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Application to Admission

Application to Admission

By Understanding the Choices
Do you have 45 minutes for fun, intelligent dialogue about all things education and parenting?

Welcome to the Application to Admission Podcast! College admission experts Timothy Fields and Shereem Herndon-Brown pull from their 50 years of college admission experience and feature guests who help students and families to navigate the college admissions process. This is a must-listen-to for parents and advocates who want college admission success for their children and students!

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Episode 13 - Morehouse or Georgetown: Which Has the “Best Man”? - Part 2
Want more truth-telling from acclaimed film director Malcolm D. Lee and his celebrity psychologist wife, Camille? Here it is!! Part 2 is just as much fun as Part 1! Enjoy!!
September 27, 2022
EP 12 - Black Families, College Admission, and Money Webinar (Recorded - September 11th)
Join the authors of The Black Family's Guide to College Admissions: A Conversation about Education, Parenting, and Race, Timothy Fields and Shereem Herndon Brown, as well as financial aid expert, Jason Hamilton as they offer an overview of the college admissions process, financial aid and how to get scholarships.
September 18, 2022
Episode 11 - Morehouse or Georgetown: Which has the "Best Man" ?
Well, Tim went to Morehouse and Shereem worked at Georgetown, but this is not an episode about bragging rights. This is about parenting two boys who attend two great schools and the decisions and sacrifices that got them there. Seen Girls Trip? The new Space Jam movie? Or are you eagerly awaiting the final installment of the Best Man franchise? Wait no more as you hear from highly acclaimed film director, Malcolm D. Lee and his celebrity psychologist wife, Camille. They sit down with us for 75 minutes and give us a dissertation on the importance of education and how they help their kids to soar. This episode is just part one of what was an insightful look into name brand colleges, cultural development and yes, is college even necessary. Camille and Malcolm keep it real with us, and you’re going to appreciate their truth because it might be yours too.
September 14, 2022
Will Sending Your Child to a Private School Get Them Into a Top College? A Real Talk Conversation with Gina Parker Collins and Samantha Osbourne from RIISE (Resources in Independent School Education)
We’re back! After a few summer weeks off, we’re bigger, blacker and better than ever! It’s August, and our book drops in less than a month. Are you ready? Have you pre-ordered it? One of the most controversial topics we write about in our book is how the decisions you make about your child’s education now matter later. RIISE is the preeminent leader of all things independent schools for Black and Brown people. Founded almost 20 years ago by an independent school parent, Gina Parker Collins, RIISE is an instrumental resource that helps US navigate the challenges and triumphs of sending our children to private schools. Gina has made it her mission to gather information, share and support independent school students and parents. Coincidently, she’s an HBCU graduate, and her children now attend Tufts and Brown, respectively. As a product of an NYC private school, UPenn and recent Wharton MBA graduate Samantha Osborne has her own opinions about private school education and if it leads to top colleges. She’s been Gina’s partner in podcasting - check out @articulating – and get their periodic perspectives about what Black and Brown parents need to be doing now to have independent school success. Hear their stories and confirm that you have similar struggles, questions and reasons to keep pushing forward. This is a fun one!! *** Correction in the podcast we mention the amount of school counselors that identify as White women which was incorrect. Please see the correct data below.  
August 16, 2022
Episode 9 - Season 1 Done (Wrap Up and Outtakes)
And we’re out!! For now… Thank you for ALL for joining us on this Application to Admission ride, Season 1! So far, so good as we’ve (hopefully) been informational and inspirational about the college admissions process. Our guests have shared their unique stories of challenge and triumph as they work with or parent Black children, and now you should have what you need to help your own child. And we’re not done!! Join us beginning Tuesday, August 9th as our new season begins with more exciting guests and valuable insights into the college admissions process. And to make sure you’re laughing at us as well as with us, we’ve included some goofy outtakes from our first season. Enjoy!!!
July 12, 2022
Episode 8 - The Personal and Professional Side of HBCUs vs PWIs with Admission Expert - Lisa Fuller founder of College Primed, LLC
Many HBCU grads expect that their children will follow their path. Whether it’s a family tradition or a desire for a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience, many HBCU alums encourage their kids to pour into the rich legacy. But what if it’s not what the child wants to do?  Even better, what if you’re a college advisor who knows more about colleges and college admissions than most and all you want is for your child to find themselves and their academic happy place.  Meet Lisa Fuller, a first-generation college student and founder of College Primed, LLC an educational consultant company offering personalized college planning and admissions advising for 8th-12th graders and their parents. Lisa is also the mom of two college graduates (both from PWIs) who wholeheartedly believes that Black students should explore a range of colleges to find places where they feel they can thrive. She was recently quoted in New York Times article: Why Students Are Choosing H.B.C.U.s: ‘4 Years Being Seen as Family’  As an active Spelman alumna, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated member, and Associate of Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated, Inc., Lisa personally knows the value of and proudly advocates for HBCUs. She also co-moderates the “Parents of Black and Brown and College Bound” Facebook group, a forum for families that works to demystify the college search process and offers first-hand information on an expansive list of colleges. 
June 22, 2022
Episode 7- College Admissions: Hittin’ You from Every Angle with College Admission Guru, Joseph Montgomery
If college admissions experience was embodied in a person, that person would be Joe Montgomery. A 20-year veteran of the profession with varied experiences in higher education, makes Joe an expert in how parents (oh yeh, he's a father too), counselors and admissions folks need to think about the process. Starting with his work at University of Miami, North Carolina A&T, College Board and he now serves as the Vice President of Enrollment at Tuskegee University, he has both analytical and anecdotal examples of how success and college can be aligned. He’s offering food for thought and we want you to take in. Serving on the Board of Directors for NACAC (National Association of College Admissions Counselors), Joe joins us to share very personal insights about both his and his children's educational experiences as well as sagacious college admission advice that Black families need to know. He knows his stuff and is a believer in access and equality for all. Have a listen and be informed.
June 07, 2022
Episode 6 -Taking Full Advantage of the College Experience with guest Rhodes Scholar Chelsea Jackson
While no college experience is identical, some are simply better than others. Too many adults regret what they didn’t do during their four years, and whether it’s not taking full advantage of the academic opportunities or not doing enough outside of the classroom, most of us can agree that college is too short not to do it all. Currently residing in the United Kingdom, meet heroine Chelsea Jackson. She’s an activist, Rhodes Scholar, Delta and just a phenomenal human being. She’s determined to use her youth — and college experience — to leave no stone unturned. Her story of being a child of HBCU parents and choosing a PWI is fascinating and inspiring. She followed her gut, understands her purpose and is poised to shine on every platform she steps on. You’re in for a treat!!!
May 24, 2022
Episode 5 - If you want your child to go to a Black Ivy AND a PWI Ivy, do this……. w/ Parent, Educator and Entrepreneur, Tracie Wilson Payne
Mother's Day Edition!  There’s a secret to college admissions success and this week’s guest, Tracie Wilson Payne is going to tell you what it is. As a mother of three, she’s helped steer her kids to Morehouse, UNC Chapel Hill, Spelman and now Harvard Law. As a fourth-generation college grad, she has always stressed education to her kids and now they’re reaping the rewards of their hard work and Tracie and her husband’s sacrifices. Tracie has a story to tell (well, actually, stories) so sit back and listen with a pen and notebook in hand. College admissions success means having an open mind and a plan. Pre-Order: The Black Family's Guide to College Admissions: A Conversation about Education, Parenting, and Race
May 10, 2022
Episode 4 -11th Grade To Do’s w/ College Admission Expert, Brandi Smith
Junior year is the most important year of high school. With harder classes, standardized tests, colleges to visit, and lots of (mis) information flying around, it’s time to get the truth about what 11th graders need to be doing now. Enter college admissions Swiss-army-knife Brandi Smith. Name anything in the college admissions profession and she’s done it. Worked in admissions? Vanderbilt. Check. Been a school counselor? Public or Independent, she has done both. Check. Community based organization? Yes, she’s done that too. Check. She is one of the biggest names and “personalities” in College Admission! Listen in as Brandi shares what families, especially Black families,  need to be doing now to get ahead in the college process. **Production note this episode was recorded prior to North Carolina System changing back to being test-optional for the upcoming year. 
April 26, 2022
Episode 3 - Money Matters (Comparing Financial Aid Award Letters) with guest, Jason Hamilton of
College is expensive and few things matter more in building a college list and deciding where to go more than cost. In this episode, seasoned higher education professional and the founder of the financial aid app, FinAide - - , shares how this revolutionary tool helps students, parents, and schools learn the REAL cost of college. By breaking down financial aid award letters step by step, Jason and his app share how much each semester of each year will cost. This is exactly what families need to know about how to make the best financial decisions for their children’s college education.
April 06, 2022
Episode 2 -The Black Family’s Guide to College Admission Book Preview
From their forthcoming book, the Black Family’s Guide to College Admission: A Conversation About Education, Parenting and Race, Tim and Shereem highlight a few of the book’s gems about "The Black Ivies" and "Sports Arts, and Special Talents." The book is set to spark conversations that all college-bound Black families need to discuss so buckle up and get a little taste of what’s to come!  They also talk about the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson and how her school counselor told her "you will never get into Harvard." #howyoulikemenow  As always they will also introduce you to some new schools that you may want to consider as you are building your child's college list. 
March 24, 2022
Episode 1 - OurIntroToLetYouKnow
Meet the Application to Admission hosts, Tim Fields, and Shereem Herndon-Brown, and listen to their unique style of explaining how college admissions really works as well as their take on all the current news in the college admissions landscape. As an extension of their Understanding the Choices brand, the hosts give you the real and raw options that students and families have as children approach adulthood. What is Understanding the Choices? It’s a mission and a movement that aims to lead the discussions about reimagining what educational success looks like for Black families. This first episode serves as a notice of the evolution of education and how parents need to approach college admissions and understand the choices for their children.
March 24, 2022