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Discovering Your Audience

An episode of Above Average - A Business Podcast

By Kyle Hetrick
Welcome to the Above Average podcast where we discuss different ways to bring your business above average & guide you to success. Together we’ll break down strategies, operations, and marketing methods to draw out the best tips you can implement right away.
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Part 3 of 3 of Content Creation for Small Businesses
In this episode we talk about scheduling content & time management! We mention some great tools as well as great people who exemplify this perfectly!!
August 27, 2019
Part 2 of 3 of Content Creation for Small Businesses
In this episode we talk about community engagement, online forums, and customer testimonials! Listen in for some creative ways to create content for free!
July 3, 2019
Content Creation for Small Businesses Part 1
This episode is part of 3 in a mini series on how to create content as a small business. In this episode we touch on some quick ways for a small business to create content. The ways we discuss seem like no-brainers, but you see business owners use these tactics maybe once in a blue moon! Make sure you take notes because you're going to want to remember these simple yet underappreciated methods! Don't forget to follow through on the call to action! Reach out to us if you have any questions or want to learn about something specific! Tweet us @WMDProject!
June 23, 2019
4 Necessities to Growing Your Business
Here are four things that absolutely MUST be done for your business to grow and be effective.
May 8, 2019
Four Brothers Mead - Who Are They?
Today we dive in to everything mead with Four Brothers Mead! Chris, Joe, Dan (Dan-o), & Bryan (Doc) are the magic makers behind Four Brothers Mead in St. Louis, MO! Two MPs, one Combat Medic, and one Airman came together as family (literally), got drunk, and decided to make their own brew. Who knew how much it would take off?! Now they're finalizing the last step required to ship their mead nationwide! With 5 highly-desired flavors of mead, beautifully named in the Viking spirit, they've become a huge hit within their local area, the veteran community, and they keep growing! Disclaimer: the audio may be a tidbit shoddy, but it's a great listen! Check these guys out on Instagram and give them some love! Sign up for the newsletter here! Subscribe to the podcast!
May 8, 2019
Warrior Marketing Strategy Breakdown
In this episode I break down the Warrior Marketing Strategy! I talk about the most important aspects of it and where people fail the most. Also, there’s a hint to our first interviewed business there!
May 8, 2019
Discovering Your Audience
In this episode I explain why discovering your audience happens a lot more often than you would think! Listen in to hear how you can stay on top of any shifts or changes within your audience!
May 8, 2019
What is the WMD Project?
In this super brief, first episode of the WMD Project I lay out a little about myself, where this podcast idea came from, & what you can expect to take home from it!
May 8, 2019
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