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Twin Talks Time

Twin Talks Time

By Twin Talks Time
Welcome to Twin Talks Time! Twin Talks Time is a podcast designed to have honest and authentic conversations. Conversations about college, life, current affairs and experiences the twins feel they can share to challenge, elevate and improve perspectives whether we discuss with friends or professionals. We hope you find this space inspiring and refreshing. Hosted by the Banda twins Liz and Dee. Instagram: lizziebandar & daniellabandar LinkedIn: Elizabeth Banda & Daniella Banda Feel free to reach out to us and subscribe to the podcast.
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Discussing Mental Health and Breaking The Stigma Around Mental Illness.

Twin Talks Time

Legacy, Leadership and Improving The Education System With Sebastian Sanders.
Episode 11: At 22, Sebastian Sanders is the CEO of 501(c)(3) verified nonprofit organization The Sanders Hand along with several entrepreneurial ventures. He has developed many successful educational programs, awarded scholarships and even adopted a highway. He is actively giving back to his community and changing the lives of students every day. In this episode, we discuss how to tap into your leadership capabilities, nonprofit work and how to build a well-rounded team. He also discusses what he is trying to improve in the current education system and how much his chapter has expanded. We also learn about how he is adjusting to his new home, how his Christian journey has aided that adjustment and his entrepreneurial success. 
November 06, 2019
The Recruiting Season Episode: Resumes, Career Fairs, Internships and Elevation Pitches with Nigel Hammett.
Episode 10: Landing that job can be a breakthrough moment! Nigel Hammett is changing the lives of students every day by helping them land opportunities with their dream employers. In this episode, we discuss some of the hottest resumes created by Nigel, career fair tips, elevator pitches, and his entrepreneur journey. We also briefly share how to build a supportive circle of friends with such a packed schedule. Connect with Nigel on LinkedIn : Nigel Hammett Website: Instagram: nigelscanvas Connect with Twin Talks Time Podcast Hosts on LinkedIn: Elizabeth Banda & Daniella Banda Instagram: lizziebandar & daniellabandar
October 18, 2019
A Journey of Self-Discovery, Courage and Standing Up in the Face of Challenges with Rufaro Chirewa.
Episode 9: In this episode, Rufaro and Daniella have a in-depth conversation about how courage, determination and finding hope when faced with adversity. Throughout her college journey, she has become an author, a Founder and CEO of Up 'a' Step all while studying finance and playing tennis.  She is passionate about seeking and creating opportunities that will ultimately help other people succeed. She is an initiator, community builder, a Zimbabwean sister to us and someone we look up to. Linkedin: Rufaro Chirewa Instagram: @rufarochirewa
August 30, 2019
Dealing With Doubt and Imposter Syndrome.
Episode 8: Daniella discusses how she has overcome mental challenges and self-imposed limitations. She will walk you through how she has been able to develop confidence and alter her mindset when self doubt occurs. How did you feel about this episode? Can you relate? Feel free to reach out to us on: Instagram: @twintalkstime
August 27, 2019
Discussing Mental Health and Breaking The Stigma Around Mental Illness.
Episode 7: Our special guest Fadzai Mutazu, shares her story about dealing with depression and bipolar disorder. She also shares how effective therapy and medication can be as well as seeking treatment. We also discuss how to care for your mental health and why we need to break the stigma around mental illness. This is a great in-depth and informative discussion. Fadzai's social media: Instagram: Fadzaishe20 LinkedIn: Fadzai Mutazu
May 28, 2019
Discovering Your "Why" And Passions and Utilizing Opportunities with Charles Arday.
Episode 6: On this episode we are joined by special guest, Charles Arday. Charles is a Co-founder of Students of LinkedIn, Forbes 30 under 30 Scholar and a Podcast host. Charles discusses how to discover your "why" and reason behind your daily actions. We also discuss how to find passions and how to make the most of opportunities today. Charles Social Media:   Instagram: mr.arday  LinkedIn: Charles Arday Podcast: The Millennial Podcast Founder of Students Of LinkedIn
April 29, 2019
How To Handle Culture Shock, New Environments and Deal With Stereotypes.
Episode 5: As a past Rotary Youth Exchange Student Liz discusses how to handle culture shock and new environments. She also shares how to educate people about your background and address stereotypes while making the most of your travels. 
April 02, 2019
How To Overcome Failure and Level Up Your Mindset.
Episode 4: Dee shares her perspective on how to overcome failure and setbacks. She also addresses how to stay positive and remold a negative mindset. Time to dust off the losses and level up to win!
March 25, 2019
Christ in College.
Episode 3: This week our guest host, Maureen Udemba will be sharing how college life has affected her walk with Christ and spiritual journey. We all share how our environments have affected our spiritual journey and how to overcome the challenges to build a relationship with God especially once you leave home.  Social media for: Maureen Udemba Instagram: Maureen_chinyere_mazita Youtube: EnameledinGrace
March 06, 2019
I Wish I Had Known, But I Am Glad I Learnt That.
Episode 2: Reflecting back and sharing lessons we soon have come to realize. These are lessons you might find yourself wishing someone had told you before you experienced it yourself. 
February 27, 2019
The Power Of Routine.
Episode 1: In this episode, Dee and Liz will be sharing what changes they have made to their daily routines in time for the new year. We also will discuss what we learnt from not having a structured routine and what is working so far from the changes.
February 20, 2019