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Season 2 Episode 1 Compassion: Relearning and Reviving Compassion

An episode of We Digress

By Deborah Beddoe
Sometimes we talk about serious things.
Sometimes we don't.
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Sometimes we talk about serious things.
Sometimes we don't.

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Season 2 Episode 1 Compassion: Relearning and Reviving Compassion
Compassion is a hot topic these days. Who deserves it, should it affect our politics, and what's in it for me... In this episode, Dave and Deb dig into compassion and digress to the Great British Baking Show and Survivor -- the longest running American reality TV show, hosted by "America's Camp Director" Jeff Probst. Sometimes, we unwittingly view compassion as a means to an end. Whether that end is reward or response. But is compassion merely currency to get me what I want? God addressed compassion over and over in the Old Testament and Jesus did it again both preaching it and living it out in the New. Between people, compassion is love's response to suffering. It's a character quality that should mark Christians, but, as David Englehart writes, "Compassion needs to be nurtured and practiced or even this basic love response can grow dull and cold." Have a listen.
October 15, 2019
Episode 11 Listening Well
In this episode of We Digress, we talk about the power of listening well.  In this episode, we're talking about listening. From marriage, to recovery groups, to living with teenagers, listening well can be the key to improving relationships-- and even healing.  
June 28, 2019
We Digress Episode 10 Personality and Addiction
  In this episode of We Digress, Dave and Deb address the role of personality in addiction. Is there such a thing as an addictive personality? Can your personality change? How can personality assessments like the Enneagram help with addiction recovery? Oh, and what the heck is the Enneagram?  Here are some additional links for the topics covered in this episode: Enneagram  UCCB statement on the Enneagram Neuroplasticity Enneagram and addiction These are just starting points. For more about addiction recovery, check out the Beddoes' website at DeborahBeddoe.com or EnduringandAfter.com While you're there, subscribe to our newsletter. 
May 24, 2019
The one about generalizations: helpful, harmful, and human
In this episode, recorded mid-April, we're talking about generalizations. How labeling people, passages and problems can be both helpful and harmful. We're talking about generations, seasons of life, and of course, addiction and recovery. 
May 10, 2019
The one about the birthdays
In this episode of We Digress, Dave and Deb banter about a big birthday, aging, and pop culture. Not a whole lot of seriousness, but a lot of fun.  Some fun articles are referenced in this episode, including a fantastic list compiled by Emma Nichols for the Huffington Post, this AARP ad campaign, and this Pew Research study (which is actually a decade old...hmmmmm...) We'll rate this one M for Mature, but only because -- as our college Shakespeare prof so famously said about King Lear -- You'll understand it better if you're older. (P.S. Still haven't read Lear. Because I refuse to be "older.")
April 10, 2019
Renovations Garden Edition
In this episode Dave and Deb tackle the garden and simple truths about being patient with growth.  Growth takes time-- even more so when you're talking about recovery from addiction or any other disruptive behavior that wrecks you.
April 3, 2019
Renovations, House Edition
Dave and Deb continue their conversation about renovations.  HGTV began broadcasting the year our oldest child was born, and I (Deb) confess, I've been a sucker for it ever since. Chances are, though, you are too. We talk a bit about our favorite shows, our own recent renovation experiences, and "flip culture" and how even fixing up houses has become an insta-fix. What happened to process? Is there a place for and value in process anymore? Listen in.
March 28, 2019
Renovations: Dave and Deb talk cars and people
Everybody loves a renovation. This month, we're talking about our favorites. In this episode, Dave digresses about all the cars he's loved before...the Chevy Luv, the Hondas, the Plymouth...and we bring it back around to relationships. There are problems, issues people have that we won't touch. We feel like we don't have the time, the energy... But have we ever considered we might just lack the vision for their potential? 
March 13, 2019
Beautiful Boy and real-life recovery
 In this episode, Dave and Deb talk about some of their favorite movie portrayals of addiction and recovery and how even the best stories can't show reality. Change takes time. And when someone we love is in the process of change, our response matters. Our patience is a reflection of God's love.  Note: This episode was previously accidentally uploaded in the raw...this is the edited episode.
March 7, 2019
Episode 4 Promises Promises
We've said "I promise" since we were small children trying to get out of trouble. When we were teens adding emphasis to a story. We made a promise when we got married. And we promised a kid we'd get him a dog...which we finally did -- years after our first promise.  And then there are the promises we make when we've lost someone's trust... What's the value of a promise? And what good does it do to extract promises from someone who is unable to make good on that promise? Maybe there's a better way.  Listen in!
March 6, 2019
The Myth of Compatibility
Dave and Deb talk about compatibility and how we tend to limit our relationships by personal comfort.
February 14, 2019
We introduce ourselves
Welcome to We Digress: the podcast. Meet Dave and Deb, your hosts.
February 5, 2019
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