcast live every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. MST on our Facebook page and invite you to Join us 👉 Watch the broadcast 👉
April 17, 2019
E164 Celebrating Nutrition Awareness Month w/Kora Horton & Becca Mayo Harrison
In this Live broadcast, in honor of Nutrition Awareness Month, Kora Horton and Becca Mayo Harrison discuss daily nutrition. We broadcast live from our clinic in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Country Doctor Nutritional Center has been serving in Wyoming for over 20 years! We broadcast live every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. MST on our Facebook page and invite you to Join us 👉
April 17, 2019
E163 Endometriosis w/ Dan Young BCN, CNC
In this Live broadcast, Dan Young, BCN, CNC and Becca Mayo Harrison broadcast LIVE from Country Doctor Nutritional Center discussing Endometriosis and Ovarian Cysts. Country Doctor Nutritional Center has been serving in Wyoming for over 20 years! We broadcast live every Wednesday from our clinic at 1:00 p.m. MST on our Facebook page. Join us 👉
April 17, 2019
E162 Interview w/ Health & Wellness Expert Kristen Harper
In this episode, Dan interviews Health and Wellness Expert, Kristen Harper. In addition to being a Health and Wellness Expert, Kristen is also a Speaker, Radio Show Host on VoiceAmerica, and Founder of Perfect Health Consulting Services, LLC.  Her company offers Hair Mineral Analysis and Increase Your Vitality Programs to individuals worldwide to balance body chemistry naturally. She has given speeches to a variety of audiences, including United Healthcare, to inspire individuals to get healthy.  Kristen's radio show is "Tips to Keep You Healthy, Happy, and Motivated," which is LIVE on  every Tuesday at 3pm Pacific Time and also airs on KFNX in Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday nights at 8pm MST.  Find more about Kristen 👉  or
April 17, 2019
E161 Quality of Life vs. Length of Life w/Dan Young, BCN & Becca Mayo Harrison
In this Live broadcast, Dan Young, BCN, CNC and Becca Mayo Harrison broadcast LIVE from Country Doctor Nutritional Center discussing Quality of Life & Length of Life. This topic is also covered in Dan’s new book, “Your Personal Guide to The Ultimate Healing System.” Country Doctor Nutritional Center has been serving in Wyoming for over 20 years! We broadcast live every Wednesday from our clinic at 1:00 p.m. MST on our Facebook page. Join us 👉
April 17, 2019
E160 Interview with Acupuncturist, Dietician-Nutritionist and Herbalist Michael Gaeta
Dr Michael Gaeta’s purpose is to create a world of vital, resilient people who find fulfillment through positive contribution, choose a lifestyle of “nature first, drugs last,” and interact with the medical system only in emergencies. To do this, he works directly with patients in Boulder and by phone, and by training natural health professionals. Michael is a licensed acupuncturist, dietician-nutritionist and herbalist, and a doctor of acupuncture in Rhode Island. Over the last 25 years he has trained over 17,000 practitioners. His teaching is informed by 28 years of successful clinical practice. He co-founded Acupuncture for Veterans, which provided free treatments in New York City. Michael is past president of the Acupuncture Society of New York, earning an award for State Association President of the Year. He appeared on the CBS Early Show and NBC News, and his wellness radio show attracted over 100,000 subscribers. Michael is also a pianist, which was his first career. He teaches a one-year practitioner certification program in natural functional medicine, and the seven-week Autoimmune Mastery Program, for health professionals. Michael has spoken nationally on vaccines and choice for 15 years.   Connect with Michael here & get his FREE download on Vaccines & Choice👉
April 17, 2019
E159 Clinical Orientation with Dan Young, BCN, CNC
This episode is features our Clinical Orientation that we hold at our clinic twice per month for new clients. We pride ourselves on providing an educational experience that will empower everyone to take control of their health! If you would like to plug into our additional educational experience please visit our website 👉 If you are a Natural Health Practitioner and seeking to receive clinical pearls to expand & grow your business please join our private Practitioner group 👉
April 17, 2019
E158 Interview w/Certified Transformation Coach Catherine Benton
In this special episode Dan interviews Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Catherine Benton. After being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Epstein Barr Virus (CFS-EBV) at 29 years old, Catherine immediately started seeing 'alternative medicine' practitioners: acupuncturists, chiropractors, allergy specialists, and an ayurvedic practitioner.  She listened to them and learned from their ancient knowledge.  Catherine then read everything she could get ahold of and spent years reviewing research on autoimmune diseases and CFS-EBV to learn how to heal herself.  By combining ancient knowledge and modern science Catherine recovered her health, lost the weight and reclaimed her life.  Then, she turned her passion for health and wellness into a successful career becoming a nutritionist.  Catherine is also a Certified Autoimmune Disease Specialist & Certified Hormone Specialist supporting others in restoring their health. Connect with Catherine here: 👉 👉 👉 👉
March 22, 2019
E157 Cleanse & Nourish Reprogramming the Body with Dan Young, BCN
In this Live broadcast, our local Kinesiology Practitioners, Dan and Craig discuss cleansing and nourishing and the reprogramming process the body sometimes goes through. Dan Young, BCN is a Board Certified Naturopath and Craig Morrison is a Certified Nutrition Consultant. Dan and Craig are Clinicians at our Clinic: Country Doctor Nutritional Center which has been serving in Wyoming for over 20 years! We broadcast live every Wednesday from our clinic at 1:00 p.m. MST on our Facebook page. Join us 👉 Watch the broadcast 👉
March 20, 2019
E156 Discussing Rheumatoid Arthritis & Acupuncture w/ Jude Buchanan Sandoval
“We need to change from that mindset of an external source is going to fix us to internalizing things and realizing that really the only person that is going to fix me, is me.” -Jude Buchanan Sandoval Today’s interview is with Jude Buchanan Sandoval. With a master's degree in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Jude has been practicing for the last 10 years. Jude was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis in her early 20s and shares her journey living with this condition. Find Jude here 👉
March 16, 2019
E155 Interview w/ Author of “Sick to Fit” & Lead Instructor at WellStart Howard Jacobson
“Our biggest obstacle is getting people to believe in the possibility of themselves being healthy.” -Howard Jacobson Dan Interviews Howard Jacobson, Chief of Behavioral Science (aka Chief Habit Nerd) at WellStart Health. He’s also the host of the wildly popular Podcast: Plant Yourself! Howard is lead instructor at the WellStart Health Coaching Academy, and co-author of the Coaching for Performance chapter of the American Management Association’s Book of Knowledge. Howard earned his BA from Princeton University, and his MPH and PhD from Temple University. Howard is Author of Sick to Fit: Three simple techniques that got me from 420 pounds to the cover of Runner’s World, Good Morning America, and the Today Show Link to article discussed 👉 Pick up FREE Ebook “Sick to Fit” here 👉
March 13, 2019
E154 Interview w/ Certified Neuronutrient Therapy Specialist & Nutritional Consultant Karla Maree
In this special episode, Dan interviews Certified Nutritional Consultant and Certified Neuronutrient Therapy Specialist Karla Maree. Karla specializes in brain chemistry and for 13 years was a staff clinician of Julia Ross, author of The Mood Cure and others. Her fifteen years of practice has a special emphasis on correcting the brain’s neurotransmitter functioning. She helps clients rejuvenate their health by focusing on key areas such as nutrient deficiencies and dietary imbalances as well as identifying and eliminating the instigators of debilitating health challenges. She works with depression, anxiety, weight normalization, dysbiosis, thyroid, adrenal, sex hormone, sleep, as well as celiac disease and other autoimmune conditions. Her virtual practice via Skype and Zoom allows her to work with clients worldwide. Contact Karla for your Free Consultation 👉650-430-5250
March 11, 2019
E153 Heart Health w/ Dan Young, BCN & Becca Mayo Harrison
In this Live broadcast, Dan and Becca discuss Heart Health as we celebrate heart health month. Since this is the #1 Cause of Death in America and can greatly be influenced by our diet and lifestyle, it’s a topic everyone should listen in on. Watch the broadcast 👉 Join us for our Facebook LIVE every Wednesday at 1:00pm MST here 👉
March 9, 2019
E152 Interview w/Judy Feldhausen & her Mission Against Heart Disease
In this episode, Dan has a special guest, Judy Feldhausen. Judy has formally been in the health industry for 7 years, but her health journey began at the age of 6. As a mother and grandmother good health has become a priority to help others become aware of simple strategies to prevent and reverse heart disease. She has a mission to "Heal a Million Hearts". She started the Cardio Wellness Group in 2014 to create a place to educate medical professionals and individuals on the necessity of a simple medical screening that measures blood circulation. The Cardio Wellness Group is committed to eliminating heart disease. Working to find not only products that work to care for your heart, but simple daily changes you can make that will greatly improve your cardiovascular health and insure that you are happy and healthy for the rest of your life. Judy's certifications include, Certified Consumer Wellness Advocate, Heart Rate Variability Specialist, Certified Professiobal Co-Active Coach, Certified Speaker, Mother, Grandmother and friend. Connect with Judy here 👉
March 4, 2019
E151 Natural Antibiotics with Board Certified Naturopath Dan Young
In this Live broadcast, Dan and Becca discuss Antiobiotics. While we know Antiobiotics are highly overused, when are they actually necessary? What are the consequences of taking Antibiotics? What are natural alternatives? This and more is answered in this special LIVE Facebook Broadcast! Watch the broadcast 👉
March 4, 2019
E150 “Never Binge Again” w/ Dr. Glenn Livingston
Disillusioned by what traditional psychology had to offer overweight and/or food obsessed individuals, Dr. Livingston spent several decades researching the nature of bingeing and overeating via work with his own patients AND a self-funded research program with more than 40,000 participants. Most important, however, was his own personal journey out of obesity and food prison to a normal, healthy weight and a much more lighthearted relationship with food. In this episode, Dan and Becca Interview special guest, Dr. Glenn Livingston. After overcoming his own addiction to food and as a Veteran Phycologist, he is now paying it forward helping others and is Author of “Never Binge Again.” Pick up your FREE copy of “Never Binge Again” 👉 Email: Phone: ‪603-490-3844 |516-706-0475 ‬ Website: Blog: LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: Books: Never Binge Again    
February 28, 2019
E149 Benefits of Lavender with Mike Heath
In this special interview, Dan Interviews our local Master Gardener, President of High Plains Lavender and President of Laramie County Master Gardeners, Mike Heath. Right here in our backyard in Wyoming, Mike is currently growing about 1300 Lavender plants. Every other Friday you can also listen to Mike on KGAB at 9:30 a.m. Mike recently had an article published and we have a copy you can read here 👉 Follow High Plains Lavender on Facebook 👉
February 28, 2019
E148 Phase 1 Food Program thanks to Know The Cause & Doug Kauffman
In this Live broadcast, Dan and Becca discuss their experience on the Phase 1 Food Program. They discuss the benefits that can be obtained from this program and while we eat fairly close to this on a daily basis, we also seek to follow this program more closely for 30 days at least 1-2 times a year. We do this because we know we will feel amazing when we are done! Find our Phase 1 Resources under our Free Downloads on our website 👉 Thank you to Doug Kauffman and the resources on his amazing website 👉
February 28, 2019
E147 Interview w/Transformation Coach Lisa Ali
“There’s always hope....from a failed dieter, now successful Transformation Coach.” -Lisa Ali In this interview on Total Wellness Radio, we have a special guest all the way from Spain! Dan Interviews Lisa Ali, who has completely transformed her life! After losing 65 pounds and completely turning her life around, Lisa now coaches others on their own Transformation! Lisa is also in the process of a book titled “Project You” and we can’t wait for it to come out! Follow Lisa Facebook 👉 LinkedIn 👉
February 28, 2019
E146 Interview w/Author of Brave Healing Laura Di Franco
“The awareness is really key, its the foundation for the courage I’ve needed to take the next step, without that practice in my everyday life, things would not be where they are right now. It’s really exciting and its totally terrifying to take complete responsibility for your awareness. Because it means there are no excuses at that point.” -Laura Di Franco, MPT In this episode Dan interviews Laura Di Franco, MPT, is the owner of Brave Healer Productions and a powerhouse who writes to Feng Shui her soul. She’s a 6-time published poet and author, inspirational speaker, holistic physical therapist and third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do with over two decades of experience in healing. She was born to build a revolution of brave healers who are getting their badass, authentic voices published in order to heal the world with their words. Her new book, Brave Healing, A Guide for your Journey, is now available on Amazon!👉 Visit 👉 to get your free 30 minute call with Laura to learn how your story will heal the world.
February 15, 2019
E145 Interview w/Author of “It Feels Good to Feel Good” Cheryl Meyer
“When people ask me how to lose weight, don’t count calories, count chemicals.” After visiting a doctor because everything in her body hurt, every muscle, every joint, combined with brain fog and chronic fatigue, the doctor preceded to tell this guest that she would prescribe steroids but that nothing was wrong with her and that she should seek therapy. Cheryl Meyer took matters into her own hands and after healing herself, Cheryl is now a Certified Health Coach, Speaker and Award winning Author of “It Feels Good to Feel Good, Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reduce Inflammation & Feel Great Again.” Find a wealth of free information on Cheryl’s website 👉
February 11, 2019
E144 Interview w/Certified Bodytalk Practitioner & Amazon Bestseller of “You Are Not Your Diagnosis”
“I was taking this medication, very expensive and had some not so fun side effects, pretty much a lot of nausea all the time.” -Lyn Delmastro-Thompson After a misdiagnosis of Leukemia, this special guest shares her scary and frustrating experience that led her to being committed to natural health and ultimately helping others. In this episode of Total Wellness Radio, Dan interviews Certififed BodyTalk Practitioner and Amazon Best Selling Author of “You Are Not Your Diagnosis,” Lyn Delmastro-Thompson. Buy Lyn’s new book, You Are Not Your Diagnosis, on Amazon! Website: Facebook:
February 8, 2019
E143 Thyroid Health with Dan Young, BCN, CNC
In this LIVE broadcast Dan Young, BCN, CNC and Becca discuss natural support for Thyroid Health. Catch the replay on our website 👉 Watch LIVE every Wednesday & follow us on our Facebook 👉
February 6, 2019
E142 Equine Natural Health w/Bob Burdekin, AES, CHHP & New Wave Therapy
“Horses don’t lie, it either works or it does not; they have no concept of the placebo effect.” -Bob Burdekin In this special episode we get to learn more about Natural Health and horses! Bob is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Equine Trigger Point Certified with over 50 years of experience with Horses! Bob is Co-Founder of New Wave Therapy. Bob is also CHOIS Certified as well as Reiki Master Certified. Bob has been working on a theory that horses can suffer much easier from PTSD and ADHD due to the way their brains have developed. Visit their website at 👉 Facebook Page 👉 Twitter 👉 @newwavetherapy Email 👉 #newwavetherapy GoFundMe Page 👉 Article on Horse and PTSD 👉 Facebook page for Barefoot Horse Magazine 👉
February 1, 2019
E141 Interview w/ Author “Wholistic Food Therapy” Sarah Thacker
“Balancing the gut health is so vital in terms in finding balance mentally, physically and emotionally.” -Sarah Thacker In this episode of Total Wellness Radio Dan Interviews Sarah Thacker, Author of “Wholistic Food Therapy: A Mindful Approach to Making Peace with Food.” Sarah is an Integrative Therapist, Certified EMDR Therapist, Certified Holistic Health Coach & Yoga Instructor. Tune in and hear Sarah’s journey through natural health. Sarah also offers an online course “Freedom from Emotional Eating.” Connect with Sarah & pick up a copy of her book 👉 Pick up a copy of her book Wholistic Food Therapy: A Mindful Approach to Making Peace with Food 👉 Follow on Facebook 👉 Follow on Instagram @WholisticFoodTherapy Follow on Twitter @WholisticT
January 31, 2019
E140 Vegan Steak talk with Plant Foods Chef Claire Sharryn Roberto
“Food is the strongest medicine out there and it’s also the strongest poison so we really need to weary and mindful of what we are putting into our bodies.” -Claire Sharryn Roberto Can Kale taste like a TBone? Today is a special treat as Dan interviews Culinary Plant-Based Chef Claire Sharryn Roberto. Claire is also an Integrative Health Practitioner, Health Coach and specializes in Online Cooking Courses! Contact Claire Sharryn Roberto Follow Claire on Instagram @clairesharrynroberto
January 28, 2019
E139 Weight Loss Mindset
In this LIVE broadcast Dan and Becca discuss why they don’t want you to set New Years Resolutions and the mindset required to lose weight. Watch this broadcast live on our blog 👉 LIVE broadcasts of Total Wellness Radio are on Facebook every Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. here 👉
January 25, 2019
E138 Interview w/Functional Medicine Practitioner Dr. Anass Sentissi
“I believe that food is medicine and that achieving profound health, sheer vitality, and jubilant wellness is the result of mindful eating. It is my mission to assist the world in practicing the art of this philosophy and of achieving individual wholism.” –Dr. Anass Sentissi In this episode Dan interviews Dr. Anass Sentissi, a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. Dr. Sentissi also completed his undergraduate studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Find Dr. Sentissi here 👉
January 25, 2019
E137 Interview w/Young Living Wellness Advocate Amy Bryan
“I think people are missing a big piece of the puzzle by not paying attention to the medications and the products they are using on their bodies. Women walk out the door having put an average of 80 chemicals on their body.” -Amy Bryan In episode Dan Interviews Amy Bryan including Amy sharing her journey through natural health. Essential oils have made an extremely positive impact on Amy’s quality of life as well as igniting a passion she shares today. With a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling, Amy shares her experiences as Young Living Wellness Advocate. “I fully believe there is a natural health alternative movement happening” -Amy Bryan Contact Amy on her website 👉 w/#‪3848930‬
January 21, 2019
E136 Top 10 Causes of Death
In this episode Dan and Becca broadcast Live on Facebook while discussing the top 10 causes of death and what you can do to take control of your health. We are on a mission to make “natural causes” the leading cause of death. Listen and empower yourself to make healthier choices today! Watch our live broadcasts on Wednesday’s at 12:00 p.m. MST 👉
January 20, 2019
E135 Wholistic Weight Loss w/Becca Mayo Harrison
After acquiring her MBA and while climbing the corporate ladder, Becca quickly burned out and found herself feeling like there should be more to life. She decided to take a break from the corporate world and found herself extremely overweight, sluggish, depressed, and not really living or enjoying life. After going through her own transformation, Becca lost over 90 pounds and completely transformed her life! The positive changes she experienced including a much higher quality of life, ignited a passion she didn’t even know she had! In this episode Becca shares some of her tips for others seeking to transform their life! Becca is a Wholistic Weight Loss Coach at Country Doctor Nutritional Center and enjoys helping people THRIVE, not just Survive! For more information visit us 👉 Contact Becca @ Instagram @Natural_Health_Becca Facebook
January 17, 2019
E134 Interview w/ RESTART Instructor & Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Lori Graham
“Give yourself permission every single morning for self care, love and respect, we don’t give ourselves permission to do that. And your aim should be for optimal health not normal, because normal is a setting on a dryer.” -Lori Graham In this episode of Total Wellness Radio, Dan Interviews Health Coach & Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Lori Graham. It’s a small world and Lori and Dan have something else in common in addition to their passion for Natural Health! Contact Lori here 👉
January 14, 2019
E133 Interview w/Ayurveda Practitioner & Holistic Nutritionist
In this episode of Total Wellness Radio, Dan Interviews “The Queen of all things Nutrition” and the only MSG that is good for your Health, Mary Sheila Gonnella. As a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Ayurveda Practitioner, Mary Sheila reaches Clients how to honor their unique physiology, move self-care to the front burner and achieve and maintain radiant Health! Find MarySheila here👉 and sign up for “The Breakfast Report” Mary Sheila’s Facebook👉
January 11, 2019
E132 Traditional Naturopathy & What We Do at Country Doctor Nutritional Center
“One or two visits does not position you to make the necessary changes.” -Dan “Sometimes it can take just one little shift and the body responds quickly.” -Becca In this live broadcast Dan and Becca discussed what exactly we do at Country Doctor Nutritional Center. Dan is a Board Certified Naturopath and their discussion really focuses on what Traditional Naturopathy is and how it is different. Join us for our LIVE Broadcasts every Wednesday at 12pm MST 👉
January 9, 2019
E131 Discusses Wellness for Women w/ Lynnis Woods-Mullins
Don’t miss this episode where Lynnis shares her recipe for her own Anti-Anxiety Salad! In this episode, Dan interviews Lynnis Woods-Mullins, a Certified Holistic Living and Wellness Expert and Certified Life Coach for women over 40. Lynnis is also Founder of PraiseWorks Health and Wellness a faith based mind, body, spirit wellness company that specializes in educating women 40 and over on wellness. Additionally, Lynnis is the Publisher and Editor-n-Chief of the digital magazine Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond, Different Background…Same Journey a mind.body spirit e-magazine for women over 40. Lynnis is co-author and editor of “DeStress The Mess-Minimizing the Impact of Stress on Your Body, Maximizing the Joy in Your Life” collaborative e-book. Lynnis signature coaching program is “DeStress The Mess” a holistic stress reduction program, that is now available as a virtual self-directed teaching program also entitled “DeStress The Mess”. Plus Lynnis has a new “Weight Release Program” and the name alone has us wanting to know more!! Find Lynnis & her resources here: Website – PodCast - The Wellness Journey Podcast Series - Wellness Woman 40/PraiseWorks Health and Wellness YouTube Channel - Living Well Woman – Holistic Living for Sisters Facebook – Facebook – Facebook Group – Twitter – Twitter – Goggle+ - Instagram – Linked In -
January 7, 2019
E130 Maintaining Optimal Health
In this episode, Dan and Becca discuss the Top 10 reasons you want to maintain optimal health. Whether you are seeking to manage healthcare expenses, feel your best or seeking to age gracefully, this is one you don’t want to miss! To watch the live broadcast click here 👉
January 4, 2019
E129 Interview w/ Denver Chiropractor Dr. Crifase
“We are completely bombarded with information, its easy to lose track of ourselves, our inner peace, inner awareness and this can lead to these health issues down the line.” -Dr. Anthony Crifase In this episode, Dan interviews Dr. Anthony Crifase who is located in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Crifase has a doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine in addition to being a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified in Chiropractic Acupuncturist and being Board Certified in Nutrition and Sports Nutrition. Who do you know in the Denver Metro area? Find Dr. Anthony Crifase here 👉
January 2, 2019
E128 Interview w/Amazon Best Selling Author Carolyn Shadrach
Today Dan interviews Best Selling Author, Carolyn Shadrach. Carolyn specializes in helping coaches, consultants and small business owners them attract their ideal clients. Carolyn’s best selling book is “The Client Attraction Code.” Click the link below to pick up your copy today! If you are looking to pick up clients you love, Pick up your FREE Gift here 👉
December 28, 2018
E127 Names of Sugar & Reading Nutrition Labels
So often people think they are not consuming a lot of sugar because they don’t eat a lot of sweets. Unfortunately sugar is in almost all processed foods and it is hidden under more than 200 different names. In this episode Craig and Becca discuss the many names sugar can be listed as and give you tips for reading nutrition labels. Join us for our live broadcast every Wednesday at Noon MST here 👉
December 24, 2018
E126 Interview with Maxim Movement Founder Dr. Andrea Maxim
“If I wanted to be accepted by my peers, I had to change the way I was looking.” -Dr. Andrea Maxim This is a story you can’t miss! In this episode Dan interviews one of Southern Ontario’s leading Naturopathic Doctors, Dr. Andrea Maxim. As the founder of The Maxim Movement, Dr. Andrea helps people move towards MAXIMizing their digestion, MAXIMizing their hormones, MAXIMizing their weight loss & of course their HEALTH! Find Andrea here 👉
December 21, 2018
E125 Death Begins in the Colon
“Diseases don’t develop overnight, they develop over a long period of time and this is just one of the red flags your body is trying to give you.” -Becca “You can be having 2-3 bowel movements a day and still have the constipation build up that is accumulating.” -Dan In this Live broadcast, Dan and Becca discuss how Colon health affects our overall health. More and more we are starting to realize that gut health is the key to our vitality and overall health. To name a few of the symptoms you can experience include but are not limited to headaches, diarrhea, abdominal pains, gallstones, inflammation, tooth decay, ulcers, and the list goes on and on. Watch online on our blog:
December 17, 2018
E124 Interview w/Naturopathic Doctor Jannine Krause
“Keep yourself healthier, don’t let yourself go.” -Dr. Jannine Krause In this episode Dan interviews Dr. Jannine Krause who is a Naturopathic Doctor as well as an Acupuncturist. Dr. Jannine Krause is also host of the podcast: “The Health Fix.” Find more on Dr. Krause here 👉
December 14, 2018
E123 Healing & Reprogramming w/Dan, Becca & Molly
In this LIVE Broadcast Dan is joined by Becca and special guest Molly Childers discuss how the body goes through healing and reprogramming cycles. Also known as a Healing Crisis, sometimes we feel worse before we feel better. Dan, Becca and Molly who is visiting from The Natural Path which is located in Colorado, discuss signs as well as what you can do to ease the discomfort. Who do you know that is in Colorado? The Natural Path is located in Ft. Collins and can be found here 👉
December 10, 2018
E122 Interview w/Pre & Postnatal Coach Amanda Fay
In this episode Dan interviews Amanda Fay. Amanda empowers women through Preconception, Pregnancy and Beyond as a Pre & PostNatal Health & Exercise Coach. Amanda discusses her journey and how the law of attraction impacted her life. Find more about Amanda here 👉
December 7, 2018
E121 Intro to Natural Health
This is a special episode where you get to hear a live class in our office. We offer our Introduction to Natural Health to potential new clients and as free education open to the community. In this episode Dan shares how we got started and how our philosophy of attaining optimal health! For more information on us visit us online 👉
December 7, 2018
E120 Interview w/Kelly, founder of Awaken Your Chakras
Today Dan interviews Kelly with Awaken Your Chakras. Kelly is the founder of Awaken your Chakras, Reiki Master and a Vinyasa Instructor. After overcoming her own mental and physical illnesses, Kelly shares her journey of recovery and her take on energetic justice. So fascinating to get her perspective! “I’m an evolutionary activist, modern mystic and energy healer for collective liberation.” -Kelly Learn more about Kelly 👉
December 5, 2018
E119 Interview w/Stephanie Hess
“I knew from that moment on that my task was to serve, heal and empower others.” -Stephanie Hess. Today’s interview is with Certified Holistic Health Coach, Stephanie Hess. As a former corporate executive with Estée Lauder, Stephanie Hess is now a Published Holistic Health Expert on Amazon, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Thrive Global. Contact Stephanie here 👉
December 4, 2018
E118 Interview w/Founder of Real Nutritious Living
In this episode Dan interviews Melissa Schollaert who is a Holistic Health & Nutrition Counselor and founder of Real Nutritious Living. Helping others achieve their health goals to attain their healthiest, happiest life is her greatest ambition. She has been a regular expert on NBC, ABC, Good Day Live, ESPN radio, various summits, and podcasts.  Head over to 👉 and get jump start your health with her free e-book!
November 26, 2018
E117 Jan’s Journey with Type 2 Diabetes
After bringing her A1C from 9 down to 5.4, Jan shares her personal journey of managing her type 2 Diabetes naturally through nutrition and exercise. After losing 59 pounds and getting off of Insulin, Jan shares how she did it and if she can do it, you can do it too! “You are never not a Diabetic but you can control it!” -Jan
November 21, 2018
E116 Interview w/Jenn Malecha & she discusses empowering ourselves to take control of our health!
Have you ever had a health concern and didn’t receive answers? Today’s episode features a special interview with Functional Diagnostic & Transformational Coach, Jenn Malecha who shares her personal journey! After overcoming Skin Cancer she found herself dealing with more unexplainable Heath concerns. Jenn ran into a wall while dealing with her health concerns and was left with no solutions and no help and was told to “just keep an eye on it.” She shares her story of recovering her health and empowering herself to take control! Jenn offers personalized health plans and functional health services! Find more on Jenn here 👉
November 19, 2018
E115 Discussing Chronic Fatigue w/Fran Daraville
“If it’s not addressing the cause, then it’s just not enough” -Fran Daraville In this episode Dan Interviews Fran Daraville. After overcoming chronic fatigue not once but twice Fran shares her experience. Fran is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner as well as a Yoga Instructor. She is also releasing a podcast soon and we can’t wait to tune in! Download a FREE Real Food Wellness Starter Kit 👉
November 14, 2018
E114 Massage Therapy & Autism with Rachael Wetzel
In this special episode Dan Interviews our neighbor with BeYu, Rachael Wetzel. Rachael is local here in Cheyenne and specializes in Massage Therapy. Rachael shares her story including how Massage Therapy supported her autistic daughter. To learn more about how Massage Therapy can support you, please contact Rachael at BeYu (307) 365-0737
November 9, 2018
E113 Resources to Achieve Optimum Health
In this LIVE broadcast Dan and Becca discuss various resources you can easily plug into to continue your Natural Health Education as you work towards achieving and maintaining Optimum Health. For more information and to watch us 👉
November 9, 2018
E112 Eat, Move & Rest w/Erin & Dusty Stanczyk
Today Dan Interviews coaching team Erin & Dusty Stanczyk. Erin & Dusty are both Health & Lifestyle Coaches, fitness instructors and focus on doing 3 things every single day: EAT, MOVE, REST. They focus on a plant based diet and offer workshops, online coaching and a RETREAT in Costa Rica! Learn more 👉
November 7, 2018
E111 Interview w/Darrel Frater from Urban Entrepreneur Centers of America
Today Dan has a special interview on Mindset with Darrel Frater. As the VP of Business Development for the Urban Entrepreneur Centers of America and a sharp shooter for problem solving Darrel mentors Young Entrepreneurs. He is also host of the Urban Entrepreneur Podcast! Check out Darrel’s podcast at 👉
November 2, 2018
E110 Interview w/Momentum Founder Jayne Baker
Today Dan Interviews the President & Founder of Momentum, Jayne Baker. After personally losing almost 100 pounds utilizing natural methods and found that digestive issues were also greatly improved! This led to her developing OneZyme which is a full spectrum digestive enzyme. For more information find Jayne here 👉
October 29, 2018
E109 Sugar Control Diet
Are you addicted to sugar? 200 years ago we only consumed two pounds a year of sugar. Now we consume over 150 pounds of sugar a year. How does this affect our health? What can we do to take back control? Watch the live broadcast on our website and check out our Sugar Control Diet 👉
October 26, 2018
E108 Interview w/Culinary Nutrition Expert Tracy Houle
In this special episode Dan Interviews Tracy Houle who is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and Culinary Nutrition Expert. Tracy’s journey started with her son having stomach pains. You don’t want to miss this one! Find Tracy on her website at
October 24, 2018
E107 Interview w/ Author Dr. Melina Roberts
Today Dan interviews Author, Naturopathic Doctor and founder of Advanced Naturopathic Medical Center in Calgary, Dr. Melina Roberts. Her book “Building a Healthy Child” is for every parent or grandparent. Pickup a copy here 👉 For more information check out her website at 👉
October 22, 2018
E106 Heavy Metal Toxicity
Today Dan, Becca and special guest Kora discuss Heavy Metal Toxicity. Welcome Kora to her first podcast! We discuss what concerns you should be watching out for and what you can do naturally to clear heavy metal, chemical and environmental toxins from the body. Watch and check out additional information on our blog
October 20, 2018
E105 Interview w/ Cookbook Author & Heath Coach Erika Schlick
In today’s episode of Total Wellness Radio Dan interviews Certified Health Coach Erika Schlick. Erika shares her personal experience with Lyme Disease and her journey to remission. Erika has a new cookbook that is about to be released called “The Wandering Palate” and is available for pre-order on her website! We are looking forward to diving into these delicious recipes! Check out Erika’s website & pre-order her cookbook at 👉
October 17, 2018
E104 Interview with Mentorship Graduate Wanda Fieldcamp
Dan has a special interview today with one of our own Practice BluePrint Mentorship Graduates, Wanda Fieldcamp. Wanda is a licensed Massage Therapist, Phyical Therapy Assistant and founder of Peak View Nutritional Center in Douglas, WY. Find Wanda on Facebook & refer who you know in Douglas, WY to her
October 15, 2018
E103 Foods that Heal
In this LIVE broadcast Dan and Becca discuss Foods that you can easily work into your daily diet and how we might benefit from them. To catch our LIVE broadcast join us every Wednesday on Facebook at 12:00 pm MST
October 11, 2018
E102 Cholesterol Myths & Facts
In this Episode Dan and Craig discuss myths surrounding cholesterol. What are the facts? When should you be concerned about your cholesterol levels? Find more info on our website or watch it LIVE
October 9, 2018
E101 Yoga Talk w/Jill Lovato from Blossom Yoga
In this episode Dan interviews at a local Yoga Studio with co-owner Jill Lovato. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or interested in trying yoga, this is an episode you don't want to miss! We were so convinced that yoga is for EVERYONE that our staff has scheduled a yoga session for all of us! Pick up Blossom Yoga’s schedule in our clinic or on their website 👉
October 5, 2018
E100 Keto Lifestyle-Is it right for you?
Dan and Becca discuss the KETO lifestyle and whether or not it is right for you? Learn what to do to suceed and what mistakes to avoid! To watch this broadcast or to access some of the resources we discuss visit our website
October 1, 2018
E99 Interview w/Tiffany Summitt & Keto Lifestyle
In this episode of Total Wellness Radio Dan interviews Tiffany Summitt and she shares her experience with transitioning to the Keto Lifestyle! Tiffany is a middle and high school teacher as well as an Instructor in Health and Sports at the local Community College. It is refreshing getting the perspective of a busy working mom and hear her journey towards a healthier lifestyle! Follow Tiffany check out her website 👉
September 25, 2018
E98 Interview w/Author Annie Deeter
In this episode of Total Wellness Radio Dan interviews Author Annie Deeter. Annie shares some really valuable information in this episode regarding our food and what we can do in our own backyards. Annie is not only an Author but also a Researcher and has her own Organic Farm with chickens, ducks, bees and her own home garden. She has written several books with her latest just releasing “The Juice Recipe Book-Juicing for Health-Beginner to Excellent”. Find more info on her website and her new book can be found on Amazon
September 21, 2018
E97 Interview w/Gary te Roller
Dan interviews Wellness Advocate and Plant Based Health Coach Gary te Roller. Gary is a Personal Coach, Public Speaker and host of the podcast 'The Gary te Roller Show". Gary offers recipes and online cooking courses on his website at
September 17, 2018
E96 Interview w/ Jessica Gear Sullivan
In today's episode Dan interviews Cheyenne's own Jessica Gear Sullivan. Jessica is a Health Coach, Fitness Instructor and shares how personal development has changed her life! Find Jessica on Facebook at
September 14, 2018
E95 Bananas
In todays episode Dan and Craig discuss the benefits of bananas. Watch the LIVE broadcast on our website and join us on our Facebook every Wednesday for a LIVE show 12pm MST
September 12, 2018
E94 Interview w/ Wholistic Belly Rachael Charbonneau
Today Dan interviews Wholistic Belly Coach Rachael Charbonneau. Rachael shares her story and experience as a Certified Nutrition Health Coach as well as a Yoga & Fitness teacher! Find more on her amazing website 👉
September 7, 2018
E93 Interview w/ Berrion Berry
Join us as Dan interviews Personal Trainer and Plant Based Nutritionist Berrion Berry. After leaving the corporate world at 23 Berrion became a CEO by age 24 and shares her insights into living a healthier plant based lifestyle. To learn more about Berrion and her awesome nutrition coaching program visit
September 5, 2018
E92 Interview w/ 20 year old Author Jordan Paris
In today’s episode Dan interviews a 20 year old Author, podcast host, personal trainer & Entrepreneur Jordan Paris. Jordan shares some amazing insights on how to achieve success and what has contributed to why he has accomplished so much at such a young age. Find Jordan at And pick up his book "Growth Mindset University" on Amazon Today 👉
September 3, 2018
E91 Interview w/ Kristy Klymciw
Today Dan has the pleasure of interviewing Kristy Klymciw. Kristy is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer.
August 28, 2018
E90 Interview w/ Allison Wojtowecz
Today Dan interviews founder of Flabs to Fitness Allison Wojtowecz! As a certified Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer with a BS in Kinesiology, Allison shares her passion advice for those seeking to live a healthier lifestlye. Find more about Allison here
August 24, 2018
E89 Got Milk?
In this episode Dan and Craig discuss whether or not milk is good for us. Do we need it for calcium? How do we know when it's good quality? For the LIVE video broadcast and more info please visit
August 15, 2018
E88 Interview with Dr. Jason Dean
Today Dan interviews Dr. Jason Dean with Revolution Health. Dr. Dean is the owner and Doctor of the largest Nutrition Response Testing Practice in the world. Additionally he brings a wealth of knowledge having one of the largest chiropractic offices. He is also the Vice President of Ulan Nutritional Systems.
August 14, 2018
E87 Interview w/Abigail Dean
Today Dan and Becca interview Massage Therapist and Nutritional Counselor Abigail Dean. Abby shares her story and why she is so passionate about helping others. Find more about Abby at
August 10, 2018
E86 Our Daily Food Recommendations 6-2-1-1
Today Dan and Becca discuss our Daily Food Recommendations including the top 6 foods to Avoid. For more information visit
August 9, 2018
E85 Nightshades-Foods for people with chronic PAIN
Today Dan and Craig are discussing Nightshades. These are specific foods that can greatly contribute to chronic PAINS. Join us every Wednesday as we broadcast LIVE on our Facebook page.
August 9, 2018
E84 Interview w/ Mark Ritz founder of Ritzfit Memberships
Today Dan interviews Mark Ritz, founder of the RitzFit Memberships and host of the No Diet Podcast. Ritzfit digs beneath the label to bring you heathy products you can trust. Pick up your membership today at
August 6, 2018
E83 Top 10 "Heathy" Foods to Avoid
In this episode Becca and I discuss some of the most common foods that people want to believe are healthy, but in reality they erode health very quickly because of the sugar’s, chemicals, spiking of insulin, hormonal interferences and the list goes on and on. These types of foods have a negative impact and their daily consumption must be avoided in order to achieve optimum health.
July 25, 2018
E82 Interview w/ Kylie Horn
Dan interviews Kylie Horn from Seward, Nebraska. Kylie is currently going through our Hands On Mentorship program and she shares what drives her passion for natural health. After watching her son go from doctor to doctor, she became a frustratred mom who decided to focus on what she could control. After her son reversed a peanut allergy, the doctors couldn't believe it.
July 19, 2018
E81 Interview w/ Sam & Janet Young
In this episode I have a rare opportunity to sit down with Dr. Sam and Janet Young and discuss some things we as practitioners really need to do to maintain a Recession Proof Practice. What a fun opportunity to capture in audio and video on our Mentorship Page comments from the Founder of Country Doctor Nutritional Center and who has been in successful businesses for over 51 years.
July 11, 2018
E80 Interview w/ Melissa Homner
Melissa Homner with Sagebrush Wellness is a Certified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach. Following her personal struggle with MS, Melissa shares her insights and passion of coaching those with autoimmune conditions. You can find Melissa at
July 3, 2018
E79 Interview w/ Brittney Prendergast
E79 Brittney Prendergast-founder of Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy After battling through her own challenges with being overweight at a young age and suffering chronic panic attacks, and hormonal imbalances, Brittney realized that true health restoration starts with the GUT. Author of “Buddha Belly”, and working on her next entitled Your Not Broken: Rising from the ashes of Anxiety and Depression. Check her out at:
June 29, 2018
E78 A Teenagers Perspective on Natural Health
Thank you so much Anessa for agreeing to be on this episode of Total Wellness Radio. Really enjoyed our interview and you sharing insightful perspective’s from a teenager on Natural Health, diet and not giving in to social pressure’s and the norm.
June 23, 2018
E77 Interview with Dr. Alexia Peake w/ Peake Wellness Center
Today’s episode is with Dr. Alexia Peake from Peake Wellness, Greeley Colorado. You can also catch our live stream re-broadcasted on our Facebook page Country Doctor Nutritional Center. Enjoy today’s interview and you can find Dr. Peake at
June 21, 2018
E76 Interview w/Jenifer Lee from Australia
Jenifer's journey began with her own health concerns over 10 years ago. After finding a chiropractor qualified in many modalities to help restore her health she became fascinated with pursuing education to empower herself and others. She has been a past Body Builder and Powerlifter. Today she is active as a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach and is finishing her education in Naturopathy. Connect with Jenifer at also on Instagram at Jenifer_Lee_
June 19, 2018
E75 Interview w/ Professional Athlete Sonya Looney
Total Wellness Radio interview with World Champion Mountain Biker Sonya Looney. Changing her diet gave her the competitve edge she was looking for. Today, Sonya can be found traveling the world competing, lecturing and sharing with others her passion of living well. Tune in to her podcast at The Sonya Looney Show. Visit her podcast page at
June 15, 2018
E74 Interview w/ Vegan Mom Nicole Bourn
Having personally lost 100 pounds, Nicole has turned her personal journey into a passion for helping others. Visit her website at click here to receive her FREE download
June 8, 2018
E 73 Compliance is King
Welcome to Total Wellness Radio, in this episode, Craig, Becca and I discuss in detail the many different aspects of great communication which leads to optimum compliance. Our Facebook to catch us LIVE
June 6, 2018
E72 Certified Health Coach Dior Wright
Welcome to episode 72 and my interview with Health Coach Dior Wright. As of January 2018, she became a Certified Health Coach through the Health Coach Institute of California. Check her out in this episode, and be sure and get her 60 minute free coaching session at the end of this podcast. Dior's website:
June 1, 2018
E71 Topical Scars
Most people have some form of scar tissue somewhere on the body. The scars can become problematic as time goes on and create huge neurological disruption. Although these seem simple they can have major long-term health effects. This episode explores simple and effective approaches that will greatly reduce the effects scars have on long-term health. To follow our LIVE Wednesday Show:
May 31, 2018
E70: Interview w/ Charlotte Gibson
Due to personal and family health concerns Charlotte Gibson began her own health journey and Wellness Connect was born. Wellness Connect is dedicated to connecting practitioners of different non-invasive modalities with people who will greatly benefit from them. You can reach her at www.Wellness_Connect.Com or her direct number, ‭(617) 877-2936. Enjoy this episode of Total Wellness Radio:)‬
May 28, 2018
E69 Initial Consultation
Do you remember your initial consultation? In this podcast we revisit some of the most important basics of the initial consultation, the four pieces of the puzzle we explore and evaluate. Then we determine a course of action that makes sense for the individual to follow so they can restore rebuild and repair their health in a non-toxic manner. Please note that each consultation is slightly different because it is specific to the individual. This specific recording as with all of our podcast recording‘s is non-scripted so what you hear is what you get. If you have questions or comments on this or any other podcast on Total Wellness Radio, be sure to touch base with us at 307-631-5300. Have a great day and be good to yourself :-)
May 24, 2018
E68 Electrical Pollution and Your Health
In this episode we explore the health damages associated with electrical pollution and how our bodies manifest multiple physical symptoms when our bodies are under that type of stress. By carrying on your person, all you’re waking hours, a very small multi polar magnet, you can protect yourself against the ever increasing dangers of electrical stress found in our environment.
May 23, 2018
E67 Natural Health Resources w/ Melissa Gallagher
Because of her own health issues in her 20's, Melissa began her personal journey to pass on to others her passion because if her own life changing experiences. Practicing as a Naturopath in Atlanta, you can connect with Melissa at her YouTube Channel which is Natural Health Resources. From there you will have an opportunity to explore all that Melissa can offer. You will be glad you did!
May 18, 2018
E66 Ayurveda w/ Neerja Ahuja
For over 19 years Neerja has been providing Ayurveda Medicine in Perth Australia. There is not a form of wholistic care you can find anywhere then with the clinic she has and the awareness she teaches. Check out her website at
May 18, 2018
E65 Candida Yeast Answer W/ Becca and Dan
This is one of the most common concerns people have yet they don’t realize they have it. There are over 250 unrelated symptoms associated with this problem including cancer. Be sure and download the PDF from our Facebook page, Country Doctor Nutritional Center and do the self exam. You will be glad you did. Also, checkout Doug Kauffman @
May 16, 2018
E64 Ketogenic Life w/ Keto Steve
To live the Ketogenic Lifestyle is to live well, eat well, feel great and lose weight :-) Keto Steve is a true advocate for helping people embrace the keto lifestyle in a successful way. Blogger, producer of Instagram live video interviews, and personally benefiting from the keto lifestyle, having lost over 20 pounds, Keto Steve is a perfect resource for you the listener curious about eating a ketogenic diet. Check him out at and on instagram at Keto_Steve!
May 11, 2018
E63 Aura Rating App w/ Kristin Zecher
Kristin Zecher has developed an app called Aura Rating. This app connects consumers with Farmers, Farmers Markets and Resturant’s that provide optimum healthy food choices. Farm to table Resturant’s and there need is on the rise. Currently only available in the New York area. Let’s assist Kristin as best we can in expanding the reach of this app out West:)
May 11, 2018
E62 Arthritis and Hair Loss
Welcome once again to an episode of Total Wellness Radio w/ Dan Young, BCN, CNC Craig and I final get to do an episode together. Last nights Natural Grocers class was on arthritic concerns which we touch on in this podcast as well as hair loss and hair color natural treatments that can be used to restore both.
May 9, 2018
E61 The Rossiter System w/ Ruth Nottage
In this episode of Total Wellness Radio we visit with Ruth Nottage, Ruth is one of the leading instructors in the world for the Rossiter system. This system of bodywork is one of the most comprehensive and life-changing experiences that people are having right now in the world of therapy body movement and exercise. Connect with Ruth on Facebook at The Rossiter System page or at her website
May 4, 2018
E60 Education is KEY!
Understanding that the grand prize winners still experience the exact same process that all clients experience and in a specific order. 1. Introductory Class is still attended - Education process and addressing questions is not skipped in anyway. 2. They still come through the initial and follow up evaluation process. 3. We prepare a POC Document which explains the process, how long it can take, services and pre-pay options for services. 4. The initial 4 to 6 weeks is the trial period. Here is were we pay close attention to the top 10 questions and really monitor the clients feedback. BM’s Energy Sleep Digestion Compliance Questions Education Food Logs Changes Stability
May 2, 2018
E59 SoCoNaturalHealth w/ Chuck DeLoy
In this episode we introduce you to Chuck DeLoy, Chuck is a natural practitioner, experimenting with natural modalities of all kinds and capturing his experiences on his YouTube channel SoCoNatural Health. Chuck is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner through Trinity College and is in pursuit of his degree as a Naturopathic Doctor. We are so excited to have him on the show today sharing with you his experience regarding grounding, oil pulling, nightshade sensitivity experiences and his own personal parasite cleanse.
April 27, 2018
E58 Weight Loss for Life w/ Melissa Kathryn
Melissa Kathryn is proof positive that when our relationship with food is transformed our relationship with ourselves, our bodies and our lives will thrive for life. Founder of Weight Loss For Life-Done with Dieting. Melissa has proven Clear Intention + Inspired Action = Desired Results! Check her out on Facebook as well as
April 13, 2018
E57 Reiki Master Madori Presley
Today’s episode we interview Madori Presley who is a Reiki Master and owns Soulitude here in Cheyenne, WY. She shares with us the importance and positive influence this form of healing can have for humans and animals like. You can reach her on Facebook @Soulitude1111
April 13, 2018
E56 Interview W/ Health Coach Omar Cumberbatch
Omar Cumberbatch is the founder of health coach academy and is a practicing health coach in New York City. His experiences are extensive both personally and professionally and his passion for helping others really comes through during this interview. You the listener will gain key insights into the importance of diet and discipline overtime in order to achieve your optimum results. Also, Omar and I discuss a future coaching summit possibly in New York City this year. Super excited to have you listen to and gain tremendous value from Omar‘s interview.
April 6, 2018
E55 Interview w/ Madori
As many of you know Country Doctor just celebrated 20 years of business in Wyoming. Part of our celebration was to give five people grand prizes consisting of six months worth of complementary supplements and office visits. In this episode, we have a brief interview with one of the first five recipients of those grand prizes :-)
April 5, 2018
E54 Evaluation Approaches w/ Tammy, CNHP
In this episode we discuss some of the evaluation approaches we use to determine the optimal course of action that our clients should take to restore optimum health. We also announce our biggest giveaways and celebration in Country Doctor‘s 20 year business history! Join us Saturday, March 24th from 1 to 3pm to register. Receive one of these five grand prizes. You’ll be glad you did :-) for more details, check out our website at the link below. Look forward to seeing you there :-)
March 19, 2018
E53 Find The Cause and Special Announcement
In this episode we discuss the importance of finding the cause and not treating just symptoms of problems. We also going to the March 24 special 20 year celebration of Country Doctor please pay attention for special events regarding that day and the five grand prizes :-)
March 8, 2018
E52 Heart Health and Special Announcement
In this episode Craig and I have an opportunity to visit some of the most common concerns regarding heart health and make one of our largest special announcements in Country Doctor history :-)
March 7, 2018
E51 Introductory Class
This episode is an impromptu capturing of one of my most recent introductory classes that we do here at the clinic twice per month for new clients. It gives you a little feel for the educational experience we provide and how we bring on average 16 to 20 new clients per month. Enjoy, and please leave comments in the anchor platform or you can text me directly at 307-631-5300.
March 7, 2018
E50 Interview w/ Sam Young, Founder of CDNC
E50 Interview w/ Sam Young, Founder of CDNC
March 6, 2018
E49 20 Year Celebration of CDNC
In this episode we have an impromptu talk regarding some of the upcoming events of March 5 and a little later in March our 20 year celebration March 24 at Laramie County community college here in Cheyenne Wyoming from 1 to 3. Five grand prize giveaways and a ton of amazing educational experiences regarding peoples restoration to optimum health :-)
March 5, 2018
E48 Nutrition 101
For over 10 years we have been teaching the Nutrition 101 class here at Country Doctor. Tonight is the first opportunity we have had to turn this into a full length podcast. Please enjoy and be sure and let me know if you have any questions or comments by texting me at 307-631-5300. Enjoy :-)
February 28, 2018
E47 Truth About Bloodwork
In this episode Becca and I go a little deeper on bloodwork then you normally experience. We discuss the value of understanding what these markers mean, what they are telling us and the importance of avoiding them as a sole diagnostic tool. They should be looked at as a way to evaluate chemistry based on diet, lifestyle and stress.
February 23, 2018
E46 4 Most Important Questions
In this episode we go a little deeper on the 4 most common questions that I ask of every client on every visit. Unfortunately the amount of time still allowed on the Anchor platform is only five minutes so I will have to add an episode 46B so that I can complete this information and you’ll have it all. I do hope anchor gets their platform lined out soon :-)
February 22, 2018
E45 Book Study Begins Feb. 12
Hi everybody an thank you so much for tuning into Total Wellness, Episode 45. In this episode I’m just going to touch briefly on the importance of tuning in to our live stream book study. This book study is centered around my book that was released in September 2017. This will be an intense study of the material found in “Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System, 18 Proven Steps to Achieve Optimum Health. The reviews are starting to pour in, please go to our website @ to pick up your copy through Amazon, or call my office 307-634-2464 to acquire a copy that way. We will be breaking down the content in a book study format, the Live book study for 8 to 10 participants at my office starts at 6:30 PM mountain time, will run approximately one hour, and will be simultaneously broadcast lifestream on our Country Doctor Nutritional Center, Facebook page. We are so excited to offer this eye-opening and empowering content. Anyone who has any
February 12, 2018
E.45 5 Most Dangerous Words
In this episode we dive deep on the five most dangerous words you can never tell yourself.
February 1, 2018
E.44 Week in Review
This mini cast covers the last week in review. Also to let everyone know about my upcoming classes. Please be sure and plug-in where you can as I am getting a lot of feedback on how excited people are, the content is timely and very insightful, but I’m also hearing from people that aren’t even aware that it’s available. Please remember to plug in and get this free information. The best way is to go to the website at, check out the events page as well as the radio archives section. If you haven’t been there in the last week or 10 days you’re missing out on a lot of good stuff :-)
January 30, 2018
E43 7 Key Factors-80% Health
In this episode you get a mini preview to some of the content we will be covering in our extensive Book study coming up February 12 th at 6:30 PM mountain time. These 7 key factors can literally change your life in less than 90 days and position you to restore, rebuild and repair your health regardless of its current status in most cases. As you enjoy this mini cast, please feel welcome to reach out with your comments or questions or suggestions for future episodes to me directly at 307-631-5300.
January 26, 2018
E42 Class Announcements
In this episode we share a brief reminder of all the educational opportunities that we produce for free that anyone anywhere at anytime can plug into and take advantage of. We have a strong commitment to the educational experience of our current clients and future clients and these are the best ways to plug into them. Be sure and go to our website check out the events section and the radio archives area. You will be glad you did :-) and for future talks on Anchor Radio with Total Wellness, feel welcomed to text me at 307-631-5300! Bye for now and have a great day :-)
January 23, 2018
E41 Educational Experiences
We are super pumped about the year and we’re only 19 days in. The events calendar and the educational experiences that we are offering people already has been tremendous :-) we’ve made available 8 podcasts, 2 live KRAE1480AM radio shows, 3 New Year, New You Weight Loss Challenge Classes, 1 in office Introductory Class and finally, 3 Facebook live training classes for interns who have a strong desire to be successful in providing people Natural Health opportunities and experiences. WOW, and we are just getting started. Thank you so much for being a part of our community, we appreciate you and look forward to serving you in 2018 :-)
January 20, 2018
E40 Cooking w/ Ryan n Madison
Thank you so much for listening to episode 40 with Ryan and Madison. We had an amazing interview on 1480 KRAE today please go to my website and you can go into the archived radio segment is there to pick up on that long version of the interview. This little five-minute rant however covers a couple of key things that we forgot to mention on air. Enjoy and see you soon!!!!
January 18, 2018
E39 Chronic Sinus Always Food!
It was brought to my attention today that it is very easy to forget the basics. Remembering and practicing and focusing on the basics day in and day out is what makes the majority of the difference in your pursuit of optimum health. Because Country Doctor’s primary focus is the educational experience, it’s vital that we revisit these basics and this episode covers a basic that comes up quite often. People who suffer from chronic, recurring sinus drainage and congestion are always at some level violating their diet. This may or may not be known to them, but they are violating it nonetheless. Please pay close attention to grains, dairy, eggs and processed sugars. These things can be hugely detrimental to your health :-) Also remember to visit our website for all of the Upcoming Educational Opportunities.
January 17, 2018
Un-Ep. lol-It’s About Diet!!!
In this un-episode, I discuss briefly the guest we will have in the KRAE studio on January 18. Ryan Bunnell from Denver will be in the studio live with us discussing some of the most amazing food recipes that he has created in recent months to support his girlfriend who is on the Phase 1 food program. Tune in live on or over my Facebook page which will live stream as we are live on the radio. You can post comments and question for Ryan and myself during the show. We look forward to having you join us :-)
January 12, 2018
Ep. 38 Thyroid Concerns
Ep. 38 Thyroid Concerns.... Welcome Back and Thank You for joining us! Happy New Year, 2018 promises to be filled with Amazing education opportunities and we are really excited to share them with you. The best way to stay tuned into our activities is check us out at: there you will be able to plug into our livestream events, radio archives, training and lots, lots more.
January 4, 2018
Ep. 37 2017 coming to a close
In episode 37 of Total Wellness Radio here on the Anchor platform, just so blessed to have seen over 6000 office visits here in Cheyenne Wyoming. The amazing accomplishments of our staff and our outreach for continuing education to our community and abroad. I can only say that we are truly blessed and extremely grateful to be in a position of service to others as we are. But this is just an end of year recap, 2018 promises to hold explosive growth for community awareness regarding the amazing results people receive when they use an approach that works with their body rather than does things to their body. We look forward to you continuing to be a part of the Total Wellness Experience.
December 28, 2017
Ep. 36 Weight Loss Review
In this episode we review the eight week challenge launched by Becca Harrison. For those of you who do not know Becca, she personally has lost over 90 pounds and has drastically improved her health. More importantly she has documented this journey and has come up with several key points that you the listener need to know about in order to experience your own successful journey as well. The eight week challenge kicks off January 3 and you can access this at our Facebook page WeightLoss at CDNC or Country Doctor Nutritional Center.
December 20, 2017
Ep. 35 Use The Resources
In this episode my focus is to help people improve their mindset regarding using resources provided by a practitioner. Daily in our clinic, we meet people who are reluctant to ask questions, send emails or text messages, or just stop by when they’re in the neighborhood and ask for resources. Here in America we have been groomed into thinking that the only time you see a practitioner is when you have an ache or pain or potential illness. My hope is that when you listen to this episode, you realize you are leaving so much on the table by not plugging in directly to a practitioner willing and able and qualified to help you on a regular basis. Do this in between visits and in between potential illnesses or health changes and you’ll be glad you did.
December 13, 2017
Ep. 34 Mindset is Key
In this episode I have combined a couple of points and included a little gratitude as well as mindset regarding you and your Natural Health approach. Be sure and plug into all of our outlets that allow you to have free access to as much of our clinical expertise as possible. And as always, remember that you can text me directly if you have questions, comments or one information on additional topics. 307-631-5300 is the best way to contact me, you folks have a wonderful Thursday :-)
November 30, 2017
Ep. 33 Daily Nutrition Intake
If there is one model of eating out there there’s got to be 500. Each of the authors of these so-called wonderful models of eating will swear up-and-down that theirs is the best as we all tend to do. We all have our favorites, in my clinical experience, different dietary models are specific for correction and promotion of normal function in specific cases. That being said the following model of 6-2-1-1 has been the foundational model we’ve use for over 16 years clinically in our office in Cheyenne Wyoming and was originally taught by Dr. Bernard Jensen who in his lifetime saw over 400,000 clients worldwide. So enjoy and if you have any comments or questions, please remember to text me directly at 307-631-5300.
November 28, 2017
Ep. 32 Stop Owning the Illness
Three key points that I’m confronted with time and time again in order to properly educate clients about their mindset and viewpoints regarding their health concerns. When we focus on the truth we can then work towards the best results possible.
November 26, 2017
Ep. 31 Sinus Rant
So many times I hear people blame their allergies or the ragweed or the time of year it is or that the sun came up, LOL for their constant, chronic, non-resolving sinus drainage and congestion. Please pay close attention to the comments in this episode as they always trace back to food problems, it may not only be food, but it is always food. And please text me with your questions, comments or topic suggestions at 307-631-5300.
November 26, 2017
Episode 30 Hot Flashes
In this segment we will touch on some key things to consider nutritionally to support yourself naturally through this time of change. Also, you men out there pay close attention and show your mate patience and compassion. This will pass:)
November 20, 2017
Men’s Health Concerns Ep. 29
This is one of those things that each and everyone of us men need to pay close attention to. Modern medicine suggests that if we live long enough, we will experience prostate stress. So it’s not a question of if but rather a question of when. Please pay close attention to this episode listen to some of the key nutrients that you can be taking in to your diet to help promote normal function and to position you to avoid this very alarming and very challenging concern.
November 10, 2017
Pet Health Episode 27
In Natural Health, we receive as many questions about people‘s pets and their health as we do their own personal challenges. In this episode we’re going to cover a few key questions to ask yourself about your pet to take a pulse on their current health and a few things you can do to help correct it.
November 5, 2017
Episode 26 Gout
In this episode, we discuss one of the most common arthritic type conditions found in men over 30s that there is. Gout is one of the more debilitating yet easy to prevent and /or promote normal function of the body with simple to use, natural approaches. To suggest future episodes, text me at 307.631.5300. To your great health naturally :-)
November 3, 2017
You Vote Matters Episode 25
The most important thing we do is educate people. This episode discusses the proper wording to describe our introductory class to the clinic. Your vote matters :-)
October 4, 2017
Interview w/ Liam Episode 24
Brief discussion on 2 key things it takes to compete in the body building world for young beginners!
September 30, 2017
Lost Episode 23
Recap of healing arts festival September 23, 2017 in Sacramento California.
September 29, 2017
Book Launch/Healing Arts Ep.22
Brief overview of our trip to Sacramento and the healing arts festival. Plus a shameless plug for tomorrow’s book launch!
September 28, 2017
Bronchitis Episode 21
Our continuing effort to provide quality content during back to school days. This particular concern affects many people and can lead to even life-threatening illness. Enjoy episode 21 on Bronchitis.
September 19, 2017
B2 School Protection Ep. 20
Tonsilitis Episode 20
September 5, 2017
Lymes Disease Episode 19
Lymes Disease Episode 19
August 24, 2017
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August 11, 2017
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August 6, 2017
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August 2, 2017
Bob Burdekin New Wave Therapy
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Alopecia Episode 13
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July 19, 2017
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